God Abuser/C430 No Money to Buy a Gift a Gift of Hair。。。。
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God Abuser/C430 No Money to Buy a Gift a Gift of Hair。。。。
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C430 No Money to Buy a Gift a Gift of Hair。。。。

Zhang Meimei and Lo Ning walked out of the mall with their arms crossed. Ye Wentian and Lee Guanhua followed behind them. Lee Guanhua had heard what Zhang Meimei and Lo Ning had said just now. Now, he could not hide the disdain he felt when he looked at Ye Wentian anymore.

When they were outside, Lee Guanhua went to pick up the car. Ye Wentian and the other two stood outside and waited. At this time, Zhang Meimei looked at Ye Wentian and said, "Today is the birthday of your girlfriend's sisters. Do you think you should give her a gift?" Ye Wentian smiled and nodded. "Yes, I should. "

Zhang Meimei continued, "Then shouldn't you buy this gift?"

Ye Wentian waved his hand and said, "Sometimes, gifts don't have to be bought with money. Sometimes, gifts without money are more likable. "

Zhang Meimei coldly snorted, "Lo Ning being your girlfriend is your great fortune, but you are actually so scheming! Let me tell you, if a man is stingy, he will fail for the rest of his life. "

Lo Ning heard what Zhang Meimei said about Ye Wentian but did not show any anger. She just smiled and looked at Ye Wentian from the side. Ye Wentian did not get angry either and just said, "Then I don't know. Anyway, she is the one who wants to be with me. I did not beg her. Besides, Can't you have love without money?"

Ye Wentian's words immediately stopped Zhang Meimei from saying what she wanted to say. "If you don't have money, then. . . How can you promise happiness to the other party?" Lee Guanhua said to Ye Wentian in his Porsche. Ye Wentian smiled and turned to look at Lee Guanhua. "I know. Don't show off your strengths in front of others. You can't be rude even if you have money. Don't you think so? "

Lee Guanhua coldly snorted, "Meimei, get in the car. "

Zhang Meimei sat in the car but saw that Lo Ning was still standing where she was and did not move," Get in the car, Lo Ning. "

Lo Ning shook her head, "Let's think of a way ourselves. We will not sit in this car. I don't want to hear it. Someone has been talking about my boyfriend, and he's very self-righteous. " As she spoke, Lo Ning pulled Ye Wentian's hand and left. Zhang Meimei was stunned on the spot.

" Hmph! You said that I was self-righteous and deserved to suffer for your entire life. Let's go. " Zhang Meimei said hatefully. Lee Guanhua nodded and started the car. "Who is this female classmate of yours?" Lee Guanhua knew that the classmates who came out of Zhang Meimei's class were not simple. Zhang Meimei coldly snorted, "She is probably a child from a small family. She has never talked about her family background. The things she usually wore were very simple. It seemed that there was no car to pick her up when she went home. She took a taxi and left, but she was beautiful. At that time, 80% of the boys in the school were chasing her. The reason I made friends with my sisters was because I felt that she would find a very capable husband in the future. "

Zhang Meimei smiled. "In the end, it turned out that she had a very powerful husband. Look, she found such a disgusting man. Hahaha, karma. "

Lee Guanhua raised his eyebrows. "I thought you guys were good friends. "

Zhang Meimei smiled and said, "It was just a show, but it's not necessary now because she found a man with no future. Wait for Qiao Xuan and I will make them embarrassed. Humph! That place is not a place for poor people like them who do not have power and power to stay. "

Lee Guanhua smiled. " Ants like them were not worthy for us to step on. But this Lo Ning is really beautiful. It's a pity to find such a man. "

Zhang Meimei smiled charmingly, "What is the matter? You even started to show compassion to her? " Lee Guanhua could feel that although Zhang Meimei was smiling, her tone was already very bad. "No. No. I was just casually saying. Compared to Meimei, she is simply trash. "

The black Porsche sped along the road, raising a wisp of smoke. . .

Ye Wentian and Lo Ning slowly walked to the side of the road. "Why did the free car run away just like that?" Ye Wentian said with a smile. Lo Ning looked at Ye Wentian and said, "Brother Tian, seeing two disgusting people by your side, don't you feel disgusted? I really admire you. "

Ye Wentian smiled. "It doesn't matter. They are not on the same level at all. I rarely get angry with mortals. "

Lo Ning shook her head and sighed. "Sometimes I think. One day you won't be able to destroy this world with just a little bit of unhappiness. . . "

Ye Wentian was stunned. "Why would you say that?"

Lo Ning said seriously," Think about it. If you are not angry, it means that you do not care about this mortal world. In your heart, you have already left this world. So even if you destroy it, you will not have any other feelings, just like you will not be angry. "

Ye Wentian nodded. "Don't say that. What you said makes sense. One day, when I am going to destroy the world, I will tell you in advance. "

Lo Ning giggled. "You are so annoying. You are joking with me again. Brother Tian, but we really need a backup gift. After all, it is not good to go empty-handed. "

Ye Wentian nodded. "That's true. Actually, there are a lot of things that can be given. There are Skyhill Snow Lotus, Ten Thousand Year Ginseng and so on. There are diamonds too. "

Lo Ning was stunned. "Why do you have these things?"

Ye Wentian waved his hand. "Of course I don't have them now. But these things could be sorted out in one go. Very quickly. Take a look at what I can give you. "

Lo Ning lowered her head and started to think. As long as Ye Wentian was by her side, there would be no problem. Basically, everything in this world could be found. And it was absolutely fast.

"Qiao Xuan this lass likes antiques. Does Brother Tian have a way?" Lo Ning suddenly said. Ye Wentian smiled and nodded. " Your Brother Tian is basically omnipotent. Then we have to go and rob the tomb. I really doubt it. Why does someone like these things from the dead? What. . . ?"

Lo Ning smiled and said," This girl liked archaeology at that time. And she was very passionate about it. Also. . . Hehe. " Lo Ning said and laughed. Ye Wentian looked at Lo Ning strangely, "What's wrong?"

Lo Ning blinked her big eyes and laughed. "And let me tell you, she specializes in studying you. . . "

Ye Wentian was petrified, "Since when have I been raised to the level of being studied by others?"

Lo Ning looked at Ye Wentian, her eyes full of tenderness. "Actually this Qiao Xuan is my real friend. At that time, it was because we shared the same hobbies that we were so close to each other. "

Ye Wentian smiled bitterly and pointed at himself. "You also like to study me?" Lo Ning shook her head helplessly. "I originally wanted to ask you a lot of questions after meeting you. There were many things in history that I did not explain clearly, but in the end. . . Brother Tian, you lost your memory. How helpless. "

Ye Wentian reached out his hand and patted Lo Ning's little head. " I am still alive! It does not belong to the category of history. "

Lo Ning smiled and said, "Yes, yes, yes. You are the most handsome man in history. Never mind if it is not OT. Actually, I have already thought of what to give her. " As she spoke, Lo Ning looked at Ye Wentian and smiled slyly. It was very malicious. Ye Wentian, Lo Ning, saw it and felt a little scared. "Don't tell me you are sending me to her to study? Little Ning, you can't be like this. "

Lo Ning gently pounded Ye Wentian's chest. "You can't bear to part with me, and I can't bear to part with you!"

Ye Wentian let out a long sigh of relief. " Then why are you staring at me? "

Lo Ning pointed at Ye Wentian's head and said, "I will give this to you. . . "

Ye Wentian immediately covered his head with a bitter expression. "It's such a good birthday. It's hard to say if you want to give me a head. "

Lo Ning smiled and kicked Ye Wentian again. "Brother Tian, you don't have to play like this. You know I didn't mean that. What do you think about giving her a strand of your hair? "

Ye Wentian was stunned. He pointed at his own head. "Give her a strand of hair? . . . You are strong. You are strong! Anyway, I have plenty of hair. Do you want another piece of armpit hair?"

Just as Lo Ning was about to kick him, Ye Wentian took a few steps forward. Lo Ning smiled and chased after him. The two of them started to chase and fight on the street. They laughed and did not care about the strange and envious gazes of the people around them.

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