God Abuser/C1 One Flower One Thought Boundless Tribulation
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God Abuser/C1 One Flower One Thought Boundless Tribulation
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C1 One Flower One Thought Boundless Tribulation

The vast and endless universe has never changed, in the center of the universe, Mount Meru above the 33 Heavens, the peak of Mount Meru. Di Shitian stood there looking at the distant void. At this moment. . . A petal gently floated down onto his hand. "One flower, one world, one leaf, one Buddha. " Di Shitian's voice was ethereal and deep. There was an unquenchable sorrow that melted in his voice. The rain of flowers, the rain of flowers that filled the sky, had unknowingly covered the entire Mount Meru.

Countless flower petals were constantly revolving around Mount Meru. At this time, Di Shitian's body was already covered with flower petals. Without any wind, the petals would automatically move, creating waves.

"Time has no beginning and no end. But I'm afraid what I lack the most right now is time. " Di Shitian laughed self-deprecatingly. His smile was filled with helplessness and determination.

"Since you have come, show yourself. " Di Shitian looked at the void and said slowly. Right there, the space distorted and a graceful figure walked out. She was clearly there, but she was invisible and intangible, as if she was in every corner of the world, as if she had never existed.

"You're quite free" The pleasant voice didn't carry a trace of emotion. Di Shitian didn't continue to look at her. Instead, he looked at the fluttering petals in the sky sadly.


That figure swayed for a moment, then appeared again. On the other side of Mount Meru. "No reason. I was born to destroy the universe. I was only doing what I had to do. "

Ripples appeared in the space, and her figure kept flashing.

Di Shitian raised his hand, and his eyes fell on the petal in his hand. "Do you know that there are three thousand worlds in this petal? If the petal leaves its roots, it means its destruction. You have already destroyed most of the worlds in the universe. Isn't this enough? Stop. "

The figure flashed and appeared in front of Di Shitian. " Although we have known each other for 10 billion years, friendship is friendship. Even if it's you, I will destroy you. Under four days, Seven Layered Sea. Seven Layered Continents, 33 Heavens have all been destroyed by me. Right now, you are the only one still alive within the Xumi Realm. I have come to kill you. "

Di Shitian's expression didn't change. "Kill me. Sure. Can you stop? It's still not too late to turn back. "

"Do you think you can change everything with just a few words? It was too late. It was already ten billion. You should have killed me years ago! Now, you're far from being my match. No one can stop me anymore! " That beautiful voice actually had a trace of emotional fluctuation.

"Stop talking nonsense. Now I'm going to kill you. After you die, I will completely destroy everything. " The beautiful voice continued, but there was no longer any emotion.

The graceful figure kept flashing, and countless beautiful ripples appeared in the space.

Di Shitian gently pressed the petals on his chest and closed his sad eyes. "You Ming, the reason why I can't destroy you now. . . When I retracted my energy, The universe will shrink to the size of a speck of dust, but this also gives me the ability to seal you up. "

You Ming instantly appeared in front of Di Shitian. "If you do this, you will die. Furthermore, this is only sealing me. When I have enough energy, I can still come out. "

Di Shitian smiled and said, "When I withdraw my energy, everything in the universe will shrink, including you and your energy. When you break the seal in the near future, you will find a power that can make you tremble. He will keep you in check. "

Di Shitian's body kept emitting dazzling light. He knew that Di Shitian had already started to withdraw his energy before he came here. There was no way to stop him now.

"You are dreaming! How could there be a way to balance my energy? What a joke! Even you can't defeat me! 'I, this world. . . ' Who else can stop me? " You Ming felt that Di Shitian was trying to scare her.

Di Shitian opened his clear eyes and looked at You Ming. "What if there is a person who hasn't changed after the universe shrank?" After hearing Di Shitian's words, You Ming's figure fluctuated violently. "What!? Could it be that he is? Does he really exist?" You Ming was truly a little afraid.

Suddenly, Di Shitian's body emitted a hundred thousand feet of golden light. He slowly drifted away from Mount Meru and arrived in the void. The universe was shrinking rapidly with him as the center. The entire space was filled with a gentle golden light. Di Shitian's farewell voice also filled the entire space.

"One Flower, One Thought, Boundless Tribulation. The thousands of worlds are at the tip of the iceberg. I, Na Xu, will enter my interstitial seed and comprehend the Four Stars of Nirvana. "

"Boom! ~~”

The massive Mount Meru and the entire universe turned into a speck of dust amidst the golden light, and this speck of dust that was formed from countless worlds floated within the void.

"Di Shitian, why did you seal me even after exhausting all of your energy? You could have been alive, but you knew that I wouldn't kill you. "

"I can't watch you continue to make mistakes. "

"You're about to turn into nothingness Is there anything else you want to say?"

"Idiot. . . "

Everything returned to silence once more. Everything turned into nothingness. . .

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