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C7 Ghost Mud

On the night of the Qingming Festival, the streets were quiet. In an unremarkable alley, there was a person walking slowly.

This man's name was Zhou Lin. He used to be a chef at a nearby soup restaurant.

Now he had no job.

It was cold tonight, and the wind was howling like February or March.

As Zhou Lin was walking away, someone suddenly patted his shoulder.

He turned around and saw a man in a brown jacket.

"Bro, can you do me a favor?" The man rubbed his hands together.

"What is it?"

"How about this, look over there …" The man pointed to a hairdresser deep in the alley. "See that? Over there. That little house."

Zhou Lin looked over and saw that the hair salon was dimly lit, and there were two women dressed in revealing clothing sitting in front of the door. In this sort of place, men basically understood what kind of business it was to be engaged in.

"I see. What do you need my help with?" Zhou Lin nodded and asked.

"Hehehe …" Just a brother of mine, he called me and said he was drunk and he went to the hairdresser to look for Miss, and when he was done, he fucking found out he didn't have a wallet, and now they've got him, and he wants me to send him the money. "The question is, I'm a shameless person, so I'm not too embarrassed to go in. Can you help me out here?"

"You want me to send money over for you?"

"Yes, yes, yes, that's it. I'll give you the money."

"I don't think you're a thick-skinned person." Zhou Lin smiled.

"Aiya, that's what I'm saying, but I really don't want to get too close to such a filthy place."

"You don't want to get close, do you want me to get closer?"

"I didn't mean that … "Alright, brother, I get it. Otherwise, I'll give you 300 yuan, 100 yuan, and 200 yuan to pay for my brother. How about it?"

Zhou Lin pretended to ponder for a moment, then replied, "Alright, give me the money."

The man in the jacket handed Zhou Lin the money and watched him walk to the hairdresser.

The hairdresser's name was Wenwen's Beauty Hair. For a shop like this, the name wasn't really important, and no one would care about it.

Stepping into the shop, Zhou Lin noticed that there were two ladies inside, their faces covered in a thick layer of powder. The two ladies were rather old and ugly.

"Handsome, do you want a massage?" The uglier of the two young ladies stood up first.

"No, no, no. I'm here to help a friend of mine pay. I heard that he didn't bring any money and was detained by you guys."

As he spoke, Zhou Lin took out 200 yuan.

That young miss first took the money, but unexpectedly said: "What friend, our store doesn't have any customers right now."

Zhou Lin was stunned.

"That's not right, my friend said it's here."

"Who's there? If you don't believe me, go upstairs and take a look."

Zhou Lin ignored her. Instead, he turned around and opened the door. When he looked outside, he immediately discovered that the man in jacket was no longer there.

Suddenly, the young lady who had stood up exclaimed and retreated in fright.

She threw the two hundred dollars on the ground and shouted, "This money..." "This money …"

"What's wrong?!" The other lady drew closer and cried out in alarm as well.

It turned out to be two hundred yuan on the ground. At first glance, it looks very much like the renminbi.

Not only that, the two bills were also stained with mud, making them look dirty.

The three were all stunned into silence.

After a moment, one of the young ladies finally exploded.

"What do you mean by that?" Come here and make trouble on the day of the Clear Day, right? Do you think you lack morals? Do we still need to do business in the future?! "

Another lady followed and shouted upstairs:

"Boss!" Boss! Take a look! "

Very quickly, a fierce-looking man with a square face came down from upstairs. When he saw Zhou Lin, he asked, "What happened?"

Zhou Lin stared at the boss in silence.

The two ladies quickly picked up the bills and explained the situation.

Hearing this, the boss became extremely angry, charging straight at Zhou Lin as he scolded,

"Little rascal, you're good!" You want to fuck me? What do you think we should do about this matter today? "

Seeing the boss's aggressive attitude, Zhou Lin actually maintained his composure and asked,

"Then what do you think we should do?"

"Simple. You brought the money from the dead today and filled it with dirty air for laozi. You can't just leave like that. "How about our little sister? She'll accompany you to ring the bell, but you have to give me this number." The owner held up two fingers.



Zhou Lin once again fell silent.

"Zhu Zhu, accompany him upstairs." the boss ordered the uglier lady.

"Tsk, I'm still accompanying you to do this sort of thing. It can be considered as a bargain, okay?" Miss Zhu Zhu was still muttering as she went upstairs.

Before heading upstairs, Zhou Lin finally asked his boss,

"If I told you that the money isn't mine but was given to me by someone else, would you believe me?"

"No matter who gives you those trashy words, you should be the one to bring them in anyway!" "Let me tell you, if you don't give 2000, don't even think about leaving!" The boss roared again.

Thus, Zhou Lin was dragged upstairs by the pearl.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, another lady downstairs finally burst out laughing and said to the boss:

"You're a fool, boss. You've definitely struck it rich again."

The owner also had a cigarette in his mouth and had a leisurely look on his face.

At the same time, the door opened, and the man in the jacket stuck his head in.

"Where is he?" he asked.

"No problem, I'm going upstairs. Okay, Du Ge, you're third today, right? " said the lady, smiling.

Obviously, everything was planned by the hairdresser.

The trick was simple. They first used this man called Du Ge to find an excuse to give the money to others. The alley was completely dark, and under normal circumstances, it was impossible to tell that Du Ge was actually giving the money that was similar to RMB.

Unexpectedly, something unexpected happened this time.

Du Ge said anxiously:

"Oh, I was wrong! "How did you fool him into going upstairs?"

"Isn't it the same as before? If you give him the money, will we be making a scene?" Miss handed out the two bills to Du Ge.

"The problem is, I just didn't give him any money! I thought it was dead people's money, but I accidentally gave it to him. Look, I still have three dead people's money. "

As he spoke, Du Ge took out three more bills.

At this point, the boss, the Miss, and Brother Du were all stupefied. They looked at each other in dismay.

After a long while, the young lady finally asked in a soft voice:

"Who is that person upstairs?"

"If you ask me, how would I know?" Doug's eyes widened and he spread his hands.

"It can't be that strange today, can it?" The young mistress grew more and more afraid.

"Don't worry, Pearl is with him right now, how about we go upstairs and take a look?" the boss suggested.

Thus, the three of them lined up in a row. The boss stood in front and the young miss stood at the back, ready to go upstairs.

At that moment, Doug noticed that there was some muddy water on the stairs, as if it was caused by human footprints.

The moment she saw the muddy water, the young lady seemed to have thought of something and she suddenly stopped moving.

"What are you standing there for? Why aren't you leaving?" Du Ge turned his head to look, and hurriedly asked.

"Boss, do you think that man looks like the same guy from last month?" the lady asked the boss as she walked around him.

"Which one?"

"Do you remember, one night last month, a man on a bicycle fell in front of our store and drowned. At that time, you, I, and the pearl were all there! "

"Drown? There is no river in front of this door, so why are you drowning! " Doug couldn't help but interrupt.

"Brother Du, you've only come this month, so you don't know." It was raining heavily that day, and we had a muddy road in front of the shop, so it was all puddles. Then the guy, he drank a lot, got drunk and rode a bike. "He fell in front of our store and fell into the mud, and I heard he drowned." said the lady.

"Ah?" Is there such a thing? You guys didn't do anything to help, just watched him die? "

"Tsk, what does it have to do with us?" Miss rolled her eyes at Du Ge.

"That's right, that's right. When you said that, I really felt that man from before looked a little familiar." The boss slapped his head.

"Yeah, I think so too. Will you... He came to take our lives? " asked the young lady, trembling.

"What does this have to do with us!?" He fell to his death! "

"But you guys …" "Seems like I won't save him even if I see him die …" Doug said too.

As they were talking, a shout suddenly came from upstairs.


The three of them hurried upstairs.

When they opened the door, they found that the hallway was dark. The young lady's hands were shaking with fear, and it took her a long time to reach for the light switch.

When the lights came on, they saw that the hallway was wet. The floor, walls, and ceiling were all covered in a large amount of muddy water.

The air was still thick with moisture, as if it had just rained.

"Beads... "Beads..."

The young lady's voice was so soft that it could barely be heard.

Seeing that every door was closed, they hesitated for a long time, not knowing which one to push.

Suddenly, they heard a faint sound, as if something was rubbing against something.

"Sou, sou, sou, sou, sou …"

Miss pushed open the door, and when the light came on, there was nothing inside.

She pushed open a second and a third.

Just as she was about to open the door to the fourth room, a puddle of muddy water suddenly seeped out from under the crack in the door, along with the smell of blood.

"Should... So that's it? "

The Miss was so scared that her legs turned to jelly, and she quickly hid behind Du Ge.

"What's there to be afraid of? So what if the three of us are ghosts?"

Doug braced himself, then pushed the door open.

"Zhu Zhu Zhu, are you there?" The boss immediately called out.

But it was pitch black in front of them. Doug pressed the light switch, but nothing happened.

"The light's out." the boss whispered.

They were aware that there was a strong smell of soil mixed with water as they entered the room. Clearly, there was a large amount of mud here.

There was also the strange "sou sou sou" sound that filled the entire room.

Vaguely, they saw a person lying on a small bed inside the room.

The man lay very still.

"Zhu Zhu Zhu, is it you?"

The three trembled as they inched closer to look. Another wave of earthy smell blew over them.

"Who brought the phone? Let's take a look under the light of the phone." The boss said.

Miss obediently took out her phone and used the flashlight function to light up most of the room.

However, what appeared on the bed in front of him was a straight and stiff bead with a naked body. Her eye sockets, her nostrils, her mouth, her ears, as well as the wounds all over her body were completely filled with mud. What was even more frightening was that these mud were all squirming and making strange sounds.

"Ouch!" The young lady was so shocked that she lost her balance and almost slipped. Du Ge and the boss also quickly retreated.

In the midst of the chaos, there was water dripping down from above. Doug touched it with his finger and realized it was muddy water.

They all looked up at the same time and saw an extremely shocking scene.

It turned out that there was a thick layer of mud on the roof as well as water dripping off the mud. In the middle of the mud was an upside-down head. It was as if that man was staring straight at them!

Following that, large clumps of mud suddenly descended, covering their entire bodies.

Struggling was useless.

He couldn't move.

At first they gave a few exclamations, but soon they were quiet.

At noon the next day, several officers of the homicide squad arrived at the scene of the crime. The reason was that they received an alarm from a courier saying that several corpses had been found inside the hairdresser's salon. The scene was too horrible to look at.

Wang Zili was thirty-one years old, and as the leader of the National Serious Crimes Team, he had a lot of experience in solving cases. He had seen many cruel and abnormal situations, but this was the first time he had ever encountered such a strange case.

The deceased was two men and two women, all of whom looked like people from the hair salon. Every corpse had eyes, ears, nose, and various wounds all over their body. They were all stuffed with mud.

In addition, almost the entire house was covered in mud, as if it had been soaked in mud.

There was also a female corpse lying on the bed, holding two bills in its hands.

Wang Zili couldn't imagine what kind of murderer he would need to do to kill the four men and women, and also, how he did it.

"Let's call it a day!"

With a sigh, he could only return to the police station to slowly analyze the gathered traces.

He had a premonition that this case would never come to light.

He did not know that in the fourth room upstairs, the pile of mud was still slowly squirming.

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