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C9 Your Letter 2

I walked straight to the door, and Lee Jie was still looking at me, seemingly wanting to say something but hesitating. In the end, she couldn't help but ask me:

"What else did he tell you other than the accident?"

"He said it's his birthday tomorrow, but unfortunately he can't spend it with you, so he thanked you for the gift."

I glanced at the man's watch quietly placed beside Chen Rui's bed and walked out of the room.

I can imagine that Lee Jie is crying again.

The next night, I arrived a little earlier. When I met Lee Jie, she excitedly told me that the culprit had been found, and that it really was the driver of the breeding ground. He then thanked me profusely for my help, saying that it was just a small matter.

"What do you want me to do today?" I asked her.

"I want to talk to Chen Rui again."

My face didn't look good, and I thought she was using me as a microphone.

Unexpectedly, Lee Jie reached into her pocket and took out an opened letter and gave it to me.

"Whose?" I asked.

In this era, there are actually people like me who use letters?

"It's a letter his sister wrote. It was just sent yesterday. Mr. Zhang, can you read it to him?"

I understand now, no wonder Lee Jie asked me to come again today.

"Do the siblings usually rely on letters to communicate with each other?" I asked again.

"Yeah, his sister works in Beijing and hasn't been home for more than a year. In the past, they had a habit of writing letters regularly and exchanging information, about once a few months. However, Chen Rui and his sister just did not like this method, and thought that the communication between people was too casual and direct, while the letters seemed to be more tactful, and could write things that could not be said in person or on the phone. "

I nodded my head, feeling that Lee Jie's words made sense, although the reason why I used the letter was different from theirs.

I also started to understand Lee Jie's meaning.

"You want to hide it from his sister for the time being and let him write back as he always does?"


"How should we solve the problem with the handwriting? His sister would definitely recognize his handwriting."

"There's no need to worry, because he emails every time and his sister can see it when she opens her cell phone. I know his password, too, so I can do it for him. "

I understood and didn't ask any further questions. I skimmed through the contents of the letter.

Ray: How's it going? Are the scientific journals still collecting?" Sister has been busy and tired, but last weekend with your future brother-in-law around Beijing City, or ride ah! Try it on another day. It's very interesting to take some time out for a walk. Don't be bored at home. By the way, sister may get busier and busier in the future, and may not even return for the new year. If you need anything, just write a letter to sister, and she will send you a sum of money every three months. Also, you are not young anymore, it's time to find a girlfriend. You are going to have a good relationship with Lee Jie, aren't you getting closer with her? Alright, alright, I won't say anymore. You must hate your sister for being so long-winded, right? "Then let's talk about it next time ~ Chen Rui.

The contents of the letter were quite common, but through these brief remarks I had a preliminary impression of the brother and sister's natures: the older sister was more cheerful and the younger brother more introverted.

I read it to Chen Rui word for word.

He was obviously very excited, and had the same thoughts as Lee Jie. He planned to keep it a secret from her elder sister, at least until her elder sister successfully gets married next month.

I reminded him that he must be present at my sister's wedding.

He said he had a way.

Thus, Lee Jie sat at the side and recorded everything down with a pen. I will be responsible for passing the information down, and immediately reply to his sister with a letter.

The letter was very short. First, Chen Rui made up a story and said that he had found an ideal job, but before he could officially enter the job, he had to go through a week of closed training. It happened to conflict with his sister's wedding time, so he couldn't go.

"Will that work? Will his sister see through it?" Lee Jie worriedly asked after sending the email.

"I don't know. Are they really not going to make a phone call? After all, a phone call like this was already exposed."

"Yeah, they really don't have the habit of talking on the phone. His sister is a frugal person, so she said long distance calls are expensive unless something unexpected happens."

"Isn't it an emergency that a dependent brother doesn't attend the wedding?"

"If his sister really calls, then I'll take care of it. There was such a thing in the past, because Chen Rui's hearing wasn't very good, and she often spoke in a voice that I couldn't hear clearly. At that time, I'll make up a reason."

I sighed, feeling tired just listening to these things.

And now, the most ridiculous thing was that even I was involved.

Unexpectedly, not even two days had passed before Chen Rui replied. In the letter, she expressed his support for Chen Rui's decision, his reaction was unexpectedly dull and indifferent to Chen Rui's new job. The previous letter's tone was very different, giving people the feeling that he was in a hurry to take care of it.

Lee Jie rejoiced, but I was a little doubtful.

"When was the last time they communicated?"

Lee Jie was a little surprised that I asked him this question for no reason.

"Last time …" It should have been a few days before the incident with Chen Rui that he asked Chen Rui about the wedding ceremony next month. Last time, it was months ago. I remember his sister saying that she was too busy at work to go home for the new year. "

"Show me the letter he wrote before the accident."

Lee Jie did as instructed and opened her phone.

I read through the contents of the letter and realized that just as Lee Jie said, Chen Rui was mainly asking him about his sister's wedding, jokingly saying that he just got his driver's license, and didn't want him to help drive the car. In addition, he told his sister to take more care to rest and not work too hard.

At first glance, this letter seemed ordinary, but after combining it with two letters from his sister, it made me feel suspicious.

I thought for a moment and quickly asked Lee Jie:

"I heard you said that his elder sister was working outside very early on, and she didn't even study for a few years, yet she wrote a lot of good words? Did his sister write her own letter? "

The handwriting of Chen Rui's letter was dignified and generous, and the writing was beautiful, which was obvious.

"Mr. Zhang, your eyes are really amazing! His sister's letter had indeed been written by her husband. However, in the early days, his sister had personally written letters. To be honest, the words were not very nice to read, and many of them could not be written. So, after knowing his brother-in-law, I let his brother-in-law write everything. "

After learning all this, I felt more and more that there was a hidden catch.

There were too many contradictions in these letters.

Firstly, he started from the first letter Chen Rui wrote before the incident. In the letter, he mainly asked about Chen Rui's wedding, and following that, Chen Rui replied him. In addition, Chen Rui had also written a letter asking her sister to "pay more attention to rest and not work too hard", but Chen Rui had replied saying that she had worked hard. Under normal circumstances, Chen Rui would avoid worrying her brother, so it was unlikely for her to complain about it, especially when Chen Rui had just reminded her not too long ago.

Also, Chen Rui did not express anything on Chen Rui's birthday. According to the deep feelings between the two, as a sister, she would never forget such an important day.

In the end, Chen Rui had already left his hometown for too long, and according to the letter, he might not return this New Year's Eve. What kind of work was it, to be busy for two years without going home?

With these doubts in mind, I made a phone call on my way back to the hotel.

It was my police officer, Wang Zili, who was living in Beijing.

But before I could say anything, he started yelling at me.

"Brat, what are you doing? Why aren't you replying!?" "Did you get the job I asked you to do?"

"It's done, stop bullshitting. "Help me find someone tomorrow."

"Who is it?"

"A woman who works in Beijing."

After which, I explained Chen Rui's situation to Big Stamina, using great effort to quickly record it down with a pen.

Before I hung up, I remembered something and asked:

"Mighty, how was the weather last weekend over there?"

"Ah?" Why do you care about the weather in Beijing? Not to mention the weekend, the weather hasn't been good recently. It rained continuously for a few days, and I remember it was even more raining during the weekend. "

"Alright, give me your answer tomorrow as soon as possible."

I took a deep breath, remembering what Chen Rui had said in his letter that she had gone out for a ride last weekend. However, how could one ride in this sort of weather?

It was obviously a lie.

I can trust him to be efficient, especially what I told him. At noon the next day he gave me all the information I wanted.

"Chen Rui's boyfriend, the one who's about to get married, do you have any information about him?" I asked Energetic again.

"Of course, that man is 33 years old and his name is Zheng Chen. He works in a state-owned enterprise and has no bad record. He was the one who wrote the letter for that woman, right?"

"Probably. I'll hang up first."

I walked slowly back to the hospital, thinking about something.

Lee Jie is still guarding beside Chen Rui's bed. I heard that in less than three days, the academy will conveniently remove Chen Rui's breathing machine.

Chen Rui was about to become a real corpse.

Seeing me coming over, Lee Jie was very surprised, because I never appeared in the hospital during the day.

I let Lee Jie go out for a walk. Not long later, the two of us would walk on a piece of green lush grass in the courtyard.

Winter afternoons were sometimes just like mornings, especially today, when the sun was obscured by dark clouds.

We saw a family of three, the child was only about three years old, holding by the father, happy to leave the hospital, this scene is both harmonious and warm.

I realised that Lee Jie was a very emotional person, when I saw the family of three, I seemed to think of Chen Rui, and my feelings became worse.

"Mr. Zhang, why are you always wearing a suit? Isn't it cold in winter?" Lee Jie might be trying to distract her, and since I didn't say anything, she took the initiative to start a conversation.

"I'm used to it." I was thinking about what to say.

"Oh." Lee Jie nodded, she really didn't know how to respond to my attitude.

"Let me tell you something." I looked at Lee Jie.

"Go ahead."

"Chen Rui's sister has died."

Lee Jie suddenly stopped in her tracks, as if she was shocked.

I paused, then went on:

"She died more than a year ago. Lung cancer."

"What …" "It's like this?" Lee Jie's tears slowly fell.

"Based on what I know and what I think, before Big Sister Chen Rui passed away, he had always been thinking about Chen Rui. Just like what Chen Rui did, she also chose to hide the matter of her death, wrote a bunch of letters in advance, and also saved up some money from her years of hard work, which Zheng Chen sent to Chen Rui regularly. Therefore, the first letter a few days ago was prepared before she passed away. The following reply was from Zheng Chen according to the circumstances. "

It could be seen that Lee Jie's heart was filled with sorrow.

And because I was wearing sunglasses, it was hard for others to see my emotions through my eyes.

Now, a question lay in front of Lee Jie: Should I tell Chen Rui about this?

I asked her how she could choose, and she said she had to think about it.

Very quickly, Lee Jie told me what she did. She wanted Chen Rui to leave in peace, she would rather let this brother and sister remain in the dark forever, otherwise it would be too cruel.

I left in silence.

I once told Lee Jie that even if a person completely dies, I still have a way to find him.

I've also mentioned that I rarely lie, except in one particular case.

This time, both things happened.

On a night three days later, I came to Chen Rui's room alone while Lee Jie was not around.

I know, in the early hours of tomorrow morning, Chen Rui will have his ventilator pulled out.

There was a figure behind me. Although she was not a living person, she still looked dignified and beautiful, gentle and generous.

Pushing the door open, we tiptoed into the room.

Seeing the scene of Chen Rui in front of her, she could no longer hold back, and used a voice that seemed to come from the depths of her soul to call out:

"Rui Rui, big sister is back."

Oh no!

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