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C66 Big Brother's Father Old Men Are Heroes

"Huang Yishan, do you think you can win just because you have more people?" Ye Wentian looked at Huang Yishan and asked with a smile.

"Of course, whoever has more people will be the winner. This is the truth! Come and kowtow and admit your mistake, I don't really want to kill you! " After Huang Yishan finished speaking, He laughed viciously. Of course, he hoped that Ye Wentian wouldn't give in like this. He wanted to kill Ye Wentian during the chaos, and if the government asked him about it. . . He only needed to say that Ye Wentian was killed by a group of people. He just needed to find a few more scapegoats and everything would be fine.

It was a pity that his plan had been set up by Iron Blood Judge. It was destined that he would have a tragic fate.

"What if you don't have as many people as me?" As soon as Ye Wentian's voice faded, more than 120 people rushed out of the inn. The Ironblood Yaksha tightly guarded the Magistrate among them. Anyone who dared to harm the Magistrate was their enemy. They didn't have any pity for their enemies. All the Yaksha instantly took their positions. They took out their long sabers and immediately put on a fighting stance. A strong killing intent caused the fifty men brought by Huang Yishan to feel suffocated, and all of them took a step back. At this moment, Huang Yishan's facial expression changed dramatically.

He wasn't a fool, he knew that this matter couldn't be resolved with just a glance. Now, he could only place his hopes on the strong martial art guardians in his family, hoping that they could defeat the hundred people in front of him.

Ye Wentian said to Lee Shuo, who was jumping up and down excitedly, "Later, be careful not to get hurt by these people. " Lee Shuo had been researching ways to break the Asura Corps. That was why he had never had the chance to fight, and it was obvious that he wouldn't be able to fight in the Xieyang Pass. However, it was not a problem for him to deal with these servants who were guarding the house.

Ye Wentian turned around and walked towards the inn. When he walked past the ghostly figure, he said in a low voice, "Cripple them all. But don't kill them. " After all, he had to keep a low profile this time. Killing someone would cause a lot of trouble. Of course, Ye Wentian's actions had nothing to do with keeping a low profile. More than a hundred yakshas grinned hideously and walked towards the trembling fifty-odd people.

In the main room of the inn, the boss of Dragon Roar Inn heard the screams coming from outside. He walked to the boss's side with a pale face and said, "You just found someone to tell me that something happened here. Is this the reason?" The owner was a very ordinary looking middle-aged man. However, the powerful aura emitted from his body indicated that he was not as simple as he appeared to be.

"Boss, the one who got beaten up outside is Yomi's son. If this matter isn't handled properly, our inn will suffer. " The manager said in a low voice.

"What's wrong? Do I need you to teach me how to do things? I don't know if Yomi will make things difficult for the Dragon Roar Inn, but I do know that if I offend that handsome young man, the consequences will be much more terrifying than offending Yomi " The boss slowly spoke, his tone filled with confidence.

"Ah? Could it be that his power is even greater than Huang Quan's? Could it be that he's a prince? " The manager couldn't help but be stunned, because he knew that their boss wasn't a simple character. In the Xuanyuan Great Land, there was basically no one that the boss didn't dare to offend.

"Hmph! No matter how powerful Huang Quan is, he still has to think about it. There are many things that he can't do as he wishes, but this young man is different. I don't see the slightest bit of apprehension in his eyes, he should be someone who has always believed that his strength can solve everything. Furthermore, the 120 people he brought with him weren't simple. If I'm not wrong. . . These people are the most outstanding warriors. Even the imperial guards in the inner court can't compare to them. " The boss said. He picked up the tea in front of him and smelled it.

When the big boss heard the boss's words, he muttered to himself in surprise, "Who exactly is he?" The boss put down the cup of tea and sighed. "I also want to know who he is. He really makes me curious. What kind of person is he? He is so young but has such courage. "

"Boss, why don't I send someone to investigate him?" The manager hurriedly said. The shopkeeper stood up and waved his hand. "No! Just look at their dressing and you can tell what secret they are going to do on this trip. They don't want others to know their identities. If we rashly send someone to investigate, we might not be able to control the result, "the boss said and pondered for a moment. "I'll go meet this young friend. "

"Boss. . . " Hearing that the boss was going to meet that terrifying young man, the boss couldn't help but worry. "It's fine. Look at his face. He isn't an evil person. As long as you pay attention to him, he won't treat you as an enemy. " After saying that, the boss walked out.

Ye Wentian first went to Yue Ling's room and said good night to her before returning to his room. Today, many unexpected things had happened, so Ye Wentian needed to think quietly.

Could it be that the drunkard uncle really lived for a thousand years? Could it be that something strange had happened here? If the drunkard uncle who saved him had met this in the afternoon. Then his birth had a great relationship with the person from a thousand years ago, as if there was always a hand controlling everything. First, Dean Ling Long received a letter from her master. Then, she saw Xuanyuan Wulei die in battle on the stone wall of the valley. Now, she had met Uncle Alcohol from a thousand years ago. What was this dream that Uncle Alcohol had? What was the matter with that woman who looked very similar to Lo Ning?

Why did he feel that he was more familiar with her when he saw her than when he first met Lo Ning? Was it really that simple for him to return to a thousand years ago? Ye Wentian laid on the bed and thought about it for a while. The more he thought about it, the more confused he felt. There were too many mysteries here. It was not something he could understand in a short period of time.

"Can I come in?" Someone knocked on the door suddenly. The sound of questioning was also very unfamiliar. Ye Wentian sat up immediately. Who was it? Ye Wentian stood up and slowly walked to the table and sat down. "Please come in. " The door was not locked. Ye Wentian felt that there was no need to lock it.

The middle-aged man pushed the door open and walked in alone. Ye Wentian looked at the middle-aged man who came in and felt that although this person was very unfamiliar, However, the heroic spirit between his eyebrows made Ye Wentian feel very friendly. Eh? Why do I always meet this kind of familiar stranger? This middle-aged man walked to the table. I am the boss of this inn. My name is Lo Yuxiao. "

When Ye Wentian heard this name, he felt as if he had heard it somewhere before. He frowned and immediately thought of where he had heard it from. Suddenly, Ye Wentian seemed to have thought of something and asked in a low voice, "Who is Lo Cangloong?"

Lo Yuxiao was stunned when he heard Ye Wentian's question, "Isn't he my son?" When he heard this, Ye Wentian jumped up and respectfully bowed to the middle-aged man. "Junior Ye Wentian greets uncle. " No wonder he looked familiar. This was Lo Cangloong's father. He didn't look alike.

When Lo Yuxiao heard Ye Wentian's words, he was even more surprised than Ye Wentian. He also stood up immediately. His eyes were wide open as he whispered, "You are called Ye Wentian? You are Iron Blood Judge?" Ye Wentian cupped his fists again and said, "Uncle, Big Brother Azure Dragon and I are brothers. Call me Ye Wentian. "

"No wonder. I was wondering whose family's disciple had such demeanor. It turns out that Iron Blood Judge has arrived. I really didn't welcome him from afar. " Lo Yuxiao hurriedly returned the salute. What a joke! What kind of figure was Iron Blood Judge? Putting aside his illustrious reputation, just the authority he held right now was enough to scare people to death.

Ye Wentian hastily jumped away, "Uncle, what are you doing? Brother Azure Dragon and I are sworn brothers, we are already inseparable. His father is my elder. You are trying to kill me. " Ye Wentian attached great importance to his brother. Naturally, he wouldn't treat his brother's family with disrespect.

Lo Yuxiao smiled bitterly and shook his head helplessly. He asked Ye Wentian to sit down. "Is my son well? He left home four years ago and went out into the martial arts world. He never contacted us. It's just that in recent years, this little rascal has made his name known in the Iron Blood Religion. That's why we can hear about his situation in other people's rumors. Being able to follow Iron Blood Judge to battle on the battlefield is the dream of Xuanyuan's men. Azure Dragon has the opportunity to do so. We are naturally very pleased, so we have never sent anyone to contact him. " Ye Wentian looked at Lo Yuxiao's concerned expression. He couldn't help but sigh in his heart. That's right. Big brother had been away from home for four years.

"Uncle, Big Brother is very brave in battle. His strength is many times stronger than before, but now he is very gentle. Thinking of the disability on Lo Cangloong's body, Ye Wentian's expression couldn't help but darken a little. Lo Yuxiao's expression didn't change, and he slowly sighed," It's just that Azure Dragon's right arm and left eye have both been lost. Is that so?" Ye Wentian did not say anything. He nodded his head with a guilty expression.

Lo Yuxiao slowly stood up. Suddenly, he looked much older. However, his voice was very firm. "We have heard about it from the rumors. To be honest, when I first heard it, As a father, I am also very sad. This child. " Lo Yuxiao sighed again. Immediately after, his face lit up with a trace of pride. "If someone else's son dies, then my Lo Yuxiao's son cannot die? There is no such reason! Go and kill the enemy. Defending Xuanyuan is the nature of a man! My son has always been fighting like a man. It's my pride. "

His voice was also trembling at this moment. " His name has already spread across the entire Xuanyuan Great Land! Who in the world doesn't know about the Right Guard Azure Dragon?! Everyone in the Luo Family is proud to have a descendant like Lo Cangloong. " Ye Wentian looked at Lo Yuxiao, who was standing straight and straight, and could feel the pride that came from the bottom of his heart. No wonder Big Brother Azure Dragon was such a hero. He had such a father. He could only blame himself for being incompetent if he could not become a hero! He was truly a hero of his father, but a hero!

"Uncle, it's all my fault. I didn't protect Big Brother well. " Ye Wentian's guilt wasn't fake at all. Lo Yuxiao could feel Ye Wentian's sincere apology. He quickly said, "No one in the world can accept Iron Blood Judge's apology, not now. Not in the future. What you have done today has made everyone in Xuanyuan grateful. Everyone knew that Magistrate wanted to save the Iron Blood Brothers. He rushed to the boundless sea of blood and brought less than ten thousand Iron Blood soldiers to slaughter all of the two hundred thousand Xiongnu soldiers in the valley. You've already done too much for Azure Dragon and the others, let's not talk about anything else. As long as you can follow by your side, your achievements and achievements will be just around the corner. This is an opportunity that others can't even hope to get. " As Lo Yuxiao spoke, he walked over and patted Ye Wentian's shoulder heavily. This was the care and concern of an elder towards the younger generation. He really didn't want Iron Blood Judge to carry too much of an apology. Because he had already carried too many things on his shoulders!

"Thank you, your uncle. " Ye Wentian said with relief. "Ye Wentian, since you are here, come with me to my house tomorrow. Let me do my hospitality. " The more Lo Yuxiao looked at Ye Wentian, the more surprised he became. Everyone in the world said that Magistrate was young and handsome, but now it seemed like everyone was being too conservative.

Ye Wentian cupped his fists and said, "Uncle, I was just about to pay you a visit. This is great. They found the door in an instant, saving them a lot of trouble. " Ye Wentian decided to go alone tomorrow. Everyone's goal was too big. Yue Ling and Lee Shuo would take advantage of tomorrow's time to have a good rest. It was good to go shopping again. These few years of war had made everyone physically and mentally exhausted.

In his heart, he knew very well that even if he had seen Ye Wentian this time, he could not mention it to anyone else. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

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