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C8 Your Letter 1

My name is Zhang Nan, and I'm a psychic. Friends often call me Da Nan, Nan.

I don't have a proper career. I only occasionally help people look at feng shui and get away with it. Most of the time, I loiter around, sightseeing, and survive on a fund.

I don't like to talk much, and I have little interest. Besides, I rarely lie, except in one particular case.

Almost all the year round, I wear a black suit and black sunglasses.

My sunglasses are custom-made because my eyes are defective and I can't see anything in the world. But the most important thing is that my eyes can't see the light.

In this world, there are many psychic who have Yin Yang Eyes, and I am just a Yin Eye. I could see the ghosts from hundreds of meters away, but I couldn't see the people in front of me.

So I can't leave my sunglasses.

My suit was also specially made. There was a layer of powder on top of it to weaken the ghost's yin aura.

At the moment, I was walking in a wet alley because I received a call from my university classmate yesterday.

"Nan, it's really hard for me on a case, find some time to help me take a look, it's really strange …"

After listening to his story, I finally realized that it was a small hair salon that was involved in illegal activities. Four corpses had been created overnight and their bodies were filled with mud. The Yin Qi at the scene was quite dense, and they had even found some underworld money.

As for the murderer, for the time being, he did not have any clues, nor did he find any important clues.

Energetic. Just like before, if it wasn't an incident caused by someone, I wouldn't have notified you.

"At least give me a conclusion!"

"We'll see."

In this world, I'm afraid the only person who understands me is Wang Zili. We were close friends for many years, and both of us helped each other in some way.

Under my eyes, I stood in front of the hair salon called "Wenwen". The shop's door was locked, but Wang Zili had already given me the key.

As I stepped into the shop, I could smell a thick smell of damp earth, accompanied by a cold wind, coming from the corridor.

It was dark inside.

As I went upstairs, I heard a slight noise.

Sure enough, just as Wang Zili had described, the second floor was filled with mud, and mud continued to seep out from the gaps of the doors.

I slowly pushed open the fourth door.

The room was extremely dark and gloomy. The mud on my feet was slowly rippling.

I was sure that there were some faint soul sounds, mixed with the sound of insects, interweaving into a noise.

There was also a mysterious aura lingering behind me.

At this moment, I touched something on my shoulder. I touched it with my hand. It was actually mud.

Mud fell from the top.

More clumps of mud came crashing down, followed by muddy water, and the whole room began to rain.

Instead of dodging, I looked up.

I saw a male ghost lying on the roof. His body had already merged with the mud and was trembling.

"Your name is Zhou Lin, right?" I asked.

He was too stunned to think that I would have investigated this place beforehand.

"Did you kill those four people?" To tell the truth, I don't quite believe that a guy who was good enough to be a chef when he was alive would have such a cruel temperament.

But he didn't want to confront me at all. He came down screaming, like a thin sheet of paper, his hands and feet blurry and shapeless.

As he approached me, he let out a whimper. I know he can't break the gold powder I have on my suit.

Then I grabbed with my right hand, and he was caught in the air by me, unable to free himself.

"Let go! "Let go!" he shouted.

I ignored him and turned away.

Because I already discovered that there was another one behind me!

I made a grabbing motion with my left hand and a gust of cold wind blew towards me. I was able to control something invisible and intangible. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to see what was in front of them, but I could clearly see that it was a female ghost that had just died.

There was a high chance that four people in the store had died in the hands of this man and woman pair.

"Xiaomei, this person is not someone to be trifled with, can you leave now?!" Zhou Lin shouted.

"No, bro, I can't move!" The female ghost called Xiaomei responded.

"Sir, please let us go." Zhou Lin began to beg me.

I sighed, thinking: Did you plan to let those four people go when you killed them?

However, I had a feeling that the idea of killing someone came from this ghost girl. Her resentment was even greater.

So I decided to interrogate them.

After what they said, I soon figured out the whole story. So it turned out that this ghost girl called Xiaomei was a waitress who stayed at the same restaurant as Zhou Lin when she was still alive. After hearing that Zhou Lin had died, Xiaomei was momentarily in a daze, and had actually committed suicide after him. That night, the two ghosts walked in the alley, but Xiaomei was unable to appear, so the only person that could be seen was Zhou Lin. Just as I guessed, all four of them died to Xiaomei. Xiaomei grew up with a single parent family, so she might be a little stubborn in nature.

After explaining, I decided to let them go. They were ghosts, after all, and not subject to rules such as the law of the earth. But they promised me they wouldn't hurt anyone again.

I believe them.

I didn't return the force and instead left for the next area.

There's something else I have to deal with.

Soon, I arrived at my destination.

This was a hospital.

Previously, the client had contacted me through a letter. Yes, writing letters is both troublesome and inefficient for a modern society where communications are so well-developed. However, I feel that this is the easiest way to reveal my identity and whereabouts.

The other party was called Lee Jie and was a nurse in the hospital.

When I saw her, I realized that she was younger than I had expected. She must have just graduated from college. We made a brief greeting and then went to a nearby restaurant to talk.

Actually, the reason why I accepted her request was mainly because this matter was a little special. Unlike my past experience of exorcising ghosts to ward off evil spirits, this was an exchange with a patient who had suffered a severe car accident and had already suffered brain death in order to obtain some information.

In medicine, brain death is tantamount to death, and it doesn't take long and depends on the life-support system.

Now that I am dead, I can communicate. During this time, the soul of such a person would often not be able to leave the physical body and would only be able to live within the body.

"Tell me about him." I asked Lee Jie straightforwardly. Currently, I already knew that the patient was male and was her university classmate.

Okay. My classmate is Chen Rui. He had lost both his parents at a young age and was brought up by his big sister. Like me, he is also an intern at a company. Two days ago, he was on his way to buy a magazine when he was hit by a truck. It was a crossroads, but he didn't have a camera. "That night, he was identified as brain-dead.

"Get to the point. I don't care how he died, what do you want me to do? " I interrupted.

"Oh, oh, sorry. "Hmm …" The specific point is, I heard someone mention that you have the ability to communicate with spirits, so … He wanted to ask about Chen Rui's situation at that time, at least capture the culprit. After all … He died a pitiful death … His sister is getting married next month... "

Lee Jie immediately took out a tissue to wipe the tears at the corner of her eyes. I could tell she was upset.

"That's easy."

"Then I'll be troubling you. Are we going now?"

"No, we have to wait until the evening, preferably in the middle of the night. Can you arrange it when no one is around?"

"Sure, I understand."

"How much longer does he have?"

"What do you mean?"

"He should be supporting his life on equipment, right? How long will it take for the hospital to remove the ventilator? "

"The hospital has promised to keep it for a week or two, depending on the circumstances."

"Do you know that even if he dies, I can still find him?"

"I know." But... I want to look at him a few more times, I always feel... He's still alive. "

Lee Jie's nose was red, I will not speak for now.

"You just said that he was raised by his elder sister, is that his elder sister? Why isn't his sister here? "

"Yes, not only did he kiss her, he and his sister had a good relationship. His sister was like half a mother to him. I was in the same class as him in junior high school, and I remember him very clearly. Every lunch he had was prepared and delivered by his sister, and his living expenses and tuition fees were all taken care of by her sister. Later, in order to allow him to finish university successfully, his sister decided to go out to work. Not only did she provide him with an expensive tuition fee, but she also saved money for his future marriage. Probably last year. His sister knew a man who was pretty good and was preparing to get married this year. Who knew … This sort of thing happened. "

"What's his sister's name?" My expression was still stiff.

"Chen Rui."

Yes, the names of the two siblings sounded nearly the same.

"Are you afraid to inform his sister?" I asked curiously.

"I don't know how to begin, I'm still hesitating. Mr. Zhang, why don't you teach me? "

"I don't know either."

At this time, I stood up, bid farewell to Lee Jie, and said that I would come back in the evening.

I have a basic understanding of the situation.

After midnight, Lee Jie was punctually waiting for them in the ward. This was an underground ward with dim lights. No one could be seen outside the door. I don't know how Lee Jie persuaded the hospital to provide her with such convenience, and also promised to maintain Chen Rui's life for at least a week. Maybe she had some deep background.

I indicated for Lee Jie to turn off the light first, and then light the candles I brought with me, placing them in a circle around the sickbed.

I observed Chen Rui again, and realised that he had delicate features, his complexion looked good, and that it was truly a pity for him to leave the mortal world at such a young age.

Because I was originally a special person, I didn't need to borrow any props. I just lightly sat beside Chen Rui, lowered my head, and chanted a few words that others couldn't understand. The world might call it a spell.

Lee Jie watched on nervously.

Faintly, he saw Chen Rui's body move, and then, Chen Rui opened his eyes and asked me who I was.

However, all of this, Lee Jie did not know. In front of her, Chen Rui's body was still unmoving.

About half an hour later, I stretched out my hand to gently stroke Chen Rui's face a few times, then raised my head.

Lee Jie stared at me, not daring to speak.

She couldn't imagine that I had already reached an agreement with Chen Rui and understood everything about the accident.

"He said he was walking very fast, but he did not violate the traffic rules. The driver of the car may have been confused and hit him head-on on the sidewalk. " "No," I said.

"He is just like that. He is in a hurry to do anything. He is not careful at all. Did he tell the driver anything? " Lee Jie looked very sad again.

"All he could remember was that the driver was driving a blue truck that seemed to have been driven from a breeding ground with a cage on it. I think we should be able to identify the driver based on this information. "

"Yes." Lee Jie nodded and said comfortingly, "I'll tell the police tomorrow."

"If there's nothing else, I'll be going." I stood up.

"Mr. Zhang, can you come again tomorrow? I still have something I want to say to Chen Rui."


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