God Abuser/C242 Negotiation Was a Kitchen Knife Useful?
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God Abuser/C242 Negotiation Was a Kitchen Knife Useful?
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C242 Negotiation Was a Kitchen Knife Useful?

San Hsingzi was flying at high speed in front of them, not saying a word. Because he didn't have a good impression of the man behind him. He had hurt his fellow disciples. It looked like he had beaten up his respected master. This man's overbearing arrogance made San Hsingzi feel very uncomfortable. He had intended to apologize on purpose, but when this thought appeared in his mind. . . This man would always remind him, "If you dare to lead the way on purpose, then wait for your master's corpse to be collected!"

In conclusion, San Hsingzi had been feeling extremely depressed and depressed along the way. However, he also realized that this man couldn't fly! However, this man's speed was also very shocking. He could easily keep up with his speed. No matter what was in front of him, he would leap over it. What a powerful body!!

After the two of them ran for two hours, they were stopped at an intersection. There were two groups of Immortals here. Each group had about forty Immortals, and there was no lack of Great Luo Golden Immortals inside. They seemed to be quarreling with each other, and they were arguing intensely about something.

Initially, Ye Wentian and the others could have rushed over, but San Hsingzi suddenly stopped and greeted a beautiful female immortal. "Tian Ling! What's wrong with all of you? What happened?"

When the female Immortal saw San Hsingzi, she immediately revealed a happy expression. "Big Brother San Hsingzi! You came at the right time. Quickly come and help me! These disciples of the Vast Ocean Palace bullied the people of our Heavenly Palace! "

San Hsingzi flew to the side of Tian Ling and landed beside her. "How could that be? Did the people of the Vast Ocean Palace have the guts to do so? How dare they bully your people! "

The reason why San Hsingzi was surprised was that the Heavenly Palace was founded by the Heavenly Emperor and was the number one force in the Heaven Realm. Ordinary smaller forces would not dare to provoke them. This Vast Ocean Palace was a small force in the Heaven Realm that could not be any smaller. It could basically be ignored!

Tian Ling angrily said, "It's because their Vast Ocean Palace has become a subsidiary of the Heartless Palace that they dare to be so arrogant and despotic! They actually injured my junior brother outside of the Immortal Peach Garden! Hmph! They really bully us that no one else is here!" "Then we should teach them a good lesson!" San Hsingzi said with righteous indignation. Ye Wentian stood behind San Hsingzi and raised his eyebrows. Humph! He had met his lover!

San Hsingzi realized that Ye Wentian had already come behind him. He turned around and said, "I have to take care of this matter. Back then, Tian Ling's master entrusted her to me. I have to take some responsibility. Even if you don't agree, I have to settle this matter before I go on my way. "

San Hsingzi spoke very seriously. Ye Wentian snorted in disdain. He was only able to get involved in this matter because of the beauty of the family. Do you think I don't know? At this time, Tian Ling discovered the handsome Ye Wentian and found that this handsome man looked very unfamiliar. "Big Brother San Hsingzi, who is this person?"

San Hsingzi was stunned by the question, although the two of them had been traveling together. However, he really didn't know much about Ye Wentian. For a moment, he could only stand there and stare blankly. Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Oh, I just came up. It's a friend of San Hsingzi. " Since he was the one leading the way, he might as well give him some face. This way, he would be more serious. After San Hsingzi heard what Ye Wentian said, he let out a cold snort. It was obvious that he didn't give them any face. Tian Ling looked at the two strange people and didn't know what to say. She could only smile at Ye Wentian and said, "My name is Tian Ling. You can look for me if you need anything in the Heaven Realm in the future. After all, you are a newcomer! "

Ye Wentian couldn't help but laugh. This female immortal was quite interesting. She cared about everything. She was the chief of all busybodies. However, Ye Wentian wasn't in the mood to joke with them. "Are you all going to argue here? Why didn't you do anything?"

Tian Ling said gloomily, "Because the strength of both sides is about the same now, it's inevitable that they will suffer some injuries if they fight. The Heavenly Emperor has also ordered that no one is allowed to gather in the Heaven Realm for no reason. Therefore, we can only solve the problem through negotiation. "

San Hsingzi nodded, "I will talk to their people right away. "

Ye Wentian was speechless. This Heavenly Emperor was a pacifist! He actually prohibited fighting with the crowd? He even wants to negotiate? How long would that take?

"Miss Tian Ling? How far do you think it will take for you to be satisfied?" Ye Wentian asked.

"Their people must apologize to our injured disciples, and then compensate us with some spirit fruits. But their attitude is very tyrannical. I reckon that they only dare to act like this because they have the support of the Heartless Palace! If it was any other time, they would have to hide from us when they see us! "

Ye Wentian snorted in his heart. The people of the Heaven Realm were even more different than mortals. It was just that whoever had the bigger fist would have the firmness to speak! Each and every one of them was full of themselves! It was still the mood of the mortal world! Ye Wentian turned around and said to San Hsingzi who was about to go over, "Then, once the matter here is settled, you can continue, right?"

San Hsingzi was stunned for a moment, then he replied, "Of course. As long as the matter here is resolved, I will naturally bring you to Fengdu City!"

Ye Wentian stretched his body and said, "Alright, just you wait. " After saying that, Ye Wentian slowly squeezed through the crowd of immortals and walked to the front. Tian Ling looked at Ye Wentian's arrogant figure in surprise and said, "What does he want?" San Hsingzi frowned and looked at the situation in front of him. "He is really meddling in other people's business!" 。。。。

"You guys!! Apologize! Then, take out some immortal fruits, fruits, and fruits to express your gratitude! " Ye Wentian walked to the front and spoke arrogantly to the Divine Immortal.

In an instant, everyone's eyes were fixed on Ye Wentian. No matter which side they were on, they looked at each other in dismay. From time to time, someone would ask the person next to them in a low voice.

Standing beside Ye Wentian was an immortal with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was from the Heavenly Palace. He bowed to Ye Wentian after seeing him. "Fellow Immortal, this way please. This is the matter between our Heavenly Palace and Vast Ocean Palace. Fellow Immortal, please retreat for a moment. " Although he spoke in a polite manner, it wasn't impossible for Ye Wentian to discern the meaning behind his words. It's just that there's nothing you need to do here. Get the hell out of my way. Ye Wentian gave him a glance, which basically meant that he couldn't be bothered with him. He continued walking towards the people of the Vast Ocean Palace. "Did you hear that? I'm in a hurry right now! Hurry up!"

Ye Wentian's tone was full of impatience. The leader of the Vast Ocean Palace was a Great Luo Golden Immortal. At the beginning, a tall and thin man was standing there. He frowned and cupped his fists at Ye Wentian. "Did you ask for guidance?"

Ye Wentian waved his hand. "No problem! I just came to the Heaven Realm and have some urgent matters to attend to. Your presence here will affect my friend's mood. That's why I'm here to meddle in this matter! "

"Hahahahaha! ~~! ~~!” When Ye Wentian finished speaking, the Vast Ocean Palace exploded into laughter. " F * ck!! Who do you think you are!? A rookie who just came up, you are pretending with us!! Don't you want to know that you can't afford to offend the Vast Ocean Palace?"

" So it's a stupid bird. Senior Brother, don't talk nonsense with him. Let's continue!! " A few of the Immortals of the Vast Ocean Palace clamored loudly. Ye Wentian's expression didn't change at all. However, his hand had already reached for his lower back. The Vast Ocean Palace's eldest senior brother was still a steady immortal. He planned to ask more questions. After all, some of the immortals had just come up. However, he had met some famous great gods in the lower realm. It was best not to provoke such people. "May I ask what kind of palace gate this Immortal Friend has entered? Is there any senior above you who would like to remind you?"

Originally, Ye Wentian could mention Lee Xunhuan's name, but the problem was that Lee Xunhuan was his servant, not his senior! When someone asked his senior, he naturally wouldn't use his servant to scare them, right?

"I didn't enter any palace gates, and no one was above me. Normally, I would protect myself!" Ye Wentian was still as arrogant as ever, but this Vast Ocean Palace's eldest senior brother's expression changed. With a cold face, he loudly berated, "A nameless junior dares to meddle in this matter!! Are you really bored of your own life?"

Although the Heavenly Emperor said that he wouldn't allow the crowd to fight, he could still make a move when there was nothing to do. During this period of time, the Vast Ocean Palace had killed countless Minor Immortals.

Ye Wentian pulled out the kitchen knife from his waist and pointed it at the Vast Ocean Palace's Immortal across from him. "Damn it!! I gave you a chance! You didn't want it! When I'm in a hurry, my temper has always been bad!!"

After two sentences, before anyone could react, Ye Wentian made his move. . .

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