God Abuser/C428 He Didn't Bring Any Money with Him When He Went Shopping Meeting Familiar Faces on the Road!
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God Abuser/C428 He Didn't Bring Any Money with Him When He Went Shopping Meeting Familiar Faces on the Road!
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C428 He Didn't Bring Any Money with Him When He Went Shopping Meeting Familiar Faces on the Road!

The next day, everyone broke up in the Imperial Residence. Lee Shuo went on his way with Zhao Tianqi, who had put on makeup. He wanted to bring him back to the villa in the suburbs. Zhao Tianqi was extremely grateful to Ye Wentian. Now, he had completely believed Ye Wentian's words. Iron Blood Judge was behind him. He only felt that he had unlimited confidence. Bixiang and Intoxicated stayed in the Imperial Residence for the time being. They had started to plan where they would go for their honeymoon. After all, they had to make up for the time they spent in the past. This time, they had a lot of fun to play with. Anyway, Ye Wentian could contact Bixiang through his Divine Sense at any time. So, it didn't matter where he went.

"Brother Tian, I know a hall here. We can contact our family members there. " Lo Ning and Ye Wentian walked slowly by the road. Ye Wentian nodded. "Let's go there. "

Lo Ning looked at the unfamiliar Ye Wentian and asked curiously, "Brother Tian, why do you want to change your appearance?"

Ye Wentian had already changed his appearance in the underground great hall. Now, he looked very ordinary. He no longer had the demeanor of a handsome man. Ye Wentian smiled and said, "You know how much trouble this face of mine will bring me. If I don't change it, I don't know how many assassins will be attracted to me. Although I'm not afraid, I can't stand that trouble. That's better. Don't worry. "

Lo Ning smiled. " That's right. People will go crazy because of that money. "

Ye Wentian smiled bitterly and spread out his hands. "It can't be helped. He has been attracting attention. He will be the center of attention wherever he goes. "

Lo Ning covered her mouth and laughed. "Anyway, there is a lot of time today. Let's go shopping first. "

Ye Wentian nodded and smiled. " Alright, no problem. But let me make this clear first. I didn't bring any money with me. " Lo Ning stuck out her tongue. "Neither did I. " 。。。

The two of them did not even have the money to take a taxi. This was a mistake. Ye Wentian had never had the habit of bringing money. This was something that could not be helped. This was because money was just a concept to Ye Wentian. It was completely meaningless. Lo Ning and Ye Wentian just walked along the road, chatting and laughing along the way. Fortunately, the Prince's Mansion wasn't very far from the commercial district. After walking for about 30 minutes, they were already in the crowd. Lo Ning was in a good mood today. She pulled Ye Wentian to the counter and looked at them one by one. Actually, as the eldest daughter of Azure Dragon Society, she didn't lack anything. She was only strolling around because she wanted to stay alone with Ye Wentian for a while longer.

Lo Ning was a very smart person. She knew what she was thinking. She knew that she had fallen in love with Ye Wentian, but she was also a little confused. Because she didn't know if it was because she admired Iron Blood Judge since she was young, or if she really fell in love with this man. This question had always confused Lo Ning. But how could things in the world be explained so clearly. . .

The two of them walking like this was very conspicuous, and it caused many people to turn back. The main problem was Lo Ning. She was already a sixteen year old girl. Her body emitted an invincible youthful aura. The most important problem was. . . She was really beautiful. According to Bai Suzhen, The current Lo Ning was basically the same as Shangyue, even in terms of aura. So she felt that Lo Ning was the reincarnation of Lo Bing, but this could not be confirmed now. Although Ye Wentian and the others had shocking abilities, they were unable to see through Lo Ning's entire soul. Her soul seemed to be very powerful. There was something that had always been on bad terms with her inside. This discovery made Ye Wentian somewhat worried. Because in this world, there were very few things that Ye Wentian could not see through. . .

"Brother Tian, look at this. " Lo Ning pulled Ye Wentian to a plush toy store. She pointed at a "Happy Sheep" with her eyes full of love. Girls were like this, like this kind of cute thing.

Ye Wentian bent down and looked at the doll's smiling face in front of him. "What is this?"

Lo Ning giggled. " Brother Tian, you are out of your mind! This was the main character of a relatively good cartoon. Many people liked it. "

Ye Wentian smiled bitterly. " Eh ~ ~ ~ Alright, I'm falling behind. Not bad. It looks very cute. "

"Sir, buy one for your girlfriend. We are selling it at a special price in our shopping mall. This limited edition of the Happy Sheep is only sold for 333 yuan. The original price is more than 1000 yuan. It is reasonable to buy it now!" A salesperson stood behind Ye Wentian and introduced it with a smile.

Ye Wentian turned his head and asked Lo Ning, "Do you like it?" Lo Ning nodded, and Ye Wentian smiled. " Then I will buy it for you next time. "

Lo Ning smiled and nodded. The clerk was stunned. "Now is the time to set a special price. The next time I buy it, it might not be at this price. "

The clerk looked at such an ordinary looking man with such a beautiful girl. From their expressions, it was obvious that they were a couple. So she guessed that this man must be a rich man. Why else would such a beautiful woman be with him?

Actually, that was what happened in the world. Women with such thoughts would never find a good man. . .

Lo Ning smiled and pulled Ye Wentian's hand away. The clerk even chased after them a few steps. " It would not be appropriate to buy it next time. " Lo Ning turned around and said with a smile, "We do not have money. " 。。。。。

The clerk immediately stopped and looked at Ye Wentian with disdain in her heart.

Ye Wentian smiled bitterly as he walked. "I did notice that there was no money when I was preparing to use it. "

Lo Ning held Ye Wentian's arm and said happily, "I am very happy that you agreed to give it to me. "

Ye Wentian lowered his head and looked at Lo Ning. "By the way, we have known each other for so long. I really did not give you anything. "

Lo Ning shook her head. "I don't need anything. Being able to know you is the biggest gift I can give you. "

Ye Wentian took a deep look at Lo Ning. He had always been confused. He didn't know how this girl felt about him. She said she was a friend. However, he had always had a special feeling about this girl. She said she was a lover. However, it was not like that. There seemed to be something between the two of them. Later on, Ye Wentian summarized that it was - memory. Both of them had lost a little bit of their memories about each other. That was why the current situation had occurred. Once Ye Wentian recalled everything that had happened in the past. . . He would know whether Lo Ning was Lo Bing or not. However, Ye Wentian always felt that the relationship between the two of them was not as simple as that. That was a very strange feeling. Ye Wentian was also worried. What if she was not?

"Lo Ning!! Oh my god! It really is you, Lo Ning! Where have you been these few years? You never came to school. Could it be that you changed schools? " At this moment, a charming voice was heard. Lo Ning and Ye Wentian turned around to look. They saw a tall and sexy beauty wearing branded clothes waving at Lo Ning. This woman was holding the hand of a man wearing a high-end suit and glasses. That man's eyes were cold and had a very arrogant look.

Lo Ning was stunned for a moment and then smiled, "So it's Meimei. Long time no see. "

Lo Ning whispered to Ye Wentian, "She is my classmate. What kind of jewelry business does her family do? But before I left, I heard that her brother and father went missing. " Ye Wentian smiled and nodded.

"Lo Ning, you still haven't changed much. But you have become even more beautiful! Where have you been all these years? You don't know the random legends of your classmates. Ever since you didn't come to school, there have been a lot of boys in our school who have been lost in thought every day. " Mei Mei pulled the one-eyed man over. As she spoke loudly, one could tell at a glance that this kind of woman was the type of person who didn't have any schemes.

Lo Ning smiled and hugged Mei Mei, "I have transferred. "

Mei Mei smiled and said. " What do you think? Lo Ning asked with a smile. Why did you leave just like that? You didn't give us any news at all. Oh, right. Do you know? Today is Qiao Xuan's birthday, and I happened to meet you. Let's go together. "

Lo Ning was stunned for a moment. If Lo Ning had any friends at the school, then Qiao Xuan was one of them. Not to mention, Lo Ning really missed her a little. Ye Wentian saw the thoughts in Lo Ning's eyes and smiled. "Since it is a friend's birthday, let's go and take a look. "

Lo Ning smiled and held Ye Wentian's arm. "You can go, but you have to go with me. " 。。。。。。

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