God Abuser/C181 The School Storm Those Who Were Absolutely Ruthless Kept a Low Profile!!
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God Abuser/C181 The School Storm Those Who Were Absolutely Ruthless Kept a Low Profile!!
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C181 The School Storm Those Who Were Absolutely Ruthless Kept a Low Profile!!

Three Heroes and Banshou were also called by Shangyue to eat the pastries made by Ye Wentian at the table. Only then did they realize how delicious these pastries were. Three Heroes could not help looking at each other. Ye Wentian had only been in the kitchen for three minutes and had already made so many delicious and beautiful pastries.

This was a first class slave? There must be a mistake. "Miss, perhaps you really found a treasure this time! Just this snack alone is a delicacy that is hard to find in the entire Aberdeen!" The girl in the heart said. Listening to the melodious melody, she looked at Ye Wentian who was intoxicated by the music. "It's best that you don't ask about him. As for what he usually does, just pretend that you didn't see it. This person is not someone we can understand!! " Three Heroes and Banshou nodded in agreement when they heard Shangyue's words. The sound of the zither faded in the gentleness. Shangyue looked at the rank 1 slave that was bathed in the sunlight and could not help but feel a little surprised. From the sound of the zither, she could feel that he was missing someone. And it must be a lover! That was a kind of shock with deep feelings. At this time, Ye Wentian slowly stood up and turned around to walk to Shangyue's side. "Beautiful young lady, this dessert is also in your heart?"

Shangyue wiped her mouth, "Not bad. I really like it. Thank you. " As she spoke, Shangyue stood up and walked towards her own house. Three Heroes and Banshou could not help but look at the smiling Ye Wentian in surprise. Why did the young lady change so quickly? Yesterday, she still looked like she wanted to kill Sun Jing. Why did she make up with him today? Could it be because of that sea of roses?! Heart Girl couldn't help but secretly glance at the handsome Ye Wentian, but that sea of flowers was really beautiful!

Roughly half an hour later, Shangyue once again appeared in the hall. This time, she had already changed into the clothes she wore outside the door. It was a very beautiful princess dress. Ye Wentian and the others stood respectfully on both sides. "Alright. Let's go back to school. " Shangyue said and walked to the door. Ye Wentian reached out and picked up a lamp cover. He used his hand to fly back and forth on the light cover. When they reached the door, The light cover in Ye Wentian's hand had turned into a very special hat. The color matched Shangyue's clothes. Ye Wentian took a beautiful black rose from the sky like a magic trick and inserted the flower into the brim of the hat. "Miss, I think this hat will show your beauty better with your dress. " Shangyue looked back in surprise and took the hat from Ye Wentian. She did not remember that she had such a special hat before. She put the hat on her head. Her noble temperament immediately rose to another level. Through the mirror at the door, She found that the hat really suited the dress she was wearing now. "Thank you!!" Shangyue was very happy.

After all, girls love beauty! Ye Wentian elegantly bowed. "It is my honor to serve you. " "However, you still have to follow the carriage in a while. " Shangyue said. Her eyes revealed a trace of slyness. Ye Wentian smiled and opened the door in front of Shangyue. "Yes, my beautiful young lady. " Shangyue happily walked out of the door. Humph! You said you would not expose your identity. You cannot blame me for this! Shangyue now had the temperament of a little girl. Because she felt that she had finally moved back to the city like this! Three Heroes and Banshou looked at each other. The young lady really changed as she said. It seemed like she was still very unhappy with this Sun Jing. The few of them got on the carriage, and the coachman whipped. The carriage started, and Ye Wentian leisurely followed the carriage. Actually, it was quite good to run outside. The air was good. The scenery was also very good! Ye Wentian was also enjoying himself as he ran outside. This time, the carriage passed through the city below the mountain. They arrived at a vast plain. There was a wide river on the plain. The water was very clear. On the opposite side of the river was a huge manor. It seemed that this was the imperial school. Ye Wentian looked at a grey shadow flashing by in the distance. That little dog meat was probably very unhappy right now! It could not be too far away from him right now, because this was the vow it swore to lose to Ye Wentian after being defeated. There was no other way. At this time, Many carriages appeared on the plain. These carriages had a variety of styles. There were all kinds of strange materials, some of which were very ordinary. Only two horses were pulling, while some were extremely luxurious. They actually used more than ten horses to pull them together. The school had started. These were the students' carriages!

Ye Wentian looked at it briefly and could not help but laugh. There were a lot of carriages, but he seemed to be the only one following the carriage! So Ye Wentian's carriage was very eye-catching! An eight-horse carriage and Shangyue's carriage ran side by side. Judging from the style of the carriage, it was very luxurious. One look and one could tell that it must be the carriage of a disciple from a big family. A window of the carriage suddenly opened, and a head with freckles stretched out from the window. It was a very ugly woman. She looked at Shangyue's carriage. She then looked at Ye Wentian, who was running behind her. She could not help but be very happy. "Shangyue! Shangyue!" Her voice sounded like she was killing a pig. Ye Wentian even had an impulse to kill her directly. The window of Shangyue's carriage was also opened. Shangyue's beautiful face was revealed. Ye Wentian couldn't help but think, Our Shangyue is still the better looking one. Whether this is a beauty or not, it will be known by one comparison!

"What is it? Oh my!" When the woman called Emma saw Shangyue, she immediately became abnormally excited. "I say Shangyue! No matter what, you are also a member of a large family. Why is there such a shabby car! Look, the entire car is extremely old. Furthermore, the place inside seems to be very small. Take a look. He even let your slaves follow behind the carriage. Don't you feel ashamed?" Emma was here to cause trouble. She was probably very jealous that she was prettier than her, that's why she looked like this! Shangyue smiled and said, "Oh my, sometimes. . . The symbol of identity is not something these dead things can represent. If a person has no taste, then. . . Even if you give her anything good, it will be a waste. " Shangyue sat back in the car and closed the window.

"Hmph!! Little demoness! What are you looking at!? Don't you know who you are?" Emma saw that Ye Wentian was looking at her and angrily shouted, looking like a nouveau riche. Ye Wentian took the opportunity to look away. He also did not want to see such an ugly person, but after what Shangyue said just now, He realized that, oh my, this car was decorated very luxuriously. However, the color combination was a disaster. It was as vulgar as it could be! It was definitely a complete description of the mentality of a nouveau riche. What Shangyue said really had a purpose! Emma also pulled her head back into the car with great effort as she spoke and closed the window. Ye Wentian smiled and followed behind Shangyue's carriage. Humph! Such an ugly carriage should have been destroyed!! It would save everyone's attention from being tainted. As Ye Wentian ran, he waved his hand. He swung Wentian's slash at Luv Ma's huge carriage. Everything was done in a very secretive manner. Even if someone was watching from the side, they wouldn't be able to notice it.

"Rumble. . . " A loud sound suddenly rang out as Luv Ma's gigantic horse carriage broke into two from the middle. Emma's fat body rolled out of the carriage and was quickly dragged along the ground. Because her legs were tied up by those ropes. It seemed that she was really in trouble this time. The huge horse carriage's wreckage rolled on the plains due to its rapid speed. The huge body of the carriage also smashed several carriages passing by, causing the entire plains to become chaotic due to the accident. For a moment, screams shook the sky. A grand scene of people being thrown off their feet appeared on this vast plain. Ye Wentian held his hands behind his back and continued to run quietly, keeping a low profile. He kept a low profile and did not even look at the shocking scene. He only revealed a faint smile.

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