God Abuser/C69 Dizzy to Death This Was the Double Top Scholar?!
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God Abuser/C69 Dizzy to Death This Was the Double Top Scholar?!
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C69 Dizzy to Death This Was the Double Top Scholar?!

It was already late at night when Ye Wentian returned to Dragon Roar Inn. And they had come with him. Naturally, there was still his future wife, Lo Bing. When Luo Wu found out that Ye Wentian was Iron Blood Judge, he immediately handed Lo Bing over to Ye Wentian. He even told Ye Wentian very seriously that he would not give her back.

This made Lo Bing a little depressed. She quietly pulled out Luo Wu's beard. Lo Yuxiao was completely helpless. He found that he did not have the right to speak in this family. From the beginning, he was naturally regarded as an abdication. Lo Bing naturally packed up her luggage quickly and happily followed Ye Wentian to "walk the Jianghu. "

Once Ye Wentian returned to the inn, everyone came to the main hall. Yue Ling saw the smiling Lo Bing beside Ye Wentian and could not help but feel her heart tighten. A woman's intuition was very sharp. Yue Ling discovered that Ye Wentian had changed at this time and there was a strong emotion in his eyes that could not be melted.

"Everyone is here. How was the fun today? I will introduce a person to everyone. It is this lady. Her name is Lo Bing. She is Big Brother Azure Dragon's younger sister and also my future wife. " Ye Wentian quickly finished his words. At this moment, even the ghost that had always been so cool trembled.

Lee Shuo's mouth was wide open. "Boss. You're a little too fierce. It's only been a day. You have already gotten Big Brother Azure Dragon's sister back, and you have even reached the extent of discussing marriage? You're too awesome!" Lee Shuo couldn't help but give a thumbs up and praise. Yue Ling's eyes were already somewhat red at this time. She heard the sound of her heart breaking.

Seeing that everyone was in high spirits, Lo Bing took a step forward and cupped her fists towards everyone. "Hello everyone! My name is Lo Bing. I will be spending a long time with everyone in the future. I will take good care of you all. "

"Uh ~" Everyone was stunned when they heard Lo Bing's words. Lee Shuo could not help but mutter. She was indeed worthy of being the woman that the Magistrate had taken a fancy to. Her temper was almost the same as his, and she was also arrogant.

"Sister Lo Bing. Hello, my name is Yue Ling. " Yue Ling went forward and said. Although she felt bitter in her heart, as long as Ye Wentian was happy, she did not care about anything. She was such a silly girl.

Lo Bing looked at the girl in front of her who was as pretty as her and could not help but smile bitterly to Ye Wentian, "I suddenly realized. . . You are quite stupid. " While they were chatting in the Luo Family Fort, Ye Wentian had already told Lo Bing about the situation of the people around him. Lo Bing, who was extremely clever, immediately knew. That girl called Yue Ling definitely liked Ye Wentian. Now that she saw Yue Ling was such a stunning beauty, That was why she said that.

Ye Wentian scratched his head in confusion. Actually, high IQ and high EQ were two completely different things. Yue Ling blushed and lowered her head.

"Ms Yue Ling, you are really beautiful," Lo Bing went forward and held Yue Ling's hand and could not help but praise.

"Miss Lo Bing, I am Lee Shuo. This carriage is very polite. " Lee Shuo greeted Lo Bing in a very confident posture. "Hi, monster. Hello. " Lo Bing greeted Lee Shuo with a smile.

"Uh ~" Lee Shuo was petrified. "Ye Wentian told me that you are a rare genius that only appears once in a thousand years, but I think you are more like a monster. You are really amazing to be able to think of such a genius. " Lo Bing held Yue Ling's hand and smiled at Lee Shuo.

"Boss, your woman's test method is really special. " Lee Shuo helplessly smiled at Ye Wentian. In fact, he did not dislike Lo Bing calling him "monster" because she first recognized his talent. She did not think that he was crazy. From this point of view, Lee Shuo only felt that Lo Bing was straightforward and cute. One should know that. . . Actually, everyone called him a "monster" in private.

"You must be a ghost. You have too much personality. Where did you buy these clothes?" Lo Bing said and let go of Yue Ling's hand. She went over to pull the ghost and started talking about the clothes. What surprised everyone was that the ghost did not dodge but stood there and let Lo Bing study the material of his clothes.

One should know that Ghost kept a distance from strangers. Even the people Ye Wentian brought were no exception. But it seemed that Lo Bing was destined to become this accident today.

"Collective Science Workshop. " This was the voice of a ghost. It was very low. It seemed to be a fake voice. However, just this sentence alone made everyone fall once again! Such a cool ghost was actually answering Lo Bing's question that was so pointless! Lee Shuo and Ye Wentian looked at each other and smiled bitterly. The power of a beauty could not be underestimated. Just like that, Lo Bing merged into the team at an astonishing speed, making Ye Wentian have to be amazed that his future wife was actually a person who was very good at making friends.

The next day, Ye Wentian led the group on their way. Lo Yuxiao and Luo Wu acted as if they had completely sent Lo Bing away. They didn't even come to see her off. However, looking at Lo Bing's excited little face that was a little ferocious, it was obvious that she didn't care at all.

In the next seven days, Lo Bing completely let the entire team experience her unique "charm. " She was simply a little devil wearing an angel's robe.

In the next seven days, the entire team was toyed with by her for a few rounds. Even the ghost had his black robe lit on fire, causing him to jump up and down. And every morning when he woke up, The pattern on Yue Ling's face was different. The most fierce one was the masterpiece of the great artist Luo the day before yesterday - Flying Sky Group Diagram! Not to mention Lee Shuo and Ye Wentian. Every night, Lee Shuo would be scared by the "ghost" and scream. As for Ye Wentian. . .

If Tang Niu knew what had happened in the past few days, he would definitely regret not following them. After all. . . Iron Blood Judge, who was tied up in a pigtail, would never be able to replicate the "legend. "

Although everyone had been tormented by this weird beauty along the way, none of them hated her. It was not because they wanted to give Ye Wentian face. It was because her harmless jokes made everyone feel relaxed. Every day, they could laugh happily and forget all their worries for the time being.

Ye Wentian also realized that ever since Lo Bing joined them, Those nightclubs, who had a poker face every day, now had smiles on their faces from time to time. This was also the situation that Ye Wentian really wanted to see. After all, Perhaps in a year's time, the war would come to an end. He was very worried that his brothers would not be able to adapt to the life of normal people. They really needed to relax mentally.

The happiest person was, of course, the person who was like a "god" every day, Eldest Miss Lo Bing. These few days, she discovered that. . . Usually, she was in the Luo Family Fort. Everyone seemed to be afraid of her, and sometimes even avoided her from afar. Therefore, she played tricks on them even more fiercely, but she had always been lonely. She had no friends at all.

However, the people around Ye Wentian were different. Although she had made a fool of them, They wouldn't blame him at all, and they would even look happy. This could be seen from Yue Ling and Lee Shuo pointing at each other's faces and commenting on them. Most importantly. . . They really treated him as a friend. Everyone was sincerely good to him. Even Yue Ling, who was supposed to be a "love rival," was the same.

The reason Lo Bing could quickly blend into this group was because the people who had been on the battlefield for a long time needed to relax and Lo Bing, who was alone, needed friends too much.

"Lo Bing, your upside-down braids are not that good. " Ye Wentian smiled bitterly and pointed at his own head. It could be said that Ye Wentian pampered Lo Bing to the end. He would definitely not undo the 'sky braids' that Lo Bing had tied for him. He rode his horse with the same expression on his face while carrying the funny braids along the way. When the passers-by saw this, they all burst into laughter. Usually, at the end, Lo Bing felt that she could not take it anymore. She started to help Ye Wentian undo his braids.

"Yes, I also noticed it. Ye Wentian, I think after you braided your braids, You are much more easy-going than before, making me look more comfortable. " Lo Bing said with a smile. Lee Shuo could not help but quietly wipe his sweat at the side. If he fell, would it make him look comfortable? If the passers-by knew that this guy with braids was Iron Blood Judge. . . This was simply shocking.

"Monster Little Li, are you criticizing me in your heart?" Lo Bing's beautiful eyes shot straight at Lee Shuo. Lee Shuo's body trembled. He hurriedly smiled apologetically and said, "Miss Luo, you just lent me a few guts. I wouldn't even dare. " As he spoke, he couldn't help but think in his heart: Damn, it would be a waste of talent if she didn't become a witch. "Sister Bing, the dye you used on my face last night didn't add the Tianshan Snow Lotus, right?"

After Yue Ling got up today, she felt extremely comfortable on her face. Although the sun was high in the sky now, the coldness on her face made her unable to feel the heat of the outside world.

"Sister Ms Yue Ling, you can even feel this? That's right, think about it. You are so beautiful. How can you not take care of yourself every day? Don't worry, leave your beauty to me in the future!" Lo Bing's current expression was definitely very arrogant. However, in everyone's eyes, she was exceptionally cute and friendly.

"Ghost! Come over and do some 'facial masks' too. You cover your face all day long, and it's very easy to mess up the skin on your face. " Just as Lo Bing's voice rang out, the ghost did not even turn its head and directly urged the horse to run away. Everyone laughed loudly and that laughter went straight up to the clouds.

Everyone was chatting and laughing as they rushed forward, but they discovered that there was a man standing in the middle of the road ahead. His face was very delicate and had the fragrance of a book. He was holding a sword and blocking the middle of the road in a very arrogant manner.

"It can't be a robber, right?" Lee Shuo put his hand in a small shed and looked forward. "A robber? This time, it was exciting! Ye Wentian, can we let him rob us?" Lo Bing's brain was not something that ordinary people could understand. Yue Ling almost fell over. This girl taking the initiative to request to be robbed made her recall the scene of Ye Wentian and the robbers bargaining back then.

"We can't walk in front. You guys can change the route. " The man said to Ye Wentian and the others. Everyone was stunned when they heard his voice. What a domineering voice! They could tell that this man's inner energy was extremely deep.

Ye Wentian gave Lee Shuo a meaningful look. The man immediately rode his horse forward, "Brother in front, please. May I ask who you are? Why are you blocking our way?"

The man raised his head and shouted proudly, "Lei Bao of my Nine Province Prefecture! Please make way for us and change the route. " Lee Shuo and the others were stunned when they heard this name. Yue Ling whispered to Ye Wentian, "This person is the top scholar of both the civil and military subjects. " 。。。。。

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