God Abuser/C348 Ninja Then Bear with It for Me!!
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God Abuser/C348 Ninja Then Bear with It for Me!!
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C348 Ninja Then Bear with It for Me!!

Ye Wentian had read about the history of Japan on his computer. This small island country had an irreconcilable grudge with Huaxia. Originally, the magnanimity of Huaxia had even forgiven what they had done to Huaxia. However, these bastards were becoming more and more shameless. They twisted history and praised the invasion!

In short, even if Ye Wentian lost his memory, Ninjas were a unique type of warrior in this country. They had strange skills, specialized in assassinations and espionage. It was said that real ninjas were rarely seen among the people. This kind of power was used by the country. The nature is not much different from the reverse scale. Right now, these ninjas are able to hide themselves in the air. They were all professional ninjas! And most likely, they were all high level ninjas. It was also possible that they were high level ninjas!

Their appearance was the same as Japan's instructions! Of course, they would not admit it! Ye Wentian felt annoyed when he saw these vulgar looking ninjas in front of him.

These ninjas weren't in a good situation either. After they landed on the ground, most of the ninjas knelt on the ground and spat out a lot of blood. It seemed that Ye Wentian had injured them with just one shout. If it wasn't for the fact that they were afraid of hurting the Inverted Scale, Ye Wentian could have killed them all with a shout!

A short ninja walked to the front and stared at Ye Wentian fiercely with his dark eyes. It seemed that his rank was not too bad. At least now it seemed that his injury was not very serious. "Who are you?!"

This person spoke very stiffly in Huaxia, as if his throat was stuffed with chicken feathers. It was only at this moment that Renjian Wudi remembered that their faces were covered with cloth. Even if their faces were not covered, they probably would not have thought that they were the reverse scale!

Ye Wentian pointed at the short ninja and said with a smile, "Robbery!" Ye Wentian's words caused the entire hall to fall into silence.

The ninjas did not have time to react. They did not think that. . . Ye Wentian had originally wanted to go up and kill them all, but he had just done a secret investigation. He discovered that the reverse scale that was caught was not in this room, so he could only fart first. He wanted to see if he could get any news. If not, He could only catch some ninjas to "ask. "

The ninja was stunned. He didn't know what to do with the current situation. Normally, if he met such a madman, he would just kill him. However, the man in front of him broke their ninjutsu the moment he came in. He even injured almost all the people here. This was definitely not an ordinary madman. "What do you want!?" The ninja continued to speak in his stiff Huaxia language.

"Any organ in your body. " Ye Wentian said very calmly, and the ninjas instantly gathered in one place. Together, they formed an offensive formation towards Ye Wentian and the others. "Sir, Do you want money? If you want money, I can give it to you! One million is not enough! No! Ten million is not enough!" The leader of the ninjas continued. Right now, he really did not want to offend this disastrous star in front of him. He was also thinking rapidly in his heart. He wanted to think of a way to deal with these three unknown people. Ye Wentian spread out his hands. "It's a pity, although I also like money. However, compared to money. . . I like your organs more. Stop talking nonsense. I still have a lot of things to do, each of you leave an organ behind. Today's matter is over. "

Renjian Wudi and Liu Zinian looked at Ye Wentian in puzzlement. They both felt that this man's way of doing things was really strange. Why didn't he just fight them?

The ninja's face turned serious. " I knew you guys weren't ordinary robbers! I did not expect that not only did we encounter the reverse scale today, we also encountered the famous Dragon Group!!"

This shorty directly treated Ye Wentian and the rest as members of Dragon Group because he knew that in China, only Dragon Group's people had some very mysterious cultivation techniques. Although he didn't know how Ye Wentian broke their ninjutsu just now, he must have used a very special method. Who else could it be if it wasn't Dragon Group!

Ye Wentian smiled. "I didn't expect you to be so smart! You were able to see through my identity in an instant! Impressive! Impressive! Alright then, I want to ask you something. If you give me a good answer, I can consider letting you go. " The shorty looked at Ye Wentian, who was laughing arrogantly. He wanted to rip Ye Wentian into pieces, but he had no confidence in it at all. Therefore, he only wanted to send this malefic away as soon as possible.

"Speak!" The shorty said hatefully.

Ye Wentian slowly walked towards the battle formation formed by hundreds of ninjas with his hands behind his back. "I heard you guys caught some people. Can you tell me where you hid these people?"

Ye Wentian stopped 15 meters away from the formation. The shorty looked hesitant and shouted, "I don't know what you are talking about! We have been staying here the whole time. We didn't catch anyone! "

Ye Wentian's eyes were cold. "Wrong answer!"

As soon as Ye Wentian finished his words, the ten people standing at the back of the ninja formation suddenly hugged their heads and shouted. Three seconds later, their heads suddenly exploded into a bloody mist and scattered on the ground.

"You!!!" The shorty's body trembled. He was a little afraid because he had no idea how this man in front of him killed his people!

"What you! What are you doing here? Touring? Your mouth is really hard!!!" Ye Wentian said and raised a hand. He faced the shorty and raised his hand. The shorty's body floated up, and his eyes were filled with shock. His hands and feet were waving wildly in the air. The other ninjas saw the abnormality in their heads and rushed forward. They tried to pull this shorty down from the sky, but whoever touched the shorty's body. . . Layers of bloody mist instantly dyed the space blood-red. The others also reacted at this time and scattered to the sides. They were afraid that their leader would touch their bodies. . .

The shorty floated helplessly into the air three meters high. Ye Wentian stretched out his right hand and clenched it bit by bit. "Aren't you a ninja? Don't you know how to endure!? I will crush your bones bit by bit. Just bear with it and watch!!"

As Ye Wentian's fingers slowly closed, the shorty's body began to distort. Renjian Wudi felt as if the shorty was being grabbed by a huge hand, and the hand was slowly closing.

A strange sound came from the shorty's body. Liu Zinian knew it. This sound was the sound of human bones cracking. He looked at Ye Wentian in front of him in a daze. He couldn't help but feel puzzled. This person usually gave off an easy-going feeling. However, when he became cold, it was as if he had changed into a different person! It was as if the opponent in his eyes was not a person, but an ant!

Ye Wentian loosened his grip a little, and the shorty's body returned to its original form. However, from the blood that flowed out of his mouth, it could be seen that his injuries were very serious. Ye Wentian smiled and slowly closed his hand again, but this time it was even slower than the last time. The entire hall echoed with the strange sound of the short man's bones cracking, and because of Ye Wentian's control, This short man even had the right to wail when he was killed!

From the short man's gradually losing gaze, it could be seen that he was absolutely in pain right now!

Ye Wentian's lips curved into a perfect arc, "Bear with it now!"

Ye Wentian let go of his palm. The short-haired guy suddenly lost his support in the air and hit the ground hard. His expression was extremely twisted. His mouth suddenly opened and a miserable scream echoed in the empty hall. "Ah! !~~~~~~~~~~~!”

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