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C2 Chapter 2

"Oh my!, I definitely was going to be stressed today wasn't I", I didn't want to think much about it because it was just going to give me more stress. " But mom, I can still take a cab to school, you don't have to stress him all the more", I had said this because I was trying as much as I could to escape driving to school with him, it was definitely going to be a nightmare, wasn't it.

"Oh really", my mom responded but you can't refuse the nice offer and besides it was going to save you the stress of calling a carb which might obviously not be here on time to take you to school".

"But mom, I don't have a problem with that", I said. It wasn't as though it was going to be the first time I had to go to school in a carb.

No matter how much I tried to convince her, she was still very reluctant and didn't want to listen.

" No buts young lady, you are going with him and that is final", muttered my mom in a very commanding tone.

I glanced over to see the enemy who was smirking, which made me boil with anger and disgust. This made me despise him even more.

One thing was for sure, you could never say no to my mom, especially when she already made things clear. At that moment in my life, I just didn't want to make her more angry so I just nodded in affirmation.

We were done eating and it wasn't long before we headed out of the dinning to the door to get going to school. My mom who wanted to be very sure I had entered the car and was going to school had to follow us from behind.

I went outside, and there was packed his BMW, "wow, great and the guy has to be so proud enough as to bring a very expensive car to school", I muttered under my breath. Anyways that wasn't my business though so I just walked towards the car. I had opened the car but before I could even get in, I heard him say behind me. " I really don't mind if you sit infront, rather than at the back", he said.

I knew why he said this, it was quite obvious that he didn't want people to think he was a driver. Given I sat at the back which I saw nothing wrong with. But so as not to waste much more time, I just did as he said and sat at the front. I knew I was increasing his ego in a way but I still had to compliment his car. It had a black silky type of color which made it look amazing.

"Your car is nice", I said not looking his direction but rather facing outside.

"Thanks, just got this one. Very expensive I must say", he responded.

Mmh his ego, I thought to myself. " But I didn't ask if you recently got this one, neither did I ask how costly it was. So stop", I uttered in a somewhat annoyed tone.

"Oh trust me, I know. I just wanted you to know how much of a privilege you have to be entering my car", he said in a very proud tone, which made me regret entering his car.

Just complimenting one aspect of his was a real boost of his ego, like seriously I hated this moment already.

I didn't even know how I survived the ride to school. I was even hoping he just arrived some where and ask me to get out of his car but he didn't. I was equally surprised that he didn't mention a lot more things after that. This made me happy all the more cause I didn't want to get his talk again. We successfully made it to my school and I immediately texted Betsy to meet me at the entrance. Coming out of his car, I said in a very cold tone"thanks for the ride".

"Yeah sure, anytime my lady".

Before I could even respond, he was already driving to the schools parking lot. I turned to look at the school and hell, you can imagine the rest. A group of girls staring at me with jealousy and disgust and I could see them talking and staring at my direction with a lot of anger. Why were they even staring?, It's not like we were dating. I didn't even care and it was not like any of them could approach me unless they wanted a broken nose. Hell yeah I'm the feisty type and wasn't going to take sh*t from nobody. I ignored their glares and stares and went over to the place where I had told Betsy to wait for me It was quite good that she wasn't there yet so I was just going to meet her. Few minutes later, I saw Betsy rushing almost running to meet me and I just saved a hand at her.

It was 30 minutes to our first class which was Calculus, ugh I hated it. Worse still it was going to be a test and that wasn't going to go well I knew of it. Not that I didn't prepare for it, I was just so nervous that I was going to fail again, but I had been studying so I decided to have a little faith in myself. Unlike Betsy, she was a very brilliant Calculus student and I wasn't sure why I had still not understand the subject. But there was absolutely nothing I could do about it as it was compulsory.

Talking about Betsy, we met a few weeks after I had started to despise that one guy. Ugh he was so annoying yet charming and that was a fact. I still couldn't come to terms why a lot of girls flaunted all over him. Best was one friend who was always there for me and tried to rescue me from all the problems I had at school. She was that one friend you were sure couldn't betray you. A steadfast person and that was one reason I had all boldness when I introduced her to my parents as my friend at school. My parents were happy that I was able to have a friend apart from William.

Yeah right William was his name that one enemy you just couldn't get rid of hah. Worst still my parents didn't even know we had cut ties. It wasn't a a great idea to tell them or so I thought.

"Hey there Bestie", said Betsy who was already close to me. "How have you been?", Said Betsy who was some what worries. " Hope you can write Calculus".

"Yeah I am fine. I took my medicine before coming to school, I might just write the test and then go back home", I responded.

"Oh okay, let's get going to class before Mr. Reeves starts with his sermon if we arrive late", she chuckled which made me chuckle too.

" Yeah let's go", holding hands we left for the class.

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