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God Abuser/C453 The Grandson of His Grandson the Grandson of His Grandfather the Grandson of His Grandson the G
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C453 The Grandson of His Grandson the Grandson of His Grandfather the Grandson of His Grandson the G

Ziyi looked at Ye Wentian helplessly and smiled bitterly again. "You don't know. . . These juniors treat me and your sister-in-law as deities every day. The whole empire is like this. Actually, we really don't want to come out and walk around. It's very troublesome. . . Sigh. . . You don't remember either. . . Green, yellow. . . Green, red. . . Cheng and the others have all passed away. I don't know why either. . . They all have undying bodies, but there are certain restrictions. . . Only your sister-in-law and I can truly be immortal. After these old men left, the two of us really felt a little lonely. Now, we can't even find a friend to talk about the past anymore. . . "

Ye Wentian smiled and said," Since that's the case, you and sister-in-law can stay at the top with me for a while longer. When you feel like you're homesick, you can come back. If it's boring, you can go out again. Anyway, it's very convenient. "

Ziyi said with a smile, "That's what I think! Brother! I have nothing to worry about after seeing you!"

A huge palace appeared in front of them. Ye Wentian had a strange feeling when he saw the palace. "Eh? I've been to this place before?"

Ziyi said with a smile, "Of course! Back then, you seized the power of Rockheart Empire from me and handed it over to me!"

"Er. . . The power of a country. . . Just like that, you handed it over?" Qiao Yuanshan could not help but exclaim. In his eyes, a country's regime had always been a supreme existence. Seeing the two giants walking in front of him talking about a country like it was their home, as an "ordinary person," he really could not understand.

Ye Wentian smiled. "As long as you have the ability, a country is the same as an apple! If you can control it, you can decide their fate!"

Domineering! Arrogant! This was the deepest impression that Ye Wentian had given Qiao Yuanshan. Ziyi smiled and said, "If this brother of mine wants to be the Emperor, then I estimate that the name of the world outside will be surnamed Ye. "

Qiao Yuanshan thought about it and agreed with what Ziyi said. Wasn't history recorded as well? Back then, Ye Wentian was furious because of Lee Zhengyang's death, and he immediately went to the capital to kill the fatuous ruler. His thunderous approaches could make anyone feel cold, and at the same time, they could feel their blood boiling. After that, he sold a favor to the Emperor of Ling Long Academy, and gave the world to him just like that. This kind of boldness was something that had never existed before!

All this time, the scholars of history had always been interested in this part of history. However, they couldn't find any clues that could prove that something like this had happened back then. Qiao Yuanshan also treated this as a story. However, from the looks of it now, even the legends might not be accurate. The three of them slowly walked into the palace gates. There were guards standing on both sides of the palace gates. When they saw Emperor Ziyi, they immediately bowed. At the same time, a trace of doubt appeared in their eyes. In the Rockheart Empire, there was no one who dared to walk side by side with Emperor Ziyi. It seemed like it had been hundreds of years!

No one dared to walk side by side with Emperor Ziyi. It wasn't because of Ziyi's hypocrisy. It was because everyone in the entire Stonemonium had a crazy amount of respect for Ziyi. Therefore, no matter how high or low one's status was, no matter how capable one was, when they saw Emperor Ziyi, they would always retreat to show their respect. Along the way, countless palace maids and guards bowed to Ziyi.

Ziyi just kept walking in, "At the beginning, I still returned the courtesy. But think about it, it has been like this for hundreds of years, if it was in his place. . . If it was you, you wouldn't be able to take it, so I'll let them go. "

Ziyi's tone was very helpless. Ye Wentian smiled. "That won't happen. They won't have the chance. I think I will run away in a year. "

Ziyi laughed out loud. "Don't say that. This is really your personality, brother!"

When the three of them reached the second palace gate, the guards had already sent the news to the Town Hall. "Report! ~~~~”

A guard knelt outside the Town Hall and shouted loudly. In the middle of the hall sat a very dignified middle-aged man. His eyebrows were somewhat similar to Ziyi's. Below him were all the civil and military officials. They seemed to be in the middle of a meeting. The emperor sitting in the hall was stunned for a moment. "Come in! Speak! What is it!?"

Stephen Kuang was indeed a little surprised. Usually, the guards would not come in to disturb unless it was something important. The guard immediately stood up and came to the front of the hall. He used a loud and clear voice to say, "Emperor!! The old ancestor has returned and also followed two people. One of the young men with long hair is talking and laughing with the old ancestor and looks very familiar!!" Stephen Kuang is stunned again. " Nonsense! Are you familiar with the old ancestor? What do you want to say? Do you know how old the old ancestor is? Besides the yellow-robed Great God and the others, how could the old ancestor Ziyi have any other friends? "

The guard immediately said nervously, "But the Emperor, that young man and the Old Ancestor seem to be talking and laughing, moreover. . . "

When the guard said this, Yuwen Kuang stopped and squinted his eyes, "And what!?"

The guard said with a trembling voice, "That young man even has his arms around the Old Ancestor's shoulders. "

"What?!!!" Yuwen Kuang immediately stood up, "The Emperor please calm down!!" All of the civil and military officials knelt down. Stephen Kuang's eyes were filled with anger. The old ancestor was someone he had always admired. In his heart, he was a god-like figure. He would usually be respectful to the old man and wouldn't dare to say anything. Now, he actually heard that there was a young man who actually dared to be in the Imperial Palace!! Under everyone's eyes, he was hugging the old ancestor's shoulders!! This was a heaven defying act! "All of you, get up! Today's matter will end here! I want to see who is so bold!!" As he spoke, Yu Wen walked down frantically, and swiftly walked out from the door. The guards followed closely behind, and all the civil and military officials were stunned for a moment. Then, they followed after him. They were curious as to who had the guts to do so. . .

"Shing! Shing! ~ ~ ~ Big Brother, look, there's a bunch of people in front of us. . . " When Ye Wentian said this, he put his arm on Yuwen Ziyi's shoulder.

Ziyi looked in front of him. "Huh? Shouldn't Xiao Kuang be in the court at this time? Why did he bring so many civil and military officials here?"

Ye Wentian smiled, "It's all because of you, the Great God. "

While the two of them were talking, Stephen Kuang had already brought all the civil and military officials to the front of the two of them. Stephen Kuang stopped and half-knelt on the ground. " Kuang, welcome the Old Ancestor! "

The civil and military officials behind him also knelt down. However, they were all prostrating themselves in front of Ziyi. Ziyi frowned. "Little Kuang! How many times have I told you? You can't do this again! If you're tired, I'm tired too! "

Stephen Kuang stood up. His eyes fell on Ye Wentian. At this time, Ye Wentian's hand was still on Ziyi's shoulder. It looked like. . .

Ziyi and Ye Wentian were like brothers, standing there casually.

"Who are you?! Take your hand away from our old ancestor!"

Yuwen Kuang said coldly. Ziyi and Ye Wentian were stunned for a moment. Ye Wentian immediately smiled, "So it's your junior who is angry. Mr Ziyi, do you think he will chop off my head?"

Ziyi's eyes widened, and he shouted, "Little Kuang! You are being too impudent! How dare you scold my brother like this! Kneel down!!"

The moment Ziyi got angry was completely different. Stephen Kuang knelt down on the ground. It was just that this time it was his legs. He was the emperor just now. At the same time, his eyes were filled with confusion. The Monarch Technique was taught by Yuwen Ziyi personally. It was Yuwen Ziyi who told him that when the time came, he could only kneel to heaven and earth and kneel to his parents! As a king, even if he died, he could not kneel to others! But now. . .

Yuwen Kuang's heart was filled with confusion. At this time, Yuwen Ziyi apologetically said to Ye Wentian, "Wentian! Don't blame a child for being insensible. "

Ye Wentian smiled and said, "Big brother really is silly. Why would he scare a child? These are all our juniors. Why would I be angry with them? "

Stephen Kuang, who was kneeling on the ground, trembled all over. "Wentian. . . "

He recalled the most widespread legend in Rockheart Empire! A person who was even more powerful than the Old Ancestor! A brother of the old ancestor! A legend of a person who gave the Heart of the Stone to his brother! Ye Wentian!

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