God Abuser/C347 Japanese Ninja!!
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God Abuser/C347 Japanese Ninja!!
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C347 Japanese Ninja!!

After Ye Wentian and the other two took care of the security guards, they continued to walk in. In front of them was a very large square. The square was surrounded by European sculptures and scenic greenery. In the middle was a huge fountain. Behind the square was the teaching building of International School. . .

It was an unusually luxurious office building! It had about ninety floors. If it wasn't for the fact that this was a place, most people would think that this was a business center!!

Ye Wentian walked slowly on the square and observed his surroundings. Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian lowered their heads and followed behind Ye Wentian, because they felt that they were thieves. In fact, that was true! However, their clothes clearly did not match the environment here! Not to mention anything else, even the pair of slippers on their feet almost made Renjian Wudi break down!

"Master Ye, Brother Ye! We should do something now! We can't be like this, like a tour!! " Renjian Wudi said in a low voice. Ye Wentian smiled. "How much time do we have left?"

Liu Zinian looked at his watch. "About ten minutes. "

Ye Wentian nodded. "Let's go to the first place. Let's get down to business first before visiting. "

Renjian Wudi was speechless. He really wanted to tour around! Liu Zinian walked to the front and took out a miniature notebook. He stared at the screen and walked forward quickly. Ye Wentian followed behind with his hands behind his back. At this time, the International School was still in class. Therefore, there was no one outside. The three of them passed through the empty square just like that. "The auditorium is on the 45th floor of the International Building. There are 18 high-speed elevators there. " Liu Zinian put the notebook away as he walked. Ye Wentian smiled. "I wonder where this group of people will be. I'm looking forward to it!"

Liu Zinian and Renjian Wudi looked at Ye Wentian with an expression that said, "You are a pervert. " The three of them walked to the front door of the building. At this moment, the door was tightly shut. More than forty armed security guards had appeared inside the building. They raised their guns and aimed at them through the glass. What Ye Wentian and the others had done had obviously been transmitted through the solid system, which was why the security guards were prepared. Ye Wentian smiled and looked at the nervous security guards behind the glass door. "Their brains aren't very useful, are they?"

Renjian Wudi also smiled. "Yes! The glass door of International School must be bulletproof. Is it useful for them to aim at it like this?"

Liu Zinian also laughed, but he did not wait for the three of them to be pleased with themselves!

The gun rang! The glass door in front of them shattered into countless pieces in an instant, shooting out in all directions. More than forty tongues of flame crazily rushed towards Ye Wentian and the others!

"Dadadada!" Gunshots were heard continuously. Bullets kept pouring down like they were free. Renjian Wudi felt that he had died countless times. He never thought that the glass door of such a luxurious school in International School was just an ordinary one. He was only stunned for a moment before he realized that something was wrong. He was still standing there, but he had never been hit. According to the density of the bullets, it was rare for him to be killed fifty times.

There was a moment when he and Liu Zinian both thought that they were dead! The gunshots stopped 30 seconds later. More than 40 security guards took off their empty magazines, but they stopped halfway. They were petrified!

Because in their minds, the three people in front of them who were wearing flowery clothes should have already turned into sieves. But! The three of them were still standing in front of them without a single scratch on their bodies. In fact, they hadn't even moved at all!

"Can you even hold a gun with this kind of spear skill?" Ye Wentian looked disappointed. Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian were examining their bodies. It was unbelievable! They were really unharmed!

Ye Wentian walked in with his hands behind his back. "Make way!"

Ye Wentian said arrogantly as he walked.

In fact, it was not that they had not moved. It was just that they did not move in the eyes of the security guards. Ye Wentian took Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian away from where they were at the moment of the gunshot. They took a lot of space. When the bullets stopped, Ye Wentian took them back to where they were. Then they went further away. It was just that it was too fast. Even the two people involved did not have time to react.

The security guards quickly retreated together. As they retreated, they changed into new magazines. Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Aim at each other!"

After he said this, a magical scene appeared. All the security guards were facing each other or facing each other with their guns pointed at each other's heads. They were all shocked because at this moment, they realized that they had completely lost control of their bodies. It was as if there had always been a very powerful force in the outside world that made them unable to control their bodies. As long as they resisted this force a little, their fingers would be able to get closer to the trigger!

Ye Wentian waved his fingers at these people. "You better not try to break free, otherwise you will kill the other party! I am definitely not joking! If you want to try! Although. . . "

After saying that, Ye Wentian walked over to the security guards. Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian followed behind Ye Wentian in surprise. Looking at the strange scene around them, they only felt cold air coming from the back of their necks. More than 40 people were subdued just like that.

Ye Wentian and the other two walked into an elevator. This elevator was very big. It was surrounded by splendid decorations and looked very magnificent. At this time, elegant music was playing in the elevator, but it did not fit Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian's current mood. "You two should relax a little too. " Ye Wentian said with a laugh. Renjian Wudi sighed. "I used to think I was very strong. But if I stay with you for a while longer, my confidence will be completely gone. It seems like there are still many things in this world that we don't understand! "

Ye Wentian smiled. "It's good that you can understand this principle! As long as you can understand this point, you still have room for improvement. "

Renjian Wudi's eyes lit up. "Great Master! Why don't you take me as your disciple?!"

Although Renjian Wudi had yet to fully understand Ye Wentian's means, when he saw this, he felt that Ye Wentian was like a god. Ye Wentian smiled.

"You won't be able to learn my things! Although I lost my memory, I know that these skills in my body can't be mastered overnight! However, when I go back this time, I need to make you stronger, so that I won't have to go through so much trouble all the time! Actually, your strength is quite good for normal people! But now, it seems like. . . Sometimes, your missions will come into contact with things that are neither human nor superhuman. "

Liu Zinian and Renjian Wudi nodded in agreement. At this time, the elevator stopped. The 45th floor had arrived. The elevator door slowly opened. Outside the elevator was the auditorium!

This auditorium was decorated very extravagantly, but it did not seem to be vulgar at all. This proved that the designer was a very tasteful person. This auditorium was ridiculously large, but even if it was so large, Ye Wentian walked out of the elevator with his hands behind his back and slowly scanned his surroundings. Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian also followed him out. There was no one in the auditorium. Liu Zinian and Renjian Wudi looked at each other and were about to move separately when Ye Wentian suddenly said in a deep voice, "Don't separate. They are right here. Humph! They just used a special method to hide themselves. "

Ye Wentian took a step forward and shouted," Get out here! "

Ye Wentian's voice did not sound like anything to Renjian Wudi and the others. However, wherever the sound wave went, it created ripples, and even the space was shattered!

Some of them were wearing black tights and had their faces covered. The people with knives on their backs fell to the ground in these ripples, as if they were dragged out of the air. Renjian Wudi looked at the men in black who suddenly appeared in front of him and said in a deep voice, "Ninjas of Japan. . . "

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