God Abuser/C442 The Azure Dragon Society Was also Looking for the Calamity Star Enigmatic
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God Abuser/C442 The Azure Dragon Society Was also Looking for the Calamity Star Enigmatic
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C442 The Azure Dragon Society Was also Looking for the Calamity Star Enigmatic

Sky Supporting Pillar, which had turned into a large truck, sped along the streets of New York. Ye Wentian quietly looked at the tall buildings on both sides of the street. His eyes kept blinking. No one knew what he was thinking. "We are going to Brooklyn now. According to the information left by the hornet last time, they should be hiding there now. "

Sky Supporting Pillar's metallic voice rang out at this time. Ye Wentian nodded. Concubine Zhou continued to look at the outside environment. At this time, she said to Lo Ning, "Miss. Ever since you went missing three years ago, Boss almost went crazy. The entire Azure Dragon Society has put in a lot of effort to find you. Boss seems to have aged a lot in these three years. " Lo Ning pursed her lips and did not say anything. Ye Wentian raised his brows. "It's impossible that your boss doesn't know where your young lady is. After all, we are not hiding from outsiders. With the strength of your Azure Dragon Society, it shouldn't be difficult to find your young lady, right?"

Concubine Zhou was stunned for a moment. After hearing what Ye Wentian said, she realized that the situation might not be what she had imagined! Ye Wentian looked at Concubine Zhou and asked, "Back then, your Azure Dragon Society needed some information about America. Can I know what you want that information for? If it is convenient, I will get the information for you. "

Concubine Zhou thought for a moment, then smiled and said, "What we need are some records of ancient books. A thousand years ago, after Lo Cangloong created the Azure Dragon Society, he had been searching for an ancient book. It was said that this ancient book contained what he wanted to know, but a thousand years had passed. Our Azure Dragon Society, however, found nothing. A few days ago, we received reliable news. It was mentioned in the confidential files regarding the whereabouts of this ancient book. "

Ye Wentian smiled. "It seems like your Azure Dragon Society is really powerful. You even know about the secret files of others. "

Concubine Zhou said with a smile, "After all, we are a big association that has existed for a thousand years. We still have the ability to do so. "

Concubine Zhou changed to a comfortable position and continued, "But when I heard what this robot said just now, I felt that their ancient records and the thing we were looking for seemed to be the same thing. "

Ye Wentian was stunned for a moment. "You mean your Azure Dragon Society is also looking for the ancient records about the calamity? What is it used for?"

Although Ye Wentian had lost his memory, However, he knew that Lo Cangloong was his life-and-death brother. As a brother, Ye Wentian had to pay attention to this matter. He found that the matter regarding the disaster seemed to have become complicated. It seemed like there were too many people and forces involved in this matter.

Concubine Zhou nodded her head. "Only the bosses of each generation know what this ancient book is used for after it was found. We, the small ones, won't know. But one thing is certain. According to the description, this seems to be the thing we are looking for. Now, it seems that the last clue is precisely in Huaxia. "

Ye Wentian's eyes flashed with a fierce light. "Actually, have you thought about it seriously? They also know the general location of the last clue in America. After so many years, why didn't they enter Huaxia to search? Maybe they did search for us, but we don't know. However, from the last time I saw the President of America. . . I'm afraid things aren't that simple. This final clue seems to be something that all forces are trying their best to hide from. They know where it is, but they aren't looking for it. . . What does this mean?"

Concubine Zhou immediately understood what Ye Wentian meant, "That is because. . . The result of finding it is not what everyone wants to see. Also, I'm afraid they don't believe this legend at all. "

Concubine Zhou slowly said. Ye Wentian smiled. He thought to himself that Concubine Zhou looked honest and honest. In fact, she was also a very scheming woman. From her tone, it seemed like she already knew about the disaster. She definitely wouldn't have known about it after hearing what Optimus Prime had said. She was afraid that she also knew the purpose of the Azure Dragon Society looking for this thing. Ye Wentian originally wanted to use his mind reading technique to come up with Concubine Zhou's idea, but it only took him a moment to think about it. Lo Ning looked at Concubine Zhou and then looked at Ye Wentian and smiled, "There are some things that Older Sister Concubine Zhou cannot take the initiative to tell you. So Brother Tian, don't take offense. When you see my father, Go and ask him directly. "

Ye Wentian smiled and gave Concubine Zhou a deep look. "Okay. " Concubine Zhou could only smile awkwardly at this time.

"We are here. " Optimus Prime's voice sounded again. The car also stopped at this time. Ye Wentian looked out and saw that the car was parked in front of a dilapidated apartment that was probably built in the 1980s. An old apartment like this was rarely seen in the downtown area of New York. The dark corridor was like a man-eating mouth ready to devour everything at any time. "Is this the place?" Ye Wentian looked around and his eyes stopped at a window on the fourth floor. "Eh? It is indeed a different human!"

Ye Wentian's strength had long reached the realm of Heaven Man Unity, so basically nothing could deceive his feelings. In his eyes, everything in this world would be directly seen by him!

"There is indeed an unusual life form in this building. Her brainwaves are more than a hundred times that of a normal person. It seems like she is still resting at this time. If it is used, it might be a thousand times that of a normal person! This is the Prophet? "

Optimus Prime was silent for a moment, then said, "I don't know how powerful you are, to be able to detect even ordinary life signs. That's right, that life sign should be the Prophet's. Your perfect evolution makes me very puzzled. I even suspect that you are the legendary super life form. "

Ye Wentian smiled. "There are many powerful people in this world, and you have only seen so many of them. Could it be that even someone as powerful as me is a super life form? Then this thing is too worthless. Besides, do you think I look like the kind of person who decides to destroy the world for no reason? "

Optimus Prime was silent for a moment. "I don't know. You humans have an old saying. . . . Know your heart '. " "Eh!"

Ye Wentian was speechless. An alien actually said such a thing, which made Ye Wentian feel completely strange.

"Let's go and see what the Prophet is doing. " Ye Wentian had a feeling. Right now, they really wanted to find the Mad Sect. As long as they refused to give up on the Prophet, they would have a chance to find the old nest of the Mad Sect. Therefore, if they were to guard this Prophet now, there would definitely be a fool who would bump into this big tree! When Ye Wentian got off the car, He glanced at the car and saw that it was parked downstairs in a yellow Chevrolet sports car, "That must be the subordinate of this Optimus Prime. It also has the aura of life. " Ye Wentian pointed at the small sports car. Lo Ning looked at the sports car and said with a smile, "Hehe. This world is really wonderful. "

Ye Wentian could hear a strange frequency being transmitted between the Optimus Prime and the yellow sportscar. Ye Wentian's heart moved and immediately deciphered the frequency that humans could not hear.

"Brother Optimus Prime, who are they? They seem to be looking for a prophet. Am I going to destroy them?" This frequency should be the sound of the sports car. Next would be Optimus Prime's voice. "Don't be nervous. Hornet, they're not bad people. This man has saved my life, his strength is something we have never heard of before! If this man becomes our comrade, the Prophet will definitely not be harmed. "

At this time, Ye Wentian walked to the side of the sports car and patted the hood of the car. He said softly, "Don't worry, we won't hurt her. " The car seemed to have moved slightly. Lo Ning felt that the car seemed to tremble even more. Ye Wentian immediately took back his hand and slowly walked towards the dark corridor with his hands behind his back.

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