God Abuser/C228 Support Troops It's Him a Rank 1 Slave!
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God Abuser/C228 Support Troops It's Him a Rank 1 Slave!
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C228 Support Troops It's Him a Rank 1 Slave!

As the carriage continued to fly, more and more Aberdeen soldiers discovered their arrival. Ye Wentian had acted too quickly just now, so they hadn't been able to see clearly what had happened here. Only some people saw the three thousand soldiers strangely break into two, but they didn't think too much about it. Because this was a battlefield after all, there was no time to think about so many things. "Kill!" This time, there were about five thousand people rushing over. Ye Wentian raised his hand high up into the air and slashed. " It was another huge Air Blade. But this time, the Air Blade was swung straight at him!

"Rumble. . . !" Accompanied by an incomparably loud sound, the ground began to groan. A huge deep trench appeared in front of the carriage, and a huge hole instantly appeared in the Aberdeen army. The people in front of the Air Blade were turned into a pile of blood. The other soldiers scrambled to the sides. When they struggled to get up from the ground, they raised their weapons and looked at the carriage quickly passing by them with eyes full of fear. "F * ck! Brother Sun Jing! This move of yours. . . Is too powerful!" Shuolang shouted excitedly. In this chaotic battlefield, It was very difficult to hear the other party's voice clearly. Ye Wentian smiled and said, "I have always fought like this!"

Shuolang was completely excited now. He really did not expect Sun Jing to be so powerful! He finally understood why Sun Jing insisted on only bringing two people with him. Others would be a burden if they followed him. The horse carriage sped quickly. Soon, they arrived in front of the city gate of Jack City. The attack of Aberdeen stopped. They seemed to be in a joint attack area. It seemed that they would launch a general attack soon!

"Open the door!!" Shuolang shouted loudly.

"Who are you?!" A young general in tattered armor shouted at them.

"I am Shuolang! This is the princess of China! Open the city gate! I want to go in!" Shuolang's voice was very loud. The young general looked at Shuolang's face seriously. "Brother Wolf! You are back! Quick! Quick! Open the city gate! Brother Wolf is back!" The young general suddenly shouted excitedly, "Looks like you still remember me!" Shuolang looked very proud. The city gate slowly opened, and Shuolang immediately drove into the city. At this time, there were already many warriors of China inside the city gate. The young general ran down from the city wall in two or three steps. "Brother Wolf! You're finally back! I'm Little Tao! Do you remember me?"

Shuolang jumped down from the carriage and hugged Little Tao tightly. "You brat! You've grown up! At that time, you only know how to wipe your nose! Hahahaha!" Shuolang laughed heartily. At this time, the soldiers split up and a white-haired elder general walked over in a hurry. Behind him were several generals, "Little Wolf! Why are you free to come and see us?"

Shuolang followed the sound and looked over. He happily walked in front of elder general with Little Tao crossed arms and gave a big bow. "Old man! You are still so tough!"

Elder general's face was full of happiness. He pointed at Shuolang and smiled. His expression was full of doting, "I heard you brought the princess here too? Isn't this just messing around? The situation here is very critical!" elder general immediately changed into a serious expression. It was clear at a glance that there were two men and a woman. This woman was the princess. All the generals were gathered in one place. The old general led them to the front of Shangyue. All of them knelt down on the ground, "Princess, accept my bow!" It was not just the generals. All of the soldiers knelt on the ground. Shangyue hurriedly waved her hand and said, "Soldiers, quickly get up. What virtue does Shangyue have to receive your great gifts!"

The generals kowtowed and got up. After all, they were still at war. Everything could only be simplified, "Why did Little Lang bring the princess here? Don't you know that this place is very dangerous?" elder general said to Shuolang, but he didn't sound like he was blaming Shuolang. After all, their relationship was very good.

"General Yuhong, I didn't bring the princess here. It was the princess who wanted to come. " Shuolang naturally knew that Shangyue wanted to buy over people's hearts. In fact, Shangyue really came voluntarily! Shuolang felt that he did not lie to everyone about this. At this time, Shangyue said, "Soldiers are fighting bravely here. Shangyue, although I am a female, You guys are in danger, how can I stay at the back!"

Ye Wentian nodded secretly. These few words were very appropriate. He estimated that it would have the effect it should have. Sure enough, When all the soldiers heard Shangyue's words, they revealed grateful expressions. All along, Aristocratic families were high and mighty existences. They did not care about their lives at all. Now, this princess actually came to their side at the most critical moment. No matter what, it didn't matter. They all felt honored. They had a great impression of this princess even though they had never met her before. "Today, I am not only here to offer my condolences, but also to all of you. I have brought reinforcements! " Shangyue's voice was very loud and there was a very special kind of aura inside. When Ye Wentian stood behind her, she felt that she was incomparably powerful!

When Yuhong and the others heard Shangyue's words, they became excited, "This is great! We have already been guarding here for a month. We have lost more than half of our men and did not have any reinforcements. We also did not allow them to retreat. We thought that we were going to be nailed here! The princess is really timely!! Thank you, Your Highness, for the grace of rebirth. "

For these soldiers who had bitterly guarded for a month, there was no better news than this. " You are all the elites of China. I will not give up on you! " Shangyue said. Yuhong and the others felt that the more they looked at this princess, the more pleasing she looked. She was much better than those so-called aristocratic families!

"They attacked again. This time, there were a lot of people. It was like today's general attack!" The soldiers on top shouted. The ground slightly trembled. It seemed that the general attack of Aberdeen had begun.

Yuhong bowed to Shangyue and said, "Princess, where are the reinforcements now? We should quickly discuss the plan to break out of the siege. This city wall is very fragile, so we should move faster. " Yuhong felt that the reinforcements were stationed not far away from here. The current situation was very critical, and the sooner they broke out, the more chances they would have.

"He is the reinforcements!" Shangyue pointed at Ye Wentian and said. Yuhong looked at Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian smiled and waved at Yuhong. "What is your name, General? Where are your soldiers now?" Yuhong came to Ye Wentian and asked eagerly. Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Right here!" He pointed at himself and showed it to Yuhong. Yuhong was stunned for a moment. Then he said anxiously, "I know you are the representative of the reinforcements. I am asking where the main force is. "

Ye Wentian pointed at himself, "I am alone!" Everyone fell silent.

Yuhong suppressed his anger and said, "This young general, the situation is very urgent. The Aberdeen army will arrive soon. We really don't have time to joke around now. "

"Yuhong, elder general, he is not joking. He is really the only one in the reinforcement army!" Shangyue added at this moment. Yuhong's face was full of shock. Including all the soldiers who heard this sentence, the news instantly spread across the entire Jack City. "Princess, this is a war! You can't joke about it!" Yuhong felt some heartache. He had just had some hope, but now it had turned into despair.

"Yu elder general, Miss Shangyue is not joking. When you guys go up to the city wall and see how I break the enemy, you will know that we are not lying to you!" Ye Wentian said with a smile. He gave off an elegant temperament. Yuhong looked at Ye Wentian with suspicion. No matter how he looked at it, he could not tell what kind of ability this young man, who looked like a pretty boy, had. "Excuse me, who are you? Are you the general of any troop in China?" Yuhong felt that he had never heard of such a person before!

Ye Wentian elegantly performed a noble bow. "I am not talented. I am Miss Shangyue's slave, a rank 1 one!" 。。。。。。

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