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C3 Chapter 3

We were lucky to have arrived before Mr. Reeves and we were to take a Calculus test like I said earlier and I was hella nervous. I was trying as much as I could not to show it but I was hella nervous which was something abnormal. I glanced around and to my greatest horror, he was seated beside me. Was he stalking me?, I asked my self. At this moment, I felt more nervous and my heart started beating in my chest so quickly that I felt it was going to burst open. I still didn't come to the understanding of whether my heart beat like this because I was feeling nervous or because of him. Oh no, it can't be because of him, Never. Absolutely not. That was never ever going to happen.

I glanced over at his direction and I wasn't very fast enough to look away and so he saw me and hell thought I was staring, that showed from the look on his face as he flashed a very devilish smirk. That smirk that made me annoyed and frustrated, that smirk that made him look extremely gorgeous, why did he have to look this handsome, 'Geez did I just call him handsome ', I gasped and then just rolled my eyes and turned back to look at my friend who was very busy talking to some guy from the next class, I just immediately went ahead . I am not going to lie, for a minute I was turned on but I wasn't going to let him get to me. All of these things made me feel extremely annoyed at the moment. Why did he even make me feel that way in the first place. It was all a new feeling but I just brushed it off and looked away.

All of a sudden I just heard someone pull my hair from behind, "ouch", I gasped turning around to see who it was and hell yeah you either guessed it right or wrong 'William freaking', yeah right. When did he even move from his seat to mine, I thought. Though he had pulled my hair and I felt slightly uncomfortable I still didn't move as my mind wanted me to. I wasn't even concentrating when I heard a voice say " you like the view huh", I turned around to answer looking furious. Why did this young man over here think everything revolves around him. Such an ego.

I didn't even get the chance to respond before Mr Reeves entered the class, my bad luck I guess. I just couldn't help but glance over where he sat and to my greatest surprise, he gave me a wink and hell I felt my cheeks flush. Why did they? I asked myself. I had to struggle as much as I could to stop them from becoming red and making me look like a tomato and so I just put on the the face mask I had on.

"All bags on my desk, phones out of your pockets and on the desk over here. Align yourselves in to. No cheating cause anybody caught cheating will automatically get a zero. That especially goes you who have already smuggled in prepared answers for the test. If you are caught, trust me you wouldn't like the out come", uttered Mr Reeves in a very commanding tone which made me shiver especially with how fast he spoke. The thought of having to write the test alone, had got me so worried and all this. More to it, the way he glared at a few students in class with me inclusive was almost like he was speaking to us. Nevertheless, I brushed it off and did as he demanded.

It was indeed a very difficult test, which made me so worried. Though I was done writing, I was extremely scared to pass my sheet. William was first to pass his. He walked confidently towards the teachers desk and put his paper there, and as he walked past us who were still writing, I couldn't help but stare. As he walked infront of us who were still writing and I saw him glance at me and said something but I was still to figure out what he said, but I swear I saw his mouth say'meet me outside'. But why would he even ask me to meet him outside, however this wasn't the time to be thinking about that.

By this time, I had gone through my paperwork and mustered all the courage I could to wake up and pass my paper but that was when Mr Reeves had announced it was left about 5 minutes to stop. I took my bag and phone and walked out of the class, not caring about what William had said had mustered or better still what I thought he had mustered.

I left the class walking peacefully to the gate to go back home since that was the only class I had that day. As I was basically walking, I felt a pair of strong hands grab me, I gasped in surprise and awe. His has were so strong especially as he placed his hands on my waist and grabbed me closer to himself. I really didn't know who would grab like that but I somehow felt very comfortable in it. I couldn't bear the courage to open my eyes to see who it was. I just didn't want to let go yet, I had never felt this much comfort before, I knew it was some guy who had grabbed me but I felt very comfortable in it. But that cologne it screams,'William' and that was when reality dawned on me. That was definitely William, I recognized that scent from the morning. I opened my eyes to my greatest horror, I had guessed it right. I struggled as much as I could to release myself from his tight grip but all that seemed futile.

"Let go of me, William", I said as I was still struggling to release myself from him.

"And what if I don't?", William muttered in a very confident manner that made me boil with anger.

"Shut up and let go of me, fool"

"Well that's not what your body wants"

"Oh really, will you let go of me unless you want a particular part of your body to bleed non-stop", I decided to speak in all of the courage left in me.

"Okay stop with the feisty attitude, looks like you didn't understand what I said earlier. I had wispered to see me outside", muttered William.

"Oh really, then you could have just said that to me in the morning", I replied trying as much as I could to contain my anger.

New chapter is coming soon
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