God Abuser/C130 Impressive It Was an Absolute Suppression!!
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God Abuser/C130 Impressive It Was an Absolute Suppression!!
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C130 Impressive It Was an Absolute Suppression!!

The Xiongnu army was completely suppressed by Ye Wentian's killing intent. No one's breathing was as smooth as before. Each of them felt as if there was a huge rock pressing on their chest. Ye Wentian stabbed the flag into the ground.

"Boom!" As expected, the ground began to tremble. This was the provocation of a single person to three million people. How arrogant was that!

Sun Chasing King looked coldly at Ye Wentian below the city. "This Iron Blood Judge is really extraordinary! With this killing intent, his subordinates must have killed nearly ten million of our good men! Damn it! Where is Cen Yeh?!" A tall man in a green shirt suddenly appeared in front of everyone. He was very handsome. However, what was even more eye-catching was that the hexagram in front of his forehead was constantly emitting radiance. Even under the bright sunlight, it was still very dazzling!

His entire body was constantly emitting a unique aura, and the surrounding generals could not help but retreat. This person's strength was truly too powerful! The entire city wall trembled because of this person's appearance, but Sun Chasing King wasn't affected much.

"Kill him!! I will give you freedom!" Sun Chasing King said coldly. The man called Cen Yeh nodded and looked at Ye Wentian who was standing under the city wall. There was a trace of doubt in his eyes. "He has nothing! He is an ordinary person!" Cen Yeh felt something was wrong.

Sun Chasing King snorted coldly. "If he's an ordinary person, then there's probably no god in this world! Actually, I also suspect what kind of martial arts he practices! Internal energy. He doesn't even have true essence or immortal energy! Just what did he rely on to be so powerful!?" Cen Yeh's body trembled. "Could it be that he has already reached that level? The level that we don't know about?"

Sun Chasing King shook his head and said, "Impossible! If he was, he wouldn't have fought with us. They wouldn't have cared about the matters of this world!" The doubt in Cen Yeh's eyes gradually faded. "Then he is just an undeserved reputation! I can finally get my freedom!" Before Cen Yeh could finish his words, his figure disappeared in front of everyone's eyes. The generals on top of the city couldn't help but be shocked. This person was really strong!

Ye Wentian had already seen the man who suddenly appeared on top of the city wall. He was somewhat interested in this man. At least he felt that this man had some ability. This way, this battle wouldn't be so boring. Ye Wentian really hoped that this battle would be as exciting as possible! After all, people who were always invincible would become stupid! Suddenly, a sharp cold light shot towards Ye Wentian's forehead. There was no sound. There was not even the sound of air being torn. Ye Wentian looked at the cold light and saw that it was coming towards him. He originally had time to dodge, but he chose to stay where he was and not move!

"Hiss!" After an almost inaudible sound, Ye Wentian's forehead was hit for no reason. A fierce look flashed across Ye Wentian's eyes. He waved his right hand. "Pretending to be mysterious! Come out!" He made a grabbing motion in the air, and Cen Yeh's foot and neck were caught in his hand. Cen Yeh's body appeared at the same time. At this time, there was a panicked expression on his face. However, he quickly regained his composure. His body trembled and broke free from Ye Wentian's grip. After a few turns, he stood thirty meters away from Ye Wentian. At this time, the contempt he had for Ye Wentian had disappeared, but because of this. . . Ye Wentian looked at his own hand doubtfully. He had clearly grabbed him just now. But in an instant, he felt that the person who attacked him had turned into air!

It was a very strange feeling! At this time, Ye Wentian also noticed the hexagram in front of Cen Yeh's forehead. "Yuan Ancestor!" Ye Wentian was a bit surprised. Why was the Origin Ancestor here? Furthermore, this evolved Yuan Ancestor was clearly much stronger than before. At least, this Yuan Ancestor didn't kill him in an instant. Cen Yeh hesitated for a moment before launching his second attack. A golden light shot out from his hand towards Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian's eyes revealed a trace of surprise. He was a little surprised. He had seen the power of this man before. It was the power of the few Immortals who descended from the sky after the heavenly lightning!

This man was actually an immortal! Immortal Yuan Force! That's right! Ye Wentian raised his hand and waved it gently, completely dissipating the golden light. "Why aren't you staying up there?" Ye Wentian shouted coldly, but at the same time, he found something suspicious. That was, it seemed like he wasn't the evolved Prime Ancestor! Because this kind of power was unique to Immortals! What was going on?

When Cen Yeh saw that his power was easily neutralized by Ye Wentian, the nervous expression on his face became even more serious. "How could this be?! How can you be so powerful?!" Cen Yeh couldn't help but shout out in shock. Ye Wentian felt that it was useless to find out his identity now. It was more important to solve everything as soon as possible. Therefore, he didn't think too much about it. A huge spatial ripple appeared out of nowhere. Ye Wentian's figure turned into nine layers of illusory shadow and lunged at Cen Yeh. When Cen Yeh finally reacted, he hurriedly used his greatest strength to defend himself. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Ye Wentian gently pressed his right hand on Cen Yeh's chest.

"Extinguish!" With a loud shout, Ye Wentian's figure merged into one. Once again, he disappeared. A moment later, he reappeared behind Cen Yeh. Cen Yeh's pupils enlarged instantly, because he couldn't believe that a seemingly powerless man could be so powerful. He knew what Iron Blood Judge had done to him just now. He only felt a violent force being ruthlessly smashed into his body when Ye Wentian pressed on his chest. But what was even stranger was that after a moment of blood and Qi surging, The huge force in his body actually disappeared!

Something was not right! Cen Yeh's face suddenly became abnormally pale!" A large mouthful of golden blood gushed out of his mouth. Ye Wentian turned around at this moment. A trace of doubt appeared on his face. "You are very strong! You are actually a little stronger than the Great Luo Golden Immortal. I can't believe that 20% of my strength isn't enough to kill you! " Ye Wentian said coldly. Cen Yeh wiped the golden blood from the corner of his mouth. He had used all his strength to finally control his injuries. Only 20% of his strength? Cen Yeh felt that his opponent today was too terrifying. The reason why he was still alive wasn't because of his high cultivation. It was because his body had been modified by a Soul Conduit realm expert in the sky. Otherwise, with Ye Wentian's strike just now. . . He would have lost nine lives here.

"You are a terrifying opponent! I can only use a heaven defying technique to attack you!" A hint of determination appeared in Cen Yeh's eyes. This kind of expression was very familiar to Ye Wentian. When his opponents found out that he was strong, they would show this kind of expression. Ye Wentian sneered. "Bring it on. There's still some time left. I'll play with you!"

Cen Yeh thought to himself. Damn it! He had been completely suppressed. His opponent was playing with him like he was playing with his prey! He could not do this! He absolutely could not! "The Bewildering God Technique's Bewildering the World!" With a loud shout, Cen Yeh's figure actually disappeared. Ye Wentian could not help but feel a little surprised. This person had really disappeared! He didn't disappear just by relying on his speed. He just disappeared for no reason. This was a situation that Ye Wentian had never encountered before!

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