God Abuser/C8 Never Retreat No Discussion!!
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God Abuser/C8 Never Retreat No Discussion!!
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C8 Never Retreat No Discussion!!

Lo Cangloong looked at Ye Wentian who was on the verge of collapsing and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Brother. Sigh ~ Big brother is useless. "

Ye Wentian didn't say anything. He just stood there and stared blankly at the battlefield. He was speechless for a long time.

This was a victory without any cheers, because no one thought that they had won.

The entire team didn't make a sound. Everyone's eyes fell on Ye Wentian. Their eyes were full of gratitude, and even more of heartache. After all, the Invincible Magistrate in their eyes was just a teenager! A fast horse galloped over, and the soldier sitting on it had a serious expression on his face. When he saw the more than 1000 people standing there, he couldn't help but be stunned. Then, he shouted, "Which one of you is the commander of Death Prison Camp? Come out and answer me!" No one paid any attention to him. It was still silent. No one even paid any attention to him.

The soldier was a little angry, and he shouted once again, "The commander of Death Prison Camp, come and answer me immediately. If there is an important military intelligence sent over, we can't delay it for even a second!"

Ye Wentian slowly raised his head. His soul seemed to have returned to his body at this moment. He took a deep breath and shouted, "I am the commander of Death Prison Camp. If you have any military intelligence, report it immediately!"

That soldier looked at Ye Wentian and found that he was actually so young. He was stunned for a moment, but he quickly sorted out his shock. After all, military intelligence was urgent!

"Death row prisoners, listen to the leader. Leave the battlefield immediately. Return to the Death Prison Camp encampment. Here, Iron-Blood has taken over. There was a report that a large number of enemy troops would appear in this place, no less than fifty thousand people. It's not something you can deal with! " The soldier looked at the 1,000 people and continued, "This year is not bad. There are still more than 1,000 people left. Consider this your fortune, quickly return to the camp. " The soldier urged his horse to the side. He was waiting for Death Prison Camp to leave.

After Ye Wentian heard the soldier's words, he suddenly turned his head and looked at the forest just now. There were many trees in front of the forest that had been cut off by Wentian. At this moment, it seemed like something was moving inside, and it was no longer as quiet as it was at the beginning. "As expected. There's something strange here. Humph! I, Wentian, can't hide it anymore!" Ye Wentian looked at the forest and sneered.

Yuwen Sihai also went forward to take a look. "There's dust flying in the air. Looks like Brother Wentian's last attack has exposed their whereabouts. But why are they hiding in that forest?"

Lo Cangloong frowned and turned to the soldier who gave the order and shouted, "Did the Iron-blood Camp's station change yesterday?"

The soldier impatiently replied, "Yesterday, the Iron-blood Camp moved 50 miles forward and was stationed near the Death Prison Camp. Hurry up and start the battle. It will be too late to leave. Most importantly, you will become a burden to the Iron-blood Camp!"

Ye Wentian's eyes lit up. "No wonder they sent an undying slave that was twice as powerful as the previous years. They also sent troops to the back of the undying slave. They are vicious!"

Yuwen Sihai received the message. "So they wanted to have a large number of undead slaves eat the Death Prison Camp. The Death Prison Camp was destroyed in an instant. In the middle of this, there would be an empty space where no one could defend. Then, the Xiongnu army would launch a surprise attack on the Iron-blood Camp!"

Lo Cangloong thought for a moment and said, "But the Iron-blood Camp just changed their location yesterday, and today, the Xiongnu army changed their formation. This. . . "

Ye Wentian gritted his teeth and said, "I was wondering why the Iron-blood Camp was destroyed every single time! So it turns out that there was a traitor who betrayed them! Damn it!"

Yuwen Sihai sighed. " The Iron-blood Camp is truly worthy of the title of an eternal hero. Even though they knew that the enemy had sent many troops to attack, they did not choose to retreat. Instead, they were preparing to attack and defend here. This style of conduct is very unyielding! "

At this time, a large number of Huns soldiers had already emerged in the forest. They were continuous, and the number of people was increasing. They were about to form a battle formation, and their powerful aura was fully revealed.

The commander of this ambush was the Wolf Army's number one warrior, Salaman. At this time, he was feeling depressed. Damn it! The ambush was going well, and they were just waiting for the undying slaves to raze their Death Prison Camp to the ground. It would definitely be a great merit for him to lead his troops to attack the Iron-blood Camp. However, he didn't know what had happened in front of him. Just now, a powerful force came slashing at him. He had actually taken away the lives of his three thousand sons, which had exposed his hidden troops. Damn it!!

Due to their ambush, in order to hide their tracks, they deliberately left the first half of the forest empty. Therefore, they had no idea that Ye Wentian had killed the undying slaves in front of them.

"The ambush of the Xiongnu has appeared. You all should leave now!" The soldier shouted.

At that moment, a powerful group suddenly appeared on the south side of the road. They were very fast and their movements were filled with shocking explosive power. Apart from heavy breathing sounds, the entire group did not make any other sounds. The killing intent that this group gave off could only be described as tragic.

The two generals in the lead rode horses. From a distance, one could tell that these two were heroes among men!

When the messenger saw the team, he hurriedly shouted, "Iron Blood has arrived! Hurry up and give up this place. Let the Iron Blood soldiers spread out their formation and prepare to kill the enemy. "

No one in Death Prison Camp moved. Everyone's eyes fell on Ye Wentian. Only the Magistrate could order them. The Magistrate would not move and would not retreat even if he died!

The Iron Blood Guard Duan Tianlei waved his hand and stopped the Iron Blood Army behind the Death Prison Camp's battle formation. The Iron Blood Guard Duan Tianhsing rode his horse out of the crowd and rushed towards Ye Wentian and the others.

"You!! Get out of the way!!" Duan Tianhsing shouted from afar.

Ye Wentian carefully looked at the person who had come. He saw that this person had a cold expression, a solemn expression, and a mighty aura. It was obvious that he was a hero who had experienced hundreds of battles.

"No way!" Ye Wentian shouted out loudly as well!

"What did you say?" Although Duan Tianhsing wasn't a person who used the power of a tiger to intimidate others, he seemed to have never met someone who dared to speak to him in such a manner before.

Shocked, Duan Tianhsing couldn't help but carefully size up Ye Wentian.

Blood stains! That's right, only blood stains could be seen! This seemingly young commander was covered in blood stains all over his body. One could not see his appearance at all. Such heavy blood stains were probably not something a small amount of blood could achieve. The blood qi on Ye Wentian's body made Duan Tianhsing's expression change. He looked around. He found it even more strange. Why were there more than a thousand people here? He was the only one covered in blood, and the others were all so clean.

"Empty ~ ~!"

The thousand men from Death Prison Camp shook their weapons at the same time. They made a muffled sound on the ground and shouted together, "No way!" The decision of the Magistrate was their everything, and the voice of the Magistrate was their voice.

Hmm? What an imposing manner! Although the people of Death Prison Camp didn't seem to have much killing intent, their imposing manner was extremely vigorous. Was this still the Death Prison Camp that served as cannon fodder? If they were given a chance to go to the battlefield to train, these people would probably become another powerful army of Xuanyuan in the future! Unfortunately, they were all condemned prisoners. Duan Tianhsing thought as he looked in the direction of the battlefield. He was shocked again! "All the undying slaves have been killed?" He turned to look at Death Prison Camp. "There are still a thousand people left? But according to the intel we got, the Xiongnu sent out 25 thousand undying slaves. "

Could it be that there weren't that many? Was there a mistake with the report? Forget it, let's settle this matter first!

"You are the leader of the condemned prisoners? You did well this time. Leave it to us from now on. After all, there were no less than 50,000 soldiers on the opposing side. Looking at the current situation, There will only be more and more, not less. It is not something you can deal with. Although you are from the Death Prison Camp, as warriors who are fighting on the battlefield, I will respect you all. Now, please lead the team and leave! "

Duan Tianhsing really couldn't lose his temper at a commander covered in blood because the deep blood was like a medal that instantly earned Ye Wentian the respect of the Iron Blood Guards.

Ye Wentian looked at Duan Tianhsing and said seriously, "General, as long as there is still one person alive in Death Prison Camp. . . This is our battlefield. This is the last honor of being a warrior. I can't order my comrades to give the battlefield to someone else when they still have the ability to fight, because this is giving their dignity to someone else! I can't give such an order! " Then, he turned around and walked to the front of Death Prison Camp, quietly looking at the wolf army that had basically gathered in the forest.

At this moment, the eyes of every condemned prisoner were emitting a fanatical aura. They had a feeling that the most important moment in their lives was about to arrive.

Duan Tianhsing was furious. "What right do you have to decide the fate of others? Do you know that you are sending your subordinates to their deaths!?"

"He has the right to do so. If you knew that it was right before you arrived. . . You wouldn't have said such a thing if you had wiped out 25,000 undying slaves and 500 warriors from this world on your own. General, I hope you can choose to wait here. If we are all destroyed, it won't be too late to charge. At least I believe that as long as the Death Prison Camp is led by the Magistrate. . . It will definitely become a nightmare that those bastards will never forget!! " After Yuwen Sihai finished speaking, he walked over to Ye Wentian and stood still. His entire body was emitting a kind of determination.

"Alone? Him?" Duan Tianhsing was shocked and immediately urged his horse back. He returned to Duan Tianlei and told him the shocking truth he had just heard.

After listening to Duan Tianhsing's statement, Duan Tianlei's face was very calm. He thought for a while and suddenly shouted, "Iron Blood, listen to my order. Stand by and wait for orders. "


The dull sound of weapons hitting the ground rang out at the same time. "Iron-Blood! ~~!” All the Iron Blood Warriors obeyed 100% of the orders. That was also the source of their power.

Duan Tianlei and Duan Tianhsing dismounted and came to Ye Wentian's place. Duan Tianlei cupped his fists and said, "Iron Blood Left Guard Duan Tianlei. "

Ye Wentian returned the greeting, "Magistrate Ye Wentian. "

Duan Tianlei said, "I have ordered the Iron Blood Guards to stand by and wait for orders. If all of you die, the Iron Blood Association will bury all of you. The Iron Blood Association will avenge all of you. If you win! Please join the Iron Blood Association. The Iron Blood Association needs such warriors. No matter what the outcome is, the battlefield today will be yours!" After saying that, he and Duan Tianhsing returned to the front of the Iron Blood Combat Array.

Ye Wentian smiled. These two commanders of Iron Blood were really not bad ~ It seemed like Iron Blood really lived up to his reputation!

"Did you hear that? My comrades. " Ye Wentian spread his arms and shouted.


All the condemned prisoners placed their weapons in front of their chests and made a muffled sound.

Ye Wentian pointed his finger at the battlefield. "Not long ago, countless enemies fell on that battlefield, but are they really our enemies?"

"Empty! Empty!" The condemned prisoner's weapon smashed into the ground twice.

"No! They are our compatriots! We cannot let go of the fact that we have slaughtered our own compatriots!!! "

" Empty ~ Empty ~ ~! " The ground beneath the condemned prisoner's feet trembled.

Ye Wentian retracted his hand and pointed at the condemned prisoners. " Why!? Why do they have nothing to live for?! Why did they come and become our enemies?! "

"Hun! ~~”

The voices of over a thousand people were filled with hatred.

Ye Wentian suddenly waved his hand and pointed at the army that had already gathered at the edge of the forest and shouted, "Tell me who they are!" "Hun!"

He shouted at the top of his lungs, and the killing intent in the condemned prisoner's heart was forcefully stimulated by Ye Wentian.

"That is the true enemy. They have taken away your family! They have taken away everything from you! Kill them!! Only those who have died can rest in peace!!!"

"Empty! Empty! Empty ~! " The eyes of the condemned prisoners became even more resolute.

Ye Wentian pointed in front of him, one after another. " There! Your honor!"

"Empty! ~~”

"There! You will be remembered by the world! "

"Empty! Empty!"

"Get over there! You will obtain everything!"

"Empty! Empty! Space, space! 。。” The muffled sounds of weapons smashing against the ground gradually became more concentrated, and a horrifying killing intent actually appeared within this group of troops that had yet to truly enter the battlefield.

"It can't be denied. Putting aside the strength of this young man, just the charm of this leader is enough to make him famous in the future. " Duan Tianlei looked at Ye Wentian in the distance with satisfaction and sighed.

"Big brother, what kind of attack do you think they will use? After all, there is a huge difference in the number of people on both sides. I just took a general look and saw that the number of surrendered soldiers of the Wolf Army has reached 70,000! It has exceeded our estimate. Actually, I think that no matter what method we use, This time, Death Prison Camp is no different from courting death. No matter how brave that Magistrate is, It won't change the fate of the Death Prison Camp. " Duan Tianhsing asked.

Duan Tianlei looked at the battlefield and said, "I don't know either, but I can feel it. This judge's attack must have exceeded everyone's expectation. If it was me. . . I will definitely spread out my forces and lead these enemies to the two sides to break out of the encirclement. Although this will inevitably lead to the annihilation of all of them. However, it will provide a rare opportunity for the allies to exchange their lives for it. "

Duan Tianhsing also looked at the battlefield. "You are saying that if you are a successful commander, you will choose to sacrifice yourself for the greater good in a situation where human strength cannot be achieved. Disturb the enemy's deployment? "

"That's right! But I feel that the judge did not give up. I even feel that he will win! " Duan Tianlei didn't know why, but he had this feeling, it was very mysterious.

"Is that possible?" Duan Tianhsing basically rejected the possibility of Ye Wentian succeeding.

"Look carefully! After this battle, the name of the Magistrate will definitely spread across the world!" 。。。。。

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