God Abuser/C158 True Erlang Shen Spiritual Beast Transformation!!
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God Abuser/C158 True Erlang Shen Spiritual Beast Transformation!!
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C158 True Erlang Shen Spiritual Beast Transformation!!

"Boom!" Er-Lang God's body was sent flying back and forth by Ye Wentian, like a kite with no string. It looked really miserable. Lee Xunhuan looked at the scene in the sky and could not help frowning. Zhuge Jing said at this time, "Is there something wrong?" Lee Xunhuan nodded. "It is very unusual. I have heard about this Er-Lang God when I was up there. It is said that he could fight Sun Wukong to a draw. He is the number one expert under the Heavenly Emperor!

Logically speaking, this kind of person should not be at this level! He should have been much stronger than the Great Luo Golden Immortal a long time ago! Why did he not even have the chance to fight back after meeting Ye Wentian?! That's not right! " Ye Wentian also stopped at this moment. He also realized that something was not right. After a spatial ripple, Ye Wentian returned to the high platform. Er-Lang God's body fell straight to the ground. "Boom!" The ground trembled. Er-Lang God smashed a huge hole in the ground!

Ye Wentian looked at the huge crater in the distance with his hands behind his back, and a thoughtful look appeared in his eyes. Ye Wentian knew what kind of skill his senior brother had. How could a person who could tie with his senior brother be so vulnerable? Jiu Tianxue and Hsiang Yu were boiling water to prepare to boil the Howling Celestial Dog. At this moment, the Howling Celestial Dog suddenly opened its eyes. Its eyes gradually turned blood-red. However, Jiu Tianxue and Hsiang Yu were busy boiling water and did not see it. "Stop pretending! I know that you are not only good at fighting! How long do you want to embarrass your Heavenly Court before you are satisfied?!" Ye Wentian said coldly to the big pit.

"Hahahahahaha!!" A wild laughter suddenly sounded from the pit. It was Er-Lang God. Ye Wentian's expression changed because he felt the ground trembling slightly. The laughter alone could cause the ground to shake. This Er-Lang God. . . The space was distorted. Lee Xunhuan's expression changed. "This Er-Lang God is not weaker than me! The number one expert under the Heavenly Emperor has actually reached such a degree! It seems that after not seeing him for so many years, the Heavenly Emperor's advancement has exceeded my expectations!"

Jiu Tianxue and Hsiang Yu stopped what they were doing and looked at the big pit. At this moment, the Howling Celestial Dog's eyes turned dark red. It stood up from the ground and jumped. It stepped on Hsiang Yu's shoulder and flew towards the big pit. It was like a black lightning bolt. Hsiang Yu's body swayed and he sat on the ground. "Wah!" Hsiang Yu spat out a large amount of blood from his mouth. "What's wrong with you, Uncle Conqueror?!" Jiu Tianxue quickly squatted down and asked.

"This dog doesn't look like it can't help but be hit! Its strength is so great! With just this one hit, I am injured!" At this moment, the laughter in the pit also stopped. A golden figure floated out from the pit. It was Er-Lang God. However, his body was surrounded by golden light. No one outside could see what was inside! The Howling Celestial Dog quickly plunged into the golden light. "Could it be that after fusing with the Howling Celestial Dog, it is the real Er-Lang God?" Ye Wentian couldn't help but mutter to himself. Lee Xunhuan walked to Ye Wentian's side and whispered, "This is a secret technique in the heaven realm! It seems to be called the Spirit Beast Transformation!

But I only heard about it! I never thought I would have the chance to see this legendary secret technique today. It is said that the masters of this secret technique are all very powerful. However, when he practiced this spirit beast transformation, he would place his divine sense on the spirit beast he raised, and once he channeled it, it would fuse with his spirit beast. Only after the fusion would his power be fully unleashed, and even greater than his own pure power. This is not a simple method of acceleration!" Lee Xunhuan said slowly. Ye Wentian nodded. "Humph! So what if he knows how to transform into a spirit beast? I want to see what's so amazing about this spirit beast transformation!"

As Ye Wentian spoke, the fusion had ended. The golden light disappeared in an instant. The Howling Celestial Dog had disappeared without a trace. Er-Lang God's appearance had also undergone a tremendous change. The eye on his forehead had disappeared. It was replaced by. . . It turned out to be a black hexagram! Ye Wentian could not help but frown. What was going on? Could it be another distant ancestor? How many origin ancestors were there? Er-Lang God's expression was no longer that of an idiot. His eyes were now full of vigor. Light kept flashing in his eyes. The corner of his mouth was no longer the proud smile of an idiot. Instead, it was a natural feeling of confidence. Although they all believed in themselves, there was a huge difference between their realms. Ye Wentian thought to himself. This Er-Lang God was finally normal. He still looked like an expert! "You are the real Er-Lang God?!" Ye Wentian shouted.

Er-Lang God smiled and said, "Really? Er-Lang God? Interesting! You are a very interesting person! You and I are looking forward to fighting you! Actually, if I were to compare strength with you here, I would definitely lose! I admit that you are the strongest opponent I have met in a thousand years! But there is one thing I need to remind you. If we fight here, I can't guarantee it, "Er-Lang God said, pointing at the million Xuanyuan soldiers below. " I can't guarantee their safety. After all, you and I are both very powerful people. It's very difficult to control them! " Er-Lang God was no longer as arrogant as before. He was now in a very elegant state, but it was this state that made Ye Wentian really care about him. This kind of person was proud, but he was definitely not an idiot. This Er-Lang God in front of him might be using some kind of dirty trick, but what gave him a headache was that even if he knew that Er-Lang God might use some dirty tricks, he would still use some dirty tricks. Because the current Er-Lang God could be said to be a powerful man who would do anything to achieve his goal. This kind of man is the most difficult to deal with!

Ye Wentian coldly shouted, "Don't beat around the bush with me! Just tell me what scheme you have! No matter what it is, I will agree!" Er-Lang God laughed and clapped his hands. "Hahaha, good! Talking to a smart person like you is saving strength! Good! I will tell you directly, I have a supreme space! The two of us can enter that space to fight. This is a very independent space, it won't affect anyone. We can still fight to our heart's content, isn't that good? Of course. You'll ask me how to get out. "

Er-Lang God said and elegantly waved his hand. " Space is based on my existence. If you kill me, this space will disappear automatically. You will be able to smoothly return to this space, which is also a state where time is still. So I won't delay your marriage. If I kill you. . . Humph! Humph! You won't be able to come out! How about it? Ye Wentian, do you have the courage? If you refuse. . . I won't laugh at you either! "

When the doctor said these words, he had always been very elegant. This made Zhuge Jing admire him. He had always thought that he was shameless enough. He never thought that compared to Er-Lang God, he was nothing! How could he say such disgusting words in such a state without blushing at all? Ruthless!

"Damn! Wentian! Don't listen to him! He was an idiot just now, but now he has become even more evil than a ghost! He didn't sell any good medicine in his stomach!" Hsiang Yu was a hot-tempered person. He directly cursed at Er-Lang God, who was floating in the sky. Ye Wentian looked at the completely different Er-Lang God in front of him and couldn't help but think to himself. This kind of guy was really despicable to the extreme. Usually, such a small person would be in real danger, because he would never act according to common sense. In fact, Ye Wentian also knew that even if he killed Er-Lang God, The only way was to defeat him. He couldn't kill him yet, let him send him back!! Er-Lang God no longer had any worries. He looked at the million Xuanyuan soldiers, Lo Bing and the rest who were still. Did he have a choice?

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