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God Abuser/C389 You Are Not Worthy!
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C389 You Are Not Worthy!

At this moment, Su Xiaobei, who was sitting next to him, suddenly said, "Brother Ye Tian just said he was a welder. I wonder what this welder is doing? How much can he earn? You have a beautiful woman now. If you don't have the money, it will be very difficult to keep a beautiful woman's heart. " When Su Lil Bei said these words, he had a very strong sense of superiority. Ye Wentian smiled. "Ah! Wherever you need it, go and do your work. It was boring to say it in detail. It was just a skilled worker. The income should be about 500 yuan a month. The boss still owes us wages, but it is said that Waner's income is very good. So I won't have to be so tired in the future. It's really not bad. It's really not bad. "

Ye Wentian's tone now sounded like that of a farmer who had just entered the city.

Su Waner lowered her head and smiled secretly. She felt that her stomach was hurting. Su Lil Bei was stunned by Ye Wentian's words. He then said in surprise, "Shouldn't men give women happiness? How can you live with women?"

Ye Wentian took a bite of the food Su Waner gave him and wiped his mouth in a gentlemanly manner. He smiled and said, "The happiness and life you speak of are two different things. Giving a woman happiness doesn't necessarily mean giving her a lot of money. If money is used to measure happiness, then your woman is more like a whore in your heart. . . I can bring her happiness. To be able to accompany her to slowly grow old, this is her happiness. . . She only wants a man who truly loves her, not a man who only knows how to use money to brush her off. It's not a bad thing that my woman is more capable than me when it comes to earning money. In the end, it's still not as much as an hour. I might as well spend the rest of my time thinking about how to satisfy all of her requests. . . "

Ye Wentian's words stunned everyone present. Liu Ruoshui raised an item that looked like a bear paw and said in a daze," In this world, the only thing that looks like a bear paw is a bear paw. How can there be such a shameless man?"

At this time, Chen Xiaochun also looked at his happy face with a puzzled look. Su Waner, who was about to faint, did not understand why Su Waner, who was a proud son of heaven, would like such a man. . . It seems to be a pretty boy. . .

The people on the opposite side all revealed a look of disdain. Su Lil Bei coldly snorted, "What Brother Ye Tian said was an excuse given by a man who did not succeed. "

Ye Wentian sneered, "Is that so? Then let me ask you, comrade Lil Bei, what kind of man is a successful man?"

With a face full of all kinds of money, he said, "Simple, six words. Rich! Rich! Rich!"

Su Lil Bei nodded his head. "Although it's very common to say it, it's actually like this. "

Ye Wentian smiled. "Oh, why does money mean success? I don't understand. "

Sun Shengxiong snorted in disdain. "Of course you don't understand, because you don't understand the world of a successful man. The world is now very peaceful. In this peaceful world, Heroes are people who can control a huge amount of wealth. Men always have the plot of a hero. As long as you make a huge amount of money, you can have everything you want. Anything, power can be defeated by money. Although my words are a bit of money, the world is just like this. . . I am the superior, I have no money! You are the inferior one. It is very fair, isn't it? Just like Waner, a perfect girl. She is only suitable to marry Jin Shaoqian, not you! "

Now, Sun Shengxiong had basically completely erupted. He looked at Ye Wentian aggressively, his eyes full of provocation. He was used to being in a superior position. This kind of suppression was his game, an adult game.

Ye Wentian smiled faintly, "Bullshit. . . " Ye Wentian and the long-haired beauty sitting beside him actually said the same word at the same time. Instantly, everyone looked over. Ye Wentian turned his body to look at the beauty. The beauty also looked at Ye Wentian at this time, her eyes containing a trace of encouragement. But the time was very short.

Sun Shengxiong was petrified. He didn't expect that someone would be so straightforward with his face, including the woman he liked. Just as he was about to flare up, the long-haired beauty spoke, "According to what you said, what does Iron Blood Judge count as?"

This woman's voice was so loud that everyone felt suffocated again. The woman continued to speak plainly, "The so-called wealth and other things are just trash. Who here can make people worship him for thousands of years and not dare to forget him? Who can do anything? Who can destroy three countries for his friends? Who can fight all the gods and buddhas for his woman?!"

The long-haired beauty's voice echoed in the room. There was not a single sound in the room. The long-haired woman sneered, "No, is that so? Since you don't have it, then don't talk about success here. What hero, you don't deserve it! You really don't deserve it!! "

After saying these words, the long-haired beauty lowered her head and continued reading, ignoring everyone else.

Chen Bin, who was sitting across from her, said with a gloomy expression, "The things you said are indeed impossible, but what I want to say is. . . Iron Blood Judge is just a legend from a thousand years ago. What he did was merely the imagination of the world. I don't believe that anyone can do so many unimaginable things. We are all adults. Who would believe in legends? Putting aside everything else, Ye Wentian had a great battle with Er-Lang God and Tathagata during his wedding. Has anyone seen a god before? Does a god really exist? This is just a fabrication. "

After Chen Bin finished speaking, the surrounding people nodded their heads. The long-haired beauty did not even raise her head. It was as if she did not even bother to speak to Chen Bin. But at this time, Su Waner spoke, "You don't have the right to judge Iron Blood Judge! Do you know what kind of person he is? Do you know how much he has done for his friend and lover? Do you know how much he has sacrificed? These are just things that you can't do, but it doesn't mean that Iron Blood Judge can't do it! Use what you just said! You will never understand the real world of men!"

Su Waner's tone was very stiff. Clearly, she was really angry. This made everyone stunned. What was she doing? It seemed that everyone had started to fire at Ye Tian. Why did it become a discussion about Iron Blood Judge later on?

Sun Shengxiong quickly stepped forward to mediate the situation. "Forget it. Let's talk less. For a person who has died a thousand years ago, there is no need to fight here anymore, right?"

After he said that, two women stood up at the same time. One was Su Waner and the other was a long-haired beauty. Their expressions were very cold. "Sorry, I can't stay here anymore. This place makes me feel very uncomfortable. "

The long-haired beauty said. Su Waner also had the same expression. Sun Shengxiong immediately panicked and hurriedly waved his hand. "Don't! I said it wrong! Actually, I also admire Iron Blood Judge. But let's not talk about this topic now, okay? Give me some face, even if you don't give me any face. For the sake of giving you some incense, I'll give you some. "

The long-haired beauty's eyes revealed a thoughtful look and then she sat down. Sun Shengxiong looked at Su Waner with a bitter face. "My good sister, don't play with me, okay? Sit down. Let's not talk about this anymore. Let's eat. Don't be angry. "

Ye Wentian nodded at Su Waner. Su Waner also sat down. After such a storm, the rich kids on the opposite side were no longer in the mood to continue bombarding Ye Wentian. Everyone was eating quietly. Sun Shengxiong looked at the long-haired beauty later. He looked at Su Waner and could not help but smile bitterly. At this time, Ye Wentian was interested in the woman beside him. He thought about how he came back from that era. Perhaps he really knew Iron Blood Judge. This woman seemed to know Iron Blood Judge very well. It was not bad to hear Iron Blood Judge's story.

"What book are you reading? You are so focused. " Ye Wentian smiled and asked the woman beside him. The woman did not raise her head and slowly said, "God Crusher!"

Ye Wentian asked curiously, "What kind of book is it? What is the content?"

The woman continued, "It's an online novel. It talks about Iron Blood Judge and Ye Wentian. "

Ye Wentian was stunned for a moment. "An online novel? I heard that it was basically fabricated. "

The woman raised her head and looked at Ye Wentian. "The rest is, this book is not. It is written very well. This author seems to really know Iron Blood Judge. There are records like history, and there are also parts that are not recorded in history. "

Ye Wentian nodded. "What's the name of the author? I'll take a look when I have time. "

The woman said lightly, "Bixiang. . . " 。。。。

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