God Abuser/C424 The Emperor's Hall Extremely Beautiful。。。。
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God Abuser/C424 The Emperor's Hall Extremely Beautiful。。。。
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C424 The Emperor's Hall Extremely Beautiful。。。。

Bixiang held his drunk hand and walked over to Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian gave him a thumbs up and said to Bixiang with a smile, "Congratulations!"

Bixiang scratched his head with a smile and slightly bowed to Ye Wentian. "I see you again. "

Ye Wentian pointed at his head and said, "Me! He had lost his memory. So I can't remember much about what happened before. "

A hint of surprise appeared in his intoxicated eyes. Ye Wentian waved his hand and smiled, "But it seems like Miss Drunken Wine also had a fortuitous encounter!"

Drunk smiled and said, "It's also a fortuitous encounter. I actually used wine to enter the Dao and ascended to the Heaven Realm. It's just that I couldn't let go of Bixiang in my heart, that's why I came back to this mortal world. "

Lee Shuo patted Bixiang's shoulder and said, "You're so strong. You made a fairy enter the mortal world for you!" Everyone laughed. "Let's not stand here and talk anymore. Let's go somewhere else to chat!" Ye Wentian said with a smile. "Let's do it here. I will treat everyone to the wine that I have been hiding. I guarantee that all of you will be satisfied!" As Drunken Wine spoke, he waved his hand and a waiter immediately ran over. "Boss. "

Drunken Wine softly said, "Open the Emperor's Hall and bring all my best quality Changbai Mountains' incense sticks over. "

That waiter immediately bowed and nodded, saying, "Yes!" He then turned around and ran away. As he ran, he greeted the surrounding waiters. Drunken Intoxicated pulled Bixiang's hand and said to everyone, "Let's go, follow me. "

Lee Shuo smiled and said, "Looks like I have a lot of luck today. "

Lo Ning looked at Bixiang and the drunk figure in front of her. She murmured, "What an enviable pair!"

Ye Wentian smiled and followed behind Bixiang with his hands behind his back. He could not help but sigh, "You have to know that the price they paid was that they did not see each other for thousands of years!" Lo Ning looked at Ye Wentian. "Brother Wentian, there is no perfect thing in this world, right? It is precisely because of this that beautiful things are cherished even more. "

Lee Shuo said in a low voice, "Wentian, that Zhao Tianqi. " As he was talking, He saw Zhao Tianqi walking over from the opposite side, followed by Su Dapeng. When Zhao Tianqi saw Drunken and Bixiang, he was stunned for a moment, and then he stopped. "I never knew that the boss had a lover!" Zhao Tianqi said loudly. He smiled and leaned on Bixiang's shoulder happily. "I have been looking for him for many years. Today, I finally found him. "

Zhao Tianqi smiled and looked at Bixiang. "Little brother, you are so lucky! I envy you!"

Bixiang snorted and walked over to Zhao Tianqi. However, this Zhao Tianqi did not eat it. Instead, he smiled bitterly. However, at this moment, he faintly glanced at Ye Wentian. Ye Wentian kept looking ahead of him. He didn't seem to notice Zhao Tianqi at all, but there was a trace of a smile on the corner of his mouth. This detail was all seen by Lo Ning. She looked at Ye Wentian curiously. The two groups passed by each other just like that. Lo Ning looked back at Zhao Tianqi who was walking downstairs and couldn't help but ask, "Brother Wentian. I think you guys seemed to have communicated with each other just now. "

Ye Wentian said with a smile. " Hehe, you are really meticulous. I have already said that the good show is still coming. "

Drunk pulled Bixiang along as they walked, and asked in a low voice, "Do you know Zhao Tianqi?"

Bixiang nodded. "I came here to look for him. I originally wanted to help him. However, he didn't know what was good for him. Humph! However, I think he must have some ability to sit in this position today. Maybe I underestimated him. "

Drunken slightly nodded his head. "This Zhao Tianqi is very scheming. He can be considered a ruthless character. Of course, he can't be compared to you guys. If he really gave up the opportunity to cooperate with you guys, it would be his mistake. "

Bixiang smiled. "Who knows? This world is very strange. Maybe he will automatically appear in front of us in a while. " As everyone spoke, they walked into an elevator.

Ye Wentian said with a smile," I never thought that the best place in the Imperial Residence isn't going up, but going down! " The elevator they were sitting in was sinking. The Imperial Hall is located 100 meters below the ground. It's a natural cave. There's a lot of immortal spiritual energy, it's a good place that's hard to come by. In the entire Hua Xia, only Zhao Tianqi and Liu Canghai had come here before. "

Ye Wentian leaned against the elevator wall, "You are really born in a hotel, not bad. "

At this time, the elevator stopped and everyone walked out of the elevator. Lo Ning covered her mouth with her hand as soon as she walked out of the elevator. "Oh my God! It's so beautiful!" This was a very large space and it felt cool. The surrounding walls were absolutely the same, like a natural karst cave. There was no lighting in the room, but the entire karst cave did not feel dim at all.

The walls around them were emitting a gentle blue light. In front of them was a pool of water. The water inside was crystal clear, and many fish with blue lights were swimming in it. There was a stone path in front of everyone. It seemed to be formed naturally. It just popped out of the water and meandered to the island in the middle of the pond. At this time, some blue butterflies were flying in the sky above the island, as if they were attracted by the blooming blue flowers on the island. Some of the misty fog was released by these flowers, which gave off a faint feeling. It was a refreshing fragrance.

Intoxicated, Bixiang walked to the front of the group. Ye Wentian and the others followed, "There is no need for any decoration here. This is already the best place. Miss Intoxicated has found a good place!"

Intoxicated, he smiled and said, "I found this place by chance. My top quality wine was brewed using the water here and the snow on the Changbai Mountains. The taste is much better than the ones I treated you guys to before!"

The few of them passed through the tunnel and came to the island. There were tables and chairs placed among the flowers. "This is the immortal cave! These tables and chairs are all natural! Unbelievable!" Lee Shuo couldn't help but praise. The few of them sat down on the seats. Ye Wentian took a deep breath. Instantly, his mouth was filled with fragrance. His whole body was indescribably refreshed. Lo Ning kept admiring the surrounding scenery. "It's too beautiful. I really didn't think that there would be such a place in this world!"

Everyone chatted one after another. At this time, the elevator door opened. A tall waiter carrying a jar of wine walked out of the elevator door. Lo Ning looked around. However, the waiter lowered his head so that she could not see his face clearly. He carried the jar of wine and walked over unhurriedly. Intoxicated was stunned for a moment at this moment, and then shouted, "Who are you? You are not a waiter from the Imperial Residence!"

Bixiang pressed down Drunken Indulgence who was about to stand up. "It's fine. Although he is not, he is also the person we are looking for. Perfect! "

Ye Wentian smiled as he watched the tall waiter walk in front of them. At this moment, the waiter raised his head and took off the wig on his head, revealing a bald head that was glowing with blue light.

Lo Ning softly said, "Zhao Tianqi?"

Lee Shuo pointed to the empty seat beside him. "Since you are here, take a seat. "

Zhao Tianqi, who was holding the wine jar, looked at the wine jar in his hand and sighed. "To be honest, I have always had an impulse to drink this wine and then run away. This should be a better bar than the bottom of the Changbai Mountains! "

Drunk said in a deep voice, "You have a good idea. You can disguise yourself as a waiter and sneak in with my wine. Looks like I need to investigate my people again. "

Zhao Tianqi placed the wine jar on the table and sat down. He waved his hand and smiled, "There's no need for you to investigate. I admit it myself. I have someone planted here. You also know that those who come here to eat are not ordinary people. The information here is much more than other places. "

Drunken Intoxicated snorted coldly, "Do you think my Imperial Residence is an intelligence station?"

Zhao Tianqi laughed heartily," Don't be angry, Intoxicated Boss. I have my own selfish motives. You should know that it's easy for me to drink wine. "

Bixiang stared into Zhao Tianqi's eyes and said, "It's hard to believe what you said when you put on such an act. "

Zhao Tianqi smiled awkwardly. He turned around and looked at Ye Wentian. He just looked at Ye Wentian without saying anything. His eyes were full of curiosity. Half a minute later. . . Zhao Tianqi said, "I'm very curious. Who are you? How can you send a secret message? I can see that you're only about 20 years old at such a young age. How can you have such skill? "

Ye Wentian smiled. "It seems that Canghai really knows how to hide some things! I am Ye Wentian. Yes. You all seem to call me Iron Blood Judge. "

Zhao Tianqi was instantly stunned. He pointed at Ye Wentian and said with a trembling voice," Didn't Iron Blood Judge die a thousand years ago? "

Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Then you should know about the return of the God Seventeen a few days ago. Don't tell me you don't know where the God Seventeen went?" Zhao Tianqi muttered, "They brought you back?" 。。。。

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