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C399 The Secret Meeting

"Uh. . . This is. . . " Yue Bai looked at the scenery in front of her and could not help but be stunned. Renjian Wudi was still lying on the ground vomiting. Ye Wentian looked around and said, "En, we are going overseas. "

Yue Bai's mouth was wide open. "Japan?"

Ye Wentian nodded. " Of course, I can't stand that plane anymore, so I brought all of you here. "

Renjian Wudi got up from the ground with a pale face. "Please tell me about such a fierce thing next time. I almost threw up my stomach. Thousands of kilometers. . . "

Ye Wentian waved his hand. "Look at Yue Bai. Why is she fine?"

"Who said I'm fine?! Wah!! Renjian Wudi sighed. "He's so cool that he's slow to react. " What do we have to do now? Could it be that the people of Japan have captured Loong Yingjie and the others? Shall we go and find them now?"

Ye Wentian shook his finger with a smile. " Do you remember what we promised the old man in the South China Sea? "

Renjian Wudi was stunned for a moment. "I remember! Don't tell me you want to. . . "

Ye Wentian smiled and nodded. " That's right! That's what I thought. Anyway, I have to do it sooner or later. This time, I can use this opportunity to do everything. "

Renjian Wudi pointed at himself and Ye Wentian. "Just the three of us?"

Ye Wentian smiled. "Of course! This time, I will annihilate Japan!" Renjian Wudi and Yue Bai couldn't help but shiver. Wiping out a country. . . This was too powerful.

"The first step, Yue Bai. I'm counting on you. Aren't you the world's number one hacker? Then I'll give you a chance to do something that no one else can surpass in the future. Let you become a legend forever!!" Ye Wentian and the others were now standing on top of Mount Fuji. Ye Wentian looked at the ground beneath his feet and said. Yue Bai stood up and came to Ye Wentian's side. "Tell me. "

"I want you to use your computer to destroy the entire financial system of Japan and take all the money in their accounts into our hands. " Ye Wentian said with a smile. Yue Bai was stunned. He knew that if he followed Ye Tian's plan, the consequences. . . Let's not talk about the consequences for now. If he, Yue Bai, succeeded. . . This would really be a legend in the computer world!

He nodded. "Things can be done. However, the problem is that I need a computer with powerful functions. Furthermore, we might be discovered by others and might even be attacked. "

Ye Wentian smiled, "Next is the matter between me and Invincible. "

Renjian Wudi perked up. "What are we going to do?"

Ye Wentian narrowed his eyes. There was a cold glint in his eyes. "What do you think about us going to kidnap their emperor?" 。。。。。。

The Fusang Heavenly Emperor Prefecture was located in the center of Tokyo. The environment here was very quiet. It seemed like there was no strict security here. But in fact, there were countless ninjas around here. They were all invisible, in the guest hall of the Heavenly Emperor Mansion. Now, it was filled with people, and in the middle stood three people. Loong Yingjie, Long Yingxue, and a little girl who looked to be thirteen or fourteen years old. They were all standing there motionlessly, as if someone had sealed their acupuncture points.

There were a lot of people sitting around them. There were people from all over the world. If Ye Wentian was here, he would be very surprised, because the chairman was also among them. . .

The Heavenly Emperor sat in the middle. He looked at the three people in front of him and sighed. "Everyone, what do you think of this matter? You all know that this matter concerns the survival of the entire planet and the history of mankind. You are all the leaders of various countries. I would like to hear your opinions. "

A foreign old man wearing a cross coldly snorted. "Your Excellency, I think you are mistaken! You're just a person on duty that changes every year. Although you have the authority to deal with daily matters, you can't give orders to us "

The Emperor's expression changed. "Your Excellency, I think you need to understand one thing. Ever since our World Assembly was established, the people on duty have the authority to give orders to all countries. As long as it's for this planet, I have the right to order you. Furthermore, I'm not giving orders right now. I'm just listening to your opinions on this matter. "

"Emperor, regarding this matter. . . I have a different opinion. You have captured people all over the world according to some ancient records. I want to ask you, where is that ancient book? Shouldn't you let us have a look! Furthermore, in the end, the people you have locked onto are all of our Huaxia people! Do you have other motives!? " China's chairman said coldly. The Emperor of Japan was stunned for a moment and did not have the time to speak.

At this moment, a middle-aged foreign man in a suit said coldly, "China has always been the greatest danger in the world! It is very normal to catch these people from your side!"

The chairman looked at the man in a suit and said, "Your America has nothing to do but stir up all kinds of disputes outside and even say that it is for China. . . Isn't this a bit too much? As the president, do you also like those rumors?" The Emperor waved his hand and said," Sir President, I think I need to explain. The basis of our arrest is not hearsay, but facts!"

The chairman stood up immediately. "Don't try to fool me!! Facts?! That's great. Then show it to me! I want to see the truth!!"

The room instantly fell into chaos. Everyone was arguing loudly. The Heavenly Emperor suddenly stood up and shouted," Everyone stop arguing! "

He pointed at Loong Yingjie and the other two. "We still can't confirm who that disaster is!

There are still a few people who haven't been arrested. I want to use everyone's strength to help us capture them. Sir chairman, it is true that all the people pointed to your country!

That calamity star is really in your China, so I hope you can give us some help. You know that this is for the whole world! "

The chairman coldly snorted, "There's no way I can help you! Since you have already said so much today, I will also say it! Japan, A hundred years ago, you dug a huge tunnel and lured the underground lava to the ground of our country. What do you mean? Your purpose of doing so is probably even more malicious than the invasion sixty years ago! When that time comes, our main cities will be melted by live fire! You Fuso will take the opportunity to occupy our land! What do you want to say about this? Do you think that we are all idiots? Do you think you can scheme against us?! "

The chairman's tone was very cold. The Emperor of Japan's expression changed several times. In the end, he only snorted coldly, "I don't know what you are talking about!"

The president still wanted to say something, but the heads of some countries beside him all spoke up, "This matter is a private matter between China and Japan. This matter will be resolved in the future. Now, we need to talk about the survival of the entire world. You must make a statement. "

Finally, all the voices converged into one. It was the voice of the President of America, the Pope of Rome, who also said, "Actually, the records they found are not wrong. We also found such records, and we also translated them, all of which pointed to China"

At this time, the chairman was surrounded by enemies from all sides. Although he was very unwilling, he still nodded. "Alright! Give us the name list first! These people will be sent here very soon! However, you absolutely cannot harm those innocent people. . . " 。。。。。。

At this time, Ye Wentian and the other two had already arrived at the outer area of the Heavenly Emperor Prefecture. However, Ye Wentian didn't rush in directly. He stopped for a moment and said," Let's go and smash that Jing Nation Divine Society first. "

Renjian Wudi was stunned for a moment. "Aren't we going to kidnap the Heavenly Emperor first?"

Ye Wentian looked at the Heavenly Emperor and smiled. "Let's wait a little longer! I reckon there will be a good show here tomorrow. At that time, we will come again at the climax of the show. This will be more interesting. "

He took a deep look at the old man from the Heavenly Emperor Mansion. Why are you here? What do you want to do? 。。。。

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