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God Abuser/C474 The Big Ending
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C474 The Big Ending

Tathagata looked at his chest in shock, his eyes filled with disbelief. Spiritual senses were not supposed to be taken out by others. They were one with God. They were inseparable. A person who could grasp spiritual senses like this. . . Tathagata had never seen or even heard of such a person before! However, the truth was right here!

That hand grabbed Tathagata's spiritual sense and immediately withdrew it. Tathagata's body tilted and staggered a few steps forward. Then, he used his strength to protect his chest and turned around with difficulty. If he did not retrieve his spiritual sense within a minute, he would die!

"How could this be!? Why are you!? 。。。” Tathagata's eyes widened when he saw the person who had ambushed him. He slowly raised his hand as a pair of beautiful eyes stared at the golden light in his hand with a demonic glint in them.

"Do you want it?" A beautiful voice was heard. Tathagata pointed at the woman holding his spiritual sense and asked with a trembling voice, "Why didn't you die?"

Lo Ning slowly raised her head and said with a smile. " With your little ability, you are still far from being able to kill me. " That kind of arrogance was emitted from her body.

Tathagata walked step by step towards Lo Ning, looking very arduous. Every step seemed to take his life, "You are the star of calamity that destroyed the world. That's not right! Why didn't I sense your existence before?" Tathagata could not figure out why he did not have any feelings for the star of calamity. Lo Ning smiled. But her expression was different from before. At this time, she looked so demonic. She was no longer as naive as before.

"Because my soul has always been in the process of being repaired. It has always been hidden in this woman's body. Originally, I should have awakened a thousand years ago, but you killed my host a thousand years ago!"

Tathagata was stunned. He thought of Lo Bing, whom he had killed in the Xiongnu Imperial Court. Lo Ning continued, "It caused me to have no choice but to enter a deep slumber again. But just now, you used that lousy technique to awaken my soul earlier. So it is true that success and failure are the same, both destruction and achievement are the same person. Do you think I'm going to kill you? "

Tathagata was stunned by Lo Ning's words. He felt that the woman in front of him did not seem to be in good spirits. At least, her words did not seem to have any level. Tathagata's eyes flashed. He slowly reached out his hand. "Since I have woken you up, you should thank me. Give me back the golden light in your hand. "

Lo Ning smiled and raised her hand, "This thing is very important to you, right?" Tathagata's eyes turned. "No. It's not very important either. "

At this moment, Lo Ning giggled. "You monk are really dishonest. Who do you think I am? Can't even tell with my spiritual sense?" When Tathagata heard this, he was shocked. He knew that it was impossible to ask for something like this. Therefore, he instantly made up his mind to give it a try!

"Immeasurable Nine Heavens!!" Tathagata shouted and rushed towards Lo Ning. Nine ripples appeared and Tathagata's body turned into nine layers. In an instant, he arrived in front of Lo Ning. At this moment, Tathagata did not have the support of his spiritual sense. So this was his life wager. If this failed. . . He would die immediately, so in this situation. . . Tathagata even used 120% of his power to achieve success in one strike.

However, reality was often cruel. Lo Ning gently raised her other hand and placed it on Tathagata's head. That was all. Tathagata actually stopped all of his movements and the force on his body disappeared without a trace at the same time!

"How could this be!?" Tathagata could not believe that his final attack had been blocked by such a simple movement!

At this moment, his heart trembled. He had a very terrifying feeling. Lo Ning held Tathagata's head with one hand and Tathagata's spiritual sense with the other. She smiled and said, "Now it's time for us to say goodbye. After killing you. . . I still have to destroy the entire world. I have a lot of things to do. I don't have time to play with you anymore. "

Saying so, Lo Ning directly crushed that spiritual sense! A golden light flew in all directions, and a huge explosive sound appeared in the space!

"No!! ~~” Tathagata's seven apertures suddenly burst out with a golden light. His mouth could no longer make any sound. Lo Ning gently tapped Tathagata's head with her finger. "Break!" After a simple word, Tathagata's body broke into countless golden powder! It scattered in the air.

Lo Ning waved her hand again and the golden powder completely disappeared. Some golden flowers instantly grew on the ground where the golden powder covered. It was very beautiful. It also emitted a color that was like the sun, but after it bloomed, it only took three to four seconds for it to fade away. Then, the flower withered on the ground, leaving nothing behind! Luo Ning looked at the sky. The sun was shining there, but Lo Ning frowned. "Blinding. "

As she said that, She raised her hand and gently waved at the sun. It was as if a huge spatial ripple appeared in the sky. The sun seemed to be somewhat distorted in this ripple. The next moment, the silence enveloped the land. Lo Ning slowly walked forward with her hands behind her back.

"Boom!! A loud sound that shook the entire planet came from the sky! The golden color of the sun had disappeared! In its place was a black, dead gray! Then, the sun suddenly expanded infinitely, and the ground began to burn!! The entire earth turned into a sea of fire!!

One could hear the screams of many people, but it only lasted for three to four seconds before the screams completely disappeared. Lo Ning revealed a smile at the corner of her mouth!

The dead grey sun stopped growing and started to crack from the edge. In a patch of dead grey, it disappeared bit by bit. Countless dregs fell from the sky and the ground that Lo Ning walked past was instantly frozen! Furthermore, the freezing speed was getting faster and faster. One could see that many buildings were directly frozen and collapsed!

The earth sank into darkness, and there was no light at all! There was no life at all! Lo Ning had only walked a hundred meters at this time. "Huh? You are not dead yet?" Lo Ning stopped and looked at the ground.

"Boom!" After a loud sound, the ground suddenly exploded. A man crawled out of the hole. His long hair was a little messy. His left arm was gone, but there were no wounds or scars. It seemed to have disappeared into thin air. He looked at Lo Ning with shock and confusion. There was also a trace of sadness in his eyes. He was the Ye Wentian that Tathagata thought had been eliminated!

"You destroyed the sun? The world-destroying star is you?" Ye Wentian said slowly. At this moment, Ye Wentian could not stand straight. Because he was seriously injured. Before Tathagata's last attack arrived, he used all his strength to send himself to the other side of the planet. That was why Tathagata had been deceived just now. However, Ye Wentian had never expected that. The one everyone had been looking for was actually Lo Ning!

Lo Ning said coldly, "I am not called the World Annihilation Star, I am called You Ming!"

Ye Wentian's entire body trembled. He stared blankly at Lo Ning. Now Lo Ning gave him a strange feeling, "You are You Ming. . . How could it be? Aren't you Lo Ning? How can you be Youming? "

At this moment, Ye Wentian was on the verge of breaking down. Why didn't he notice it before? Lo Ning was the Nether who had always terrified him! This blow was no small one to Ye Wentian!

Lo Ning coldly said, "The Lo Ning you are talking about is just my host. Actually, it is not the first time you have seen me! A long time ago, In order to save a girl called Shangyue, you sent my soul into her body. And you even let that person called Hell King seal my divine sense. What a joke! You are like a mantis trying to stop a chariot! Who am I? How can my divine sense be defeated by you? However, my spiritual sense had not fully awakened at that time, which allowed you to take advantage of it. I had no choice but to hide myself in Shangyue's body. After that, I went to the body of a woman called Lo Bing. We are really fated to meet again. I had no choice but to hide myself. When I could finally see the light of day, I was killed by that bastard Tathagata. He made my efforts go to waste! Later on, I woke up in Lo Ning's body. Now, I can finally see the light of day again! "

Lo Ning's expression was very sinister now. Ye Wentian looked at her blankly and muttered, "Shangyue, Lo Bing and Lo Ning were originally not reincarnations. They were three different girls, but the only connection between them was the one and only. It is actually you!! ~!”

As Ye Wentian spoke, a wave of bitterness suddenly appeared in his heart. If the three of them were originally not the same person, then why would he have the same feeling when he saw the three of them? Because of this Netherworld? Then. . . Ye Wentian foolishly looked at the Netherworld that looked like Lo Ning. " What did you originally look like? " Ye Wentian slowly said. Nether stroked his hair. "This is my original appearance. You have asked your question. Then I will kill you now. "

Ye Wentian was stunned once again. It wasn't because You Ming said he wanted to kill him. She had always looked like this. Ye Wentian remembered that after Shangyue was possessed by this soul, she had turned into Lo Bing. Actually, he had always faced this. It was the appearance of You Ming!

You Ming gently raised her hand towards Ye Wentian, but she realized that Ye Wentian had no intention of fighting at all. "What is it? You gave up? I won't kill you just because you don't resist! My only goal and value in coming to this world is destruction, constant destruction!"

You Ming slowly walked towards Ye Wentian. At this time, Ye Wentian suddenly raised his head. " That means. . . You have always been conscious. Every time you meet me in a woman's body, you will always be conscious! Right? Then tell me! I love Shangyue? Love Lo Ning? Love Lo Bing? Or, I love you! "

Ye Wentian's last sentence was shouted. You Ming stopped. Her eyes became complicated. " Even if I am with you every time, I will lie to you! What's the use of saying all this now?!"

Ye Wentian took a step forward and grabbed You Ming's hand and pressed it on his chest. His eyes were full of sadness. "Kill. . . "

You Ming was stunned. Because at this moment, when she saw Ye Wentian's sadness, her heart trembled. After thousands of years of living together, she found that she was actually unable to do anything to this man because of the fact that there was no love in You Ming.

She also did not realize that she had already fallen in love with this man. Only at this moment did she know, "Boom!! ~~~”

You Ming's eyes lit up, and he used a finger to send Ye Wentian flying! Ye Wentian landed on the ground thirty meters away, and You Ming coldly said, "You can leave. I won't kill you. A useless man like you isn't worth me killing!"

She turned around and slowly walked forward. Her eyes returned to their usual coldness. A huge spatial ripple blocked in front of You Ming. Ye Wentian bent his waist and stood in front of You Ming. "Don't continue to make mistakes. I don't want you to continue making mistakes. This world is very beautiful. Why do you have to destroy it? I can't let you destroy this world!"

Ye Wentian had never been a righteous person, but he knew that he was the last line of defense of the entire universe. He couldn't watch the Netherworld destroy the universe! At least this universe still had good memories about him, his lover, and his brothers. Furthermore, he loved her, so he could not watch her make mistakes.

A fierce look flashed across Netherworld's eyes, and she waved her hand gently again. Ye Wentian was sent flying away. This time, he was sent flying far away. After disappearing from this spatial zone, You Ming continued to walk forward. However, spatial ripples once again appeared in front of him. The corner of Ye Wentian's mouth was filled with blood. His consciousness had almost completely vanished. The power of He Ming was really powerful. Ye Wentian was no match for her!

The Netherworld looked at the dying Ye Wentian in front of her and said coldly, "Get out of my way now! Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because I don't want to kill you. If you annoy me, you will still die! Get lost!! "

You Ming's tone was no longer as calm as before. At this time, she was obviously filled with many emotions. Ye Wentian looked at You Ming weakly and said softly, "If you are my lover, why must you leave me? If you don't love me, why don't you kill me?"

You Ming's eyes slowly turned cold. "I don't love you. So I can kill you! "

As she spoke, she placed a finger on Ye Wentian's head. "Extinguish! ~~”

With a soft cry, Ye Wentian's body began to slowly crack. However, there was no sadness in Ye Wentian's eyes. Instead, there was a look of relief. "Maybe. . . Our meeting was a mistake. But I have never regretted it!"

"Bang!! With a soft sound, Ye Wentian's body completely disappeared. A trace of tears hung on You Ming's face. He looked at the dark sky of the Apocalypse in a daze.

A trace of light appeared in front of Ye Wentian's eyes. He slowly walked forward. In an instant, his body was covered in light. Within this light. . . There was nothing. Ye Wentian raised his hand and felt the warmth of the light around him. He was a little puzzled that he had been killed by the Netherworld just now. Why was he here now? He had been to hell before. It wasn't like this either!

Just as Ye Wentian was curious, a man in a long robe suddenly appeared in front of him. That man had his back to him, as if he was sizing up something.

"Who are you?" Ye Wentian asked curiously.

The man put his hands behind his back and said slowly, "Do you remember the notes on you in those ancient books? I wrote it. Those ancient books are my own hands. "

Ye Wentian trembled and said loudly, "Could it be that all of this is under your control?!"

Ye Wentian had always suspected that he was a chess piece being controlled by someone. Now that it was confirmed, the shock in his heart was not small at all! Using the entire universe as a trap was too shocking.

"What is your goal? Could it be that you want to stop the Netherworld? But now it seems that you haven't succeeded either, right? " Ye Wentian said with disdain.

That man still had his back facing Ye Wentian. His voice was very calm, and he seemed to be very relaxed. "I have only made you fall in love with You Ming, and also made You Ming fall in love with you. That way, the universe won't be destroyed. "

Ye Wentian said coldly, "But you obviously failed. I fell in love with You Ming, but. . . She still killed me. Am I dead now?"

The man smiled. "You are not dead, but you have returned. You are now in my consciousness, and you will not disappear. Don't worry, our plan worked. When You Ming comes to me, I will naturally have a way to stop her. Because you have won me time, don't worry. The universe will still operate as usual. "

Ye Wentian was stunned for a moment. "What? I am in your consciousness? Plan? Who exactly are you?"

Ye Wentian's heart was filled with doubt. That person slowly turned around and faced Ye Wentian. " Do you know what the biggest theorem of the universe is? "

When Ye Wentian saw this person's appearance, he was completely stunned. This person was actually. . . Himself!

That's right, this man in the long robe actually looked the same as Ye Wentian. Not only did he look the same, Ye Wentian could also feel it. They were originally the same person!

"What's going on? Don't tell me that I was plotting against myself! Was all of this caused by me? " Ye Wentian almost broke down.

The other "Ye Wentian" smiled. "The universe is endless because it is constantly circulating. When death comes, creation comes along with it. I am creation, and the netherworld is destruction. And you are the link between creation and death. You are me, I am you. . . This is not our choice, it is the choice of the universe. . . Do not think that you or I, or Netherworld, are the most powerful existence in this universe, the most powerful is still the universe itself, It will choose all the scripts for us, we can only follow this script. . . Joy, pain, It's all like this, when you think you've reached the end, It's actually just the beginning. "

Ye Wentian looked at himself with his mouth wide open. "Then why are we divided into two parts?"

Ye Wentian. " He smiled and said, "The same body is divided into two parts. One is Ye Wentian. He has experienced all the hardships in the world. One is Di Shitian, he is in charge of Xu Mi. The perfect cycle is to become one with the body. Now that you've returned, our mission is over. Or rather, our mission begins now. "

Di Shitian looked at Ye Wentian with a smile.

After an unknown amount of time, Ye Wentian's expression became much more relaxed. He understood everything! At this moment, his heart was very calm because he had obtained all of Di Shitian's memories. Di Shitian had also obtained Ye Wentian's memories. There was no need for tacit understanding. They were the same person.

Ye Wentian said with a smile, "When will it end?"

Di Shitian smiled. "Who knows?"

The two of them walked towards each other with smiles on their faces. Finally, they merged into one and disappeared into a golden light.

The vast and endless universe had never changed. In the center of this universe was Mount Meru, which was located above the 33 Heavens. At the peak of Mount Meru, Di Shitian stood there looking at the distant void. At this moment, a flower petal gently floated into his hand, "A flower and a world, a leaf and a Buddha. "

Di Shitian's voice was faintly discernible and deep, as if there was an unsolvable sorrow melting within it.

The rain of flowers had covered the entire Mount Meru. No one knew when this rain of flowers had covered the entire Mount Meru. Countless flower petals were floating around Mount Meru. At this time, Di Shitian's body was full of flower petals. Without any wind, the petals would automatically move, creating waves.

"Time has no beginning and no end. But I'm afraid what I lack the most right now is time. " Di Shitian laughed self-deprecatingly. His smile was filled with helplessness and determination.

"Since you have come, show yourself. " Di Shitian looked at the void and said slowly.

Right there, the space distorted and a graceful figure walked out. She was clearly there, but she was invisible and intangible, as if she was in every corner of the world, as if she had never existed. "You're quite free" Yue Er's voice was emotionless.

Di Shitian did not continue to look at her. Instead, he looked at the fluttering petals in the sky sadly. "Why?"

That figure swayed for a moment before appearing on the other side of Mount Meru. "There's no reason. I was born to destroy the universe. I was just doing what I had to do. " Ripples appeared in the space, and her figure kept flashing. Di Shitian raised his hand. His eyes fell on the petal in his hand, "Do you know. . . Within this petal was a world with three thousand worlds. If the petal left its roots, it would signify its destruction. You've already destroyed most of the worlds in the universe, is that not enough? Stop. "

The figure flashed and appeared in front of Di Shitian. " Although we have known each other for 10 billion years, friendship is friendship. Even if it is you, I will destroy you. Under four days, Seven Layered Sea. Seven Layered Continents, 33 Heavens have all been destroyed by me. Right now, you are the only one still alive within the Xumi Realm. I have come to kill you. "

Di Shitian's expression didn't change. "Kill me. Sure. Can you stop? It's still not too late to turn back. "

"Do you think you can change everything with just a few words? It was too late. It was already ten billion. You should have killed me years ago! Now, you're far from being my match. No one can stop me anymore! " That beautiful voice actually had a trace of emotional fluctuation.

"Stop talking nonsense. Now I'm going to kill you. After you die, I will completely destroy everything. " The beautiful voice continued, but there was no longer any emotion.

The graceful figure kept flashing, and countless beautiful ripples appeared in the space. Di Shitian gently pressed the petals on his chest. He closed his sad eyes and said, "Nether. The reason why I can't destroy you right now is because I'm using 90% of my energy to support the entire spatial zone of the universe. When I withdraw my energy, the universe will shrink to the size of a speck of dust. However, this also gives me the ability to seal you up. "

The Netherworld instantly appeared in front of Di Shitian. "If you do this, you will die. Furthermore, this is only sealing me. When I have enough energy, I can still come out. "

Di Shitian smiled and said, "When I withdraw my energy, everything in the universe will shrink, including you and your energy. When you break the seal in the near future, you will find a power that can make you tremble. He will keep you in check. "

Di Shitian's body kept emitting dazzling light. You Ming knew that Di Shitian had already started to withdraw his energy before he came here. There was no way to stop him now. "You are dreaming. How can you keep my energy in check? What a joke. Even you can't defeat me. In this world, even you can't defeat me. Who else can stop me?" You Ming felt that Di Shitian was trying to scare her.

Di Shitian opened his clear eyes and looked at You Ming. "What if there is one person who hasn't changed after the universe shrank?"

After hearing Di Shitian's words, Nether's figure fluctuated violently. "What!? Could he be? Does he really exist?" You Ming was truly a little afraid.

Suddenly, Di Shitian's body emitted a hundred thousand zhang golden light. He slowly floated away from Mount Meru. He arrived above the void, and the universe was rapidly shrinking with him as the center. The entire spatial zone was filled with a gentle golden light. Di Shitian's farewell voice also filled the entire spatial zone. "One Flower, One Thought, Boundless Tribulation. The thousands of things are in the same place. I, Na Xu, will become a mustard-seed. Comprehending the Four Divisions and attaining nirvana. "

"Boom! The enormous Mount Meru and the entire universe turned into a speck of dust in the golden light, and this speck of dust that was formed from thousands of worlds floated in the void.

"Di Shitian, why did you have to seal me even after exhausting all of your energy? You could have been alive, but you knew that I wouldn't kill you. "

"I can't watch you continue to make mistakes. "

"You're about to turn into nothingness Is there anything else you want to say?"

"I love you. . . "

"[Idiot. . . ]"

Everything returned to silence, everything became nothingness. . .


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