God Abuser/C314 In the Heavens above the Earth!!
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God Abuser/C314 In the Heavens above the Earth!!
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C314 In the Heavens above the Earth!!

And just like that, the two groups of people gathered together and slowly walked down the crowded street, Shangyue, Xiao Bai, The lethality of Fragrance and the other two girls was displayed to the extreme here. It was unknown how many idiots directly knocked themselves unconscious on the pillar. " Xuanyuan Wushang shouted. A handsome and tall bodyguard quickly came to his side. "Yes, young master. " Ye Wentian raised his eyebrows. Military. . . That's right. Only soldiers would have this kind of temperament. The military aura emitted from this person was comparable to iron and blood. "Do you know what kind of famous taste this Angel City has? I am going to invite distinguished guests today! I want the best place. " Xuanyuan Wushang said slowly. Ye Wentian laughed secretly. This kid probably wanted to bribe me. However, I really don't know where he found out that I have value! After all, ever since Ye Wentian returned to his original self, The uniqueness of his body can only be seen when he's at the level of a sector lord.

Duan Shuishui cupped his hands and said, "Then let's go to the heavens above the earth, even though it's in the Western Regions. Duan Shuishui cupped his hands and said, Then let's go to the Heavenly World. Although it's in the Western Regions, the Heavenly World is opened by us. The most famous wine there is wine brewed by the boss. I heard that a cup of wine can be sold at the price of ten thousand horses, and it's not something that can be drunk with money! We need the boss's permission. Only true heroes were worthy of a bowl of wine. Otherwise. . . I don't care if you are a relative of the royal family or a wealthy official. I can't even smell it!"

Xuanyuan Wushang raised his eyebrows. "Oh?! This is interesting! If you are not a hero, you will not be able to drink! Brother Ye, do you have the confidence to drink that heavenly wine?"

Ye Wentian teased Bixiang in his arms," Even if I can't drink it, I think you can drink it too, brother. It's good that I smell it too!"

Xuanyuan Wushang's eyes lit up. "Haha, brother, you must be joking. Let's go there! Hero of the world, World Meeting! There will be wine in today's day, and wine in today's day! "

Ye Wentian nodded his head. " Then let's go and have a look! " The group of people followed Broken Water Stream and set off towards the Heavenly World. Ye Wentian handed Bixiang to Little White to carry him. He walked slowly with his hands behind his back. Xuanyuan Wushang was right beside him. From time to time, he would whisper to Ye Wentian, "I can tell that you are an extraordinary man just by looking at my big brother. It's just that I also think that I am a good friend of the heroes of the world. Why haven't I seen someone like my big brother before? I wonder where my big brother's hometown is. " Ye Wentian thought to himself. He began to inquire about the news. "I am a country bumpkin. I don't know anything about heroes and bears. It is only happiness to live a peaceful life in a corner. " Ye Wentian said with a smile. Xuanyuan Wushang was stunned for a moment, then he smiled and said, "What a pity, big brother. This is a good time, big brother didn't think about anything else?"

Ye Wentian looked at the bustling crowd with his hands behind his back. "It's already very good. There's nothing else to think about. But I'm puzzled. How did you find out that I'm a figure? I haven't left my place in the past few decades. "

Ye Wentian wasn't lying. However, if he told them that he hadn't come out for a thousand years, he would probably scare them to death.

A trace of disappointment was revealed in Xuanyuan Wushang's eyes, but it didn't occur to him at all. "The winds and clouds are surging on the continent. Each day, there will be a change. As the saying goes, time creates heroes. Heroes can also create time! " Xuanyuan Wushang continued. Ye Wentian's eyes lit up. Hehe. Isn't the most successful example of a hero creating a new era right behind us? So what if it's created? It's still lost, isn't it?

Ye Wentian smiled. "Look at the expressions on their faces. Do you think they are happy?" Ye Wentian pointed at the people walking in front of him. Xuanyuan Wushang looked at the crowd. "Big brother, I don't want to know about the lives of these ordinary people. " Ye Wentian stopped for a moment. He glanced at Xuanyuan Wushang, then continued walking forward. "These people are all happy. Even if people like you don't care, they will still live a happy life. It had nothing to do with them who the world belonged to. If there is no war in this world. . . They could do whatever they wanted to do, and that would be happiness. . . However, sometimes, desires shouldn't be so great. One must know that what you desperately want right now. . . One day, when you really get it, you might find out. . . Actually, this is not what you want at all!! "

Xuanyuan Wushang was stunned for a moment, and then he followed Ye Wentian's footsteps. He did not speak anymore, but was thinking. He was thinking about what Ye Wentian had said. After walking for about ten minutes, they arrived at a very spacious street under the guidance of Broken Water Stream. Although there were still a lot of people here, because it was spacious, there was no crowded scene. Moreover, the shops on both sides of the street looked much more luxurious than the other streets. The people walking here were also dressed more extravagantly. Ye Wentian looked left and right. This should be the most luxurious place in the City of Angels. It seemed like the standard of consumption here should be very high.

Duan Shuishui pointed to a very large door on the right side in front of him. There was a very large sign hanging on it. "The Heavenly World is here!"

Ye Wentian looked at the words on the sign, and a thoughtful expression appeared on his face. He looked coldly at the word, which was extremely illegible and without any sense of beauty. It was like a person who couldn't write at all, but when he looked at it carefully. . . He could feel that there was a different flavor to it. This word was simply casually written. It did not care about the pattern at all. If the plaque was a horizontal piece of paper. . . The right half of the word "room" was definitely written on the table!

It was casual, free and easy!! The person who wrote this word was very open-minded. He did not write it for others to see, but for himself to see. . . There was actually such a person with such a state of mind in the mortal world!!

Ye Wentian was somewhat looking forward to this Heavenly World. "Please! Brother Ye!" Xuanyuan Wushang made an inviting gesture. Ye Wentian slowly stepped forward. The door was very big. It was very clean, and the door was wide open. However, not many people came in and out of the room. Judging from the sound, There was no noise from drinking inside, it was very quiet. Ye Wentian held his hands behind his back and stopped at the door. "Big Brother Li!"

Lee Xunhuan walked over and whispered in Ye Wentian's ear, "The protection fee for all the taverns in the continent has been handed over to the people below to collect. I don't know how much this family collects. "

Ye Wentian laughed secretly. He didn't know how much the people below had taken advantage of him, but Ye Wentian knew a thousand years ago. When the Gods collected the money from below, they didn't call it protection fee anymore, they called it tax. . .

This caused Ye Wentian to want to spurt out blood. Actually, the initial form of tax collection was actually the first form of tax collection. It was probably protection fees.

Ye Wentian nodded and walked in with his back on his back. Xuanyuan Wushang walked side by side, and the people behind him walked in one by one. At this time, a man wearing a long robe (reference Han attire) elegantly walked over. "Guests, please. My shop is not open for business today. Please come back another day!"

He made a gesture of please as he spoke. However, this gesture pointed to the outside. The meaning was very obvious. Xuanyuan Wushang's expression was not good. It seemed that he rarely got rejected like this. At this time, Duan Shuishui walked to the front and said coldly, "Who are you?"

The man in the long robe bowed respectfully and said, "I am the guest of heaven!"

Duan Shuishui shouted in a low voice, "Hand over your boss to me!!"

The man in the long robe continued to say elegantly, "Sorry, our boss has something to do today. Please come another day!!"

Broken Stream was about to flare up. "You!! Xuanyuan Wushang grabbed Broken Water Stream and said, "Forget it. We can just go to another place. I hope Brother Ye doesn't take offense. It's not that I am not a brother. It's just that I don't have a business today!" Ye Wentian smiled and said, "It's fine. "

However, Ye Wentian had a better impression of Xuanyuan Wushang. He was a shrewd man.

Just as everyone was about to leave, a roar suddenly came from the room upstairs. "F * ck! I want to buy your shop to give you face! If I snatch it from you, what else can you do?! Old bastard! You have to sell it to me today!" An aged voice sounded. "There's no point in talking anymore. Please go back. " Following which, footsteps sounded. The door of the Sky Room above opened, and a very energetic old man walked out of the room. A ferocious blond man ran out from behind them, and just after they came out. . . The doors of the surrounding rooms were instantly kicked open. Forty to fifty blond men instantly ran out from inside and surrounded the old man!

Ye Wentian's entire body trembled. It was not because of anything else! It was just that the old man was. . . He looked exactly like his drunkard uncle!

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