God Abuser/C326 Separate at This Moment It Was Forever!!
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God Abuser/C326 Separate at This Moment It Was Forever!!
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C326 Separate at This Moment It Was Forever!!

Following that, the people who rushed over were stopped by the violent cyclone and could not take another step forward. Shangyue's body was surrounded by the white light and she could not see what was inside. At this moment, the white light on Shangyue's body turned into three white lights and shot towards Ye Wentian!

These white lights were obviously very conscious. It was as if they were looking for Ye Wentian to take revenge. Ye Wentian's expression was a little absent-minded at this time. His mind was blank. The scene of Shangyue blocking the attack in front of him was the only thought in Ye Wentian's mind. It was as if his body didn't belong to him at all. He flew straight towards Ye Wentian. At this moment, the three white lights also looked for him. However, at this moment, a strong figure blocked the flying path of the white light. "Father! Don't ask! That's all I can do for you!" Shang Buwen spread his arms. With the last of his strength, he charged towards the three strong white lights without hesitation!

Ye Wentian could neither move nor speak at this time. He had completely lost control of his body. Previously, his energy had already become an arrow at the end of its flight. After the collision of the cyclone, his final strength had also disappeared. Bai Suzhen forcefully withstood the cyclone to receive Ye Wentian. With a face full of tears, she shouted loudly, "Quickly save Sister Shangyue! Quickly save her without asking!"

But no matter how hard the others tried, they could not take another step forward. The cyclone had filled the entire space. Even Nuwa and Pangu were forced to kneel on the ground by the cyclone. Shang Buwen's body disappeared completely after being hit by the white light. Everyone had lost their Qi, and the white light had vanished at the same time. However, the white light on Shangyue's side didn't dissipate. Shangyue's body was reflected in the white light. Her long hair flew up and her hands were spread open. The original Lo Bing's appearance began to slowly change and actually changed back to Shangyue's original appearance. She was still so beautiful. Her eyes were open. She looked at Ye Wentian who was saved by Bai Suzhen with deep affection and smiled. At this moment, her smile was so beautiful and quiet.

Countless tiny white light turned into a net that covered Shangyue's body. Following the lines of the white light, one could see that something was being absorbed from Shangyue's body by the white light! Lee Xunhuan frowned and said, "The white light seems to be absorbing Shangyue's energy!"

Brush and ink struggled to resist the cyclone, but their bodies could not take another step forward. "This kind of mutated energy seems to have many characteristics, including the devouring ability of the space-time crack!"

At this moment, beside the energy circle that Ye Wentian had transformed into earlier, a huge seven-colored circle of light appeared, and Liuxiang shouted, "It's the space-time turbulence!! Everyone, quickly enter the energy circle!"

But at this time, Bai Suzhen did not move. She hugged Shangyue, who had been looking at her shaking eyes with Ye Wentian, and said, "Older sister, this won't do. I have to save older sister!"

Brush and ink shouted, "No!! Now, no one could help Shangyue!! The reason Shangyue did this was to save Wentian. Go over there now! If something happened to Wentian, wouldn't Shangyue's efforts be in vain?! "

Everyone could only retreat into the energy circle. They couldn't even move left and right. When everyone entered the energy circle, everyone began to call Bai Suzhen. Because she still did not move. At this time. They did not have the ability to go out and pull Bai Suzhen back. Bai Suzhen's face was full of tears. She lowered her head to look at Ye Wentian who was in her arms. At this time, he just quietly opened his eyes. There was no expression on his face, but Bai Suzhen knew. Ye Wentian's heart was bleeding at this moment!

When people were most helpless, it was when the person they cared about left. But he couldn't do anything! Although Ye Wentian couldn't move now, his divine sense didn't stop. He could clearly feel that Shang Buwen's Qi had disappeared. At that moment. . . He really wanted to cry. Unfortunately, he didn't even have the ability to cry. His heart was trembling. He recalled what Shang Buwen had told him back then. Shangyue brought Shang Buwen up by herself and then left. He didn't ask if he had seen his father before.

So it was like this!! So they were separated like this! Shangyue helped me block this one move. All of the energy would be sucked away. This way, Shangyue would only have twenty years of life left! She wanted to be left alone here. She wanted to give birth to Shang Buwen and face life alone! Back then, she left and did not ask because she did not want to die in front of her son. It gave him hope! Ye Wentian's heart broke. He felt that he was a useless person! He could not even protect the person he loved the most!

"Little White, take Wentian and leave. " At this time, Shangyue's voice suddenly rang out in this space. The space-time turbulence also began to float in all directions. From time to time, it would devour some things. Bai Suzhen looked at Shangyue who was imprisoned by the white light in the distance and shouted, "Elder sister!! We can't leave you behind alone!!"

"Little White, listen to me. Right now, none of you can help me. My energy has basically been sucked dry. I can only mobilize this bit of energy to say the last few words to you. If you don't want me to pay my respects and sacrifice myself, then take Wentian away. "

Shangyue's voice was very calm. There was also a hint of loneliness in her voice. "Wentian. . . Seven thousand years is the happiest thing in my life to have you by my side. I will be strong and live on. I will give birth to No Inquiry and bring him up. Now, you might have thought it through. Why did I leave when I was thirteen years old. . . ?

Oh right, don't worry about No Inquiry. He disappeared because he was sent to another dimension. When he was with this white light, he could feel a place where he didn't need to ask. He went back to where he came from. Although his energy had been drained, he would not only have 20 years left to live. The devouring power of those three streaks of white light wasn't strong. . . . Don't worry, he is very good. . . Being able to stay with you for so long, I am very content. Thank you. . . For giving me so much love. . . Even though we have separated, as long as you have me in your heart. . . Thinking of me, we will always be together. . . Right, isn't my reincarnation going to marry you as well? Actually, I haven't left yet. . . Just like how you have always been by my side. I love you. . . My lover. . . "

Shangyue's voice completely disappeared. At this time, the turbulent flow of space and time rushed towards Bai Suzhen and Ye Wentian. Now Bai Suzhen had to make a choice. Otherwise, she and Ye Wentian would be lost in space and time. Bai Suzhen took a deep look at them. Sister Shangyue. . . . I'm sorry. . . "

Bai Suzhen let the tears run down her face as she used her last bit of strength to bring Ye Wentian back to the energy circle. It was also at this moment that the space-time turbulence crashed into the energy circle they were in.

"Boom! The entire space trembled. Everyone surrounded Bai Suzhen and helped her to lift the motionless Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian's head was facing Shangyue's direction. The turbulent space-time flow tore the space apart and swallowed their energy circle. Then the space began to slowly merge.

Shangyue's beautiful face slowly disappeared as the space-time crack merged. Shangyue's beautiful eyes, which were crying tears, were forever in Ye Wentian's heart. They parted at this moment. At this moment, longing turned into eternal longing.

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