God Abuser/C19 The Final Stage a Man Whose Name Was Known Throughout the World!!
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God Abuser/C19 The Final Stage a Man Whose Name Was Known Throughout the World!!
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C19 The Final Stage a Man Whose Name Was Known Throughout the World!!

"What!!" A few women in white stood up in shock.

"Two people?" The leading woman had an expression of disbelief on her face. This was indeed something that couldn't be accepted!

"Who are they? They are so powerful. Could it be that they are going to launch a surprise attack on the Xiongnu Imperial Court?" The leader of the group asked hastily.

Li Han replied, "One of them is called Iron Blood Judge, and the other one seems to be called a Violent Bloodthirsty Bull. "

Four Seas suddenly froze there, and the food on the table stopped eating. He didn't know when his tears fell, but his mind was blank. He could still hear Li Han's voice in his trance. "What are they doing? We don't know yet. We only know. . . Two days ago, these two people suddenly appeared at the checkpoint of the first round of the Twelve Extreme Walls, the Tranquil Cloud Passage. Without saying anything, they started to attack the pass. In just two hours, they slaughtered the fifty thousand defending troops of the Dark Cloud Prairies. In the end, only one commander was left alive. Following that, the two of them charged north like crazy, charging in whenever they saw the pass. But after that, they seemed to have started to be anxious for something and did not slaughter the defending troops anymore. As long as they passed the pass, they would immediately leave. They did not stop at all, listening to the legends of the surviving defending troops. The two of them had risked their lives to pass the test, as if they were looking for someone. Their actions could be said to be extremely crazy. They didn't even give themselves a way out! However, these two people can really be regarded as peerless war gods. No one in our army can stop them! "

After hearing Li Han's words, the white-clothed women all looked at Yuwen Sihai, who was already crying, with an extremely strange expression.

Although at this moment, Yuwen Sihai's tears kept flowing down his face, but everyone could see what the expression on his face meant. It was pride!

Indeed, no matter who it was, if he had these two brothers who could fearlessly attack the "Twelve Extreme Walls" in order to save him, he could do it for two days and two nights without any sleep, putting on a crazy performance in front of everyone in the world. Then, he would absolutely have the qualifications to be proud!

The leading woman in white smiled bitterly at Li Han and said, "Since General is busy with military affairs, we can't disturb him. You can go yourself. However, General, remember this. If you meet those two, you must not fight them. At most, you can let them come. Don't worry, just let them come. Their target isn't the Xiongnu Imperial Court. "

After saying that, the girl glanced at Yuwen Sihai out of the corner of her eye.

Li Han cupped his hands and said, "Thank you for the reminder, Fairy. I will go now. When I return, I will knock on your door. "

With that said, Li Han pulled his horse and left. At that moment, all the guards outside the window had passed.

The leading woman looked at the four seas with a complicated expression and said with a bitter smile, "You have two good brothers. Although their actions are abnormally crazy, they are indeed worthy of respect. Moreover, I also didn't expect that your two brothers would actually have such capabilities. I think the reason why they are able to pass the Thousand Mile Challenge so vigorously is to tell you that they are here. Let you feel at ease! You have guts! You have schemes! You have loyalty! "

The hearts of the four seas had already turned upside down. Heavens! Wentian! Old Ox, you're here. You're here to save me! What virtue and ability does Four Seas have? I can actually have this kind of luck to be brothers with you in this life! That's the so-called indestructible "Extreme Wall Twelve. " Ah! It is the Heavenly Chasm that cannot be crossed even with thousands of soldiers and horses! You are clearing thousands of miles without sleep, leaving no room for retreat to save this disappointing brother of mine. Good brother. Since you guys have come, I also have to think of a way to survive. I can't let your painstaking efforts go to waste!!

Four Seas thought to himself. He picked up his chopsticks and began to frantically sweep the dishes on the table.

When the leading woman in white saw Four Seas wolfing down the food, she could not help but smile bitterly. Master, this time he hijacked Lord Yuwen. She didn't know whether it was right or wrong, but now it seemed. . . This matter can't be settled! I didn't expect that this matter would actually attract two invincible malefic stars. No, he had to think about it again. If he continued on like this, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to reach the Seven Kills Hall. We will be caught by the two of them. When that time comes. . . The two of them possessed a terrifying strength that could paralyze the "Twelve Extreme Wall" in just two days. Who could stop them?

The woman in white thought to herself and called her sisters over. They started to discuss in a low voice. Four Seas didn't pay attention to them, so there was only one thing in his mind - to live!

When Li Han arrived at the final stage of the "Twelve Extreme Walls" - - - When he was in Uncrossable City, he saw a scene that he would never forget in his entire life. The sun was setting in the west, and the wind was sweeping up the sand. The crows in the sky kept wailing. They spun in the air, unwilling to leave.

On the wall of Uncrossable City, two men stood proudly. Below their feet were the corpses of countless Xiongnu soldiers. Tens of thousands of corpses could actually cover the entire city wall. At this moment, the city wall had long since become a river of blood. Looking at the Uncrossable City from afar, Apart from red, there was no other color!

These two men covered in blood were looking down at the hundreds of thousands of Xiongnu soldiers below with disdain. They were like the high and mighty Martial Gods inspecting the army, not putting the people below in their eyes at all.

Wave after wave of Xiongnu soldiers charged toward the city wall. The massive siege chariots were slowly moving toward the city wall. As long as the Xiongnu soldiers paused for a moment, the bows and arrows shot from below would completely cover up the city wall. Battle cries continuously sounded out.

However, every time that thin and weak man attacked, the screams from the city wall would be like a tidal wave, drowning out the sounds of battle.

At this time, within a five mile radius around the city walls, the arrows that had been shot out were no longer able to stand. Uncrossable City was like a huge hedgehog.

However, not a single one of those arrows could hit the two people. A portion of the arrows fell straight down. The other portion went back the way they came, and the rain of arrows caused the Xiongnu soldiers to fall.

The entire scene was so tragic that it caused everyone present to descend into madness.

Ye Wentian and the others could not retreat because they did not want to fall short of success! The Xiongnu soldiers could not retreat either, because they had nowhere to retreat!

They could not retreat, and there was no way out. Such a situation could only be fought to the death!

Li Han hesitated. He didn't take the woman's words seriously when he came.

Even if the target of those two wasn't the Xiongnu Imperial Court, they had still brought great shame to the Xiongnu Imperial Court by forcefully breaking through the 'Twelve Extreme Wall' that spanned thousands of miles! Therefore, before coming here, he had decided to kill these two men at all costs in the Uncrossable City.

However, he had doubts and doubts about whether he could do it or not. Looking at the two men who were almost invincible on top of the city wall, he really couldn't think of any other power that he could use to kill them. What should he do?

While Li Han was struggling in his heart, Ye Wentian and Tang Niu encountered the most resolute resistance since the start of the trial. All the Xiongnu soldiers were fearless. No matter how many Xiongnu soldiers they killed, more and more Xiongnu soldiers would swarm up and surround them from behind.

Here, they were completely surrounded by the Xiongnu soldiers. Moreover, these Xiongnu soldiers seemed to have made up their minds that even if they were to use people to kill them, they would tire the two of them to death at the entrance of the city.

In fact, Ye Wentian had the ability to defeat these Xiongnu soldiers who were constantly sending themselves to their deaths with a large-scale attack. However, because Tang Niu was still by his side, he was able to defeat them in an instant. He was afraid that if he wasn't careful, he would kill Tang Niu. One should know that if Ye Wentian used his ultimate move. . . * Hong Long. . . . . . * Who cares if you are a soldier or a general who can fight thousands of people? They were all killed in one move.

So now, Ye Wentian really couldn't let go of his hands and feet. He felt that this battle had been fought to the point of shrinking his hands and feet. He was very unhappy in his heart.

At this moment, Tang Niu was suffering even more. Although he was brave and invincible, he couldn't retreat unharmed in the face of such continuous attacks. Although Ye Wentian was constantly trying to save him, the injuries on Tang Niu's body were also increasing.

Furthermore, he was different from Ye Wentian. He would get tired. Now, he was just unconsciously waving his fists. His arms had long lost all feeling. If this continued, he would definitely die after a period of time.

More and more Xiongnu soldiers gathered around him. Ye Wentian's mood was getting worse and worse. He had already started to plan to send Tang Niu out of the battle formation and then come back to kill these Xiongnu soldiers who had no idea when they would come to an end.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred. Two people suddenly jumped out from the camp. One of them was dressed in red and the other was dressed in orange. In a flash, they arrived at the city wall.

The red-clothed man shouted, "All Xiongnu soldiers, retreat! We, the Seven Kills Hall, will deal with these two arrogant brats!"

When the Xiongnu soldiers that were rushing up heard the red-clothed man's words, they immediately stopped. A small commander turned around in a daze and shouted, "Let's retreat! Leave these two brats to Red and Orange. As long as Lord Reverend makes a move, these two people will definitely die here!!"

In an instant, all the Xiongnu soldiers in the city quickly retreated to the city walls. At this time, Tang Niu also stopped to rest. His hands could not help but tremble, and his disorderly breathing indicated that he was at the end of his rope.

Ye Wentian turned around and whispered, "Mr Niu, I'll deal with these two people. Hurry up and rest. "

Tang Niu nodded and sat down on the ground. He closed his eyes and began to adjust his breathing.

Ye Wentian looked coldly at the two middle-aged men in different colors of clothing. "Humph! Are they the sinecures of Seven Kills Hall? Good, you have come at the right time. Let me ask you, why did you capture me, Mr Sihai?!"

When the red-clothed man saw Tang Niu sitting on the ground as if there was no one else around, he closed his eyes to regulate his breathing. He could not help but become furious. "What an arrogant kid!! I'm here, and you still dare to do as you wish!!? And you, what do you mean by 'four seas not four seas'? I've never heard of it! " From the tone of his voice, one could tell that the red-clothed reverend had a fiery temper.

When Ye Wentian heard the red-clothed reverend's words, he could not help but be confused. His heart raced. What? They actually did not know about Mr Sihai? Could it be that there was someone else who took Mr Sihai away? No! It should be the Seven Kills Hall who did it! They just didn't know which consecrate ordered them to do it. In short, it wasn't the person in front of them. Then. . . Red Shirt looked at Ye Wentian for a long time without saying anything. He even lowered his head to think about something. It was obvious that he didn't put him in his eyes at all. He couldn't hold it in any longer. "Hmph. Kid, don't think that you are invincible just because these weapons can't kill you. You need to know that there is always someone better than you! Watch me teach you a lesson! " Then, he pushed his palm forward. He went straight for Ye Wentian's chest and heard the sound of the air being torn apart. It was obvious that although the palm looked calm, * Hong Long. . . . . . *

Not holding back at all ~ When he attacked, he would definitely kill!! The red-clothed reverend's actions were ruthless and ruthless.

Ye Wentian was annoyed by what he heard, but he realized that the noisy fellow had delivered himself to his doorstep. He raised his hand and wanted to finish him off, but at this moment, he suddenly thought of something.

No way! Even if it wasn't him who caught Mr Sihai, The people of the Seven Kills Hall were working together after all, and there might be some kind of friendship between them. If he killed this red-clothed reverend and angered his true master, it would be very difficult for Mr Sihai's life to be saved!

Thinking of this, Ye Wentian suddenly stopped. He stood proudly on the spot with the back of his hand behind his back. He neither dodged nor dodged. He just coldly looked at the powerful palm wind that was whistling towards him. He didn't care at all. . .

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