God Abuser/C128 This Was Not a War This Was Genocide!!
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God Abuser/C128 This Was Not a War This Was Genocide!!
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C128 This Was Not a War This Was Genocide!!

Zhao Bincheng has led nearly two million men to the left, and they have to move fast. Because they had not encountered any resistance along the way. In fact, they had not even seen a single living enemy!! They quickly arrived at the second stage. He had considered any possibility. He felt that no matter what kind of scene he saw, he would be mentally prepared. However, when he really came here. . . He understood a problem. He would never be able to guess what Iron Blood Judge would do in the next moment!

The sun was setting, but it did not make the brutality on the battlefield disappear completely. The slight wind on the west side made the brutality on the battlefield even more obvious. Ruined walls were a scene that should be seen on any battlefield. Blood flowing like river was the price that must be paid in any battle. Here, there should be everything on the battlefield! However, in the silence, that innate strangeness still made everyone who saw this scene shiver in fear! Because they did not know what kind of power created this scene! Because they knew that. . . There's only one man in the first right!

The pass below Yu Hui could no longer be seen! It was now even more like a hedgehog on the city wall. On top of the city wall, all the places were filled with bows and arrows! Countless bows and arrows! There was simply no way to count them. This pass and the people it had previously protected had all been killed! There was no longer any life here. The original appearance of the city walls could no longer be seen here. Around 50,000 Xiongnu soldiers had been nailed to the ground by their own bows and arrows!

"Report!! A scout ran up to Zhao Bincheng. The shock in his eyes was so obvious that Zhao Bincheng knew what was going on before he could even say anything. Not a single person was left alive! No prisoners! No survivors! How ruthless! He didn't know what kind of mood Iron Blood Judge was in to fight this battle!

All he knew was that Iron Blood Judge seemed to be venting his anger to his heart's content! His ruthlessness was so magnificent! It was shown to the world just like that! Perhaps this judge had already fallen into a state of madness! At this moment, Zhao Bincheng suddenly understood something. This decisive battle with the Xiongnu had nothing to do with them! They were only here to witness everything that had happened! This battle had become Iron Blood Judge's ultimate performance from the very beginning! This was not a battle at all. This was the genocide that Ye Wentian had implemented on the Xiongnu. The other generals looked at each other in dismay. They had obviously thought of the crux of the problem. But what could they do? They could only continue forward, not to fight. They could only witness a person's legend. There was nothing to complain about! He had the qualifications to do so! This was what he deserved!

Flying Cloud Pass! Fifteen out of twelve on the Extreme Wall! It was still the same sheer cliff, the same kind of network traffic. Ye Wentian looked at the Flying Cloud Pass on the top and could not help but feel a lot of emotions. People said that the world changed. Ye Wentian now had a deep understanding of it! It was still the same pass, but the person who came here again was different. He was the only one left!

Ye Wentian looked at his clean clothes and couldn't help but smile. He remembered that the last time he and Mr Niu came here, they were already covered in blood. This time, he broke in alone. Although he had killed every single one of them along the way, all of them were heaven defying skills that could shake the heavens and earth, causing his body to be very clean. "I wonder if that large wooden bucket is still there!" Ye Wentian looked at the pass and muttered to himself. Last time, he and Tang Niu arrogantly took a comfortable bath at the pass. Should he also take a bath this time? Ye Wentian could not help laughing at himself. If Mr Niu had not insisted, he would not have taken a bath under the watch of tens of thousands of people last time.

Ye Wentian thought and could not help but clench the flag in his hand. "Mr Niu! Iron Blood Brothers! Are you all ready?!"

The walls of the Flying Sky Pass had long been thrown into chaos. There was no one at the bottom of the cliff. Therefore, Ye Wentian's arrival seemed so sudden, especially the Iron Blood Banner on his shoulder, which made people feel that it was very eye-catching. The Xiongnu soldiers knew that ever since the last time the Xiongnu attacked Xieyang Pass, Although none of the soldiers who attacked Slanted Sun were able to come back, Iron Blood had basically been wiped out. But now, the flag of Ironblood was arrogantly flaunting its power under the pass. Who was this person carrying the flag? It was a matter that the lice on the monk's head had already laid out!!

"Quick! Everyone, go up to the pass and defend! You all saw that he's only one person! We can kill him!! You all have to know that. . . Kill him!" When this commander finished shouting these words, he felt that he was not that trustworthy. If those legends were true, then. . . The 100,000 people under his command might not be able to stop him for two hours. Sometimes. . . Even if there were more people, it would still be pitiful. Now, it was. . . The one hundred thousand people all felt that their lives were in great danger. That pair of cold eyes looking up made them feel as if their souls had been pierced through!

At this moment, Ye Wentian moved! Just as everyone was looking at him, he moved. A huge spatial ripple appeared and Ye Wentian disappeared from where he stood. Along with him, the Iron Blood Banner also disappeared. The entire Flying Sky Pass fell into a deathly silence. They looked at the sky nervously, because they felt that it might be the place where the legendary Iron Blood Judge should appear. The general guarding the Flying Sky Pass was really helpless at this moment, because he found that he was unable to give an effective attack command. He wanted the archers to shoot. At this moment, he was astonished to find that he was starting to believe in those so-called legends. He was unable to kill him. He possessed boundless strength and was incomparably fast. He possessed an endless amount of demonic techniques.

"Rumble. . . " Rumble. . . Following a loud explosion, the entire Flying Celestial Gate began to tremble. A group of soldiers on the walls of the Flying Celestial Pass suddenly exploded and died! Blood splattered in all directions, and whirlpools continuously blew in all directions. As the trembling ended, more than a thousand soldiers just stood where they were, and before they could react, they exploded into a pool of blood. Looking from afar, it was a spectacular sight! The surrounding Xiongnu soldiers hurriedly scattered in all directions. In an instant, a large empty space was created. After the dust settled, the Xiongnu soldiers could clearly see what was happening there!

The Iron Blood Banner!! The Iron Blood Banner was stuck right in the head of the Flying Cloud City! The soldiers who died from the explosion all died with this place as the center! General Fei Yun did not understand why a single banner could have such great destructive power. Could it be that some sort of demonic technique had been used on this banner? The Xiongnu soldiers gripped their weapons tightly as they looked nervously at this strange banner. The entire flag fluttered in the wind, and the bright red flag seemed to be showing its breeze to the world! Combined with the endless blood on the ground, The Iron Blood Flag stabbed into the wall of Feiyun City, creating a tragic scene. It was deeply imprinted in the hearts of all the Xiongnu soldiers present.

The general of the Flying Cloud Pass was very nervous because he didn't know where Iron Blood Judge had gone. Only the banner appeared in everyone's sight. Where had he gone?

"Soul Eater! ~ ~ ~ "A cold voice suddenly rang out. Everyone looked towards the dark blue sky in horror. In the last moment of their lives, they only saw a huge black vortex flash out in the sky. . .

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