God Abuser/C367 Officials and Bandits Colluded However He Was Plotted Against!
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God Abuser/C367 Officials and Bandits Colluded However He Was Plotted Against!
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C367 Officials and Bandits Colluded However He Was Plotted Against!

The plane slowly landed in a remote airport, This airport was 200 kilometers away from the original destination, the Capital Airport.

The voice of the command center came from the communicator in the driver's seat, "Flight 210, report your location. The command center lost your coordinates three minutes ago. Please report your location. "

The captain turned off the communicator helplessly. Renjian Wudi had placed the gun on his head at this moment, giving him no choice. Ye Wentian walked in from the cabin behind and said, "Have you landed? En, not bad. "

Renjian Wudi turned around and said to Ye Wentian, "This airport seems to be an abandoned military airport. It seems that they have planned this for a long time. "

Ye Wentian smiled and looked at the abandoned track outside. He said indifferently, "Next, we are waiting for a good show to take place. " 。。。

About ten minutes later, four military vehicles flew over. They stopped next to the aircraft and a middle-aged man in a colonel uniform jumped down from it. He looked up at the plane in front of him and couldn't help but smile. With a wave of his hand, about ten soldiers got off the four military vehicles. They were all armed to the teeth and lined up in a row in front of the airplane.

Ye Wentian walked to the side of the cabin door and waved at the flight attendant. "You, come over and open the door!"

The flight attendant was stunned for a moment before she quickly ran over. Her fragile nerves had basically collapsed at this moment. The flight attendant swiftly opened the door's brake. The hatch opened just like that, and sunlight shone in from outside. Ye Wentian tied the rope that he found from the bags of the four dead terrorists to the side of the hatch and threw it down.

Two of the soldiers immediately ran out and caught the rope, then tied it to the ground. The Colonel took the lead and grabbed the rope and climbed up. It seemed that the Colonel's constitution was quite good. He didn't even catch his breath as he climbed up. He grabbed the hatch and jumped into the cabin. When he saw Ye Wentian, a strange expression appeared on his face. However, he didn't say anything. He walked straight inside. "Where's the fox?"

The colonel walked into the aisle. At this time, the passengers in the cabin had basically stopped thinking. When they saw the soldiers coming up, they even held a trace of hope. But now, reality had completely destroyed them. The collusion of the government officials was the common thought in everyone's hearts.

"I'm right here, right?" A person stood up from his seat. The Colonel saw his appearance and smiled. "Why did your subordinates change?"

The person who stood up was Yue Bai, who had changed into the appearance of a Huaxia person. Yue Bai walked over and shook hands with the Colonel. "Those former subordinates are too stupid. Now, let's change to some clever ones. This will be good for the next operation. How many people did Director Zhang bring this time? "

Yue Bai didn't know how Ye Tian found out about the plan of these robbers. However, he believed that listening to Ye Tian's words was absolutely right. "Sixteen people, they are all loyal and direct subordinates. They don't have any family concerns. This time, they are going to make everyone rich. "

Yue Bai smiled. He looked at Ye Wentian, who was standing at the cabin door, and turned his head. He said to Director Zhang, "Your people need to be quick. We still have ten minutes. During this period of time, we have to refuel this plane. Our electronic shielding can only last until this limit. "

Director Zhang smiled. "No problem. These people are all elites. Their movements are very swift. " Yue Bai waved his hand at Renjian Wudi in the driver's seat. Renjian Wudi pushed the gun forward again. "Open the fuel tank!" The captain did as he was told.

Ten minutes later, the sixteen soldiers all arrived at the cabin. The cabin door closed and the plane flew up again. Director Zhang walked to the side of a bespectacled middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was hugging his head and lying on the back of the chair in front of him. Director Zhang patted the middle-aged man's shoulder. "Thank you, Mr. Xie. I didn't expect to be hijacked on an ordinary flight. Hello. My name is Zhang Xiaojin. Shouldn't we get to know each other?! After all, you are our God of Wealth!"

The middle-aged man sat up straight and quietly looked at Zhang Xiao Jin, who had gotten carried away by his success. He sighed. " Money is not a problem. As long as you don't hurt me, my family will give you a satisfactory answer!"

Zhang Xiaojin clapped his hands. "You are indeed the richest man in China. You are really generous with your words! I like your personality! "

The middle-aged man coldly snorted, "Xie Dingchang has experienced ups and downs in his life. I didn't expect that he would flip over your ship here. "

Zhang Xiaojin's smile instantly disappeared. "You mean to say that we were caught in a trap? But that's nothing! As long as we have money! So what if we are grandchildren?"

Xie Dingchang snorted and turned to look at Ye Wentian, who was standing at the door. His eyes revealed a trace of doubt," Maybe you guys have also failed. Maybe. "

Zhang Xiaojin did not understand what Xie Dingchang meant. However, the feeling of being in control of the situation had made him lose his ability to calm down and make judgments. He turned around and walked towards Yue Bai. "Fox, it seems that we can open champagne to celebrate. We will be completely safe when we reach TW. "

Yue Bai smiled. "Okay! We should open champagne to celebrate and let our brothers come over!"

Ye Wentian stood at the entrance of the cabin. In front of him were sixteen soldiers. This space seemed a little cramped. Those soldiers all had expressionless faces.

Ye Wentian smiled and said to them, "Brothers, In the future, we are all grasshoppers tied up together. We have to be more intimate!" One of the warriors looked coldly at Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian smiled and looked deeply at the warrior.

At this moment, Zhang Xiaojin suddenly waved his hand at the soldiers standing at the door. The fifteen soldiers suddenly turned their guns and aimed at the soldier who looked coldly at Ye Wentian. The soldier showed a trace of surprise on his face. "I knew something was wrong with you! But I have no choice but to bring you to this plane! Now, you can take out the tracking device on your body!"

Zhang Xiao Jin walked over and said coldly. The warrior had a complicated expression on his face, and then he took off a button. "When did you know?" The warrior asked.

Zhang Xiao Jin coldly snorted, "You don't need to know. " After saying that, he raised his hand, and all the warriors prepared to pull the trigger.

At this moment, Renjian Wudi suddenly appeared next to Zhang Xiao Jin and placed his gun on Zhang Xiao Jin's head. "Put the spears down! You bunch of scum!"

The situation suddenly changed. Everyone was stunned. Ye Wentian, who was standing behind them, crossed his arms and smiled. "Didn't you hear him ask you to put the guns down?"

The fifteen warriors looked at each other in dismay. Finally, they put down the gun. Zhang Xiao Jin's face instantly changed dramatically. He shouted loudly, "Fox! What are you doing!?"

Yue Bai walked in front of Zhang Xiao Jin and said with a smile, "I didn't do anything to you! What does it have to do with me? "

Zhang Xiao Jin narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at Yue Bai. "Fox, you want to eat black? Don't forget! What was our agreement! Without me, even if the plane reaches TW, they won't let you land! At that time, the plane will fall into the sea! No one can escape!"

Yue Bai waved his hand," Who said I'm going to TW? We are now flying to the capital! Although the plane is a little late, they have no reason not to let us land! "

Zhang Xiaojin was stunned for a moment before he shouted," Are you crazy? Flying to the capital is like walking into a trap! Once the plane lands, you can forget about flying! I think you know better than me what kind of crime it is to hijack a plane!!"

Yue Bai smiled and raised his hand to give Zhang Xiao Jin a slap. " F * ck! The one who looks down on the most is someone like you! The motherland has nurtured you. Have I hijacked an aircraft? Stop joking! It's you all! Now that I've captured all of you, it won't make sense if the government doesn't give me the Good Citizen Award. "

Zhang Xiao Jin looked at Yue Bai and was at a loss for words. In his mind, he thought that this "fox" had gone completely crazy. . .

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