God Abuser/C419 The President Was Killed a Few Last Words
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God Abuser/C419 The President Was Killed a Few Last Words
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C419 The President Was Killed a Few Last Words

22ed, Jun. , 2009, this day is forever in the annals of history. On this day, Japan suffered the most terrifying nuclear attack in history. The entire Fusang Island was bombarded by thousands of unknown nuclear bombs for about an hour. After an hour, The changes in the crust caused by the nuclear bombs directly caused the sinking of the entire island. 99% of the Fusang people were killed in this catastrophe. The survivors were only killed because they were not in the country at that time. After the attack, The whole world was in an uproar, and people from all over the world fell into panic. Strangely, no one stood out and claimed responsibility for this matter. What was even stranger was that the governments of various countries all remained silent about this matter, and the entire matter was like a taboo. No force was willing to touch upon this matter. The sunken Japan became a forbidden land, and the radiation there reached a terrifying state. On this planet, there was a blank land of death. Historically, this day was called "Great Judgement Day. " 。。。。。

A month later, the government of the world posted a portrait of a man. . . Strangely, other than the portrait, there was no other information about this man. There was no name. No nationality. There was only a simple sentence below: No matter where you are, No matter where you are, as long as you meet the man in the photo. . . Anyone has the right to attack him. Reward: 10% of the national income of all the countries in the world!!

It was this announcement that seemed like a wanted poster that made everyone in the world go crazy. In a month's time, The murders in various countries had reached an outrageous level. Many people killed an innocent person and cut off his head, then went to the government to receive rewards. And so, a new profession appeared in the world - bounty hunters.

Three years had passed, and the bounty had been forgotten. Just like how Japan had sunk, the world seemed to have returned to peace. Humans were like this, used to forgetting. . .

On the lawn of a huge villa on the outskirts of China, a beautiful girl was planting a beautiful yellow flower on it. Behind her stood a tall and handsome man holding an umbrella for her, blocking the vicious sunlight. A few drops of crystal clear sweat that reflected the sunlight slid down the beautiful tip of the girl's nose and onto the ground. At this moment, the man smiled and said, "Ning'er. You haven't been home for three years, and you haven't sent any news to your home. Won't your family be worried?"

The girl carefully buried the soil around her at the root of the flower. "Big Brother Wentian, you don't have to ask me this question every day, right? I'm not going back or contacting them now because it's for their own good. "

Ye Wentian said guiltily, "If you don't follow me, then you don't have to do this!"

Lo Ning immediately stood up from the ground. She turned to Ye Wentian and smiled gently. "I just want to find the answer. I have to figure out the relationship between us before I can feel at ease. You are not annoying me, are you?"

Ye Wentian smiled and shook his head. "But is the answer really that important?" Lo Ning said with a smile. " Lo Ning smiled and said, And also, you are the hero that I have admired since I was young! Iron Blood Judge is now holding an umbrella for me! Do you know how great of an honor this is?"

Ye Wentian smiled bitterly. " Sigh. . . I have said it many times. I have lost my memory. To be precise, I am not Iron Blood Judge. You're just a young girl who spends your days with us old fogies. I don't think it's worth it!"

Lo Ning smiled mischievously. "Big Brother Wentian, a thousand years ago. . . You and Lo Cangloong, the founder of our Azure Dragon Society, were brothers. Now you and I are friends again. Just this fate alone is enough for me to stay here for a few more years. You know how much I like scientific research. There are all the experimental tools that I want here. There is also an expert like Older Sister Waner who will guide me, let alone someone as abnormal as Big Brother Lee Shuo. Don't worry, I'm very happy here! "

Ye Wentian used his hand to pat Lo Ning's little head. "I'll accompany you home to take a look in a few days. At least let your family know where you are. "

Lo Ning was stunned for a moment, then she smiled and nodded. "Brother Wentian!" A beautiful voice ran out of the villa and her figure swayed as she ran towards Ye Wentian and Lo Ning. "Wanqing, what is it?" Ye Wentian turned around and said with a smile.

That's right, the one who ran over was the absolutely beautiful Lee Wanqing!

"Brother Wentian, the news just now said: The chairman is dead. He seems to have been assassinated. " Lee Wanqing ran to Ye Wentian's side and stopped panting. Ye Wentian raised his eyebrows. "Oh? This is really news. It's a bit interesting. It seems that China is currently reshuffling. I just don't know if Zhao Tianqi will succeed this time. " Ye Wentian said. With his hands behind his back, he walked towards the villa. Lee Wanqing and Lo Ning looked at each other and immediately followed.

In the villa, Lee Shuo sat on the huge sofa in the middle while Bixiang sat beside him. Thousands of years had not left any marks on their faces. It was just that their temperament had become more stable. Lee Shuo's eyes sparkled with terrifying wisdom. He was afraid that even he did not know the extent of Lee Shuo's brain.

Yue Bai and Renjian Wudi stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window behind the sofa and whispered to each other. This pair of living creatures had been bickering with each other every day for the past three years.

Su Waner, Loong Yingjie, and Hwa Tianyu sat separately on the individual sofas in the room. They all looked very natural. Bai Suzhen immediately went up to Ye Wentian when she saw him come in. Ye Wentian very naturally held Bai Suzhen's hand and continued to walk forward. Everyone in the room also stood up at this time. "Sit down. How many times have I told you? We are all friends. Don't make it sound like we are all my subordinates!"

Everyone laughed. Ye Wentian went to the sofa in the middle and sat down. Bai Suzhen sat on the armrest of the sofa. Ye Wentian gently held Bai Suzhen's slim waist and changed. "I heard that the old man is dead?"

Bixiang nodded. "Uncle Tian, this guy is karma. The car he sat in was hit by four rockets last night. The body was blown up like a rag. "

Ye Wentian smiled. "Rockets? Hmm. . . Zhao Tianqi didn't do it. "

Renjian Wudi was stunned for a moment. "How could it be? It seems that the biggest enemy of the chairman is Zhao Tianqi. If it wasn't him, who else could it be?"

Yue Bai rolled her eyes. "Please! Almost everyone in the world knew that there was something wrong with these two things. Even if Zhao Tianqi wanted to do it, he wouldn't make such a big fuss. It was better to use poison. Once the rocket was fired, wouldn't all the attention be on him? Do you think Zhao Tianqi is as stupid as you?"

Renjian Wudi was speechless. It was almost the truth that he couldn't compete with Yue Yue.

Ye Wentian picked up a glass of red wine on the table and waved it at the sun. "Actually, this old man is an interesting person. He had said so much in the past, but I lived under his eyelids when I came back. This guy just turned a blind eye. Do you know why?"

Ye Wentian's words made everyone in the hall fall into silence. In fact, this was a question that everyone had been hiding in their hearts for the past three years. Ye Wentian had been living in Lee Shuo's villa ever since he came back. Logically speaking, the chairman should have known about it immediately. However, he had only made a strange arrest warrant and didn't do anything else. This was very different from what he had said in Heavenly Emperor Prefecture.

Another thing was that Ye Wentian didn't really care about anything after he returned. Instead, he was paying attention to all kinds of events in the country. If there were any problems in the country. . . Ye Wentian would use all kinds of forces to solve them. It could be said that. . . Invisibly, Ye Wentian had helped the chairman a lot. It was worth mentioning that there were times when Ye Wentian's men would come out to suppress the matter after killing someone. There would be no ripples at all!

In the financial storm two years ago, the chairman and Ye Wentian actually used a large sum of money to successfully snipe all the hot money from the outside world at the same time. They had saved the economy of China, and this operation. . . Both of them had used the same amount of money. It was as if they had discussed about half each. It gave people the feeling that the two of them were not enemies. . . But more like. . . Partners. . .

Bai Suzhen seriously looked into Ye Wentian's eyes, but she could not find a trace of emotion in his eyes. It was a complete abyss! At this moment, Lee Shuo's loyal servant, Li Wanfu, ran in from the door. He was holding an old-fashioned tape. "Magistrate, a group of men in black outside said they want to give this to you!"

Ye Wentian flicked his finger and the tape flew into Ye Wentian's hand. Ye Wentian looked at the tape and sighed. He handed the tape to Bai Suzhen. "Find something to put it on. If his guess was correct, this was the last words of the old man. "

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