God Abuser/C342 Chaotic Storm Not Human!!
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God Abuser/C342 Chaotic Storm Not Human!!
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C342 Chaotic Storm Not Human!!

Ye Wentian walked to Yue Bai with a smile and shook her hand. "My name is Ye Tian. I am here to save you. " Yue Bai asked curiously, "May I ask how you saw through my identity? I think my transformation is perfect!"

Ye Wentian pointed at his head and smiled, "Sometimes, when you look at things, you either see it with your eyes or it's real. I have to use my senses to look at it, but when I see your information, I think. . . Why don't you have a photo of yourself? This kind of situation is very rare. After all, other than hacking skills, Your identity is also quite ordinary, so there is only one explanation. Your appearance often changes, and also. . . My ears are very good, I heard you make a phone call upstairs. . . That's why I'm sure you're Yue Bai. "

Yue Bai smiled bitterly. "It seems like this place is magical. I'm not the only one!"

Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian were both shocked. This was because Ye Tian could actually hear the phone in the building.

Yue Bai quietly looked into Ye Wentian's eyes and was silent for a while. "I believe you. "

Ye Wentian nodded. "I'm afraid we can't go out from the door anymore. There were other doors in this building. "

Yue Baiyao shook her head. No. Can't I change my form and walk out? There aren't many people like you who can see through me, right?"

Yue Bai was very confident in her transformation. Ye Wentian shook his head and said," There are some people outside who can definitely see through you. They seem to have some special abilities just like you. "

Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian stood aside in a daze, because this was the first time they had met someone with special abilities in their mission. Usually, when there was such a situation, the reverse scale wouldn't be used to deal with it. At this time, the task would be handed over to the people of Dragon Group. Dragon Group is the most mysterious organization in China. It is said that the people there have special abilities. "What do we do now?" Renjian Wudi didn't dare to underestimate Ye Wentian anymore. He felt that this man definitely had abilities that he didn't expect. Ye Wentian smiled. "No Dao? Then it will be troublesome. Let's dig a hole and get out of here. " Ye Wentian said it very easily. Liu Zinian immediately squatted on the ground and touched the hard cement floor. He looked at Ye Wentian with a strange look. Renjian Wudi stamped his foot on the ground. "This floor is very hard. Besides. . . We don't have any tools! When we break through the ground, I think the people outside will come in countless times. "

Yue Bai also looked at Ye Wentian with a strange expression. He also felt that it was basically impossible to dig a hole out now. Ye Wentian spread out his hands and said, "That's why one must have imagination. One cannot be so rigid and invincible when doing everything. Tell all the members of the team to quickly withdraw from this place and move freely. Notify the gathering location separately. "

Renjian Wudi was stunned for a moment, and then immediately relayed the order. Ye Wentian stretched his body and said, "I hope this building is strong enough. It won't be good if it collapses. "

After saying that, he waved his hand in the air, and the next scene that Yue Bai and the other two would never forget appeared! A huge pit with a diameter of two meters appeared on the ground! It was pitch black inside!

Countless whirlpools were spreading out from the hole, but there was no dirt or stones flying out. The soil and stones inside seemed to have vaporized in an instant! What was even more terrifying was that the ground did not even tremble! It was as if Ye Wentian had created a hole in the ground out of thin air. The three of them looked at Ye Wentian in surprise. Ye Wentian snappily said to the three of them, "Now is not the time to be in a daze. All of you, go in!

Liu Zinian took the lead and went into the hole. He found that the hole was diagonally deep into the ground. A small slope appeared in front of him. He slowly walked in. He touched the wall with his hand. It was very smooth. After years of training, he knew that such a hole. . . This Ye Tian. . .

Next, Renjian Wudi and Yue Bai entered the cave one after another. Ye Wentian was the last to enter, but just as he was about to enter the cave, he suddenly made a seemingly unintentional move and pointed backwards with his finger. Then, he entered the cave. When he entered the cave, the cave miraculously closed!

It was as if the wound had healed, and even the cement ground had merged together. The corridor instantly quieted down. It was impossible to tell that there were people here just now, nor could there be any marks on the ground. Three seconds after the hole disappeared, a group of foreigners dressed like tourists walked into the corridor. They were stunned when they entered. A tall man with blond hair and blue eyes said curiously, "Falcons reported ten seconds ago that the three of them met a person who could transform in the building. It should be that Yue Bai! Why is there no one else now!"

Beside them, a very plump brown-haired beauty whispered to the watch in her hand, "Falcons, falcons! Confirm target location. . . . Falcons, falcons. "

He called a few times, but this watch shaped walkie-talkie didn't respond at all. "Captain! Could something have happened to the falcons!?" A bald man looked around and said. The blond man's eyes revealed a trace of malice. "Impossible! He's in the National Trade Center one kilometer away! No one will know where he is hiding. Let's go out first and continue to call. "

The woman heard the blond man's words and continued to carefully call out to her watch. However, when the bald man just walked to the door, His body suddenly stopped and he stopped at the door. "Charles?" The blond man strangely shouted, "There's. . . An ambush. . . " The bald man turned around. His chest had already been dyed red with blood! Following that, his body began to shake violently! Within a second. . . His body was turned into a sieve by the bullets!

The outside was already in chaos. Gunshots were heard from time to time, and the bald man directly fell to the ground. Without any breath left, the blond man shouted, "Go upstairs!!"

Everyone quickly ran to the corridor. It was obvious that they were stupid to take the elevator at the back. "That bastard Falcon! Let him set up a fire blockade!" The blond man pulled out his gun as he roared. At this moment. . . Having a sniper who looked down from above meant that his survival rate had increased by at least ten points. However, at the top of the National Trade Building one kilometer away, an anti-equipment sniper rifle was placed on the edge of the building. A female voice was heard from a pager, "Falcons! Falcons! Please answer! We need firepower support!"

A man's hand was placed beside the pager, as if he wanted to grab it, but he would never be able to do it, because this man's head had already been pierced through! Fresh blood gushed out from that bloody hole. . .

Ye Wentian and the rest had been walking underground for a long time now. The tunnel was flat, as if it led to somewhere. Renjian Wudi finally could not hold it in anymore. He stopped and leaned against the wall of the tunnel. He looked at Ye Wentian and said, "Didn't you dig this tunnel a long time ago?"

He believed that this tunnel was built by this man with a wave of his hand. He wouldn't believe it even if he was beaten to death. Ye Wentian smiled and stopped. "That's why I said people should have some imagination. I'm not so bored as to build a tunnel ahead of time. In fact, I'm doing this for you guys. If you start fighting with those people outside, I'm afraid something will happen to you guys who dream of being martyrs every day. I will definitely do my job well! If you guys are fine, you will give me less trouble! Understand? "

Renjian Wudi looked at Ye Wentian in a daze. " Who are you? . . . No, wait, are you really a person or not?"

Ye Wentian shrugged. "I don't know. I really can't answer this question!

To be honest, I lost my memory. Right now, I don't even know who I am. " 。。。。

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