God Abuser/C396 Low-key Low-profile Not at a Disadvantage!!
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God Abuser/C396 Low-key Low-profile Not at a Disadvantage!!
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C396 Low-key Low-profile Not at a Disadvantage!!

Concubine Zhou heard Ye Wentian's words and smiled. She looked around at the bodyguards who were frozen in place and Zhang Huangjin who was still screaming in front of her. "These scumbags are the ones who disturbed you? It's no big deal. Kill them. Concubine Zhou said softly. Su Waner looked at the tall woman in front of her who had an excellent figure. A strange expression appeared on her face. She knew that Ye Wentian had just returned from two years ago. How did he get to know such a woman so quickly?

Ye Wentian smiled indifferently. "There's no need to kill her. Just tell them not to bother us in the future. I know that these little ghosts are very difficult to deal with. It's for their own good that you help me deal with them. "

Concubine Zhou smiled," You are indeed thinking for him. Alright, no problem. You have some time recently. I would like to invite you to the headquarters of Azure Dragon Society to have a seat. The dragon head wants to see you. "

Su Waner was stunned at this moment. Of course she knew what the Azure Dragon Society was, but how did Ye Wentian know someone from the Azure Dragon Society? Judging from the looks of this woman, she was probably a high-ranking member of the Azure Dragon Society. Judging from the way she spoke, it could be seen that she was very respectful towards Ye Wentian.

Ye Wentian nodded. "Alright. I will definitely pay a visit to you when I have time. "

Concubine Zhou took the Azure Dragon Token from the brawny man beside her, then handed it to Ye Wentian with both hands. "This is the Azure Dragon Token of our gang. You can use this token to go to any hall, or find a little brother of the Azure Dragon Society to inform them. I will know, and then I will go and pick you up. I still don't know your name. " Ye Wentian took the token and handed it to Renjian Wudi. "My name is Ye Tian. I owe you a favor for what happened today. If there's anything you need help with in the future, I will definitely help you. "

Concubine Zhou smiled beautifully. She stared into Ye Wentian's eyes and said with some charm, "Okay! I won't be polite!"

Su Waner held Ye Wentian's arm and said in a low voice, "Let's go. "

Concubine Zhou took a deep look at Su Waner and moved to the side to make way for him. She respectfully said to Ye Wentian, "Take care, Young Master Ye!" Ye Wentian smiled and nodded at Concubine Zhou. He then led the crowd out of the fashion counter. Concubine Zhou watched Ye Wentian and the others leave. She gently waved her hand, "Take that person away. "

She pointed at Zhang Huangjin who was still screaming, "Seal your mouth. A big man actually shouted like that. Disgusting. "

As soon as Concubine Zhou finished speaking, a few strong men rushed over. They pushed away all the bodyguards around Zhang Huangjin, and then quickly tied him up tightly. Those bodyguards didn't dare to move at all. They didn't even dare to look at him. Even if they lost their jobs, it was better than losing their lives! Just as the men were about to stick the tape to Zhang Huangjin's mouth, Zhang Huangjin suddenly shouted fiercely, "What do you want to do?! Do you know who I am? My father is Zhang Dahai! The King of Jewelry!"

Concubine Zhou slowly walked in front of Zhang Huangjin and gently placed her slender hand on Zhang Huangjin's face. Zhang Huangjin saw a very wild beauty standing in front of him and could not help but be absent-minded. Concubine Zhou gently opened her red lips and said, "Oh? Is that so? Is that Zhang Dahai of Zhang Dafu your father? That's right. Not bad. "

Zhang Huangjin was stunned for a moment. He didn't understand what this woman meant by" not bad. " "Snap!" A loud slap was heard. Concubine Zhou's hand left a very obvious red mark on Zhang Huangjin's face. Blood instantly seeped out of the corner of Zhang Huangjin's mouth. Concubine Zhou's indifferent face suddenly changed into a very fierce look. Her eyes coldly stared at Zhang Huangjin's face. "Originally, Young Master Ye didn't need to make things difficult for you. But I see that you don't have any awareness at all! You actually dare to shout in front of our Azure Dragon Society! I'm so scared! This time, I will give Young Master Ye face!"

As she spoke, she turned around and shouted at Zhang Huangjin's bodyguards who were silent out of fear, "Who is the leader among you?"

A tall man walked out with his head lowered and said with a trembling voice, "Big sister, I am the captain of the bodyguards. "

Concubine Zhou coldly said, "Listen up, now go back and inform Zhang Dahai, and let him personally come to the Azure Dragon Society's War Hall to lead his son!! One day! If he doesn't come after one day! Just go to Huang Hai and find this bastard! Let's go!! "

Concubine Zhou walked towards the door and followed her men to seal Zhang Huangjin's mouth. Then, she tightly surrounded him in the middle and followed Concubine Zhou out. The surrounding people could not see Zhang Huangjin inside at all. Zhang Huangjin's bodyguards waited until Concubine Zhou's men were all gone before they dared to move. "Captain? What should we do now? Should we follow them?" A man in a black suit asked in a low voice. The bodyguard captain waved his hand and hit the head of the person who spoke. "Do you think you have lived enough? That is the Azure Dragon Society! Don't talk about you. Even if they want to kill our young master, it's no different from crushing a bug. Quickly go back and inform the old master! This time, the matter has escalated!" 。。。。。。

A bald man beside Concubine Zhou asked in a low voice, "Hall Master, who is that Young Master Ye?"

Concubine Zhou said as she walked, "Luckily I came to the headquarters for a meeting this time. Otherwise, I really wouldn't know the name of this man. This Young Master Ye is someone I absolutely can't afford to offend. His own strength and the forces behind him are unfathomable. Such a person could only make friends and be his enemy. I reckon he won't even know how he died in the end. "

Concubine Zhou and the rest had already set out for the department store at this time. Concubine Zhou turned around and looked at the brightly lit department store. "This place is still considered not bad. Tomorrow, we will look for Fifth Uncle and the owner of this place to discuss the acquisition. "

The bald man nodded. He turned around and pointed at Zhang Huangjin, who was being stuffed into the van at the back, and said, "What should we do with this kid? Bring him back to the hall?"

A fierce look flashed across Concubine Zhou's eyes. "Hmph! Tie him up and throw him into the Yellow Sea! If his father comes, throw him into the sea too. But before this, we have to discuss the ownership of their Zhang Dafu. Got it? " Concubine Zhou smiled. Her expression was very difficult to grasp and the baldy was stunned for a moment. "Won't there be any problems with this?"

Concubine Zhou smiled slyly. "There won't be any problems! We are helping people. Of course, we have to get some benefits for ourselves. Don't worry. As long as this matter is related to that Young Master Ye, no one will ask. "

The baldy's expression changed, and he nodded, "Yes, Hall Master. Have a safe journey. " As he said that, he bowed and opened the Lin Ken door in front of him. Concubine Zhou patted the baldy's shoulder, "Violent Dragon, after I return to Shanghai, you have to help Fifth Uncle take care of the BJ branch. You can do it, I know. "

After saying that, Concubine Zhou sat in the car. Violent Dragon closed the car door and then lowered his head towards the car. The forty to fifty people standing behind him also lowered their heads towards the Lin Ken car. Under everyone's respectful escort, Lin Ken disappeared into the night.

"Ye Tian, is that woman from the Azure Dragon Society? How do you know people from the Azure Dragon Society? What does she do in the Azure Dragon Society?" Su Waner held Ye Wentian's arm as she strolled along the brightly lit streets of West Lone. She kept asking questions while the others followed behind her. At this moment, Chen Xiaochun and Liu Ruoshui no longer had any doubts about Ye Wentian's judgment of him being not an ordinary person. Even if they did not have much contact with the outside world, they knew. What kind of organization was the Azure Dragon Society? Someone who had connections with the Azure Dragon Society? Their backgrounds were all very complicated. Furthermore, they had heard that the dragon head wanted to see Ye Tian. What kind of concept was that?

Ye Wentian looked at the street view in front of him and couldn't help but laugh. "Why do you have so many questions? Why do you have so many questions? I met her by chance. She is the hall master of the War Hall. Originally, she shouldn't have appeared here, but today is a coincidence. She also helped me deal with some matters. "

Su Waner nodded, but she still spoke with jealousy, "Why are all the girls you know so beautiful?! I think she is interested in you!"

Ye Wentian just smiled indifferently. At this moment, it was best not to say anything.

Liu Ruoshui looked at Ye Wentian's back and could not help but mutter in her heart, Who exactly is he? It was absolutely wrong of her to look down on him at the counter just now. It wasn't that he didn't have the guts to help his woman regain face. It was just that this man simply disdained to have a conflict with that waitress. . .

Liu Ruoshui suddenly realized that although this man had always kept a low profile and faced the things around him, he had never truly been at a disadvantage. Until now, it was all the people who opposed him who were at a disadvantage.

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