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C5 Jelly of Honey

My name is Xia Mimin. When I was sixteen, I came out to work, and now I'm partnered with a sister to open a clothing store.

In these ten years, I have lived a very ordinary life. There is only one thing that has left a deep impression on me.

That was the most horrible experience of my life.

I used to be a fruit girl and especially an orange, but because of this, I didn't touch any more fruit, or even see any more fruit, it made me want to vomit.

Yes, it had something to do with fruit.

About eight or nine years ago, the factory I worked for went out of business and I had to look for another job. Because it was too hot, one day when I went under a stone bridge to enjoy the cool, I saw the recruitment message posted in front of the store.

In retrospect, if he hadn't seen the hiring information and walked into the store, nothing would have happened.

It was a fruit shop.

At first I wondered why a fruit shop would open under a bridge. Was there really a business there? But soon I was paralyzed by the Lady Boss's warm smile. The next day, I became the only salesperson in the shop.

At the beginning, I was naturally kept in the dark. I didn't know the secret behind the fruit shop and only felt that the business was very cold. However, the Lady Boss didn't seem to care at all. Logically speaking, the place I worked at was a backward city, and this area was also quite remote. Other than a hospital on the other side of the river, the rest of the area was basically factories, and the Lady Boss even opened a fruit shop under the bridge.

However, I soon understood the real intention of the Lady Boss.

So how long have I been aware that something is wrong? He remembered that about half a month later, a forty-year-old woman from Shenzhen met with the Lady Boss.

He still remembered that day, the Lady Boss dressed up beautifully in bright clothes. When the woman saw her, she immediately called her Elder Sister Wu. It was only then that I learned that the Lady Boss's surname was Wu.

The landlady was just as polite, and called her sister affectionately.

Different from the other guests, after the woman entered, she did not even look at the fruits but followed the Elder Sister Wu into the inner room. The inner room was curtained off. I had never stepped into the room that I thought was the Elder Sister Wu's room.

"Did Mrs Ma introduce you?"


When we went into the inner room, I heard a conversation and couldn't hear anything else.

When the woman came out, she held a transparent bag in her hand with a round wooden box inside. Elder Sister Wu laughed and said, "Take this Fruit Jelly back and tell your mother to eat it quickly, don't put it away for too long."

I thought it sounded weird. Why was the fruit shop selling jelly?

After the woman left, the Elder Sister Wu saw my doubt and finally explained it to me. It turned out that although this store sold fruits in name, they were actually selling a type of medicine to treat various kinds of eye diseases, and the price was extremely expensive. There was once a 54 year old cataract patient who didn't even have surgery on it. As a result, he took her medicine seven or eight times for three years before regaining his sight. When the news spread, many people came to ask for medicine. Elder Sister Wu felt that the sales market was not bad, so she started to do this business, and the fruit shop was only there to deceive people. Elder Sister Wu even gave the medicine a sweet name called "Honey Fruit Jelly".

The Elder Sister Wu continued to say that although the Nectar Fruit Jelly was bought by other people, she did not want to show off too much for fear of accidents. The woman from before was a friend of an old customer who had treated her old mother for her cataract.

After listening, I finally understood. No wonder the store was located under a secluded bridge. Ever since that day, I have had one more thing to do, which was to help Elder Sister Wu record and ask the customer who bought the honey Jelly. Through the phone, I asked them about the efficacy of the medicine but there weren't many people, with an average of two or three a month, so it was relatively easy. However, even though I have become the Elder Sister Wu's assistant, I still do not know what the Honey Fruit Jelly is until a Miss Fang Fang arrives.

That winter, early in the morning, we saw a woman in her twenties scurry into the shop. She wore a down jacket, her hair dyed yellow, her slender legs covered with black silk exposed to the wind, and there was a hole in the black silk. Her name was Fang Fang, and she was a bar hostess. She heard that we were selling eye medicine, so she came over.

Elder Sister Wu was curious about who she heard it from, because according to the past rules, honey jelly could only be sold to regular customers or friends. Fang Fang said that a customer at a bar told her that the customer was a former customer of the Elder Sister Wu, so she could be considered to have just introduced her.

Elder Sister Wu thought Fang Fang Fang's words were reasonable. Seeing her anxious look, she agreed. Then she asked her who the medicine was for.

"Who can I give it to, me!" Fang Fang Fang pushed her eyelids open, her eyes bloodshot.

"What's going on?" Elder Sister Wu asked.

"I don't know …" In any case, my eyes had been sore for a while, and I often saw things blurry. At first I suspected it was the drinking, but then it got worse and worse. When I woke up in the morning, my eyes were red. "I'm really afraid that one day I will be blind. What should I do?"

"Don't worry, no matter what illness your eyes are, my medicine will cure it." "But I don't have any stock today, so you won't be able to get the medicine."

"Ah?" How could that be okay?! I took a taxi all night! Just to buy medicine here. "Big sister, please help me. I live far away, it's inconvenient for me to come over …"

Fang Fang was anxious and shamelessly begged. In the end, the Elder Sister Wu had no other choice but to cook a serving for her, but she had to wait for a few hours.

"It's fine. You take your time. I'll take care of it in the evening." Fang Fang finally smiled.

The Elder Sister Wu did not waste any time, she held my hand and lifted the curtain. It was the first time I had ever been inside. To be honest, the inner room was more ordinary than I'd expected. There was only a bed, a cabinet, and a mini-refrigerator. The room felt crowded.

Elder Sister Wu told me that the customer came suddenly today and she really didn't prepare any goods, so I had to help her get the ingredients while she entertained the guest. When I asked where I could get the ingredients, she told me to look for Huang Feng, a junior high school friend of hers, at the hospital across the river.

I set off immediately.

Arriving at the hospital, I met up with Chairman Huang without a hitch. After explaining the purpose of my visit, Director Huang became a little nervous and hurriedly pulled me out of the office to talk to me in the corridor.

With this situation, I immediately understood that her business deal with the Elder Sister Wu should have been done privately, bypassing the hospital.

Afterwards, Chairman Huang told me to go to the toilet on the first level of the basement to wait. She would bring the things that Elder Sister Wu needed later.

In the end, I waited for more than 40 minutes before she returned with a wet bag containing a metal box.

"Tell Mr. Wu that there aren't many goods these few days. Only one serving, but I guarantee it will be fresh." Director Huang said as he handed me the bag.

"Go on, try not to let anyone see you." she finally said.

On the way back to the shop, I was particularly curious about the metal box and wondered if I should open it.

In particular, when Director Huang mentioned "fresh", I wondered what the hospital had that could be described in these three words.

In the end, I couldn't resist the temptation to step into the shadows and carefully open the lid of the metal box.

The next moment, I was completely stunned. I felt nauseous, and the metal box in my hand almost fell out of my hand.

Because I saw a pair of round eyeballs inside the metal box! And apparently from the hole of the human eye, the hand is very fine. More than half of the eyeball was immersed in the liquid, making it look like two swelled tadpoles. For some reason, the eyeballs looked dirty and shrivelled, different from the ones on the living.

It was a long time before I recovered. Overcoming my sense of disgust, I observed at close range that the eyeballs were a little strange. Inside the eyeballs, there were a lot of black spots like sesame seeds, which seemed to be slightly trembling.


I don't know how to describe how it felt, but I wandered back into the shop.

After passing the metal box to Elder Sister Wu, I told her what Chairman Huang had said before lowering my head and standing to the side, as if my mind was preoccupied with something. Elder Sister Wu was shrewd and experienced, she saw through it with a glance and asked:

"You opened the box, didn't you?"

I nodded.

"Don't spout nonsense, do you hear me?"

I nodded again.

"The eyeball is the most important component of the jelly, and our ancestors believed that eating human eyeballs to treat eye diseases was more or less a form of supplement. So don't make such a fuss about it, just work seriously for Elder Sister Wu, understand? "

Listening to Elder Sister Wu 'Kopp', while imagining the Honey Fruit Jelly, I suddenly felt that those eyeballs really resembled Jelly. They looked like they were soft and tender, with water dripping from them.

But when he thought of eating it in one bite, he felt like he was about to vomit.

Then, the Elder Sister Wu began to prepare other ingredients, such as fruits, milk, sweeteners, and fishmeal. Just as the Elder Sister Wu was about to pour out his eyeballs and was about to mash them, I reminded him that there were bugs in his eyeballs.

Elder Sister Wu took a closer look and was so close that she wanted to lick that eyeball, so she said to me, "This corpse's eyes must be sick before it died. Forget it, it's just a few bugs, let it go."

I nervously stared at the Elder Sister Wu as she worked. When she mixed her eyeballs that were like dregs with other materials into the wooden box and placed it inside the refrigerator, I finally relaxed.

"An hour." Elder Sister Wu looked at her watch.

While we were waiting, Elder Sister Wu told me that the hospital's Director Huang was most likely her current partner. She was responsible for dealing with the morgue staff, gouging out the dead's eyeballs and providing them to her as ingredients for the jelly. The two of them split the loot according to the ratio.

Elder Sister Wu also said that the honey Jelly had a very sweet taste. It was basically the taste of the Jelly, with only a hint of fishy taste, ordinary people would not be able to taste it.

The more I listened, the more I panicked.

An hour later, the honey jelly was ready. Fang Fang took it impatiently and paid for it. She hurriedly opened the lid to take a sniff and said, "It's quite fragrant. I like dessert the most."

Indeed, no one, no matter how they looked or how they tasted it, would ever think of the horrible ingredients of the jelly.

"That's right, the illness of the eyes isn't something that can be done in a day or two. If someone takes my medicine, they will only recover after two or three years. Your condition, at least you have to make another trip, or it could be next month's today. " Elder Sister Wu didn't forget to tell him.

"Alright, big sister, I'll listen to you."

Who knew that every three days, Fang Fang would come. In a fit of rage, she would curse at Elder Sister Wu.

"You damned woman, what did you give me that day?!" Look at my eyes! Look at my eyes! Damn it, I got screwed! What rubbish are you trying to sell me! "

Fang Fang was so angry she leaned forward and pushed her bangs away so we could see her eyes. Sure enough, we were all startled. Her eyes were wide open, like balloons about to burst, and what was even more frightening was that her eyes were filled with black bugs. If we looked closely, we would have thought her eyes were smeared black.

The Elder Sister Wu tried her best to stay calm as she replied Fang Fang, "Little girl, keep it clean in your mouth. I have so many people eating my medicine every year, how did something happen to you? Let me tell you, you had an eye problem before, but it's only getting worse now. "

In fact, Elder Sister Wu and I knew very well what was going on with the bugs in Fang Fang's eyes. We just did not expect that there would be even more of them than the bugs in her eyes at that time.

"Bullshit!" So many bugs, they came from eating your jelly, and you say it has nothing to do with you? "I don't care. Just come with me to the police station and give me an explanation!"

Upon hearing about the police station, Elder Sister Wu panicked. Fang Fang Fang's face was flushed red, her eyeballs expanded even further. When she reached out to pull Elder Sister Wu, Elder Sister Wu suddenly pushed her away, causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground.

A loud scream rang out!

Elder Sister Wu and I saw that after Fang Fang's head was struck, her eyes were like broken bags of water, constantly leaking blood. There were also countless black bugs crawling out of her eyes densely and spreading out along her body.

Not long later, it was filled with bugs!

Elder Sister Wu and I were stunned.

Along with Fang Fang's shouts, the crowd finally gathered, but at this time, all the bugs had crawled away. After Fang Fang was sent to the hospital, the police also arrived. Elder Sister Wu only said that it was a problem with the girl's eyes, and even brought a box of uninterested honey jelly to the police for test. Elder Sister Wu and I were naturally angered. No matter what, we could not reveal what had happened to our eyes.

In the end, Fang Fang was blind, but the police could not find any clues, and only complained that Elder Sister Wu was not doing business. The shop immediately closed.

Not long after, I left the city and went to Tianjin to open a clothing store with my little sister, all the way until now.

As for Elder Sister Wu, I stopped contacting him the same day I left, but I heard from my friends in that place three years ago that Elder Sister Wu seemed to have opened a new store and was still selling eye medicine.

It seemed that even after the incident with Fang Fang, Elder Sister Wu still believed that her medicine was effective. Maybe she just wanted to make money, but she didn't care about the drug at all.

In short, I did not inquire about anything related to the Elder Sister Wu.

He didn't know if there was a second Fang Fang.

Oh no!

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