God Abuser/C153 A Wedding Gift from the Future News of God Seventeen
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God Abuser/C153 A Wedding Gift from the Future News of God Seventeen
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C153 A Wedding Gift from the Future News of God Seventeen

Ye Wentian had decided to ignore Lei Bao. He couldn't afford to offend Lei Bao. The most important thing right now was this huge chest. Ye Wentian looked at the big box that Lei Bao had brought back with a smile in his eyes. Lo Bing and Jiu Tianxue walked over curiously. Jiu Tianxue carefully touched the box. "So cold!" Lo Bing turned her head and asked Lei Bao, "What is this?" Lei Bao shrugged. "I have to ask that genius judge of yours. I don't know either. He asked me to go to a designated place to guard. He said a box would fall from the sky and ask me to carry it back. In the end, when I just arrived at the designated place, this big box really fell from the sky, but I felt that this box was very strange. Thus, I used my sword to poke it a few times. I didn't think that this chest would be very solid. There wasn't even a mark left behind. " Ye Wentian thought to himself. This was a box made from a special material from the God Seventeen. It would be strange if your tattered sword could be poked open!

It turned out that after Ye Wentian made up his mind to marry Lo Bing, he received the signal from the God Seventeen. Hwa Tianyu said that their research had made a breakthrough. After three years of maintenance, there was basically no big problem with the damage of the spaceship. After a while, they could return to space. He was ready to pick up Ye Wentian, ready to enter outer space at any time to find a way home! But Ye Wentian had completely changed his mind now. He felt that he wanted to stay here even more now, because there were his brothers here. And Lo Bing, the days in the future. . . Ye Wentian decided to take Lo Bing and his brothers to travel the world and live the rest of his peaceful life happily. So he decided not to go back.

At the same time, Ye Wentian also made a small request. He needed Hwa Tianyu and the others to prepare some wedding gifts for Ye Wentian. Of course, it was modern stuff! Ye Wentian and Hwa Tianyu agreed on a place where the God Seventeen would directly airdrop Ye Wentian's wedding gifts on the ground. Ye Wentian was momentarily unable to open his body, so he asked Lei Bao to pick up the gift. Lei Bao was usually very arrogant, but as long as it was a friend's request, he would basically satisfy it. So even if he knew that he would miss a chance to participate in history, he still went without hesitation.

Ye Wentian turned around and said to Lei Bao, "Thank you, brother!" Lei Bao curled his lips and ignored Ye Wentian. He continued to use his eyes to tease Jiu Tianxue. Unfortunately, Jiu Tianxue's attention was currently on that box, so. . .

Ye Wentian walked around the box once, then stopped at the back of the box. There was a patterned protrusion at the back of the box. Ye Wentian could not be any more familiar with this pattern. This was the symbol of Huaxia in a thousand years. Ye Wentian pressed his hand on the symbol. The national emblem flipped over and a secret door appeared. There was a button on it, and Ye Wentian smiled. This Hwa Tianyu was really playing. It was actually a fingerprint recognition system. It was probably because they had removed Ye Wentian's fingerprints from the spaceship the last time. They had made a lock and placed it here.

Ye Wentian pressed his thumb on the button, and a white light shot out from the button. After scanning Ye Wentian's finger, a pleasant voice came out of the box. "Fingerprint recognition successful! Activate the command and begin!" Ye Wentian took a step back. Lo Bing looked at Ye Wentian doubtfully. Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Bing'er. Close your eyes and I will give you a surprise!" Lo Bing obediently closed her eyes. The box opened and a mass of gas burst out from the four corners. "Hiss ~ ~" After a sound, the four corners of the box were put down. The things inside were displayed in front of everyone's eyes, "Ah ~ ~! So beautiful!!"

Jiu Tianxue put her hand on her mouth and exclaimed. Her eyes revealed a trace of astonishment. Lei Bao was also attracted by the things in the box at this time. He shook his head from time to time. "What a coincidence! Wentian! Why are you still in contact with the higher-ups? Did Chang'e sew this?" Ye Wentian smiled but did not answer. He walked in front of Lo Bing. He gently embraced her. "Baby. Open your eyes. "

Under Ye Wentian's guidance, Lo Bing slowly opened her beautiful eyes. In an instant, her eyes froze. Tears flowed down her cheeks. She didn't know why she was crying. Maybe it was because she was too happy. In the middle of the box was a rack with a piece of clothing hanging on it. It was white and flawless, and there were many diamonds on it as embellishments. However, it would definitely not appear vulgar. It would only add to the elegance and unordinary of this dress. Under the illumination of the sun, the entire dress seemed so dazzling and dazzling! It was as if the masterpiece of the heavens had inadvertently drifted into the human world. Ye Wentian looked at the wedding gifts that the God Seventeen had given him and was very satisfied. It was actually a beautiful wedding dress!!

Hwa Tianyu was really a person who knew how to flirt! The wedding dress was made of excellent material. In addition to the excellent editing, this dress was a rare and exquisite item even in modern times! It had been placed thousands of years ago. This was a rare treasure. "Do you like it?" Ye Wentian asked gently. Lo Bing nodded her head in a hurry. She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes from time to time. "I like it! It's really beautiful! Thank you, Wentian. "

Ye Wentian said gently, "This dress was worn when we were getting married. I want you to be the most beautiful bride in the world! Oh right. Ye Wentian pulled Lo Bing back to the box. On the rack of the wedding dress, there was a small tray. There was a black velvet box on it. Ye Wentian took the box down. He gave it to Lo Bing and she carefully took the box. Ye Wentian nodded to her and Lo Bing opened the lid of the box. In an instant, a brilliant light shone on Lo Bing's originally beautiful face. At this time, Jiu Tianxue came over to take a look. "What a beautiful ring!"

That's right, it was two very beautiful diamond rings. According to Kara's calculations, it was already at the top level, but the large diamond didn't affect the overall beauty of the ring. Based on Ye Wentian's sensitive senses, he knew that there were some special components added to the ring. It was very likely that it was a part of the God Seventeen metal! In terms of the special metal of the God Seventeen, it was even more valuable than diamonds! There was also a white envelope beside the box. Ye Wentian took the envelope. He took out a letter from inside. There were three types of notes on the letter. It was naturally the blessing of all the members of the God Seventeen!

Ye Wentian looked up at the sky. "I also wish you all the best on your way home. My friends!" Ye Wentian took the female ring and raised Lo Bing's right hand. He carefully put the ring on Lo Bing's ring finger. "This ring cannot match my feelings for you. Even if the diamond on the ring shattered and turned into ashes. . . Ye Wentian will still be by your side until the end!" Ye Wentian said emotionally. Fate was so wonderful. The two of them originally belonged to different planes of time. They actually met by fate and fell in love with each other. This fate itself was beautiful!

Lo Bing's tears kept falling. She picked up the male ring and put it on Ye Wentian's hand. She knew very well in her heart that this should be a strange custom in Ye Wentian's hometown. But this custom was really touching. When the ring was worn on Ye Wentian's finger, Lo Bing seriously looked into Ye Wentian's eyes and said word by word, "Lo Bing will be Ye Wentian's wife for the rest of her life. Even if I give up and die, this love will never be broken! "

Ye Wentian kissed Lo Bing's little mouth, "Such a happy day. How dare you say such inauspicious words? You deserve to be punished!" Jiu Tianxue and Lei Bao looked away. They even whistled. Although it was Ye Wentian and Lo Bing's wedding tomorrow, Ye Wentian still used his own way to hold a very modern wedding with Lo Bing first. The witness, Jiu Tianxue. Lei Bao.

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