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C64 Changbai Mountains

That beauty's figure was very hot. Even the ancient dress could not hide her devil-like figure, and that pair of beautiful eyes even had a "look back and smile a hundred times charming. " It was a kind of lust and also a kind of shyness.

This was definitely the bane of a man. However, her beauty couldn't move Ye Wentian. One should know that Ye Wentian had been fighting on the battlefield for the past few years, so he didn't really understand what was going on between this man and this woman. Plus, he had a peerless beauty like Yue Ling by his side, so when he saw this woman in front of him, he only felt that she was a little prettier than an ordinary woman. He did not have too many thoughts.

"You are the boss? Find us a seat. We want to drink. " What Ye Wentian wanted to do the most right now was to drink.

A trace of surprise appeared in the beauty's eyes, but it disappeared in an instant. "Yo, it's rare to see such a handsome person! It's not hard to drink. But you have to answer three of my questions first. If you answer correctly, If I'm happy today, I'll treat you guys to the best wine in the restaurant, but. . . If you call the wrong number, even if you have money. . . Don't even think about drinking a single drop of the water in the pot that will be poured into the wine. " She walked around Ye Wentian slowly, and finally stood in front of him. She smiled at him seductively.

Ye Wentian thought to himself, Interesting. It seemed that this girl called Intoxicated was not simple. If he guessed correctly, she must have used some kind of trick when she walked around him just now.

"Since Miss Intoxicated is in such a good mood, I can't decline. Please. " Ye Wentian smiled and made a welcoming gesture. He walked to an empty table and gently jumped up. His body floated to the table like a feather and leaned against the table in an extremely charming position. Her beautiful body formed a fatal curve, causing the men in the restaurant to drool all over the floor. Her eyes were filled with emotion. Lightly relaxing her lotus arms, she said languidly, "Do you know that there is a mountain in the north of Xuanyuan? The peak of the mountain was covered in snow all year round, and the forest at the foot of the mountain was dense. There is a heavenly lake on the mountain, and the mountain pass is like a bowl of water. Do you know what mountain this is?"

As soon as the woman finished speaking, the people in the restaurant who were watching the show couldn't help but start discussing. They were basically sighing that they didn't know what mountain the woman was talking about.

Ye Wentian smiled, "Sister, are you talking about the Changbai Mountains?" Ye Wentian couldn't help but laugh. This was a little simpler.

The woman smiled gently. She didn't say whether Ye Wentian was right or wrong, but continued, "What's so special about this mountain?"

Ye Wentian immediately replied, "The heavenly pond on this mountain is formed by the accumulation of snow water from the bottom of the earth fire that erupted ten thousand years ago. The extreme cold and extreme heat have merged together. Although the peak of the mountain is surrounded by white snow, the smaller water in the pool is warm. Even if you are naked and bathing in the snow, you will not feel cold. "

Drunken by nodded with satisfaction, and then he sat up. His figure swayed once more, and it shook the entire restaurant to the point all the men couldn't help but swallow their saliva. "What's the name of the fine wine made from the water of the Heavenly Lake?"

Intoxicated did not think that Ye Wentian would be able to answer. It was already brewed by the water of the Heavenly Lake yesterday. It could be said that it was the only wine in the world and he did not even name it. In other words, this wine didn't even have a name yet. Ye Wentian naturally answered incorrectly no matter what.

Ye Wentian naturally didn't know about these things. He had heard about this wine from the drunkard uncle when he was young. In his era, the ancient books had also introduced a lot of the wine brewed in this Heavenly Water. However, this kind of fine wine couldn't be found in this world, and the purest method of brewing this wine had probably been lost for a long time.

"Changbai Mountains, the bottom of the sky leaves a fragrance!" Ye Wentian blurted out without even thinking.

"You're wrong. . . " Just as he was about to attack Ye Wentian, he realized that he could no longer continue, because the name of the wine Ye Wentian mentioned had given her an incomparable shock. What a fitting name!

The reason why she hadn't named the wine after brewing it was because she couldn't think of a name suitable for the wine. However, when she heard the name that Ye Wentian blurted out, she knew that she had been convinced.

"Alright, you got it all right! I'll treat you guys to this' incense left in the afterlife 'today. "

"Great, I've been fascinated by this wine for a long time. It's just that I've never had the chance to taste it. Today, I really have to thank the Intoxicated Lady!" Ye Wentian quickly cupped his hands and said. Being able to drink the legendary peerless wine, Ye Wentian was naturally extremely happy.

Intoxicated looked at Ye Wentian with a strange expression. He had just brewed this wine yesterday, but why did it seem like he had heard about it a long time ago? Could it be that there was someone using the heavenly pond water to brew wine in this world? No way.

He was just curious for a moment, but he quickly thought that these were all just polite words from Ye Wentian, so he didn't take it to heart. Ye Wentian and the old drunkard were arranged to sit in a very good seat next to the window. Indulging themselves, they also sat down. They called the waiter to bring all the incense from the "bottom of the sky. "

Ye Wentian had a good impression of this seemingly charming and forthright restaurant owner who was intoxicated. It was indeed a good thing to make friends with such a girl who was not pretentious at all. "Today, I have been intoxicated by the wine. Today, we will not return until we are drunk. Daddy, what's the name of this friend of yours?" As Drunken Wine spoke, he turned to the old drunkard and asked.

Daddy? F * ck! No way, why did he go and become a beggar when he had such a daughter! Ye Wentian looked at the two people in front of him and his mind was in a mess. No matter how smart he was, he could not think of what was going on here.

The old drunkard smiled bitterly and said, "My daughter, this little brother was the one I met on the way here. I didn't expect him to treat me to a drink as soon as he saw me. Furthermore, he said that you can drink as much as you want. I've thought about it for a while. The best wine in Dragoncry City is all with you, so you came. As for his name, I really don't know. "

Intoxicated, he laughed. "Daddy! You too. . . For the sake of a dream, you go to Seamless City every day and wander around aimlessly, but you don't know to come back and enjoy yourself. Little brother, we still don't know your name? "

After admonishing the drunkard for a while, he turned around and asked for Ye Wentian's name.

Ye Wentian pondered for a moment. "I don't have any purpose in inviting uncle to drink. It's just fate. It's not convenient to tell you my name now. I don't want to lie to the two of you. Please forgive me, Miss Drunken Wine. I will tell you when Dragon Roar comes again in the future. "

Ye Wentian really didn't want to lie to the father and daughter who made him feel comfortable, so he could only say that. "It's fine. Daughter, I believe this little brother isn't a bad person. Furthermore, I also know that. . . He is definitely not an ordinary person. People like him carry too many things on their shoulders. You don't have to make things difficult for him either. "

Drunken Wine nodded and smiled. "Father, I naturally understand this principle. When I went around this little brother and scattered the Aphrodisiac Powder and discovered that his eyes were still clear, I knew that he wasn't an ordinary person. Little brother, today, you and I are fated to meet again. It is a pleasure from the heavens. Today, let's not talk about our identities, nor about the affairs of the world. We will only drink today. " Being intoxicated was definitely a clean and tidy woman. This made Ye Wentian feel a little more comfortable. It had been a long time since he had sat and chatted with someone so relaxed.

"Miss Intoxicated, you are the boss of this place. Why doesn't the servant in front of the door know the uncle?" Ye Wentian felt that it was a little strange. At this time, the waiter had already carried the incense up to six pots. Although the wine jar had not been opened, a wisp of fragrance had already entered everyone's nose.

The old drunkard's eyes immediately lit up, "Good daughter. To be able to brew such a fine wine, this is really my old drunkard's fortune. " Drunken Wine glared at the old drunkard. He turned around and said to Ye Wentian, "My drunkard's father had a strange dream ten years ago, and he left the family business to me. He then moved to the Seamless City and rarely came back. This year, I'm already twenty-four years old. In these ten years, I've only seen him three times. The servant outside the door has just arrived, so he naturally doesn't know daddy. "

At that moment, the wine jar had already been opened. Intoxicated, he dismissed the waiter and personally poured wine for everyone. For a moment, the fragrance of the wine filled the air. Ye Wentian sighed to himself. Sure enough, it was a fine wine passed down through the generations. It had such a delicate fragrance that it didn't even smell like wine.

"Uncle, what kind of dream did you have?" Ye Wentian could not help but ask curiously. Why would someone give up all their money for a dream and go to a slum even worse than the slums?

Drunken Wine poured the wine and turned around to sit down. The drunkard did not answer Ye Wentian's question. Now, his mind was completely focused on the wine. He picked up the bowl of wine and greedily inhaled the fragrance. He was deeply immersed in it.

"My father doesn't want to live after seeing the wine. Little brother, don't take offense. Ten years ago, my father dreamt of a Buddha giving him a dream. He said that he would pick up a child in the Seamless City. This child's destiny is extremely special. It was a gift from the heavens that he had to save that child. That was an enormous amount of merit. Ever since my mother passed away. . . My father only cares about two things. One is wine, and the other is wine. The other is sincerity towards Buddha. "

After saying that, her intoxicated eyes turned slightly red. When she thought back to her mother who had passed away earlier, she couldn't help but feel sad.

After Ye Wentian heard the intoxicated words, he just stood there in a daze. Looking at the old drunkard who was desperately drinking in front of him, Ye Wentian's eyes gradually blurred. Uncle drunkard?! How could that be? Could it be that the baby he wanted to save in the Seamless City was me? He was the uncle drunkard who had died? But how could he have lived in this world for a thousand years? How could this be?

Ye Wentian's heart trembled. He felt as if a giant net had been opened in front of him. Furthermore, it had already been set up. Recently, he had always thought that his return to a thousand years ago was not as simple as it seemed. What had happened in the past few years made Ye Wentian feel as if someone had already arranged everything. Then, he would continue following the path he had planned. This was like a massive setup. When he walked out of the Seamless City, it had already begun. Moreover, as long as it began. . . The game would never stop. Ye Wentian, who thought he was invincible, suddenly felt like a puppet being controlled by someone.

Ye Wentian looked at the familiar and unfamiliar old drunkard in front of him, and his heart was in a mess. Was he the old drunkard that he knew?

"Little brother, why are you in a daze? Come and taste the wine that is drunk. How about it?" Drunken Wine raised his wine cup and toasted Ye Wentian. He then finished the wine in one gulp.

Ye Wentian looked at the father and daughter pair in front of him and couldn't help but smile. Was there anything important about whether the uncle in front of him had saved his life? Even if it wasn't, he still felt touched by it. Even if he wasn't waiting for him, it was because of a person like him. That was why he was able to survive. Today, he had met him. It was simply fate that allowed him to complete the dream that he was originally unable to complete - - - to accompany the uncle to drink to his heart's content.

"Uncle, Intoxicated Lady, perhaps the most miraculous thing in this mortal world is fate. " Ye Wentian raised his wine glass and stood up, speaking to the two of them. His low voice was filled with desolation. Opposite him, the father and daughter both put down their wine glasses and listened carefully to Ye Wentian's words.

"I am very happy to meet you today, uncle. Thank you!" After saying that, Ye Wentian drank the wine in his cup in one gulp. A spicy taste instantly rushed into Ye Wentian's throat. That kind of bitter taste made Ye Wentian, who originally thought that the wine was light, not prepared for it. A sad memory that came from the bottom of his heart appeared in front of Ye Wentian once again. The old drunkard in front of him and the middle-aged drunkard from a thousand years ago overlapped at this moment. Tears flowed down Ye Wentian's face as sadness came from his heart. After the wine melted in his throat, it gave off an evil aura. The degree of the wine was extremely high, so it naturally had a murderous aura. Another group of iron-blooded brothers who had died on the battlefield for a few years appeared in front of Ye Wentian's eyes. Their bodies suddenly shook. A wave of intense killing intent was ignited by the wine. It was as if the killing intent had materialized, and it gushed out and crashed into the wall. It kept surging.

The windows of the entire restaurant were broken. Waves of whirlpools surrounded the restaurant and broke through the air. After the drinking, a fragrance that could not be dispersed spread from his throat to his mouth. Waves of undissolved fragrance continuously baptized Ye Wentian's soul. What a nice underground fragrance from the Changbai Mountains!

Ye Wentian looked at the empty cup in his hand in a daze. Although he would not get drunk no matter how much he drank, at this moment, his heart was drunk.

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