God Abuser/C391 Isn't It Just Getting a Girlfriend。。。
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God Abuser/C391 Isn't It Just Getting a Girlfriend。。。
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C391 Isn't It Just Getting a Girlfriend。。。

"Miss, you seem to be in a good mood today. " An extra Rolls-Royce sped on the BJ's Chang'an Street. A middle-aged man in a black suit was driving the car as he spoke to Lee Wanqing, who was sitting behind him. "Yes, I met a very strange person today. I am going to the old ancestor's place now. I want to show him something. " Lee Wanqing said as she spoke. She looked at Che He outside, "Is that so? Someone who can make Miss feel strange. That must be an extraordinary person! What does he do?"

Lee Wanqing smiled and looked at Uncle Wan Fu who was driving in front of her. This person seemed to be in a daze in their house. It had been 300 years. Lee Wanqing had a very good relationship with this Uncle Wan Fu when she was very young. They talked about everything. This kind of situation was rare even in their family. Lee Wanqing was a person who was born cold to people.

"He said he was a welder. " Li Wanfu was stunned for a moment and then smiled lightly. "A special identity? Can't be exposed?"

Lee Wanqing nodded. "I think so. Among the few people who came with him, There were two very special people. One was definitely a special forces soldier. And the strongest one. The other one. I can feel his abnormal energy waves. He should be a paranormal. I'm afraid he's a paranormal. " A glint flashed across Lee Wanqing's eyes. Li Wanfu frowned, "A full body? This kind of person is rarely seen in Dragon Group! There are also powerful special forces soldiers. Looks like the person you met is not simple!"

"There is more! His girlfriend is Su Waner, she is an astronaut of God Seventeen, and she is also the daughter of the commander of East China Military, Su Dapeng. " Lee Wanqing continued, and Li Wanfu nodded. "It seems that he is not ordinary. Did you see anything special about him?"

Lee Wanqing shook her head. "He is no different from an ordinary person, but do you know? Uncle Wanfu, he sat there as if he had blended into the environment. I have only seen this kind of situation from the Old Ancestor. "

Li Wanfu was stunned again. " Heaven Man Unity? BJ? Is there such a person existing?"

Lee Wanqing took out the phone that she took pictures of Ye Wentian and herself. Looking at the happy smiles on the screen, she muttered, "But what makes me feel the most special is that he looks like a person. "

Li Wanfu curiously asked, "Oh? Is that so? Who does it look like?"

Li Wanqiu mysteriously whispered," Remember that painting drawn by the Ancestor? "

"Zzz!" With a violent braking sound, the Rolls-Royce stopped beside the road. Li Wanfu excitedly turned around. "Don't tell me you're saying that he looks like. . . "

Lee Wanqing nodded and handed the phone to Li Wanfu. When Li Wanfu saw the photo on the phone, he was stunned. "Let's go to the old master's place now. I think today might be a very special day. "

The Rolls-Royce quickly turned on and disappeared into the night sky of the BJ.

"You really know how to eat. You ate half of the dishes on the table by yourself. " Yue Bai looked at Renjian Wudi who was beside her and sighed. Renjian Wudi was still stuffing food into his mouth at this moment. "What do you know? Wasting food is shameful!"

Yue Bai smiled and said, "You just changed the way to prove that you are not human. "

"I won't talk to you. I will continue to eat. " 。。。

The pair of living babies were arguing while eating. In fact, Liu Ruoshui and Chen Xiaochun, who were beside them, were stunned. When Yue Bai mentioned Renjian Wudi, they had already eaten the other half of the table's food.

"Ye Tian, what if my cousin and the others find you in the future? Don't kill them. Just teach them a lesson. Alright?" Su Waner whispered to Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian happily watched Renjian Wudi and Yue Bai bicker. He said indifferently, "I won't touch them. Actually, their reactions are very normal. Ordinary men wouldn't be able to bear it, but. . . You know how wronged I am. "

Ye Wentian's words were so innocent that Su Waner could not help but sigh in her heart. You are not wronged at all. . .

About half an hour after Sun Shengxiong and the others left, Yue Bai and Renjian Wudi miraculously finished sweeping through all the dishes on the table. Everyone seemed to have eaten their fill, so they got up and prepared to leave. At this moment, the middle-aged man who came in to deliver the wine pushed open the door and walked in. He bowed slightly to Su Waner, "May I ask if you are Miss Su Waner?"

Su Waner was stunned for a moment. "Yes, what is it?"

The middle-aged man politely said, "Your father is next door. Please go over. "

Su Waner was stunned. She never thought that her father would be here. "Oh. Okay. I will go over now. Ye Tian, wait for me here. "

"There's one more thing. Your father has ordered you to bring your friends over. He wants to meet them. " The middle-aged man continued to speak like a gentleman. Su Waner was stunned for a moment, but then she understood. "Is Sun Shengxiong there too?"

The middle-aged man nodded and smiled. "Yes, Miss. Young Master Sun just went out of this house and met your father. " Su Waner looked at Ye Wentian with a troubled look. She knew her father too well. He was definitely hot-tempered. Her father had been trying his best to matchmake her and Jin Shaoqian's marriage. Now that he suddenly heard that she had found a boyfriend for him, he was very angry. There was also another problem. Ye Wentian could not reveal his identity now. Welder.

Her father would definitely fly into a rage. She couldn't bring Ye Wentian to her father and introduce him to the legendary Iron Blood Judge. . .

Ye Wentian smiled. " Since uncle is here, you should go and take a look. The junior should know some manners. " Su Waner could only helplessly nod her head. She could only take things one step at a time. At most, she would run away from home. Su Waner was shocked by her own sudden thought.

Everyone followed the middle-aged man out and then came to the door of the room next door. Just as they arrived at the door, the door opened. The one who opened the door was Su Tianfang, who was sitting in their room just now. "Miss. " Su Tianfang greeted her in a low voice. The middle-aged man bowed to everyone and then turned around to leave. The door opened, and Ye Wentian looked inside. The layout inside was similar to that of their house just now. It was also a big table. At this time, the table was already filled with people. They were all dressed in all kinds of military uniforms. With a glance, one could see that there were at least five people with military ranks. Sun Shengxiong was sitting in the main seat. At this moment, he was looking at Ye Wentian and the others at the door proudly. Next to him sat a middle-aged general. With a serious expression, one could tell that he was a person who had been in power for a long time. At this moment, his eyes were narrowed as if he was resting with his eyes closed.

When Ye Wentian saw this general, he was delighted. Su Dapeng. . . Oh, he was Waner's father. It was not the first time they had met. Everyone entered the house under Su Tianfang's welcome. The generals at the table turned around and looked at them. A few people even waved at Su Waner. "Waner! You have grown into a big girl after not seeing you for a few years! Beautiful! Like your mother, but not like your father!" A major general in the navy smiled and said to Su Waner. Su Waner politely bowed and said, "Uncle Wang, how are you?"

The room instantly became lively. Su Waner continuously greeted the people in the room. It seemed that everyone was very familiar with each other. A few of them should have watched Su Waner grow up. Su Dapeng kept his eyes closed and his face was very cold. "Waner!" Su Dapeng closed his eyes and crossed his arms. He said lightly, just like that. The room became quiet. Su Waner walked over to Su Dapeng and called him softly, "Dad. "

Liu Ruoshui's eyes were as wide as lightbulbs. "Oh my God. Waner's father is a general. . . "

Although Chen Xiaochun had already guessed that Su Waner's background was definitely not simple, he did not expect that her father would be a general. What kind of concept was that? The commanders of the nine military districts were at this level. . .

Facing a room full of generals, ordinary people would feel very oppressed. This was the power of power, but Ye Wentian and the other two had nothing to do with it. Last night, they had spent the night at the chairman's place. Su Dapeng opened his eyes and looked straight at Su Waner. It could be seen that their family education was very strict. Su Waner was also considered a female in the wind and clouds. You. . . You. . . Su Dapeng opened his eyes and looked straight at Su Waner. It could be seen that their family's upbringing was very strict. Su Waner was also considered a female in the wind and clouds.

"I heard that you did a very absurd thing. Do you want to explain it to me?" Su Dapeng said slowly.

Su Waner stared at Sun Shengxiong, who was next to Su Dapeng, and was about to say something.

But at this time, a voice suddenly sounded, "General Su, what did you do? Didn't you just get yourself a partner? Do you have to? " 。。。。。

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