God Abuser/C25 How F*cking Beautiful He Directly Raped!!
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God Abuser/C25 How F*cking Beautiful He Directly Raped!!
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C25 How F*cking Beautiful He Directly Raped!!

I don't know how much time has passed. It seemed like when Tang Niu woke up for the third time, the two of them suddenly realized that there was a glimmer of light under their feet. This gave the two of them the illusion that only the sky was below them.

"We are finally here! Otherwise, I would definitely die of boredom in the end. " Ye Wentian curled his lips.

That was true. He had been walking down the path of boredom without any change. It was already a sign of respect for him that he hadn't fallen asleep yet. However, Ye Wentian knew one thing. They had already arrived at the depths of the earth's core. Thinking of this, he perked up. This was too amazing. He actually had the chance to come to the innermost part of this planet! What exactly is that place like?

Tang Niu yawned. "It's a long journey. Mr Wentian, wake me up when we get there. I still have a beautiful dream that I haven't finished. I have to finish it now. " As soon as he finished speaking, a uniform sound was heard. Ye Wentian was speechless. Sometimes it was too convincing. He might not be a good thing either. . .

The cave wall became narrower and narrower, because the cold light emitted from the Rainbow White could shine on the walls of the cave. The light under his feet grew bigger and bigger, and it was an extremely gentle light. Even though the two of them had been in the darkness for such a long time, they still didn't feel that the light was dazzling. Although the light wasn't dazzling, it gave off a very bright feeling. This contradictory existence caused the two people floating in the air to be unable to help but be amazed.

After the two of them landed on the ground, Tang Niu immediately knelt on the ground and kissed the ground crazily. "Ah! On the ground, this is the first time I feel that you are so cute!"

Ye Wentian shook his head as he watched, but he kept falling in the darkness. The two of them stood on the rocky ground. The wall was only ten meters in diameter, and there was another hole in it. It was about four or five meters in diameter, and the light was coming from there.

Ye Wentian and Tang Niu chose to land next to the cave. They first checked what was in the hole, and then made a further plan.

The two of them laid on the wall and looked down. After that, they were stunned for a long time and couldn't speak for a long time.

Looking around, there was actually a huge space underground that they didn't know how big it was. This hole was at least a thousand meters away from the ground below! Right below it was a huge primitive forest full of vitality, stretching as far as the eye could see. If one looked south, The place where the horizon intersected was a dazzling light. There should be a huge lake there. From there, a wide river flowed across the entire forest, and the water of the river was a beautiful blue. Where the river passed, many magnificent cities were built. They weren't far from each other, but they were all quite large in size. There was everything a city should have. From time to time, there would be a large number of birds flying over the sky above the forest.

It was unknown what kind of ore was underneath their feet, but they were all emitting an extremely gentle light. It was as bright as day, making them feel even more comfortable. They could feel the temperature at the entrance of the cave being extremely comfortable.

In any case, the two of them looking down at the cave entrance was like looking down at the whole world from the clouds. It was absolutely breathtaking beauty. They lay beside the entrance of the cave and were speechless for a long time. After a while, the two of them sighed heavily, "So beautiful ~"

They knew that it was the Rockheart Empire that they were looking for. It was a mysterious underground country, Ziyi's hometown. It was a paradise that no one knew about!

The two of them lay on the ground for a long time without getting up. They were just chatting with each other.

"Mr Wentian. "

"What's the matter?"

"Let's just help Ziyi snatch back the Rockheart Empire. It belongs to him anyway. "

"Sure, I believe Mr Ziyi will be a good king. "

"Ye Wentian, actually, I have my own selfish motives. Do you think this place is beautiful?"

"Beautiful, as if it should not exist in this world. "

"En! This place is too beautiful. One day, when the war is over, I, Old Ox, will come here to take care of my old age. At that time, if this is Brother Ziyi's territory. . . Everything is easy to talk about. Therefore, I want to take this place down. "

" Alright. Since Mr Niu wants to take care of his old age here, and this empire owes Mr Ziyi too much, we will take this place down. When Mr Ziyi comes out of seclusion and takes him down as the king, sister-in-law will naturally be the queen. I can see that Mr Niu can come here to be a Great General. It's a kind of happiness to be able to retire here. "

After saying that, Ye Wentian laid down on the wall and looked down. Tang Niu closed his eyes and recalled the shock that the world had brought him just now.

After watching for a while, Ye Wentian got up and said to Tang Niu, "Mr Niu, I can jump down from this height and take you with me. It won't be a problem. When we reach the bottom, let's sneak into a city and investigate the general situation of this underground empire. After that, we can decide what to do. "

Tang Niu nodded in agreement. He then said, "Mr Wentian, this place is at least a thousand meters away from the bottom. Why don't we use the same method as before? Wouldn't it be troublesome to jump down with me?"

Ye Wentian shook his head. " Mr Niu, if we use the Rainbow White to land, we will be discovered. Now is not the time to expose ourselves. I will bring you down there. Although it will be dangerous, I am still confident. " Ye Wentian said with concern. If Tang Niu was accidentally injured, it would not be worth it.

Tang Niu's eyes lit up. "Oh right, Mr Wentian. Can't your Rainbow White become invisible?" 。。。。。。

Ye Wentian and Tang Niu held the Rainbow White and glided in the air. Birds flew past them from time to time. A vast primitive forest lay beneath their feet. They were now invisible. Fortunately, this reminded the barbaric bull of the Rainbow White's function. Otherwise, the two of them would have no choice but to jump down from a thousand meters high and play 'Limit'. How good was it now? The two of them leisurely looked at the scenery beside them, enjoying the very pure air here. Ye Wentian also couldn't understand why the air was so pure in the core of the earth.

Tang Niu was looking around excitedly, occasionally expressing his heartfelt admiration. The two of them did not fall very fast, so they floated in the air for a long time before landing in the primitive forest. With the cover of the primitive forest, The two of them retrieved their Rainbow Whites and directly leaped down. They stomped on the huge tree trunk. In just a few breaths' time, Ye Wentian and Tang Niu were standing on the ground of the primitive forest.

Looking up, the straight tree trunk pierced through the clouds. Every tree trunk was dozens of meters tall and thick. The smaller ones needed four people to wrap their arms around it. There were many unknown plants growing around the tree trunk. This was a green world.

Ye Wentian looked around. "The ecological environment here is really good. From the size of these plants, it can be seen that they have probably existed for more than a thousand years. "

Tang Niu asked curiously, "What is Mr Wentian's ecosystem called?"

Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Nothing. It's just a word. It's not important. Let's find a direction and find a city first. "

Tang Niu nodded and said, "En! Yes, before we landed, I found a big city in the northeast direction. It's not very far from here. We just need to find that river first, then follow it and reach that city. "

Ye Wentian nodded in agreement, so the two of them used their memories to search for that river.

This place could be said to be a towering tree. Although the rock wall on top of it was emitting powerful light, in this forest, the light was obviously much weaker, so the entire forest was very dark.

After walking for a while, Tang Niu finally couldn't help but ask, "Mr Wentian, why do I always feel like there is something staring at us? And it has been hanging around us all this time, not getting close. "

Ye Wentian nodded. "I thought it was just my imagination. Now it seems like we are really being watched by something. "

Tang Niu gave Ye Wentian a look, then squatted down and picked up a fist-sized rock from the ground. Ye Wentian slightly knitted his brows, and got into position to prepare to adapt to the situation.

"Come out!" With a shout, the stone in Tang Niu's hand shot into the depths of the forest like a bolt of lightning.

"Awoo ~" In the direction where the stone flew, a low and miserable cry came from all over their bodies. For a moment, the surroundings of Ye Wentian and the others became chaotic. After a series of sounds, the guy who was following them finally appeared. They were actually a group of wolves! Moreover, each of them was the size of a calf in the outside world. The green light emitted from their eyes from time to time indicated how dangerous they were.

"Eh ~ ~ Why are they wolves? It looks like there are over a hundred of them. " Tang Niu rubbed his hands, which were trembling due to excitement.

Ye Wentian's face was calm. "I didn't think that everything here is really big. Not only the plants, but even the wolves are bigger than the ones outside. "

At this time, Tang Niu found the injured wolf in the direction where he threw the stone. The wolf's head was bleeding nonstop, but it was obviously not fatally injured. It was staring at Tang Niu with its fierce eyes. Obviously, it was very angry, and it knew that Tang Niu was the cause of its injury.

Tang Niu whispered to Ye Wentian, "Mr Wentian, I'm afraid it's a little tricky. I used 60% of the power I used to throw the stone just now, but the wolf was hit in the head by my stone and only suffered some superficial wounds. I really don't know what their heads are made of. "

Ye Wentian was stunned because he knew Tang Niu's divine power. He was hit in the head by the stone with 60% of his power, not to mention a wolf. Even a martial arts master would die immediately. It seemed like these wolves were not just huge in size. And looking at their eyes, They were all so clear. This showed that they already had initial intelligence. If these wolves suddenly attacked them in an organized manner, Ye Wentian would not be suspicious.

Just as Ye Wentian and Tang Niu were confronting the wolves, an even bigger wolf suddenly flashed out of the wolves. It was definitely as big as a buffalo! It slowly walked towards Ye Wentian, its body carrying an invisible force from top to bottom.

Head wolf! Ye Wentian and Tang Niu instantly exchanged glances.

"Who are you?" The wolf's voice was a little strange, and it sounded a little ancient.

"Ah? !~” Ye Wentian and Ye Wentian immediately became extremely confused. Wolves can talk? What kind of world was this? This was ridiculous!

When the alpha wolf saw the two of them making such a big fuss, his eyes instantly became fierce. " You are not from the Rock Heart? Where did you come from? Could it be. . . ?"

As he spoke, the alpha's eyes looked up, and then he turned to Ye Wentian and Ye Wentian and said fiercely," You came from above?! "

Ye Wentian tidied up his chaotic emotions and stepped forward. "We are from the top. We are here to do something. We will go back after we are done. As for you, how can you speak? "

When the wolf heard Ye Wentian's words, it immediately raised its head and let out a long roar. The surrounding wolves seemed to have heard some kind of command. They all took a step forward, and all their fur stood on end. The way they looked at Ye Wentian and Tang Niu was gradually lost. Their eyes were filled with courage!

Ye Wentian's facial expression changed, and he said coldly. "Mr Niu, it seems that they have made the most stupid decision!"

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