God Abuser/C219 I Didn't Want to Give Anyone Face This Time an Arrogant Group!!
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God Abuser/C219 I Didn't Want to Give Anyone Face This Time an Arrogant Group!!
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C219 I Didn't Want to Give Anyone Face This Time an Arrogant Group!!

At this moment, all the black-faced men had been defeated by the fat version of Ye Wentian. The white-faced man and the black-faced man were locked in a fierce battle, and there was still no clear winner or loser between them. The fat man used his hand to spin his Unfettered Divine Brush and leisurely said, "Boring! The people he drew are actually stronger than him! Why didn't he just die?"

Ye Wentian said with a smile because it was just like what you said. He was just like you said! "Shuolang is also helping at this time. " That's right, he is a fool. Look at how unstable his chassis are! Take a look! The strength of that arm is probably more powerful than that of an old lady!"

The few of them surrounded the two people who were in a heated fight. From time to time, they would point their fingers at them and make comments. The current situation was like a monkey playing around!

Not only was he covered in dirt, but he was also being played around like a monkey! However, there was no use in being anxious right now. It was because he really could not defeat the person who looked exactly like him. He did not know what kind of demon technique this fatty used to create this person. Moreover, the words that Fatty and the others had used to insult him were all heard by him. How could he not be affected? His formation was clearly in a mess. Some of his moves were also not as good as before! Gradually, his physical strength could not keep up. Although the thing that Fatty drew could only last for ten minutes, ten minutes of high-intensity confrontation. . . "Pa!" With a crisp sound, The battle ended in an instant. The white-faced figure that Fatty drew blurred and disappeared. The black-faced man stood still and touched his face in a daze. People said that hitting people didn't hit their faces, but everyone had seen it clearly just now. The white-faced man gave the black-faced man a loud slap.

"That's all for today. You can leave now. After all, we're all from China. I can't do anything to you!! But remember this. Don't think that you can see other people clearly just because you're from an aristocratic family!! You have to know that your aristocratic family isn't the only powerful family in this world!! The civil organization isn't bad either!" Fatty said arrogantly while swinging his beloved divine pen.

"Brother Fatty!!! Amazing! I didn't expect you to have such an amazing move! This little brother is really impressed! "Shuolang came over at this time and said. Shangyue whispered to Ye Wentian," This friend of yours is very interesting! But his strength was also extraordinary. It seems like none of the people around you are normal!"

Ye Wentian smiled and said, "No. Miss, have you forgotten? You are normal! If I had to say you, then I think you're so beautiful. "

Shangyue's face turned red from Ye Wentian's words and she did not speak anymore. She did not know when this guy had said something like that.

It was true! The black-faced fellow stood there blankly for a moment before suddenly raising his head and staring fiercely into Fatty's eyes. "You better remember this!! I won't let you off! "

Fatty simply ignored him. "Let's go!" Fatty continued to lead the way and the four of them immediately followed. Ye Wentian turned around to look at the black face, but he felt a small hand pull him. "If you don't want your friend to get into trouble, he said. Let him go for the time being," Shangyue said in a low voice. She had been paying attention to Ye Wentian's every move. When Ye Wentian was ready to kill Er Er, Shangyue stopped him at the right time. Because they had a lot of things to do when they came back this time, Shangyue did not want to cause too much trouble.

Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Yes, my young miss. I will kill him the day after tomorrow. "

Shangyue helplessly sighed, "With your strength, it is really sad for the world to become a killer!"

The five of them slowly moved forward. Ye Wentian leisurely looked around at his surroundings. They were surrounded by plains. There was a city not far in front of them. That should be where the aristocratic families were hiding. That city wall looked like it was made of soil. There were city walls and watchtowers. There were soldiers patrolling on top of the wall, like a prison. There was a sense of oppression. There were very few people outside the city. Even when some people came out of the city and passed by them, they were also in a hurry. They didn't even raise their heads at all, that was more or less the case. There was nothing special about it. It was like a stronghold of a lord. Half an hour later. . . The five of them arrived at the edge of the city wall. The guards were sixteen strong men. They all raised their heads high, looking very impressive. Ye Wentian had always been unhappy with the aristocratic families of this Divine Continent. Now, it seemed like. . . Their internal structure was really rotten, and the decisions made by the higher-ups were not flexible. The people below were all proud and arrogant, and they felt that the description of the fat man was really appropriate. These people were really old, but the younger ones were!

Fatty handed his identity card to one of the brawny men guarding the door. After that person received the name card and compared it with the photo, he threw it to Fatty. "Go in!"

Fatty nodded and walked in, but Ye Wentian and the others were stopped. "Where's your post?" 。。。。

Nobles like Shangyue and Cuicui did not have any posts, so Ye Wentian and Shuolang handed over their posts. When he saw Shuolang's post, his eyes lit up. "Top slaves? People like you should have returned to China long ago. What kind of slaves are you making for the Abberdins outside? Humph!" He looked very unhappy. Shuolang thought to himself, Humph! When I went to the battlefield, you didn't even know where to eat milk!

When the brawny man saw Ye Wentian's post, his expression changed to disgust. "Level 1 slave?! It's probably a rank 1 slave! I hate people like you the most in my life. Each and every one of you have a strong backbone. You actually went over there to be a gigolo!!"

Ye Wentian still maintained his usual smile, but he had already begun to calculate in his heart. Should all the eight great families be eradicated? They had too many bad habits, and with just one look, one could tell that the entire family was like this. This was because all of the clans that he had come into contact with, be it the princes or the errand boys, all had this bad habit. If that was the case. . . Even if he were to hand over the land of China to Shangyue, it would still be very difficult for her to manage it!

"Where are the two of you?! "The brawny man pointed at Shangyue and Cuicui. The fatty said, "The two of them are in a special situation, so they have never made a name card. After entering, they will naturally make up for it!"

The brawny man looked at Shangyue and Cuicui's beautiful duo and narrowed his eyes. " Hmph!! No way, how would I know?! They are not spies sent by the Aberdeen Empire. What if they hide something inside their bodies? How could that be! Someone come! Bring the two of them to the house and check it out!!"

Ye Wentian thought to himself, Is that so? He didn't even ask about the other party's identity and brazenly wanted to rape them! He was truly awesome to the heavens!

At this time, four burly men came out and walked towards Shangyue and Cuicui with lustful smiles on their faces. However, the expressions of the two women didn't change at all. What a joke, not to mention that Sun Jing was here. Even if it was Shuolang alone, he would be able to get rid of these people!

"Have you thought it through? Shuolang blocked in front of the four strong men. Although Shuolang's height was not weak, standing in front of them still felt like he was at a disadvantage. The four strong men stopped and turned around to look at their leader. "Whoever blocks it, do it!" " Truly arrogant!

A fierce look appeared in Shuolang's eyes. " Alright! Qianjun! " With a shout, before the four of them could make a move, Shuolang had already thrown out both of his fists. He was a soldier!

Once a soldier attacked, it would be simple and direct. He would not wait for the other party to attack before giving way!

At the same time, Shangyue also moved. Her figure became extremely blurry as she directly shot towards the leader. With a string of phantoms behind him, Fatty Dai waved the divine pen in his hand. An iron fence blocked the remaining city guards who were about to rush forward, causing them to stop in their tracks. Ye Wentian stood beside Cuicui with his hands behind his back, looking at the chaotic situation with a smile. He did not plan to give anyone face this time!

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