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Ghost Breath/C1 Ghost Night Field of the Cinema
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C1 Ghost Night Field of the Cinema

When I was a kid, my uncle worked in a movie theater and told me one thing. He said that one night a man in a movie theater suddenly died.

What was shown was not a horror movie, and the man's body had always been normal before he died.

I asked why.

Uncle said he didn't know, and even the police couldn't find out why.

Then he told me not to go back to the cinema and he quit himself.

He said it wasn't clean.

I was too young to understand.

Then my uncle said something that impressed me: Don't look at the movie theater.

That is the truth.

Regardless of whether there were ghosts or not, in reality, strange things would happen in some lively places.

Fear pervaded every corner of life.

The first story was about the cinema.


Bai Tong Jie, fifty-one years old, Southerner. In the late 1990s, a small movie theater was opened in a county town called "Tong Jie Film City".

It was located next to a teahouse, in a total of five movie halls.

In those days, all the movies were the same. There was a movie theater in a small place, which was quite strange. As a result, in the first few years, the cinema business was quite good.

Bai Dianjie also once became a famous figure in the county, calling him Boss Bai.

Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. Within a few years, two large cinemas were opened, and the equipment and technology were all in the lead. The once glorious Tong Jie Cinema soon became unpopular.

When the business was in a mess, Boss Bai even went to the ticket office and took charge of cleaning and maintenance of the lights, doing a few jobs on his own.

Later, when he saw that business was too poor, he had to change his mind and give up his prime time. He would just do the midnight scene and the cinema would open from midnight until the early hours of the morning. What movies? They were basically horror movies, or small movies where large cinemas didn't come out, and they played all sorts of dribbles.

As a result, cinemas save costs and attract an audience that can barely make a living.

This kind of life continued all the way until one day, Boss Bai met a strange woman.

It was raining heavily that night, so the business was extremely quiet. Just as he was dozing off, he saw a woman in a raincoat outside the window. She handed him the money and said she wanted to buy a ticket.

Because he was wearing a hat, Boss Bai couldn't see the other party's face clearly. He could just ask which scene to watch, and the other party would be able to answer any question.

Thus, Boss Bai picked out an old movie and let the projector start up.

As it turned out, there was no one else on the scene this time, and the woman became the chartered one.

The movie was relatively short. When it was almost over, Boss Bai went to the movie hall to turn on the lights and clean up.

He was a man of great care, and would have treated him the same way even if he had been a spectator.

At the door of the theater, where the film was still ending, he stood and waited, as he always did.

He glanced casually, but there was no sign of the woman. Generally speaking, the audience would prefer the middle seats, especially the seats reserved for one person. It was even more impossible for them to choose a corner seat.

Boss Bai touched his head, guessing that the woman might have left early, but he felt that something was wrong. Just as he was wondering, he saw a shadow on the last row of seats. It was the woman!

It was not surprising that someone liked the last row of seats, but Boss Bai was still very surprised because the woman was sitting cross-legged with her back to the screen, facing the back wall of the theater.

She was still wearing her raincoat, which was still wet.

He didn't understand, how could there be someone who would turn around to watch a movie? Could it be that he had eyes on the back of his head?

When the movie ended and the woman stood up to leave, Boss Bai was still stunned on the spot.

After that, the woman would come every few days, always around midnight, wearing a raincoat and sitting in the last row with her back to the screen. Over time, Boss Bai got used to it and decided that there was something wrong with that woman's mind.

However, during this period, Boss Bai had never really observed that woman's face, only noticing her expression. In the dark environment, she would smile from time to time, then seriously, while her body movements would always be stiff.

Finally, one day, when Boss Bai couldn't resist his curiosity, he decided to take a good look at what the woman was looking at on the back wall.

That night, including the woman, there were a total of five people in the Shadow Hall. Boss Bai purposely arrived fifteen minutes earlier and sat on the side of the last row.

The woman remained in her usual position, her back to the screen.

As for the other four audiences, they were all sitting in the middle of the theater and no one paid attention to Boss Bai or that woman.

After five minutes of brewing, Boss Bai slowly walked behind the woman. He had already thought of the wording.

"What's the matter, sister?"

At the same time, he looked at the back wall. It was pitch black and there was nothing on it.

The woman did not look back.

Only when Boss Bai reached out to put a hand on her shoulder did she slowly turn around and take off her rain hat.

Boss Bai was frightened and took a step back because what he saw was a lifeless face!

The woman's eyes were bulging, her head was distorted, and her face looked as if it had been pieced together with pieces.

Only then did Boss Bai recall that not long ago, a car accident occurred in the vicinity of the cinema. A woman had her head crushed by a truck tire and died on the spot.

Afterwards, Boss Bai specifically asked a distant relative who was proficient in feng shui for advice. That relative told him that even though the movie theater was bustling with activity, in reality, it was filled with a rather sinister atmosphere. When ghosts go to the cinema, they usually sit on their backs, because the screen they watch is the back wall, which is the opposite of the living. From the back wall, the ghosts could see their own experiences.

After listening to the conversation, Boss Bai was frightened. Soon, he fell ill and died very soon after.

As for Tong Jie Film City, it was later taken over by a boss, but under this name, it continued to run midnight movies.

On the other hand, although the cinema rumored to be haunted, the business was not affected. Instead, it became a hot topic of discussion and increased the visibility of the people. However, when people go in and out of the cinema, they pay more attention to the weird behavior of the audience, especially those who sit on their backs and watch movies.

There are always exceptions, but that's the next story.

Ghost Night Field

Many years ago, Songhua County was still very backward, with a low level of consumption and difficult business. At first glance, there were old houses all over the place.

At that time, taxis were not common in the county, so it was one of the most popular businesses.

Among Mo's drivers was a man named Yang Jun, in his thirties and unmarried. He had worked in this line of work for nearly ten years. His temperament and character were more in line with those of his profession, honest, honest, extravagant, and extravagant with money.

That night, he was quite lucky. After running a few errands and earning some money, his heart began to itch again. So he went to barbecue at night and asked a few brothers of Mo's to treat him to a meal.

He ate and drank until around two in the morning, when he drove home drunk on his motorcycle.

As he passed a dark old street, he saw a bright spot at the end of it.

It was a run-down place, littered with junk, and there were four curved neon signs above a large iron gate: Tong Jie Film City.

He was extremely familiar with Pine Flower County, so he naturally knew that this was an old movie theater.

If it was before, he definitely wouldn't even have bothered to take a look. It was only because his brothers had told him that the movie theater over here was showing adult films in the middle of the night that they piqued his interest.

He had a drink now, just in time, and parked the car and pushed the door open.

After he bought his ticket, he realized that he had probably drunk too much and hadn't asked what the movie was about. Looking at the ticket in his hand, it only said 'Hall 2'. He didn't even write down the seat number.

Yes, he thought, how many people could come to this crappy cinema. The seats must be empty.

Sure enough, he saw that he was the only one in the entire movie hall.

Except for a woman in white sitting in the middle of the last row.

The woman had a slender figure and a upright posture.

Although he couldn't even see the other party's face clearly, Yang Jun still felt a stir in his heart and thought of three words: Unexpected harvest!

He couldn't imagine a woman watching a movie in the middle of the night, so he decided to get close to her anyway. If he successfully picked up a beauty tonight, he would have the ability to boast to his brothers tomorrow.

Unknowingly, the movie began.

Yang Jun was still secretly rejoicing and looking back at the woman from time to time. Surprisingly, he felt that she was also looking at him.

More and more, he felt the thrill of being alone in a room, especially watching adult movies together, but unfortunately couldn't sit together.

He had already mapped out the image of her in his mind. She was a young woman of the prime of her life who couldn't endure the hunger. She couldn't help but be lonely in the middle of the night, seeking to vent her feelings. Based on his experience, it was as easy as flipping his palm to catch a woman like her.

Yang Jun was thinking of all sorts of things, so much so that after nearly 30 minutes of the movie, he gradually realized that this was not an adult movie. None of the scenes he was expecting appeared.

On the other hand, the film was dark and oppressive. Accompanying it were scenes of fear and trepidation. He became more and more suspicious that this was not some adult movie, but more of a horror movie!

Only now did he vaguely remember that when his brothers had introduced him to Tong Jie, they had said that there were only two kinds of movies in the movie city: one was an adult film, and the other was a horror film.

Clearly, he had forgotten this matter and picked the wrong match.

Yang Jun sighed in his heart. In this way, the ambiguous atmosphere was ruined. However, thinking about it, there was another benefit to it. It was a horror movie, so there would be some scary scenes that could be used to sit next to the woman.

Yang Jun was very satisfied with this routine, and then he began to seriously watch the movie.

After about twenty minutes, he discovered that there was nothing special about the story. It was about a woman who loved beauty so much, who was very dissatisfied with her average looks, and then, by injecting her face with hyaluronic acid again and again, who knew that her face would get worse and worse. When she was completely out of money, she started buying black market silicone, even getting all sorts of oily substances, and injecting them all into her face, causing her face to look horrible, like a monster. After that, the woman became hysterical. On a stormy night, she cut off her face with her knife until she completely cut off her face. She then looked at herself in the mirror and said, "At least I don't have that ugly face anymore. Am I beautiful now?" Following that, it was a common scene in a horror movie where a woman turned into a vengeful spirit after death and started harming others everywhere.

In addition, from the moment the woman committed suicide, a bloody ghost face would appear on the screen and disappear in an instant.

Yang snorted disdainfully at the terrifying atmosphere created by this bridge. He thought to himself: What era is it? Why are you still playing tricks in Hong Kong's ghost movies? Why are you so scared?

He was a little disappointed that the film was not frightening.

After a while, because Yang Jun drank too much earlier, he wanted to go to the toilet.

As he walked out of the theater, he glanced at the woman. She was still as still as if she were asleep.

After the convenience was over, Yang Jun wondered if it was time to act. When he stepped into the movie hall, he found that the woman had already disappeared, leaving the entire room empty.

Yang Jun's first reaction was that the woman also went to the toilet.

Helplessly, he could only return to his original position. Who knew that the moment he sat down, he felt an indescribable aura behind him. He turned quickly and saw that the woman was sitting behind him. The woman put her hands on her knees, her bangs almost covering her entire face. People couldn't help but wonder how she was able to see clearly, was she able to see through the gaps in her hair?

Yang Jun was very surprised, how did a woman appear without a sound. He was sure the woman was not in the hall when he returned from the toilet.

In addition, he was also puzzled as to why this woman would want to approach him.

He felt a chill on his back.

"Is the movie good?" Yang Jun tried his best not to think about strange things, and pretended as if nothing had happened, as he casually asked.

The woman didn't respond.

Yang Jun's heart sank again.

Soon, the movie ended. The female ghost in the movie did not disappear, but instead, killed the psychic who came to capture her, and wandered the world.

At this time, Yang Jun once again felt a strange aura coming from behind him, and it was even heavier than before.

He slowly turned around, and the result was that he nearly jumped out of his skin. He saw that the woman had leaned forward and was only a centimeter away from him, her face almost touching his!

The woman immediately pushed her bangs to the side.

What appeared in front of Yang Jun was a bloody face with barely distinguishable facial features. It was completely red, as if someone had cut off the skin on his face.

It was the same grimace that flashed from time to time in the movies.

She was the girl in the play!

Yang Jun was so scared that he didn't even have the strength to shout. He could not have imagined that the plot of the movie was actually the real story, the story of the woman in front of him.

The woman's hoarse voice immediately sounded:

"Am I beautiful now?"

Oh no!

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