God Abuser/C309 Fame I Gave It to Him You Lost Your Face!!
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God Abuser/C309 Fame I Gave It to Him You Lost Your Face!!
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C309 Fame I Gave It to Him You Lost Your Face!!

"How could this be?" Pan Gu still didn't believe that he had failed! How many years had it been?! He had never tried to fail!

Just now, when he clearly hit Ye Wentian's body, Pan Gu suddenly had a very unpleasant feeling! It was as if he had hit cotton! What happened next was even more unacceptable to him! Because he discovered that Ye Wentian had actually disappeared! Furthermore, he couldn't tell how Ye Wentian had moved!

"Impossible!" Pan Gu raised both of his hands high, and a painful expression appeared on his face. He could not accept such defeat! Ye Wentian appeared next to Shangyue. He put his hands behind his back and looked very arrogant. "I gave you face! Just give me enough! Don't think that I have a good temper!" Ye Wentian said. He gently lifted Shangyue's long hair and put it under his nose. He took a deep breath and said, "It smells good!"

Pan Gu suddenly turned around and pointed at Ye Wentian. He trembled and said, "How could this be? How could I fail?!" Black lines appeared on Ye Wentian's forehead. "I say, what's wrong with you?! Are you being unreasonable? Ah! I have to grow a brain shape, and I was born to let you cut me, right? I dodged! Can't I?"

Pan Gu's body arrived in front of Ye Wentian in a split second. Without any warning, he threw a punch at Shangyue. This time, Shangyue was unhappy. She raised her leg and turned Pan Gu into a shooting star. "Humph! Disgusting!"

In fact, Shangyue had discovered it in an instant just now. This Pan Gu only looked powerful on the surface, but he didn't have much actual strength left. If he wasn't restricted, he might be able to fight Ye Wentian a few more times. But now? Dream on!

Ye Wentian set up a small tent in front of him and looked at the sky. He couldn't help but smack his lips. "Strong. . . Your foot is really fierce. " As he spoke, Ye Wentian also gave a thumbs up to express his appreciation. Shangyue smiled and said, "It's nothing! He's too weak. "

But at this moment, Pan Gu's figure turned back. The only difference was that a footprint had appeared on his face. He looked very embarrassed. "How could this be?!" Pan Gu was dumbfounded in the air. Ye Wentian was a little impatient. "You!! Are you finished?! I was just giving you a few hits just now. I thought you were already so old. I still respect the elderly! You're proud of yourself now. You've already said what you needed to say. You're feeling good too! We've been playing with you for so long! Why aren't you satisfied yet?! "

That's right. Ye Wentian had hypnotized himself and played with him for a while. When Ye Wentian used Dragon God Mind Reasoning, he found that Pan Gu was also reading his mind, so he hypnotized himself instantly. How about. . . The sealed Pan Gu couldn't stop Ye Wentian with a single move?

Pan Gu flashed to Ye Wentian's side. "Kill me!"

Ye Wentian and Shangyue looked at each other. It was over. This Pan Gu looked like a lunatic!

"Well, you asked me to come here and say this nonsense, right? Then I'll leave! I'm so disappointed. Initially, I thought that you were looking for me for something important!"

Ye Wentian pulled Shangyue and prepared to leave. At this moment, Pan Gu flashed in front of Ye Wentian and blocked his path. "Kill me!" It was still the same sentence. Ye Wentian looked at Pan Gu coldly. "I won't kill you. I won't touch your power. It's because we still have some connections! But you'd better not challenge my limits! Do you really think I won't dare to kill you?! "

This time, Ye Wentian was truly a little angry, because he was filled with disappointment towards this legendary God of Xuanyuan. He slowly said, "You don't understand the pain in your heart when a man who originally possessed great strength turned into a trash! Other people think that I am very arrogant when I am the ruler of a region. But I know that I am a trash now. There is no difference between me and an ordinary person!"

Ye Wentian looked at Pan Gu coldly. "Hmph! Not to mention that you are not an ordinary person yet, even if you are an ordinary person, what's so bad about it?! You are still alive for the rest of your life. Why do you think so highly of yourself?! The higher your position is, the more pain you feel when you throw it down! I think you're used to seeing the world change! Why can't you just let it go?! "

Pan Gu shook his head. " But my life right now is really boring! There's no change at all. There's no power at all. There was nothing else. I want to die! Actually, the reason I called you here was to infuriate you, and then let you kill me!!"

As Pan Gu spoke, he looked like a devil! Ye Wentian raised his eyebrows. He was really looking for trouble!

"Snap!" After a loud slap, Pan Gu was completely stunned. Ye Wentian waved his hand. "I gave you face! You lost your face! You successfully infuriated me! But I won't kill you! Remember this slap!" Pan Gu's expression kept changing. As if he was having some kind of mental struggle, Ye Wentian slowly said, "Life is nothing more than a process. Just enjoy it!"

With that, Ye Wentian turned around and prepared to leave. "Wait!" Pan Gu suddenly shouted. Ye Wentian didn't stop at all. "What's the matter? Let's talk about it in a few hundred years. During this period of time, I don't want to fight anymore. I need to rest!"

This was the truth of Ye Wentian. He only wanted to travel around the world with Shangyue. The world was so big, there should be a lot of places he could go.

"What are you doing exactly?" Pan Gu shouted. Ye Wentian stopped and slowly turned around. "What's wrong? Do you want to join us?" 。。。。

A month later, another hall appeared in the God Executioner Gang. Xuan Yuan Hall, Hall Master - Pangu. Nuwa, Fuxi! As for the specifics, Pangu was in charge. He specifically found some people with special abilities from every corner of the continent to help Nuwa and Fuxi maintain the integrity of the space. Of course. . . After Ye Wentian and Shangyue finished explaining the matters in the gang, they disappeared again. However, this time, it took a very long time. . .

The shadow of the God Executioner Gang swept across the continent. Originally, it was just a joke. Ye Wentian himself did not expect that one day, the God Executioner Gang would become an existence that surpassed the Netherworld Realm in the hands of his friends!

All the Gods on the continent had to pay protection fees to the God Executioner Gang regularly. Even Zhuge Jing couldn't be bothered to calculate the amount of treasures that were piled up. Luckily, they were all given to the races created by the Gods.

Although the races that were created by the world wouldn't be affected by the God Executioner Gang, as time went by. . . Due to the existence of the God Executioner Gang, the status of other species on the road had changed. Therefore, the God Executioner Gang had become the only religion on the continent. It was more useful to believe in them than to believe in the gods! There were shrines built to worship the God Executioner Gang everywhere, and the situation was getting more and more intense, until it was out of control.

Ten years later, all the forces of the Gods disappeared and became the deployment of the God Executioner Gang.

A hundred years later, all traces of the Gods on the continent disappeared. It was as if all the gods had disappeared overnight. All of them had been gathered in a mysterious place by the God Executioner Gang. No one knew where it was. Ye Wentian had also returned at this time. Apart from Xuanyuan Tang, all the hall masters had left with Ye Wentian this time. Where had he gone? No one knew.

Three hundred years later, the human race and the other creators of the continent began to spread to every corner of the continent, forming hundreds of small nations.

Five hundred years later, all the gods returned to the races that believed in themselves. The worship of the gods began again, and every race began to worship their own gods. However, it was worth mentioning that they worshiped the God Executioner Gang. It was the same for the entire continent. . .

Seven hundred years later, the war between the gods began. What followed was the war between the various races, and the wars on the continent continued. As it fell apart, the number of Gods continued to decrease. The number of countries continued to decrease, and some countries went extinct because of the extinction of the gods they believed in. There were also some gods who left this continent with their followers, disappearing without a trace. The raging flames of war had lasted for a thousand years!

Two thousand years later! On the continent, there was only the human race left! A total of seventeen countries! The number of gods had decreased to less than 10% of the original number. It was known as the catastrophe of gods in history. Everyone said that the mastermind behind this catastrophe was the legendary Boss Ye. However, no one could confirm that. . .

Seven thousand years. The vast ocean changed into mulberry fields, and the world changed constantly. After seven thousand years, what kind of shocking change was waiting for Ye Wentian? 。。。。。

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