God Abuser/C67 Luo Ning Luo Bing Illusion Seems to be Real!
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God Abuser/C67 Luo Ning Luo Bing Illusion Seems to be Real!
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C67 Luo Ning Luo Bing Illusion Seems to be Real!

As long as you like it.

The next day, Ye Wentian sent everyone to the streets. Forcing the yakshas to take a vacation was also a very tough thing. These iron-blooded men had almost forgotten the lifestyle of a normal person. They seemed out of place wherever they went, making Ye Wentian smile bitterly. It seemed that after the war, he should bring his brothers to travel the world and let them find the joy of life. Lee Shuo was naturally easy to coax. He heard that if he was on vacation, he would have left long ago. Yue Ling wanted to stay by Ye Wentian's side, but Ye Wentian felt that. . . Yue Ling had lost a lot of time to take care of him in such a long time, so she insisted on letting him go shopping.

Ye Wentian told Yue Ling to buy whatever she wanted. She could buy whatever she liked and spend as much money as she wanted. Ye Wentian didn't even know how much money he had after being rewarded for a few years. In short, he had a lot of money. In addition, he also ordered Phantom to travel with Yue Ling. If Yue Ling wanted something that she could not buy, she would snatch it. This was the domineering style of Absolute Magistrate. Yue Ling could only helplessly go shopping with the ghost.

After everything was arranged, Ye Wentian strolled to the main room of the Dragon Roar Inn. Lo Yuxiao had been waiting here for a long time. The two of them went for a round. Without saying anything more, he walked out of the back door and got into the sedan. After all, Lo Yuxiao's family was a famous Prominent Family in Xuanyuan. All the major powers were keeping a close eye on them. It wasn't a bad thing to keep it a secret. After the four palanquin, Ye Wentian felt like he was about to lose track of the direction. They had finally arrived. After coming out of the palanquin, Ye Wentian stood rooted to the ground. He had finally found the familiar place in the dragon's roar - the Azure Dragon Manor!

It was too familiar. It was almost the same as a thousand years later. Apart from the fountain at the entrance being replaced by a fish pond, everything else was so familiar. "Ye Wentian. Welcome to the Luo Family Fort. " Lo Yuxiao made an inviting gesture in front of him, and Ye Wentian walked forward in a daze. Back then, this was how Luo Yuanhua told him to bring him into the Azure Dragon Manor. Everything was so familiar. Looking at the wide lawn in front of him, the corners of Ye Wentian's eyes became moist. When he was talking to Lo Ning, he liked to lie on the lawn. Ye Wentian looked at the familiar surroundings and felt surreal from time to time. It was like he was walking on clouds. Everything was slowly overlapping with what happened a thousand years ago. It felt like a lifetime had passed.

Ye Wentian suddenly stopped. Wait. Azure Dragon Manor, Azure Dragon Society. Luo Family Fort, Lo Cangloong. . . These words kept circling in Ye Wentian's mind until they finally gathered together and came to an answer: Big Brother is Lo Ning's ancestor! Fate really knows how to joke! He never thought that the first person he met a thousand years ago was actually Lo Ning's ancestor, and Big Brother was very likely the founder of the Azure Dragon Society! Could all of this be predestined?

Ye Wentian was brought into the castle in the chaos. Of course, there was no sofa in the hall, but there was a long couch made of mahogany. Ye Wentian sat down muddle-headedly. When he came back to his senses, he suddenly found that he was sitting in the seat where he had first come to the Azure Dragon Manor.

Lo Yuxiao smiled and said, "There are not many people in the family who live here. Everyone is doing business in different parts of the country. Now, only my daughter lives here. " As he spoke, he thought of the servant standing beside him and called out, "Where did Miss go?" The servant immediately replied respectfully," Miss went out to do some work a long time ago. She should be back soon. " After saying that, she continued to stand solemnly at the side, "This girl is usually very mischievous. When she comes back later to introduce you to her, she really admires you. " Lo Yuxiao smiled at Ye Wentian.

Ye Wentian shook his head and smiled. He looked around the familiar hall. He could tell that this castle had just been built not long ago. The wall looked very new, unlike the wall that looked very old a thousand years later. This made Ye Wentian secretly sigh at the magic of time.

"How is it? Is our family okay? This castle was built five years ago. After it was built, My daughter took a fancy to this place and moved here from her original home. She always said that she often dreamed of meeting her lover here when she was young. It was exactly the same as this hall. This girl was usually very eccentric. She also blamed her mother for dying early. She had been alone since she was young, which resulted in her strange personality. She didn't have many friends, but I do hope that Ye Wentian can become friends with her. If she knew you were so tough, uh. . . If she could become her friend, she would probably wake up laughing even in her dreams at night. "

Ye Wentian did not listen to what Lo Yuxiao was saying at all. He just kept thinking about Lo Ning's appearance. Recalling the happy time in the Azure Dragon Manor, his heart couldn't help but beat intensely. He knew that something was going to happen. It was as if he had been waiting for a long time. It was just that he was still very vague about what was about to happen, but this kind of strong heartbeat. . . It made him somewhat unable to control himself.

Lo Yuxiao was still talking non-stop. If his discipline towards the Azure Dragon was harsh, then he doted on his daughter. In his heart, he wanted Ye Wentian and his daughter to become friends. It was best. . .

At this time, Ye Wentian's heart was beating crazily to the extreme. He covered his heart with his hand, and his body couldn't help but tremble. A strange feeling swept across his entire body in an instant.

He couldn't help but stand up. He suddenly turned around and looked at the door. At this time, the door opened, and a young girl in white walked in. She also used her hand to cover her heart.

It was actually the young girl in white who rode on a horse across the street. This time, Ye Wentian could clearly see her appearance.

Lo Ning! No! No! She was not Lo Ning. Ye Wentian's mind was in chaos.

When this young girl saw Ye Wentian, she also had a surprised expression. It was this surprised expression that made him feel familiar when he saw Lo Ning. Ye Wentian found that the blurred image in his heart gradually became clear. In the past, he had thought of this image as Lo Ning. Now, he knew he was wrong. The shadow in his heart was the girl in front of him!

Ye Wentian did not know why. The girl in front of him was about the same age as him, about sixteen or seventeen years old. But he knew that if he saw Lo Ning now, she would look exactly the same as him!

The girl in white was stunned for a while. She reorganized her chaotic mood, then slowly walked towards Ye Wentian. Her white clothes were misty, and she had a smile on her face. Ye Wentian saw her smiling gently at him and asked in a very pleasant voice. " Hello, you are a guest of our family, right?"

"Ye Wentian. " Ye Wentian answered subconsciously. The girl's expression became very surprised. That's right! I finally found it! It's her! It was this expression! Ye Wentian was wild with joy. It turned out that the blurry shadow that had been bothering him all this time was not Lo Ning, but her.

The girl's surprised expression did not change. "You actually have this name? It was too shocking. My name is Lo Bing. Have we met before? Why do I feel that you give me a very cordial feeling? "

"Luo Shui's Reincarnation Dream is hard to wake up from. The ice beauty's dew is condensed. "

Lo Bing, Lo Ning, these two women who were separated by a thousand years, actually appeared in this ancient castle like the same person, the same scene. The same person, after a thousand years, appeared in front of Ye Wentian once again.

Ye Wentian's heart had been in a mess these past two days, especially today. If I say that it was because of Lo Bing that I felt intimate with Lo Ning, Then why did I first get to know Lo Ning? But the feeling that I felt for Lo Bing also came from Lo Ning. This could not be explained at all!

Did I first get to know Lo Bing from a thousand years ago or Lo Ning from a thousand years ago? This seems to be a question of whether there is a chicken or egg first.

Ye Wentian thought quickly. He felt as if he had fallen into a whirlpool and was unable to escape. Why were the two people who were separated by a thousand years so similar? Not only did they look like each other, but they also said the same thing and did the same thing!

Lo Bing smiled very happily. She ran directly to Ye Wentian and held his hand, saying, "We will become good friends. Right? You gave me a very good feeling, really. " Ye Wentian suddenly came back to his senses. He subconsciously said, "I will protect you. This is my vow!" He said the same thing. He had also said the same thing to Lo Ning a thousand years later.

At this time, Lo Bing's mood was also very chaotic. What happened now was exactly the same as what happened in her dream! It was this boy! Sometimes, there really existed love at first sight in this world. Without any reason, as long as the two of them saw each other, they would be certain that they would love each other. This was love.

Ye Wentian carefully experienced the feeling in his heart. He discovered the feeling of seeing Lo Bing and seeing Lo Ning. There was still some difference. He found that when he faced Lo Bing, he had a different kind of heartbeat. The words he said to Lo Ning a thousand years later did not have such a heartbeat.

"Bing'er! Why did I forget dad when I saw a handsome man?" Lo Yuxiao was very happy right now. He had always seen Lo Bing like this. Lo Bing had always had a weird personality, so she had very few friends. Now, seeing how her daughter acted after seeing Ye Wentian, it seemed like she didn't just want to make friends with him.

"Dad, look at what you said. You make it sound like you are talking about something, Ye Wentian," said Lo Bing. She suddenly remembered the surprise she felt when she heard the name. She turned her head and pointed at Ye Wentian and said," Don't tell me you are. . . "Ye Wentian spread his hands and smiled. " This lowly one is called Ye Wentian. My friends gave me face and called me Magistrate. A few years ago, he joined Iron-Blood Sect. Later on, with some small military achievements, everyone calls me - - Iron Blood Judge. "

"Ah!" Lo Bing suddenly screamed and hugged Ye Wentian. "Idol!" "Bing'er!" Lo Yuxiao only felt that he had lost face. This daughter had really embarrassed him. Although he knew that Lo Bing had already made Magistrate his absolute idol three years ago, but such an intense performance. . . However, it had far exceeded Lo Yuxiao's imagination.

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