God Abuser/C122 100000 Asura Prisoners the First Step to Success!!
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God Abuser/C122 100000 Asura Prisoners the First Step to Success!!
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C122 100000 Asura Prisoners the First Step to Success!!

Lee Shuo and Lo Bing were left behind by Ye Wentian behind. Ye Wentian didn't want anything bad to happen to them. The ones following him were Phantom, Ironblood Yaksha and the two 'bosses'.

With such combat strength, Ye Wentian was confident that he could end the battle in two hours. After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the battle finally came to an end. Ye Wentian waved his hand lightly. "Let's go! We're going to catch that bastard!" With that, As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Wentian leapt down from the mountaintop with his body. The Magistrate also increased his speed to the maximum in an instant, following closely behind Ye Wentian. More than a thousand of them moved extremely quickly and silently! The reason why they brought along the Ironblood Yaksha was because they needed to capture a large number of people. Few people would be too busy.

After half an incense stick of time, they had already caught up to the Asura Corps's rear troops. The battle started silently. At this time, more than half of the Asura Corps had already entered the valley where the ambush was set. Ye Wentian and the others chose to kill the Asura soldiers who had not entered the valley. Ye Wentian felt that capturing one hundred thousand Asura soldiers was enough. As for the rest, he would kill them all!

Ye Wentian waved his hand, and a massive Air Blade flew out and swept towards the back of the Asura Corps formation. In the silence, around 10,000 Asura soldiers were in a state of confusion. "Free attack!! First kill! Capture him after entering the valley!! "

Ye Wentian shouted in a low voice. He disappeared in a spatial ripple. Zhuge Jing knew that this was according to the original agreement. Ye Wentian had gone to the front to intercept the Asura Corps's formation.

This was a battle without suspense. The Asura Corps would only charge forward. Therefore, it didn't take much effort to attack them from behind. They could only turn around and protect themselves. However, they could not make the entire army turn around, so killing them from behind was quite easy. With the addition of Hsiang Yu and Zhuge Jing, who were two abnormal beings who had transcended time and space, everything went smoothly. Of course, even if that was the case. . . Zhuge Jing had thought about it in his heart. If Ye Wentian was mentioned as a specific bug, This Asura Corps actually did not have any weaknesses, although they could easily attack them from behind. But in this world, the army would never be able to stop the army in front of Asura!

And even if Ye Wentian could fight, After all, he was still a single person. Overall, there was a special characteristic of Asura Corps, it was hard to deal with them! Zhuge Jing now understood why Ye Wentian had to spend so much effort to make this Nine Heavens Venomous Insect! The only way to kill Asura in a short period of time was through this Nine Heavens Venomous Insect!

"Rumble. . . !"

The valley trembled. At this time, Ye Wentian had arrived in front of the Asura Army's formation and unleashed his divine might. Ye Wentian broke the formation and continuously attacked. Large groups of people from the Asura Corps were killed by Ye Wentian's brutal power, but they were unable to stop their footsteps. This had also determined their tragic fate.

About two hours later, there were only about a hundred thousand people from the Asura Corps who had entered the valley. Ye Wentian knew that now was the time to serve as the main course. At this time, the army of Heaven, Earth, and Black Yellow had also entered the valley from the front. They were standing behind Ye Wentian. "Follow me! After I put them in, you guys tie them up! You must be careful! Don't think that they can't kill people just because they don't have legs! After fighting with them for so many years, you should know how terrifying they are!!!"

Ye Wentian shouted coldly, and then he quickly rushed forward," Ye Wentian, break!! Following Ye Wentian's furious roar, numerous huge Air Blades appeared out of thin air, and fiercely slashed towards the Asura Army's formation. The ear-splitting sound of breaking air reminded everyone that this power was terrifying!

The entire valley was trembling. At the same time, the Air Blades were cutting through the cliffs of the valley. Countless whirlpools were violently moving about in the valley. The dust and dirt had completely submerged the Asura Corps. The soldiers of the Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow Divisions could not see what was happening on the other side. They were slowly pushing forward. At this time, Ye Wentian had already plunged into the sand and stones. The sound of the air being torn apart continued to ring out. The Asura who came this time was very strange. They didn't know how to scream. Even though both of their legs had been cut off by the Air Blade, they still didn't make a single sound. The soldiers of the Heaven, Earth, Black, and Yellow Divisions were nervous, but they didn't make a single sound. It was quiet!

The war that should have been fought all day long was actually carried out in silence! This scene was extremely strange! Hsiang Yu and the others did not mind being at the rear of the army. Zhuge Jing quickly shuttled between the Asura soldiers, continuously placing them on the ground. But it was still able to not harm their lives, in terms of fighting style. Zhuge Jing and the Iron-Blooded Yaksha imagined it even more. Very quickly! Very efficient! Very clean!

Hsiang Yu's side was completely different. It was definitely destroyed! Plus, it was brutal. He did not use any weapons. Instead, he used his enormous strength to continuously bombard the bodies of the Asura soldiers. Because Ye Wentian had ordered them to. . . Once they entered the valley, they would have to catch them alive. Therefore, when Hsiang Yu bombarded these Asura soldiers, he did not directly hit them with his fists. He only used his fist wind to attack them, even if it was the fist wind. The destruction brought by Hsiang Yu was still destruction, even though he had saved a lot of strength. But there were almost no Asura soldiers that could survive his attack. In the end, there was nothing he could do. He could only help tie them up from behind, because if he continued to attack them like this. . . Ye Wentian would definitely go crazy in a while!

Asura, who was at the back of the army, was thrown into disorder by Zhuge Jing and the others. They were quickly advancing forward. They could already see where Ye Wentian was fighting. That place was still covered in dust. No one could clearly see what was happening inside. However, there was one thing that could be determined, and that was. . . Ye Wentian's lethality was extremely terrifying, because there was a large amount of blood spurting out from within the dust!

One could imagine the miserable condition inside. When Zhuge Jing laid down another Xiongnu soldier on the ground, he found that there were no more Xiongnu soldiers around him. All the yakshas stopped at this moment. The dust gradually dispersed, and a cool breeze blew across the valley. Like a clear stream, the chaotic water became clear again! A person! A slender figure! Elegant long hair! Standing proudly in the center of the valley! Other than him. . . With him as the center. The Asura soldiers fell to the ground in a radioactive state, constantly struggling. But all of this was futile, because they had already lost their legs. Blood dyed the entire valley red. Ye Wentian smiled. Looking at the sky, the first step had succeeded. After that, it was time to seal off their exit!

"I'm going to seal off the exit! You guys tie up these disabled soldiers and find a doctor to treat their injuries. We can't let them die!!" Ye Wentian shouted. "Yes!" Heaven, Earth, Black Yellow shouted. Ye Wentian turned around and said to Zhuge Jing and Hsiang Yu, "Mr. Wolong and the Conqueror will help them clean up the battlefield here. Ghost! Watch the surroundings!" After saying that, a spatial ripple appeared out of thin air. Ye Wentian's figure disappeared once again!

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