God Abuser/C299 Boring in Boredom the Entire Gang Is Playing!!
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God Abuser/C299 Boring in Boredom the Entire Gang Is Playing!!
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C299 Boring in Boredom the Entire Gang Is Playing!!

Now, almost all of Ye Wentian's brothers were gathered. Lee Shuo, Azure Dragon and the others were still standing in the still space and time. However, Ye Wentian could not go back now, so he did not think too much about it! He felt a little sorry for Lo Bing! But the problem was that he had the original version of Lo Bing by his side! Anyway, it was very chaotic! That time and space were still paused. He would think about it when he had the chance to go back in the future!

Ye Wentian felt that since everyone was trapped in this Devil Realm, he had to find something to do! At least the information he got from Tang Niu was very important. He didn't know where Nether had gone to, but there was no leader in this world. Moreover, there was no one in this Devil Realm anymore! What did that mean? In this Devil Realm, Ye Wentian and his people basically had no natural enemies! They could do whatever they wanted!

Ye Wentian walked in front with his hands behind his back. A group of people followed him while laughing and laughing. Everyone walked out of the cave in the Netherworld Realm. The sun outside was really bright. Ye Wentian closed his eyes and opened his hands to enjoy the sunlight. At this moment, his mind and body were relaxed. Everyone felt like they had been reborn after they left the Netherworld Realm. After all, they were there. The shock brought by the frenzied rhinoceros and Sly Snake was just too great!

Ye Wentian slowly walked in front of them, enjoying the scenery along the way. Now, there was basically nothing left to do. Therefore, no one was in a hurry. They decided not to fly, walk, look at the beautiful scenery, and chat with each other. A group of people was bustling with noise and excitement. At this time, Zhuge Jing came to Ye Wentian's side. "Lord, that Violent Rhino. . . "

Zhuge Jing's meaning was very clear. When they were in Xieyang Pass, Zhuge Jing was the first to rush back with Ye Wentian. He had seen Tang Niu's appearance before. That was why he asked this question. Ye Wentian smiled and said, "That's right. It's Mr Niu!" Zhuge Jing sighed. "Things are hard to predict! Are you alright, Lord?!" In Zhuge Jing's heart, Ye Wentian had always been a person who valued relationships and loyalty. His best brother had died twice in front of him! Zhuge Jing was afraid that Ye Wentian would feel uncomfortable in his heart.

Ye Wentian waved his hand and said with a smile. "Some things have happened. You and I can feel it. This is enough! There are many things in the world that don't belong to anyone! Cherish not leaving any regrets in front of you, this is enough! Mr Niu and I can fight against the enemy together at the last moment! This is the best outcome!"

Ye Wentian looked at the white clouds in the sky and his eyes revealed a trace of light. Zhuge Jing nodded and said, "The Lord is really a person of a higher realm now! It can see much more clearly than me!"

Athena came to Ye Wentian's left at this time. She held Ye Wentian's hand and said, "Uncle, is Uncle Wild Rhino. . . ?"

Ye Wentian smiled and picked Athena up. He slowly walked forward and said, "Before he left, he told me. Athena is a very brave and smart child! He said he would miss you!"

Athena wrapped her arms around Ye Wentian's neck and looked into the distance in a daze. She muttered," I miss him very much. "

Ye Wentian smiled. "Me too. " 。。。。。。。

The group of people walked and stopped. Along the way, they ate a lot of delicacies. They looked at the surrounding mountains and rivers. The scenery of Devil Realm was really far above that of the Six Paths. Any random mountain would have countless beautiful scenery to enjoy. Everyone was holding a relaxed attitude as they laughed and played the game that this was not the human world!

They just roughly determined the direction of Mount Olympus and walked casually. In any case, after listening to Ye Wentian's narration, they realized that other than playing, there was really nothing else they could do! Ye Wentian had also thought about how to deal with the problem of the Netherworld in the future and how to improve his own strength. Practicing every day?

Ye Wentian immediately rejected it. At his level. . . He could only constantly polish his own disposition and raise his realm. In the future, when there was a chance, some changes would occur. The current Ye Wentian was many times more powerful than before. In this time and space. . . Ye Wentian's original body was no longer as strong as the universe, but he now had the power of divine punishment. The military qi had solidified, and his body was burning with anger. The most important thing was. . . When Ye Wentian faced Sly Snake, he had gained a new ability. And because of this ability, he had also advanced into another realm - returning to his original self!

The true return to the Origin could be unleashed to the extreme in an instant just by relying on one's belief! In other words, If Ye Wentian wanted to, a casual cough from him could destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth! If in the past, it was because the universe became smaller, He had not become stronger. But now, Ye Wentian had become infinitely bigger! The universe was infinitely smaller than him! However, even if he had reached this level, When Ye Wentian thought of the Netherworld, his whole body would still tremble! Fortunately, he did not think about it anymore! He believed that there would definitely be a solution when the time came!

Everyone was just playing around like this, and they had even encountered some humans in the middle! These people were all cowering in fear. Seeing Ye Wentian and the others walking over so arrogantly, they hurriedly hid on both sides of the road. It seemed that in this world, humans really had no status. However, Ye Wentian thought about it at this time. Humans actually had no status in the Six Paths. However, after ten thousand years, humans would be much more arrogant than they were now!

Although they didn't have much power, they still regarded themselves as the rulers of the world. This couldn't be said to be a kind of tragedy! After walking for about a month, Ye Wentian and the others took a big detour and returned to the main peak of Olympus, on the square of Zeus's temple.

Apollo was practicing his martial arts in front of the temple at this time. Dazzling golden light was shooting in all directions. At this time, he suddenly found Ye Wentian and the others in the square. He was stunned for a moment. Then, he ran into the temple. Not long later. . . When Ye Wentian and the others reached the temple door, Zeus trotted out. Behind him was a large group of small gods. "Lord Ye is back! Quick, come in! After you left last time, please come in! I miss you so much. I've been thinking about when I can see you again! I didn't expect to see you again! You've been gone for over a year. . . "

Ye Wentian walked in with his hands behind his back. Zeus quickly ran to the front and led the way. Actually, there was only one path, and there was no need to lead the way. However, Zeus was really afraid of Ye Wentian, so he did not dare to be neglectful.

"Your mouth has become sweeter and sweeter recently!" Ye Wentian said as he walked, and Zeus jogged. He opened the path in front of him and turned around to say, "It's all because of Lord Ye's good education!" At this time, everyone entered the temple. Brush and Ink found their seats and sat down. Ye Wentian sat on Zeus's throne under Zeus's lead. Ye Wentian leaned against his seat. Zeus immediately ordered people to bring fruits. The wine was served and Zeus respectfully stood beside Ye Wentian. He lowered his eyebrows and looked at Ye Wentian.

"Not bad! The last time I saw you, I told you that you were very good! Don't worry, I will definitely treat you well! This time, there's a good thing for you!" Ye Wentian smiled and picked up the wine glass to gently taste it. The taste was very good!

Zeus smiled and said, "Is that so? What kind of thing is it?" Zeus was very smart. He was actually very afraid right now, because he didn't think that this man would have any good things that would benefit him!

"I want to establish a gang!" Ye Wentian smiled. It was not only Zeus. Everyone was stunned this time. Everyone looked at Ye Wentian curiously. Zeus whispered, "This. . . I do not understand. Please explain to me. "

Ye Wentian put down his wine glass and stood up. He turned to Zeus with his hands behind his back. "It is to form an organization. Your people are the first members of my organization. I will protect you! Then, you will go and look for the people from the other forces in Devil Realm, such as that Heavenly Reflection, Anla, and so on. They want them to pay tribute to us every once in a while! Of course, they want good things! "

Zeus did not understand. "Why did they give us things?"

Ye Wentian put his hands behind his back and smiled. " Because they need us to protect them! This is also called protection fee! But like God and Satan's poor place, we won't take it first. Anyway, they don't have anything! But they got the person! Snatch territory for us!!"

Zeus still didn't quite understand. "With Pangu's strength, no one will attack them! They won't need our protection!"

Ye Wentian put his hand on Zeus's shoulder. "You don't have to worry about Pangu and Nuwa. I'll talk to them! If the others didn't give it to him! I'll beat them to death! I'll support you!!"

Shangyue almost spat out a mouthful of wine, " This. . . Seems to be the mafia!"

Ye Wentian turned around and looked at everyone with a smile. "Since we have nothing to do anyway, let's make a triad play first!" 。。。。。

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