God Abuser/C131 Bewilderment Divine Art Cen Ye's Persistence!!
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God Abuser/C131 Bewilderment Divine Art Cen Ye's Persistence!!
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C131 Bewilderment Divine Art Cen Ye's Persistence!!

Sun Chasing King's facial expression changed drastically when he saw what was happening below. "Could it be that he has really cultivated the legendary Divine Confusion Technique that only the Heavenly Emperor knows how to use? Sun Chasing King muttered to himself as a killing intent that no one else could detect appeared in his eyes!

Ye Wentian looked at Cen Yeh, who had disappeared in front of him, and didn't know how to deal with him. How could this person disappear completely? What was he going to do next? Just as Ye Wentian was in a daze, He was shocked to find a hand gently pressing on his back. He didn't need to look back to know that Cen Yeh had already arrived behind Ye Wentian. How could he get so close to him? Ye Wentian didn't want to dodge at all. Because he felt that other than the people of the Netherworld Realm, no one else could hurt him.

"The Lost God skill is unleashed!" Cen Yeh's voice sounded somewhat cold and even a little lonely. Ye Wentian's shirt instantly turned into powder. Countless whirlpools erupted between the two of them, causing the entire space to shake. A large amount of air was instantly sucked out by the violent force. Cen Yeh did not think that Ye Wentian would be defeated by his attack, so he did not stop at all. "God's Tears of the Confusion skill!" With a loud shout, Cen Yeh's figure instantly turned into eight. The eight Cen Yeh tightly surrounded Ye Wentian in the middle. The eight Cen Yeh reached out their hands at the same time and pressed all of Ye Wentian's major acupoints in their hands. The sky above Ye Wentian's head suddenly split open. Eight golden lights fiercely smashed down from the distant sky. They hit the major acupoints on Ye Wentian's body!

"Rumble!" With a loud sound, the ground under Ye Wentian's feet caved in. Countless rocks and dust were lifted up into the sky. It looked like there was a big fog here. The people outside could no longer see what was inside!" Cen Yeh's figure merged into eight, and he turned around and arrived in front of Ye Wentian. He turned around and pointed at Ye Wentian's forehead with his food finger. When Cen Yeh's finger touched Ye Wentian's forehead, Ye Wentian's long hair was suddenly blown up by a cyclone. In an instant. About 99 golden lights shot out from all directions. Each of them was as thin as a strand of hair. These golden lights smashed onto the 99 major acupoints on Ye Wentian's body!

"God Confusion Art, God Confusion Under Heaven!!!" The people outside could not see what was happening inside. They could only hear Cen Yeh's shout. Countless golden lights kept flashing in the dust. Within a mile of Ye Wentian and Cen Yeh, countless golden lights kept shooting out from the sky and the earth. The ground was full of holes, and the clouds in the sky were almost swallowed by these golden lights! After these golden lights shot out, All the golden light exploded from this point!

The sound of air being torn could be heard continuously, and for a moment, the golden light in the sky and the ground were overflowing! It was as if a god had descended upon the world! The scene was incomparably magnificent! The ground had never stopped shaking due to the continuous impact of the golden light. Above the Uncrossable City, other than Sun Chasing King, For a moment, the entire Uncrossable City was thrown into chaos! The golden light dissipated, and everything returned to silence. Sun Chasing King stood on top of the city wall and nervously watched the scene below. The dust gradually dispersed in the silence, and a gentle breeze blew. Everything seemed to have become more comfortable, but no one present thought so! After the dust dispersed, Two people stood quietly in front of each other. The green robe was still the same green robe. Unblemished!

Ye Wentian was in a much more miserable state. The clothes on his upper body were all gone. His Rainbow White had already been worn by Lo Bing. Therefore, the clothes that Ye Wentian was wearing now were just ordinary clothes. He could not withstand the brutal attack just now! Cen Yeh looked at Ye Wentian with a complicated look in his eyes. They just looked at him in a daze and did not speak. The scene fell into a strange silence.

Sun Chasing King sighed deeply from above. "It's destiny! I can't believe that even the God Confusion skill can't harm Iron Blood Judge! Could it be that the heavens really want my Hun to die?!" At this moment, Ye Wentian said, "This skill is very powerful! It almost hurt me! This skill is used to attract the power of the heaven and earth to attack the person. It's really amazing! " Ye Wentian said, and then he thought about Cen Yeh's move just now. However, judging from his appearance, it was obvious that he was not injured at all. Not at all!

A trace of despair appeared in Cen Yeh's eyes. He sighed and said, "I really don't know what you are! You are actually able to fight against the heavens and earth with your physical body! I can't hurt you even with the Divine Secret Art! Looks like our Xiongnu race will not be able to escape calamity this time!! However! Our Asura will not give up!!"

The hexagram on Cen Yeh's forehead suddenly became abnormally bright! Countless golden lights appeared out of thin air and converged on his forehead. Ye Wentian was surprised to see that the hexagram on Cen Yeh's head actually began to rotate!

"You are the Yuan Ancestor! How could this be!? The Yuan Ancestor isn't that powerful!" Ye Wentian exclaimed. Cen Yeh looked at Ye Wentian and said slowly, "I am indeed the Yuan Ancestor! But I am not the current Yuan Ancestor! I am the First Yuan Ancestor!" Ye Wentian's heart was filled with doubt. He was the First Ancestor, which meant that he had appeared a long time ago. After that, he cultivated and finally achieved immortality! But why? He was here now! Shouldn't he be in the sky? And aliens could also become gods? This was the first time he knew!

Ye Wentian guessed what Cen Yeh was going to do. "Do you want to self-destruct? I'm telling you there's no need. Your self-destruction might not even be as good as the previous attack! It's useless to me!" Cen Yeh smiled. He smiled very decisively. "You are wrong! I am not going to self-destruct! I am going to attack you again. Of course, this time. My attack will be much stronger than the previous one! Because after this attack, I will turn into ashes! You can also kill me now! The current me is defenseless! "

When Sun Chasing King heard Cen Yeh's words from above, he could not help but snort coldly, "Idiot!" Ye Wentian looked at Cen Yeh's expression. He felt that this expression was very familiar, just like when Mr Niu used the eighth step at the end.

Ye Wentian smiled. He knew that he and Cen Yeh were no longer enemies! Their battle had long gone beyond the scope of battle. It was more like a kind of communication. Cen Yeh even wanted to let Ye Wentian know about this technique. It was just that this battle had not stopped since the beginning!

"I still don't know how to defend! Come! Don't worry, after this attack, I will definitely know the profoundness of this Secret Spirit Technique. In the future, when I meet a suitable person. . . I'll teach this God Confusion Formula to him, and I'll definitely not let him down! " Ye Wentian said. He opened his arms and made a hugging gesture. It was as if he was waiting to hug a friend he had not known for a long time.

Cen Yeh smiled. This time, he was very happy. "Thank you!" Everyone present did not understand what had happened. The current scene did not seem like a war. It was like a reunion between two old friends. Both of them were completely unprepared. They were both smiling and appreciating each other. In the next moment, life and death would be decided!

"Bewildered Confusion of the Confusion God Technique!" With a loud shout, the Confusion God Technique was activated once again. However, this time, it was actually much larger than the last time, perfectly hidden. There was no trace at all, but Ye Wentian keenly discovered that. . . In fact, this Bewildering the World was actually shattering time and space. The person who used this technique had hidden himself in another space and time. Then, he found an opportunity to attack! However, there was no flaw at all! Exquisite! Ye Wentian praised.

"Explode within the Confusion skill!" The ground began to shake once more. . .

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