God Abuser/C17 First of All He Was Looking down on the World for the Sake of His Brothers!!
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God Abuser/C17 First of All He Was Looking down on the World for the Sake of His Brothers!!
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C17 First of All He Was Looking down on the World for the Sake of His Brothers!!

The Youyun Pass commander sat on top of the city wall in a daze, staring blankly at the two arrogant figures who had just broken through.

At this moment, he had no idea how many remains of the Xiongnu soldiers had piled up around him. It was as if the entire city wall had been drenched in blood countless times, and he could not even see the true colors of the city wall.

He did not know why those two god-like men would let him go. However, he did not feel that he was lucky. The entire fifty thousand Xiongnu soldiers in Youyun Pass had been completely wiped out by these two people, but he was the only one left!

Although this commander was still alive, he had a premonition that he would spend the rest of his life in a nightmare. Moreover, this Nightmare would never wake up. The feeling of living was worse than death!

"Wah ~ Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!"

Tang Niu laughed arrogantly as he walked. However, now that he was covered in blood, he looked absolutely ferocious.

Ye Wentian was worried as he walked. With all the blood on his body, he felt as uncomfortable as it could get! When they reached the next city, it was absolutely necessary to find some water to wash up.

Tang Niu was standing by the side in an extremely excited state, as if he had already forgotten about the injuries on his body.

"Two men have taken down a mountain pass. No one would believe it even if it was told to the public! Awesome! Hahaha, but Wentian! Why didn't he kill that commander in the end? If he was killed. . . Too bad! He should have brought our Xuanyuan army here. We can definitely easily destroy the old nest of the Xiongnu!!"

Ye Wentian said as he walked, "The reason why we left that person behind is so that he can return to the Xiongnu. We can use his mouth to talk about our methods. This way, it will have a deterrent effect on the Xiongnu. If they want to start a war in the future, they will have more concerns. I thought for a moment. When we reach the next checkpoint, there is no need for us to kill them all. That would be too much of a waste of time. The sooner, the better. We can't afford to waste any more time on Mr Sihai's side! We just have to break through. Our purpose of going north this time is to save people, not kill them. " After saying that, Ye Wentian sped up his pace.

Tang Niu nodded and said, "Yes! We should have broken through as soon as possible. According to the commander's description, there was indeed a woman who helped a man pass the trial. That man must be from the Four Seas. Looks like their destination this time is most likely the Hun. "

"That's right. If Mr Sihai is really brought to the Hun, then the odds are against us! Mr Niu, let's hurry up. "Ye Wentian had already raised his speed, but when Tang Niu caught up to him, he stopped speeding up.

In fact, if Ye Wentian was the only one who had come to save them, he would be much faster. However, the situation in the four seas was still optimistic, and more importantly, the fact that the four seas had been captured made Tang Niu feel guilty. Therefore, Ye Wentian intended to give Tang Niu a chance to make up for his mistakes.

Four Seas had passed the ninth stage by now. Along the way, he had tried to find out the background of these girls many times. However, these girls remained silent and ignored him. They were only focused on rushing forward at high speed, so Four Seas could only give up.

The Four Seas also knew that they were getting closer and closer to the Hun. Now, when he looked up, he could already see the thousands of miles of mountains and the pure white snow in the distance.

"Wah! We finally found water. Wentian, come quickly! We can take a bath now. "

At this time, Tang Niu was placing two large wooden barrels on the city wall of the pass. He kicked away the countless corpses around him, and then placed the wooden barrels on the empty ground that he had finally cleared out.

Ye Wentian quickly ran up from the city wall and asked, "Mr Niu, where is the water?"

Tang Niu pointed at the city wall next to him. "There are two large buckets of water there. This wooden bucket was also found from there. Let's quickly bring the water over. "

Ye Wentian nodded and agreed. He and Tang Niu began to prepare for their bath plan.

Ye Wentian and Tang Niu were now at the fifth stage of the "Extreme Wall 12. " - Flying Sky Pass. Sixty thousand soldiers stationed there. It was the most dangerous stage of the "twelve extreme walls. "

Because the wall of the Flying Pass was actually built on a hundred thousand feet high cliff. There was only a man-made stone path that extended upwards, allowing the people of Imperial Court to pass through normally. However, if the army wanted to pass through here, they needed Flying Cloud Pass to put down the ropes that covered the entire cliff. Only then could the soldiers climb up and down the ropes.

It could be said that there would not be any cavalry in the Flying Cloud Pass, because it was impossible for horses to pass through this pass.

Ye Wentian and the other two did not start a massacre here. In fact, from the second pass, they had chosen to pass the pass directly, so there were not many casualties at the first pass.

There were still more than fifty thousand people gathered at the bottom of the city wall, but they did not dare to come up. The commander of Flying Cloud Pass held his steel knife tightly and looked helplessly at the two people on top of the city wall.

This commander. . . Until now, he could not believe what the two people on the city wall had done. They were actually bathing on the city wall as if there was no one else around!

But what could he do? Although he still had over fifty thousand people left in his hands, However, he had no confidence in leaving the two of them behind.

Just now, the rain of arrows that filled the sky. . . It could not even slow down the footsteps of these two men. To them, it was like flat ground. With just a few flashes, they had already forcefully attacked the top of the city wall. In an instant, the two of them killed all the soldiers on the top of the city wall. Then, that thin and weak man. . . One person forced the fifty thousand strong army down the city wall!

Can a person really be strong to such an extent?

This was how the later generations recorded the events that happened on the day of the Soaring Cloud Pass - - - the walls of the Flying Cloud Pass were filled with dead people, among the bloody piles of dead people. The two men sat in two large wooden barrels and arrogantly showered. The fifty thousand Xiongnu soldiers surrounding the city could only watch quietly from below. Fifty thousand people! No one dared to take a step forward!

According to the surviving Xiongnu soldiers, the sunlight was especially bright that day. They looked up at the two men and only remembered the splashes on the city walls. The water droplets on the two men were extremely dazzling under the sunlight. From afar, they looked like two invincible generals wearing golden armor.

"This feels great, Mr Wentian. The bath just now was too satisfying. If we go back and tell our brothers that I, Old Bull, actually took a cold shower on Feiyun City, they will definitely be envious to death! Awesome!" Tang Niu was laughing so hard that his mouth could no longer keep up with his laughter.

That's right! Within a day, he slaughtered all the guards of the Tranquil Cloud Sect and forcefully charged into the top five checkpoints of the "Extreme Wall's 12. " He then took a bath on top of Feiyun City. No matter what it was, it could be said to be extremely majestic. Those who did these things were sufficient to be proud of all the powerhouses in the world!

Ye Wentian also laughed. "Haha, I didn't think about anything else, but taking a bath is indeed very comfortable ~"

The two of them travelled at a very fast speed. They basically didn't stop at all. Whenever they encountered an enemy, they would break through, and when they met an enemy, they would break through. When they chatted and laughed, no one could defeat them. It was truly refreshing.

Ye Wentian had also achieved his goal in the past. Such a magnificent attack on the twelve extreme walls had slowly spread their name across the Hun.

"The Sixth Gate of the Twelve Extreme Walls - Heavenly Wolf Pass!" Tang Niu looked at the city wall in the distance and said in a deep voice.

Ye Wentian looked far into the distance and found that this pass was different from the past.

The gate of the Celestial Wolf Pass was wide open. Many people went in and out, and there were many Xiongnu people shuttling back and forth on the road.

"What's going on?" Ye Wentian frowned.

Tang Niu thought for a while and replied, "It must be the two of us who cleared the level too quickly. We haven't received any news yet. At the same time, because of the dangers of the Flying Cloud Pass, the Xiongnu people definitely thought that this place wouldn't be attacked, so there wasn't any gate here. Ye Mr Wentian, what should we do now? Could it be that we can sneak past them?"

Although he said so, judging from the expression of this barbaric bull, it seemed like he really wanted to barge in.

Of course, Ye Wentian understood what he meant. He had already decided to stir up a commotion before entering this place, so that Mr Sihai would know that they were looking for him. If Mr Sihai fell into despair, he wouldn't be able to live.

"Of course, we should just barge in. The door is open, and it will save us some time. That's great, let's go with Mr Niu! Kill them all! " Ye Wentian said indifferently. His military career these few days had subtly changed Ye Wentian's character.

Tang Niu gave him a thumbs up, "Let's go!"

This time Ye Wentian did not urge his speed, but tried to make the same pace as Tang Niu, but even so, he had to be slightly faster.

The two of them ran quickly like two sharp swords, cutting straight towards the pass. When the passers-by saw the two of them rushing over, they hurriedly hid by the roadside and pointed at them from time to time.

At this moment, the two of them seemed to be racing, so the Xiongnu soldiers at the city wall and the city gate did not care about them at all.

Just as they were about to reach the city gate, Ye Wentian's body suddenly changed. His toes tapped on the ground and he jumped onto the city wall like a bird flying into the clouds, "I, Iron Blood Judge, come and knock on the gate!"

Tang Niu rushed towards the city gate like a cannonball. "I, the Violent Bloodthirsty Bull, come and knock on the gate!"

The two of them attacked the Celestial Wolf Gate from top to bottom at the same time!

Ye Wentian instantly stood on the city wall. At this moment, a large number of Xiongnu soldiers rushed over. They surrounded Ye Wentian with steel blades and spears.

Ye Wentian stood with his hands behind his back. The pride of the world made the surrounding air suffocate.

"I just finished my bath. Let's use a clean method to get it done. Wentian, break it!" Ye Wentian's eyes stood up, and his right foot stomped heavily on the city wall.


The Xiongnu soldiers surrounding him instantly exploded, turning into a mist of blood that scattered in the wind. It was as if a row of bright red fireworks had been set off on the city wall. "Boom!"

Dozens of huge cracks appeared on the long city wall, causing the entire ground to shake. From time to time, muffled sounds could be heard from the ground in the distance.

Ye Wentian pursed his lips. "Next time, we need to stop exerting force. It might be troublesome if an earthquake happens. "

At this time, Tang Niu had already rushed to the city wall. Along with the huge vibration, Tang Niu knocked more than a dozen Xiongnu soldiers dozens of meters away, then he turned around. He threw out the Tiangang Explosion Fist. It was all because of his true martial arts. Every punch hit the flesh, and each hit was fatal.

All of a sudden, a sky full of fist shadows sealed the city gate tightly. Wherever the force came, dust would fly. Under the support of Tang Niu's strong body, the most powerful punch was incomparably powerful. The one who blocked it was invincible. In an instant, Hundreds of people exploded at the same time. The weapons in their hands were all broken and sent flying more than 30 meters away. The Xiongnu soldiers that rushed over from behind were knocked down, and they were thrown into chaos once again.

If it was just in terms of martial power, this Tang Niu could definitely be considered one of the top generals in Xuanyuan.

Heaven's Strength Explosive Stomp - Seven Stars, Seven Stars Unleashing Ten Thousand Unmatched Enemies!

With every step Tang Niu took, the force would increase by one layer. After he took seven steps, all the force from before had been superimposed. That kind of force could be said to be extremely terrifying. Even the solid city gates would be directly shattered by the explosive fist shadows!

Tang Niu had already taken six steps. A vacuum had appeared around him, and there was no one standing within a hundred meter radius.

With just six steps, Tang Niu had used his brutal strength to kill a thousand Xiongnu soldiers! Although it was still far from Ye Wentian's combat strength, But in the entire world. . . He was also a first-class peerless expert!

At this moment, a black-clothed man rushed out from the Xiongnu soldiers' crowd and swung his fist at Tang Niu. "How insolent! Take me and don't move!"

It seemed that the man was extremely confident in his own strength and was planning to face the Violent Bloodthirsty Bull head on!

"Hmph! Good timing!" Tang Niu gathered all his strength and strode forward. He threw out a punch. Although it seemed like Tang Niu's movement was very slow, his figure was divided into seven layers. After stepping on seven layers of overlapping shadows, he finally merged into one.

The seventh punch did not have a sky full of fist shadows, nor did it release any Qi. Instead, it looked like the simplest punch, a very clean punch.

"Boom ~ ~ ~!"

The two fists collided, and the man in white was directly sent flying over sixty meters away. Two deep gullies were dug out under his feet, and his entire calf sank into the ground.

The clothes on Tang Niu's upper body exploded into powder in an instant, revealing his strong muscles, which were as hard as iron.

At this moment, Tang Niu's upper body and face were glowing red. Suddenly, with a hiss, hot steam rose from his body, and his entire body was surrounded by water vapor. Looking from afar, he seemed to have become an invincible god!

After a while, Tang Niu's facial expression returned to normal. He said faintly, "En, I have some strength. "

The black-clothed man looked at his trembling body in disbelief and said sadly, "What's the name of this fist?"

Tang Niu said proudly, "Explode the World!"

The black-clothed man's face turned pale. "What an arrogant punch! What an arrogant man!"

Tang Niu coldly harrumphed and said, "It's not me who is arrogant. It's you who can't!" 。。。。。。

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