God Abuser/C425 Who Exactly Was She Conspiracy Positive Plot?
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God Abuser/C425 Who Exactly Was She Conspiracy Positive Plot?
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C425 Who Exactly Was She Conspiracy Positive Plot?

Ye Wentian snapped his fingers. "Looks like you aren't stupid!"

Zhao Tianqi looked at Ye Wentian for a long time, but did not say anything. At this moment, he was drunk and said, "It is your fortune to be found by them. The strength of the people here was beyond your imagination. They could easily turn the tables and do whatever they wanted. Being able to obtain their help is already considered a good fortune. You have to seize this opportunity. Do not miss this opportunity. Otherwise, you will regret it even on the day you die! I only told you this because you often come to my place to drink and make me earn a lot of money! "

Zhao Tianqi nodded. If he had only believed 30% of what he said just now, Because he knew that this drunk person was definitely not a simple person. He had strength beyond the imagination of ordinary people, and these were all news from the intelligence officers here. . . In the past, China had a clear opinion of the Imperial Residence and the world, "Let it develop, do not interfere. "

These words were enough to tell that this woman was not ordinary. A person like her would never lie to him. Zhao Tianqi smiled bitterly and said, "Oh my god, it turns out that Iron Blood Judge has been protecting Old Liu all this time. Then why should I fight for it?"

Ye Wentian said with a smile, "I don't care how you guys fight for it. Now that Canghai is dead, you guys can't fight for it. Moreover, before he died, he left me a message saying that he must help you get the first seat. It seems like he knows you better. Even if he dies, it will be difficult for you to get the seat. "

Zhao Tianqi smiled bitterly and said, "That's right! I am the one who understands Old Liu the most in this world, and he also understands me the most. Don't look at how I look like on the surface, but those are all fake. I can't compare to Old Liu in terms of power in Huaxia. The outside world is saying that I am more powerful than Old Liu. That is because I always do things in broad daylight and do not know how to hide it. It seems that my influence has increased a little. However, Old Liu always knows how to accumulate strength. Actually, I also understand in my heart. I'll never be able to secure my position as the National President in this lifetime. "

After saying that, Zhao Tianqi sighed deeply. "You also saw those old men just now. They are all important figures in China. However, when Old Liu was here, he was still able to suppress them. That's why they turned around to help me. Now, they want me to take the position because they want me to be an obedient puppet. "

Ye Wentian said indifferently, "As long as it's in the face of power, how many people are willing to be someone else's wedding dress?"

Zhao Tianqi nodded in agreement. "That's right. Don't think that these old things are about to die. However, they were indeed powerful. The few of them could now control some things. If I was there talking to you just now, it was obviously not what they wanted to see. Because if they really relied on you to get to the top, they would have no chance to fight for power. These people really can do anything for power, I won't hide it from you. I suspect that Old Liu's death this time is directly related to them. "

Ye Wentian waved his hand. "We'll find out if he has any connections. Can you trust us now? "

Zhao Tianqi sighed. "To be honest, no one would believe what you said. They would only think that you are a madman. If I believe you right away. . . There is no need for you to help me anymore, because in that case. . . I am just an idiot. But you're the one wanted by the entire world, just based on this, I can tell that you're not ordinary. It's just that there are some things that can't be done by ordinary people. "

Zhao Tianqi spoke very carefully. Although he had said so much, he didn't mention anything about the real thing. From this, it could be seen that this person was very scheming. He considered the problem carefully. Ye Wentian nodded his head in satisfaction. After all, he didn't want to talk about the real thing. In the future, Hua Xia would be given to an ignorant man.

"Let's not talk about those things first. Let's talk about the murder of Canghai and the fact that someone is preparing to assassinate you. You said it was those old men, but there's no need for them to give up on you now. So it should not be them who did it. The person who killed Canghai must be the same person who wanted to kill you. And this person is very likely to be a hidden character. Let me ask you now. . . Why does Canghai think that you might not be able to take this position?"

Zhao Tianqi sighed, "Although the higher ups of Huaxia seem to only have us two, it is actually very complicated. Both sides are divided into many forces. We are just the representatives of our side. In fact, we can't tell our own people what to do. In fact, we should fight on our own. It's just that some big things will be gathered together and become two camps. Furthermore, the people between the two camps also change from time to time. Today, you and I will. . . Hello and I tomorrow. "

Ye Wentian nodded. " In other words, after Canghai's death, the originally balanced camp became chaotic. The balance was lost, and it became like a group of men chasing a deer. Thus, many people came out to fight for this position. That's why you can't guarantee that you'll get this position. "

Zhao Tianqi smiled. "You are really smart. You found the main point of the problem in an instant. This is what happened. I think you must have been thinking about who would be the biggest beneficiary after Canghai and I died. Then, you should start investigating from this point of view, right?"

Lee Shuo interrupted and said, "That's right. However, it was meaningless to look at it like that now. After your death, too many people will benefit from it. Everyone will have the chance to become the first in line. "

Ye Wentian's eyes lit up. "Actually, we were thinking in the wrong direction from the very beginning. It seems that it was because of the competition of power that we attacked you and Canghai. It is a good opportunity to create chaos, but if we do that. . . Although you are only representing us, the risk is too great. But you are the strongest people on both sides. If you attack, After all, there is no wall in the world that cannot be exposed! Those who do this will face a calamity. I thought of your level. You must be very careful in whatever you do! All you need to do is to be cautious!"

Zhao Tianqi's eyes lit up. " What you said makes sense. It is not easy for anyone to reach our current position. As long as they aren't crazy, they won't do anything out of line. Everyone has a complicated relationship. It's basically impossible to do something in secret in our circle! "

Ye Wentian smiled. "That's why we were wrong from the beginning. The murderer is not someone in your circle at all. This person should be someone from outside. He killed Canghai and you. He wants to cause chaos in China! This person is not targeting you. What? "

Ye Wentian's words stunned everyone present. But everyone nodded in agreement. Because it seemed like that was the case!

Ye Wentian smiled and continued, "Then let's analyze it. After the chaos in China, who can benefit from it? Or perhaps, who hates China?"

Lo Ning blurted out, "Japan! However, you seem to have already destroyed them. "

Zhao Tianqi was stunned for a moment and looked at Ye Wentian, "You threw those nuclear bombs three years ago?"

Ye Wentian nodded. "Yes, it was convenient. " Zhao Tianqi was speechless. Lee Shuo frowned. "I think some people have noticed something. Wentian, you and Canghai pretended to break off relations for the sake of China. After such a long time, it was impossible for them not to see it. If you want to say that someone wants to mess with Huaxia, I think. . . That world will be reactivated? "

Ye Wentian smiled. " It's just as I thought. These guys must have seen through something before they made such a vicious move. If Huaxia isn't in chaos, they won't be able to find me with their country's operations. The best way is to cause chaos in Huaxia. The flames of war will rise. Then they will use the name of peacekeeping to send their troops in and use them to deal with me. Hehe, they really think highly of me! It's just. . . Is it useful? "

A trace of killing intent appeared in Ye Wentian's eyes. The temperature in the entire Imperial Hall suddenly dropped. . .

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