God Abuser/C200 Shocking Gambling the Most Powerful Slave in History!!
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God Abuser/C200 Shocking Gambling the Most Powerful Slave in History!!
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C200 Shocking Gambling the Most Powerful Slave in History!!

Ye Wentian raised his glass and looked at Shangyue. This little girl really couldn't keep her cool! This private room was very secretive. The people outside couldn't see what was happening inside at all. If you wanted to bid, you just had to pull the bell beside the sofa. The auctioneer outside would know that the people here were bidding. This bell was right beside Ye Wentian.

Shangyue looked at the situation outside. It was already crowded outside. She could only see a lot of heads moving. It seemed that the items in this auction attracted everyone's attention. On the auction stage, the auctioneer had already made his preparations. The loudspeaker was placed in front of him, and the auction was about to begin. Shangyue turned around and looked at Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian nodded at her. Shangyue smiled and then sat back on the sofa. She knew he was telling her that everything was up to him. There was no need to worry. Actually, it was really good to have him around. . .

Shangyue could not help but blush again.

At this time, the auctioneer began to speak. "Everyone, please be quiet. The items for this year's auction can be said to be very good. This is definitely the most perfect auction in all the previous auctions. There are a total of ten treasures being auctioned here tonight. They are all rare treasures, no matter which one you get. . . Next, please take a look at our first collection!"

A red cloth on the auction stage was lifted by the staff. In an instant, The five-colored light shone on every corner of the hall. The people below couldn't help but cover their eyes with their hands. It was very dazzling! Cuicui shouted excitedly, "I didn't expect the first item to be - Tears of the Empress! My God! Today's auction is definitely a big deal! I didn't expect that such a treasure would be the first item to be auctioned. I am looking forward to the next item to be auctioned!"

Ye Wentian narrowed his eyes and sized up the Tears of the Empress. It was just a necklace, and the pendant of the necklace was a huge five-colored gemstone.

Ye Wentian felt that there was nothing good about it, and his interest waned. At this moment, the auctioneer started to introduce the necklace, "Gems are common, but five-colored gemstones are rare! Moreover, the light it gives off is so dazzling. This is where its value lies, these are not the most valuable. Its true value is - its historical significance! Just like its name, Tears of the Empress, Its former owner was a princess, a queen. A person on the level of a queen, so this established its completely unusual origin! It could be said that. . . After saying so much, You're all tempted, right? Next, the auction will begin! This item that came from the royal family will be sold to the people today! Starting price is 10,000 silver coins! Which gentleman wants to bid? Please let me see you. "

As soon as the auctioneer finished speaking, there was a sound of people taking in a cold breath. 10,000 silver coins! This was simply a sky-high price. Today's auction was at this level, and it was destined to become a game that only a few people could participate in. Many of the smaller aristocrats below couldn't help but sigh!

Cuicui's face revealed a look of longing, but then she sighed and sat back on the sofa. "Really, it's so expensive. People like us can only watch. Ten thousand silver coins! I have never seen that much money before!"

Shuolang looked at Cuicui with a thoughtful look in his eyes. Ye Wentian had caught all of this, but Shangyue was nothing. Her purpose today was to get the rat head and rabbit head. It was hard for her to be interested in anything else.

"Shuolang, how about we guess the punch?" Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Oh? Why do you suddenly want to make a guess?" Shuolang did not understand.

"It's like this. I suddenly feel bored. Let's make a bet. How about this? My bet is the necklace underneath. Your bet is to help me do something. How about it? " Ye Wentian smiled and Shangyue looked at him. This guy. . . I really don't know what he is thinking.

"But that necklace is not yours!" Shuolang said.

"Well, if you win, you can bid as much as you want. I will pay for it. " Ye Wentian took a sip of wine and elegantly played with the key card in his hand.

Shuolang instantly understood what Ye Wentian meant. He thought for a moment. "No matter if I lose or win, I promise to do one thing for you! Thank you, brother. "

"Hahahaha! Since you are a friend, why are you talking so much? Come, let's begin. " Ye Wentian stretched out a fist and prepared to start. At this time, there were already people starting to bid, but it would not end in a short period of time. Cuicui looked at the two men with a complicated expression. Were they really still slaves? They could actually do this?

However, Cuicui still felt a trace of sweetness in her heart. Her relationship with Shuolang was very confidential. For some reason, Shuolang trusted this Sun Jing very much. In front of him, he basically didn't hide anything. Shangyue also seemed very mysterious now. She should have many secrets with this slave. They were both people with secrets. Sometimes, they could be more open. Cuicui also felt that it had been a long time since she could be so relaxed in front of outsiders with Shuolang.

In an instant, Ye Wentian lost. Shuolang's scissors got rid of Ye Wentian's cloth.

"Hahahahaha! Good! Brother is really lucky! Please!!" Ye Wentian made a welcoming gesture. Actually, sometimes it was like this when making friends. When a person's temper matched, it had nothing to do with money or anything else! It was just friends, it was just comfortable! This was a friend, no one owed anyone! There was only the beauty of success!

Shuolang stretched out his hand and pulled up the bell rope. "Your money should be enough, right?"

Ye Wentian held the wine and looked at the bidding situation below. "Up to you! As long as you are willing. To you, this necklace is worth as much as you want! After all, the things that the woman you like likes are not expensive at all!" Ye Wentian thought of Lo Bing's smiling face at this moment. Hehe, as long as my wife likes it. I can get the moon for her!! This is definitely not a joke!

"Twenty-five thousand once!" The auctioneer below called out the price.

"Dang ~ ~!" The bell in the VIP room rang.

"Alright! Thirty thousand once!! Is there anyone else who would like to bid?" The auctioneer shouted excitedly.

Shuolang looked at the rope in his hand and smiled. "It's expensive enough. It costs 5,000 RMB just by pulling it!"

"If you're happy, you can pull it again. " Ye Wentian said with a smile.

"Cousin, should we control the two of them? This is too. . . " Cuicui pulled Shangyue to the sofa and spoke.

" Hmph ~ Hmph, I don't care what you do. I can't care about that person in my family. Just let him play however he wants. In any case, he earns all the money. " Shangyue smiled and said. It was necessary to spend some money so that everyone would not know that they were targeting the rabbit head and the mouse head. However, this guy actually did it for his own good. She really did not expect it.

"I can't care about that one in my family either! 。。” Cuicui muttered. After she finished speaking, the two little women felt as if she had said something. Both of them blushed and laughed together again. Women had their own ways of playing and men had their own ways of playing. Everyone was playing the same game in the world of games!

No one else was bidding anymore. Now, only Ye Wentian and the others in the second level room were competing with Shuolang.

"Fifty thousand! Once, is there anyone else who wants to bid?" The auctioneer was very excited. He had never thought that the first item could be called this price. Today, the auction house was rich!

"The one beside him is very arrogant!! Beat him to death! Brother!! Add 100,000 to see if he still wants to follow us. " Ye Wentian said with a smile, as if he was talking about something very ordinary.

Shuolang was also a little excited at this time. Such a price stimulated the male hormones. Shuolang took a big gulp of wine and fiercely pulled the rope ten times. "Dang! Dang! Dang!" The voices in the hall instantly quieted down. Only the long ringing of the bell echoed in the hall! Everyone looked at the top-class box in astonishment.

Everyone was silently counting the ringing of the bell.

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