God Abuser/C41 A Delicate Flower!
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God Abuser/C41 A Delicate Flower!
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C41 A Delicate Flower!

Look at the three people across the street. Ye Wentian was speechless. What kind of world was this? Robbing Grey Wolf and me? Do we look weak?

Grey Wolf also had a look of dissatisfaction on his face. The tallest one among the three masked men shouted, "The one who looks like a gigolo, hurry up and take out the money, or else I will go in with the red knife and come out with the white knife. " As he spoke, he also made gestures with the small knife in his hand that was about a foot long.

Ye Wentian thought with a bitter smile. Why were these guys so confused?

Grey Wolf was still standing there cooly. The second tallest among the three masked men walked over, holding a knife and gesturing with it, "I'm talking about you, I didn't hear you! You look handsome, but you act like you're twenty to fifty thousand. Are you that awesome? "

Grey Wolf pointed at himself. "Are you talking about me?"

The shortest one among the masked men shouted, "Nonsense! I'm not talking about you, but who are you talking about? Hurry up and pay up. Why don't you cripple your bookkeeper first?" As he spoke, he pointed his knife at Ye Wentian, who was smiling bitterly.

When Ye Wentian heard his words, he pointed at himself with his mouth wide open. "Me? Attendant? " He was depressed. He didn't even have the appearance to be a bookkeeper.

Ye Wentian looked at the three men who were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws. "You three, go rob someone else. We don't have any money. Bye bye. " After saying that, he continued walking forward with Grey Wolf.

The three men obviously wouldn't let them go. They flashed and blocked in front of them, but their bodies kept trembling.

"I say, three big brothers, let's get rid of you guys robbing us of our money! You should also have some foresight. How can you see that we have money? Also, don't shiver when you're robbing us. You're too unprofessional. " Ye Wentian said unhappily.

The three of them looked at each other. The strongest man said angrily, "You are still in the mood to tease us at a time like this. Cut the crap. Don't force us to attack you. We are just begging for our lives, and we don't want to harm you!"

Grey Wolf felt a wave of annoyance in his heart. He asked in a low voice, "Kill them or cripple them?"

Ye Wentian replied in a low voice, "They don't look like evil people. I think they were forced by something. At most, we can give them some money. "

Grey Wolf nodded and went forward to ask, "How much do you want?"

"Huh?" The three men were stunned. How could a robber ask how much he wanted? Was he buying something?

"About that, five taels of silver. . . " A big man carefully said. The shortest man beside him said, "Big brother, we only need four taels of silver, four taels of silver should be five taels of silver. "

Ye Wentian took out a silver ingot from his pocket and threw it over, "Ten taels, there's no need to look for it. The rest is a tip. " The man with the highest rank received the silver and thanked him repeatedly. Ye Wentian and Grey Wolf planned to continue on their journey. The three men respectfully moved aside. They did not have any professional ethics at all.

At this moment, two women, two men, and four people suddenly rushed out from the woods beside them. They looked to be around 20 years old, and the woman in the lead looked very cute. She wore red clothes and held a small crossbow in her hand. The other woman was tall and had a calm expression. However, she gave off a beautiful feeling. She was dressed in white. The two men who came after her were tall and handsome. Although they couldn't compare with Grey Wolf who had transformed into a human form. . . They were also wearing white clothes.

The woman in red who stood in front of them jumped out and shouted. "How dare you! How dare you rob people's money in broad daylight? Don't tell me you don't have the law? Come, come, let us take you down. Surrender now. "

Ye Wentian and Grey Wolf stopped and sized up the female version of Cheng Biting Jin who had come out of nowhere. "The incision is not bad. The momentum is a little lacking. " Ye Wentian muttered to himself.

Grey Wolf said, "The style is not bad. It feels a little bad. "

A few tendons jumped up on the forehead of the woman in red. She turned around and shouted at Ye Wentian, "You two still have the nerve to judge me over there! Two big men actually took the initiative to pay money when they encountered bandits. What kind of tips are they giving? Do you have any shame?"

Ye Wentian spread out his hands and said," You have already said that they are robbers. Resistance will be dangerous. Comparing face to life, of course, I want to be killed and shameless. " After saying that, he pulled Grey Wolf and was about to leave.

"You are not allowed to leave!" The woman in red shouted.

"Why? You want to rob too?" Ye Wentian said and reached into his pocket to take the money.

The woman in red felt like she could collapse at any moment. "Don't talk nonsense. You guys want to stay behind as witnesses. When I take down the three of them and hand them over to the authorities, you guys have to say what happened just now again. "

The three burly men were trembling all over. Their sabers had fallen to the ground.

Ye Wentian looked over and could not help shaking his head. How could these three men be so timid?

"I don't want to go to the government. Why don't you let them go? It seems like this is their first time. Perhaps they really encountered some difficulties. If you can spare them, you can spare them and save everyone from trouble. " As he spoke, he continued walking forward.

Before the woman in red could react, the woman in white's figure flashed and appeared in front of Ye Wentian and Ye Wentian like a ghost.

"You're not allowed to leave!"

Ye Wentian narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman in front of him. He never thought that this seemingly weak woman would have such means. It seemed like these four people weren't simple!

Grey Wolf, who had lost his patience, was blocked. A wave of killing intent was unintentionally emitted from his body, and his eyes revealed a fierce look.

The white-clothed woman's facial expression changed. Her body swayed, and she retreated another twenty feet. She stood there and looked at Grey Wolf in shock.

The woman in red had already gone to deal with the three honest robbers. Needless to say, in a matter of seconds, all three men were tied up in dead pig knots. One of them was actually lying on the ground, raising his four limbs as if he was cooperating with her.

Ye Wentian frowned, "You guys caught them too. Get out of the way now. We have something to do, so we don't have time to play with you guys. " Ye Wentian was already very impatient at this moment, so his tone was very cold. The girl in white also stood there, not knowing what to do. There was a voice in her heart telling her that these two were not people she could stop.

Right at this moment, two men in white landed next to the woman in white in a flash.

One of the men with darker skin tone shouted, "You are staying here to be witnesses. This is supposed to be a good thing to get rid of evil for the people, but you are pushing and delaying. Could it be that there is something shady going on?"

"That's right!" The other man also drank.

Ye Wentian cursed, "You're the one who can't be seen! Are you all annoying? I'll walk my own path. You do whatever you want, and I want you to interfere. "

Grey Wolf said cooly," I didn't do anything shameful with your mother. What are you so excited about? I'll let you know when I do it. "

Ye Wentian almost spat out blood. He never thought that the usually serious Fraud Tian would be so eloquent. This was truly amazing.

"How dare you insult my mother? I won't forgive you!" The two men said at the same time.

"You still want to scold me?" Ye Wentian looked at the two men and said. However, he and Grey Wolf didn't mention who they were scolding.

"That young master!" The man who was tied up on the ground called Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian turned his head and looked at him.

"I can tell that you are a good person with just one look. You must have guessed that our brother had difficulties, so you gave us the money. Can you be a good person to the end? Our mother is currently bedridden. We just have to wait for the money to come and collect the medicine. This time, the three of us won't be able to return. Can you help us get medicine for our mother and then tell her that we have all gone out to do business. Please don't worry, please help us. Your great kindness. . . The three of us will never forget it. . . " As the burly man spoke, he knocked his head hard on the ground, causing his head to crack. The other two big guys did the same.

Ye Wentian took a deep look at the three big men. No filial person was really bad. These three men were really kind.

"Our matter isn't over yet. What are you looking around for?" The slightly darker skinned man in white shouted.

Grey Wolf's eyes flashed with a sharp light and he coldly snorted. The woman in white hurriedly pulled the companion who was shouting, "Shunyi, don't provoke these two people. They are not as simple as they look. "

Li Shunyi was pulled back and said, "Sister Yue Ling, it's not that I am petty. It's really those two people who are too infuriating. They actually insulted me like this. I really can't tolerate it. "

"That's right, Shunyi is right. I, Tang Qiukuang, can't tolerate it either. " Another man in white shouted.

Yue Ling took a deep look at Ye Wentian and the others in front of her. She whispered, "If you can't bear it, you might. . . Die!" The two of them were stunned when they heard Yue Ling's words. They knew that Yue Ling was one of the top experts in the Exquisite Academy. What she said had to cause the two of them to think.

Ye Wentian was also looking at them with disdain and said, "You are purely looking for a scolding. If you don't have anything to say, say that we are doing something shameful. Since you dare to make random guesses, you must be prepared to be scolded. This is very fair. " After saying that, he turned around and said to the woman in red, "How should I address this elder sister? Can we discuss something?"

The woman in red said proudly, "My name is Yu Hongyan. People call me Ling Long Flower. What is it? Speak. "

Ling Long's Flower? How vulgar, could it be that this woman is from the Ling Long Institute? Ye Wentian thought for a while and continued, "Let them go. You have heard that their mother is seriously ill. They have no choice but to do this. I believe that they will never do such a thing again in the future. "

Yu Hongyan was furious after hearing Ye Wentian's words. "Why are you so muddle-headed? Don't you know that every time a thief is caught, it will be this incision that will draw sympathy? You are too naive. "

"I believe them. " Ye Wentian said slowly. The three men were shocked. Tears flowed out of their eyes. Ye Wentian continued, "I will discuss with you. It is purely because you have a kind heart. As for if I want to let them go. . . You can't stop them at all. Now. . . Let them go. " Ye Wentian said indifferently, his body emitting a strong sense of confidence.

When had Yu Hongyan been treated so lightly? She immediately became furious, "Impudent brat, who do you think you are? How dare you say such arrogant words? Do you think that I am a pushover that anyone can pinch?"

Ye Wentian ignored her and turned around to walk towards Yue Ling and the others. As he walked, he called out in a low voice, "Fraud, do something. Don't hurt anyone. "

As soon as Ye Wentian finished speaking, Grey Wolf moved. In an instant, he arrived in front of Yu Hongyan. He stretched out his hand. Yue Ling saw that Grey Wolf's movement was like a ghost. She was afraid that Yu Hongyan would be in danger, so she quickly swayed her body and flew forward.

"Please show mercy!"

But Grey Wolf's speed was not something they could predict. With one movement of his body, he had already saved the three men. The whole process was completed in a breath's time. From the beginning to the end, he did not seem to have touched Yu Hongyan, but when Yue Ling and the two men ran to Yu Hongyan's side, their expressions changed.

Yu Hongyan's 36 x AOX was actually all hit. Her life was not in danger. She only sealed up so many x E paths in an instant. What kind of power was this? It was too fast. The three of them hurriedly helped Yu Hongyan undo the wound.

Ye Wentian gave the three burly men some silver and let them go back to save their mother's kiss. The three of them were naturally extremely grateful.

Ye Wentian saw that it was getting late, so he decided to go on his way as soon as possible. Grey Wolf landed next to him and whispered, "Just now, there were a few strange energies that went in the direction of the Ning Province Prefecture. "

Ye Wentian looked up at Grey Wolf. Grey Wolf's sense of smell and feeling were 100% accurate. It seemed like this Ning Prefecture wasn't quiet either. There was something wrong with the strange power that appeared at this moment, "Fraud! It's best if we can find out what they are here for. Once you discover something important, don't do it yourself. You must come back and find me. We will meet up in Ling Long Institute. "

Grey Wolf nodded without saying anything. His figure flashed and disappeared from Ye Wentian's sight in a few breaths' time.

Ye Wentian continued to move forward slowly. He was making plans in his heart. He had a feeling that these people were coming for the thing in his arms. . .

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