God Abuser/C303 I'll F*ck You up What's Wrong?!
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God Abuser/C303 I'll F*ck You up What's Wrong?!
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C303 I'll F*ck You up What's Wrong?!

Everyone watched as the giant rose from the ground, and as the dust settled, everyone could see what it looked like. It was a big snake!

Eight heads, eight tails! It was extremely ugly. Its body was about a hundred meters long, and each head was the size of a calf. Its long fangs and disgusting mucus were indicative of its sinister nature. There was no emotion in its blood-red eyes at all. It was a creature that was cold to the point of numbness!

Bai Suzhen could not help but blurt out, "It looks so ugly!"

Ye Wentian looked at Bai Suzhen and smiled. Bai Suzhen could not help but blush. She was also a snake, but she was indeed more beautiful than this guy!

Ye Wentian turned around and looked at the ugly snake. Humph! Orochi!

Then what about Heavenly Reflection? At this moment, a warrior holding a samurai appeared above Orochi's head! He was very handsome. However, his pale face didn't seem to have any blood on it. He looked down at Ye Wentian and the others. "The island of Jiuzhou does not welcome you!" His voice was very cold, and it had the arrogance of someone who had been in a high position for a long time. Ye Wentian glanced at him and Zeus immediately went to Ye Wentian's side. "This person is the younger brother of Heavenly Reflection. He seems to be called a man with a beard! I heard his knife technique is very powerful! No one can compare with his speed. "

Lee Xunhuan heard Zeus's words and could not help snorting coldly. In front of him, he said that other people's knife skills were powerful! This made Lee Xunhuan very unhappy. At the same time, the brush and ink also snorted coldly. He used a sword! The sword moved agilely! Compete in speed? Who can be faster than the sword?!

After saying that, Zeus retreated to the side. "You are called Suzuo's man, right? Where's your sister? Call her over!" Ye Wentian shouted with his hands behind his back. The man with the beard jumped down from the back of Orochi and landed in front of Ye Wentian. He looked at Ye Wentian coldly," Humph! I don't want to repeat my words!"

Ye Wentian shook his head and said in a low voice, "I'll do it!" Just as Ye Wentian finished his words, The two of them moved at the same time, so fast that they could barely be seen. The man with the beard furrowed his brows and produced a ray of white light in his hand, but. . . Before he could do anything, everything was over. He stopped all his movements and the white light in his hand turned into a katana. It looked very sharp, but with a crisp "Kacha," the katana broke into two pieces. The man with the beard had a look of disbelief in his eyes. "The Cloud of the Heavens!!!" He could not help but exclaim. However, his body still didn't move. He just stood there with the broken blade in his hand. Lee Xunhuan's figure appeared on the side of the man holding the blade. He disdainfully took out a wine pot and drank a mouthful. "It's not sturdy!" As he spoke, he even played with the flying dagger in his hand. The figure of the brush and ink appeared on the other side. "Too slow! He didn't even raise the saber. " At this moment, His Grand Apathy was placed on the neck of the man with the beard. This time, the expression on the face of the man completely changed. "You. . . Who exactly are you!! What are you doing here!?"

He knew that he was no match for his opponent! Such a sense of defeat made him collapse. He couldn't even raise his knife and was defeated by his opponent. Moreover, the heaven's dense clouds were broken just like that!! Right at this time, Orochi let out a furious roar and attacked towards the brush and ink!

Ye Wentian's eyes flashed. This snake attacked when the other party placed its weapon on Suzuo's neck. He didn't know if it wanted to save or harm Suzuo!

"F * ck!!" Bai Suzhen shouted coldly. Her body turned into a ray of colorful light and floated towards the eight arriving Orochi. Bai Suzhen's movements did not seem to be fast, but she could feel the head of the Orochi attacking from behind. Bai Suzhen had already arrived! Bai Suzhen's body turned from five colors to a ray of white light in the air, then instantly split into eight. They each found a snake head, and these white lights silently smashed onto these snake heads. The giant snake's movements suddenly stopped completely, the eight white lights also disappeared in an instant. Bai Suzhen's figure appeared once again, and she teleported back to Ye Wentian's side. "Boss, it's done!" Bai Suzhen playfully stuck out her tongue. A painful expression suddenly appeared in Orochi's eyes, starting from the snake's head. Countless white lights began to explode endlessly from within its body, "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Loud noises kept sounding out. Following the loud explosions, the body of the Orochi began to explode unceasingly. Although each explosion point wasn't very large, the wounds were very deep. Countless amounts of blood and flesh burst out from its body, and its entire body stood up. Its expression was painful, but it couldn't stop its body from exploding. What happened next was even stranger, as if there was a huge force lifting its entire body up. Its huge body exploded into the air just like that, and the white light didn't dissipate after it burst out. Instead, it wrapped around the body of the giant snake. From afar, it looked like a white snake had completely wrapped around the giant snake. "Kill?" Bai Suzhen said to Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian smiled indifferently, "Kill!"

Bai Suzhen smiled. She raised her hand and gently clenched it.

"Boom! Boom!"

Along with a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound, the body of Orochi, which was over a hundred meters long, completely exploded into a cloud of blood mist, dyeing the area within a mile in red!

Suzuo's expression was very ugly, he knew very well the power of this Orochi. He didn't expect that it would be so easily wiped out by a weak girl!! An irresistible sense of defeat instantly crushed Suzuo, but right at this moment. . . A beautiful voice came from the depths of the forest, "Release my brother!! Are you courting death!?"

The voice came from afar, and the person who came was very fast. Shangyue's figure also disappeared at this time. The woman in the forest also rushed out at this time. She arrived in front of Ye Wentian at a very fast speed. She stretched out her hand and inserted the long pitchfork into Ye Wentian who was looking forward with his hands behind his back. The people around Ye Wentian did not move. No one even turned around to look at this woman. Even Zeus and the others were too lazy to look back. They attacked Ye Wentian. They really felt like they had lived for too long!

When this woman's fork reached a meter away from Ye Wentian, she couldn't take another step forward. Her entire body froze in the air. "Eh?!" The woman looked confused. "I caught it!" Ye Wentian continued to look forward. He said indifferently. At the same time, Boom!" After a loud sound, a huge pit appeared behind Ye Wentian. The woman was lying at the bottom of the pit. There was a beautiful woman standing on her body, smiling at Ye Wentian. It was Shangyue!

The woman with the pitchfork spat out a large mouthful of blood and fainted. Zeus came to Ye Wentian's side and said, "Her name is Yue Shang, she is the younger sister of Heavenly Reflection. She is the elder sister of Xu Cong. " Then he retreated. "Tian Zhao! Now your family is in my hands. How long do you want to hide it for?! " Ye Wentian said coldly, "Humph! Who are you people?! What are you doing here?!" A female voice came from all directions. Then a beautiful woman in revealing clothes appeared in front of Ye Wentian. "You are Tian Zhao?" Ye Wentian said with a smile.

The woman looked at Ye Wentian coldly. "I am Tian Zhao! Answer my question. "

Ye Wentian slowly walked towards Tian Zhao. "My name is Ye Wentian, but this name is not something you can call. You have to call me boss! I am the leader of God Executioner Gang! I am here to collect treasures! If you have anything good, just take it out! Of course, in the future, you have to pay regularly. This way, I will ensure your safety! This is called protection fee!"

Tian Zhao coldly snorted. " What do you think this place is!? Do whatever you want?! Why should I submit to you!? "

Tian Zhao instantly understood that this person was here to rob them!

"If you don't submit, then kill him!!" At this moment, Ye Wentian had already walked in front of Tian Zhao. Tian Zhao glared at him. "How dare you!"

"Boom! Boom!!" Ye Wentian grabbed Tian Zhao's hair and threw her to the ground. He stepped on her. "F * ck! I'll f * ck you up! What's wrong?!"

Tian Zhao did not even have time to react before he nearly fainted. Blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth, and her eyes were unfocused. " I refuse to accept this!! " Ye Wentian stomped down again. "Boom! The ground began to crack.

"I refuse to accept this! I'll do it until you submit!!!"

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