God Abuser/C47 Eight Heavens and Earth of the Xiongnu Imperial Court!
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God Abuser/C47 Eight Heavens and Earth of the Xiongnu Imperial Court!
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C47 Eight Heavens and Earth of the Xiongnu Imperial Court!

Ye Wentian slowly walked down the stage and said to the excited dean, "How is it? You didn't mislead anyone, did you?" The Dean nodded his head in excitement. For a moment, he was speechless. He had finally calmed down a little. He pulled Ye Wentian and said, "Ye Wentian, do you know? It's very likely because of what you just said. It will push Xuanyuan's power to a whole new level!"

Ye Wentian secretly clicked his tongue. How could it be so exaggerated?

"Old man, don't try to fool me. I know how much weight I have in my heart ~" Ye Wentian looked at the dean and said.

The dean shook his head. "I really can. Thank you, Ye Wentian. " The dean said sincerely.

Ye Wentian seemed to have suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said to the dean, "I need to go out for a while. If you need anything, just go there. Lee Shuo is looking for me. Also, I'm afraid something will happen to the guards of Ling Long Institute. Let's go. "

After saying that, Ye Wentian didn't care about shocking the world. He vanished into the spatial ripples.

The dean shook his head with a bitter smile and also turned around to leave.

Yue Ling, who was not far away, looked at the spot where Ye Wentian had disappeared and muttered, "Is this Iron Blood Judge? I didn't expect his words to be so reasonable. I really can't see through him. "

At this time, Yu Hongyan hurriedly ran in from outside with a regretful look on her face. "It's late. It's late. Is it over? Where was Iron Blood Judge? Was he gone? Is he handsome?"

Yu Hongyan came in front of Yue Ling and kept asking questions. Yue Ling looked in front of her with disappointment and disappointment, "He is gone, but he will come back. "

Yu Hongyan stomped her feet and sighed, "If I had known earlier I would not have gone shopping, but no one would have thought that Iron Blood Judge would suddenly come!! Seriously, did you see the Magistrate? Is he tall and powerful, and has a dignified appearance? "

Yue Ling had already recovered from her shock and looked at Yu Hongyan with a smile," A dignified appearance is not wrong, but it is not really tall and mighty. Speaking of which, you have also seen him before. "

Yu Hongyan heard Yue Ling's words and could not help but be surprised, "How is that possible. If I had seen him, how could I not know? He is a famous hero in the Xuanyuan Kingdom. If he appears in front of me, I would not not not know. "

Yue Ling smiled and said, "But you just do not know. Furthermore, you have also done something that will definitely be known by the world in the future. " Yu Hongyan was still unclear, "What did I do? Sister Ms Yue Ling, don't play the puzzle anymore. Quickly tell me. " "I don't know if I can be famous for kidnapping Iron Blood Judge?" Yue Ling smiled happily.

Yu Hongyan subconsciously replied, "Of course he will, but who can do it? Ah? 。。。。。”

Yu Hongyan stopped halfway through her sentence and pointed at herself, "Me? Kidnapped Iron Blood Judge? I just hijacked a bookkeeper. "

Yue Ling looked at Yu Hongyan and shook her head. With an angry expression, she nodded her head.

"No way! He's Iron Blood Judge!" Yu Hongyan shouted because the surrounding people looked at her.

"Isn't that so? You are unprecedented. It will be hard for you not to be famous if this gets out. Maybe the Xiongnu people will hire you as a tribute with a high salary. " Yue Ling teased.

"It's over, it's over. This time, the trouble is huge. If others knew, I would have been crushed and turned into ashes. " Yu Hongyan's expression changed. What she said was definitely not impossible.

Yue Ling said softly. " Wouldn't it be fine if we didn't say it? I don't think he would tell anyone that he was kidnapped, right?"

Yu Hongyan nodded. " That's true. I have to find him later and apologize to him properly. He is my idol!! I really didn't expect Iron Blood Judge to be a young man. " Yu Hongyan sighed and Yue Ling also nodded her head. How could she not be surprised.

Ye Wentian's figure appeared at the entrance of Ling Long Institute after a spatial distortion.

"Fraud, you're back? How is it?" Ye Wentian asked hastily.

Grey Wolf was standing at the door. He had just used his unique wolf howl to inform Ye Wentian that he had returned.

"Wentian, this matter is a little tricky. All eight days of the Xiongnu territory have arrived. It seems like their target is Ling Long Institute, and it's very likely that it's the thing we've escorted here. "

Ye Wentian frowned. "Oh? Eight days of land? Their names are very arrogant. Who are they?"

Aren't the worshippers of the Xiongnu people the Seven Kills Hall? Why is there another Eight Heavens and Earth?

Grey Wolf pulled Ye Wentian to a corner. "These eight days are the experts that made a name for themselves two hundred years ago. However, I have to tell you that I have seen them six hundred years ago. "

Ye Wentian was stunned. "Who could live six hundred years? Could it be that they have been modified by the Ice Soul just like Mr Ziyi and the others?"

Grey Wolf shook his head and said, "No, they seem to be the legendary experts of the cultivation world. When cultivators cultivate to a certain extent, they can break through the limits of human lifespan. I still have a certain understanding of cultivators. I'm afraid that they have already reached the adult stage and above. After all, the Dacheng stage is the tribulation. After transcending the tribulation, they will become Immortal Ascension. "

Grey Wolf furrowed his brows. He thought that he wouldn't be able to defeat a single person in the eight days with his current strength.

Ye Wentian looked relieved. It turned out that he was a cultivator, but he wasn't really that powerful. Compared to his abnormal master and senior brother, he was still far from being able to defeat them!

"Fraud, don't worry. It's their bad luck to meet me. You haven't been discovered by them, have you?"

When Grey Wolf heard Ye Wentian's words, he had a bitter expression on his face. "With just this bit of skill of mine, of course I was discovered as soon as I got close to them. But for some reason, they didn't attack me. "

Ye Wentian said disdainfully, "I'm afraid that they are too confident in their own strength, thinking that they would let you go. It won't affect their plan. Humph. A group of two versus one! However, thinking about it, this Hun really shouldn't be underestimated. He had everything. They even used the Cultivators. It seems that they are quite well-prepared. "

Ye Wentian decided to return to Lee Shuo's room first, so he pulled Grey Wolf into Ling Long Institute. Grey Wolf couldn't help but be curious when he saw the guards greeting Ye Wentian respectfully.

Ye Wentian shook his head and smiled bitterly. "My identity is clear. "

Grey Wolf nodded in relief.

When the two of them arrived at Lee Shuo's room, they realized that it was really lively here!

Yu Hongyan, Yue Ling, Li Shunyi, Tang Qiukuang, Lee Shuo, and everyone Ye Wentian knew in the dean's Ling Long Courtyard had arrived. As soon as Ye Wentian entered the door, Yu Hongyan came up to him and knelt down. "I didn't know you were the judge, I have offended you. I hope the Magistrate won't take offense. "

Ye Wentian quickly jumped to the side. "It was just a joke between us. Sister, don't take it seriously. I'm still very easy-going. " As he spoke, he greeted everyone in the room. Grey Wolf followed behind Ye Wentian with his usual cool manner.

Lee Shuo looked at Ye Wentian and said, "I knew you weren't simple, but I didn't expect you to be so extraordinary. Iron Blood Judge and I have been chatting all night. We can brag outside. "

Ye Wentian shook his head with a bitter smile. Li Shunyi smiled and said, "Brother, you are actually Iron Blood Judge. It will be a great honor for me if we travel together. "

"That's right. Brother, you are really hiding your true strength. Back then, the two of us still wanted to fight you. We really don't know how to write the word 'death'!" Tang Qiukuang also had an excited look on his face.

"This is what we call getting to know each other without fighting. " Ye Wentian pointed at the two of them and said with a smile.

At this time, the dean hurriedly said, "Ye Wentian, when you left just now, you told me to strengthen the guards. Is there anyone who wants to harm Ling Long Institute?"

Ye Wentian nodded and replied, "Indeed. There are eight of them. They are preparing to scheme against you. "

The dean was stunned for a moment. "Eight people? This is really looking down on the Ling Long Institute. If they dare to come here, I will make sure that they will never return. " When the dean said this, he unleashed a murderous aura from his body. No matter what, he was still an Emperor, and he still had the power to do so.

"If the eight days of the Xiongnu came with me, I think I'll think highly of you all!!" Ye Wentian said with a smile.

"Ah? What? The Eight Houses of the Xiongnu? Come together? How can we stop them? It is said that they are all legendary masters of cultivation!" The dean turned pale with fright. At this time, Xuanyuan was incomparable to China, and although cultivators were hard to see, However, it was not impossible to see them. Usually, the highest regime would have a few self-cultivator masters as their guardians. This is a secret that everyone in the world knows, the dean was born in the Emperor's home. Naturally, he had seen the terrifying power of the cultivators. It was on a completely different level from martial arts. Even if the Martial Hall sent out all their forces, they still wouldn't be able to resist it.

Ye Wentian smiled and said, "This place will be the base camp for the study of dealing with the artificial soldiers of the Xiongnu Clan in the future. Naturally, I will not allow those b * stards to do whatever they want here. I will just ask them to come and kill them when I have the time. "

Ye Wentian said it very casually, as if he was going to pinch a few ants to death.

Yue Ling heard what Ye Wentian said and quickly said, "Judge, you must not be careless. Cultivators are extremely mysterious, and everyone has the ability to see through the world. They are definitely not easy to deal with. Although Judge is invincible, he and the Cultivators are in two different ways. Do not be at a disadvantage in the dark. "

Yue Ling's words immediately drew the agreement of the others in the room.

Ye Wentian shook his head and said. " I'm not very clear about their plan, but in the face of absolute strength, whatever plan they have is just a joke. I'm confident that I can eliminate all of them, so you don't have to worry. " Ye Wentian's confidence made everyone present empathize with him.

The dean smiled and said, "I believe in Ye Wentian. I'm afraid eight days have passed. " What a joke! He was the disciple of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva! How could a few unorthodox cultivators resist him?

Ye Wentian nodded his head in satisfaction and gave the dean a look that said, "You're still me. "

"There's no need to hesitate. I still have a lot of things to do. I'll think of a way to lure them over now. Then, I'll find an opportunity to eliminate them. " Ye Wentian said.

The dean frowned. "They are in the dark. It's not easy to lure them out. No matter how arrogant they are, seeing that it was clearly a trap, I'm afraid they won't jump in. "

Ye Wentian suddenly thought of a promotional event in a thousand years.

"They're afraid of traps. We don't need to set traps. We can openly look for them. We're not afraid that they won't come. If they don't come, they will be laughed at by the world. " Ye Wentian smiled evilly.

Yue Ling asked curiously, "What method can have such an effect?"

Ye Wentian smiled strangely, "Let's send out leaflets ~ ~~!” 。。。。

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